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Second Season - UNK

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - Gangsta & Hardcore / Artist: Unk / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2008-11-10 at Koch

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    1 Review
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      13.09.2009 18:31
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      Unk's second album

      In 2008 DJ Unk, the Snap and Crunk rapper out of the Westside of Atlanta, Georgia came with his "2econd Season" as a follow-up to his debut. It has him working once again with DJ Montay for the production and has him bringing in new collaborators such as Sean Kingston, Three 6 Mafia and D'Angelo.

      1. "Intro"

      2. "On My S**t"

      He gets things going with a lively track where he bursts through with a tune which finds him rapping in a manner which seems to get him taking on a Crunk style and so he comes with some in-your-face rhymes and he comes with some hardcore rhymes to liven things up with something rough to let you know that he has moved on from the sort of Pop Rap which dominated his first offering in 2006 with "Beat'n Down Yo Block".

      **Four Stars**

      3. "That's Right"

      The beats come in pounding here and have him on some quality Dirty South material to show that he has amongst the best in the game to help him out as he gets down to things, but he doesn't use it to its best potential as he rhymes in such a repetitive manner and lowers his guard by taking on a format where he is able to simply list through his rhymes to create problems from an early stage (in spite of having some big beats).

      **Three Stars**

      4. "Show Out"

      Obviously making little progression from his debut, this one has him returning to his breakthrough hit "Walk It Out" here as he gets down to a track where he comes with a dance track (which ha a specific routine to accompany it) and he throws down hard. When you consider that this is what he's best at, and best suited to, then it is a banger, but it is easy for Hip Hop purists complain about its apparent pointlessness.

      **Five Stars**

      5. "Like Wham"

      With this one he is joined by Stewey Rock and Sandman, who seem to add to it as he gets down to a track which tries out some experimental production where the hook has DJ Montay trying out screwing things and even speeding things too to come up with something fresh to reflect the overall quality of this tune and what Unk raps about for this tune. It works well off the tune which it follows on from to make a nice impression upon the listener.

      **Four Stars**

      6. "Wet Wet"

      Following on from Unk's contribution on Three 6's "Last 2 Walk" LP, this one has them coming up with a track which is seen to be just as nasty as they come to assist, bringing Juicy J's elder brother Project Pat along too for a fly tune which has DJ Paul and Juice Man trying out beats which reflect the sort of cleanness that you get form the A-Town scene, as opposed to Memphis' darker Hip Hop style.

      **Four Stars**

      7. "She Freaky"

      Standing as one of the biggest tunes off the album, this one is another collaborative track and it gets him linking up with both the R&B singers Blazed and Ray J for a tune which was, at the time, very much on trend. I have to say that it really wasn't something for me and it seemed that he was moving on too much from the type of music that he seems comfortable with and so it ddn't quite seem right.

      **Two Stars**

      8. "Beat Dat Azz"

      Undermining the Pop track prior to it, this one has him moving back towards the street tracks as he jumps into this one and gets down to a hardcore Gangsta Rap track to bring back the rough Crunk material. The intimidating atmosphere is created through darker beats and a screwed hook and it makes for a track which hasn't been popular for some time, but with Diamond of Crime Mob (a Crunk group who made this style their own) it goes down well.

      **Four Stars**

      9. "In Yo Face"

      This is a fly cut from the album and one of the early leaks to drop off form it as it finds him getting down to even more of the heavy Crunk material to show that he is willing to explore this to a pretty deep level here. You find that he makes a massive impact and ensures that it seems as though he knows just how to do this type of thing as he comes with a much better rhyming flow and it suits the improvements in the production set.

      **Five Stars**

      10. "Make It"

      With some fly production which seems to take things towards the classier Dirty South, this one has him letting people know o how he feels about his rise in the game and how he was able to surprise so many by getting his name out there on what could have been a fluke as he threw out the killer "Walk It Out" tune in 2006. It is a very different one on here, but as his rhymes aren't strong enough to carry him when he isn't backed by some sort of club production, it didn't really work that well.

      **Two Stars**

      11. "Where My Ladies At"

      Getting back to the Snap Music, this one has him getting down to a fly one where he turns his attention towards the girls and talks about all of what Ne-Yo described as "Independent Women". It wasn't really an expected subject matter to come out of a Unk album, but I felt that it was a good way to show that Snap material is good at coming out with much more than the typical dance music that it is known for.

      **Four Stars**

      12. "Sweep Da Flo"

      Getting help from The Ying Yang twins, this is a fun tune and has him taking it towards the clubs once more. It is a lively tune and I expect that the guests were part of why t took a turn towards the much more inviting style where they get back to the dancing and just get loose with it as they jump on some bouncy production to lien up the atmosphere and get you grooving along as they seem to here.

      **Four Stars**

      13. "You Can Do It"

      This is fresh track on the album and although it could be said that the sort of thing that you get from it has been pretty much overdone already on the album, i felt that it seemed to be given some sort of rejuvenation here as he performs one to production which takes on Rock-styled touches to add to the variety on a different level as he doesn't seem to be capable of this in his rhymes at all, so it is alright, but nice again his flows let him down.

      **Four Stars**

      14. "You're The One"

      With both Sean Kingston and the Dancehall singer D'Angelo, you get a track which once again has him trying out something which as commercial appeal as Kingston sings out an adapted version of Silk's "Freak Me" in the chorus and it allows Unk to calm things right down if et that it was a wasted track as the beats are amongst the beat on the album, but the Rap/R&B/Dancehall thing wasn't working for me.

      **Two Stars**

      15. "Round & Round"

      Blazed makes his fourth and final appearance on this one as he sings on the hook as Unk is seen to keep things on the same sort of level with this one (as what was found on the track prior to this one) as it does one for the girls and in this case performs a seductive tune to carry through the sort of things which will appeal to a more Pop audience. It wasn't my thing at all and it didn't really seem right for him.

      **Two Stars**

      16. "Main Attraction"

      He is seen to take things to a new place with this one chooses to up the speed out of nowhere and so I felt that this sudden shift in tempo was bound to excite all as it takes you by surprise and has him getting back to much more impressive material here to show that he still has some energy in him and is able to bring it out here as he shows just how he has got to the stage where he has taken over all of his local hoods off just one album.

      **Four Stars**

      17. "Make You Move"

      The album is seen to get him performing a track where he gets down to the Bouncy Crunk material which was popular at the time where Lil' Jon was attempting to almost singlehandedly discover what it was that Atlanta's signature sound should be. Here he lets people know what he's done and what he will always be able to do whilst trying to establish himself as more than a one-hit-wonder and 'Ringtone Rapper'.

      **Three Stars**

      This album suffers in the same way that many others' have (namely Soulja Boy, V.I.C. and Lil' Jon) have in the past as they can throw down some heavy joints but at times when they aren't able to come up with the goods and move away from the clubs, it almost always flops, and so although this may contain some big tunes, it is rather inconsistent (probably down to its length) and hindered for that reason.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Intro
      2 On My S***
      3 That's Right
      4 Show Out
      5 Like Wham - Stewey Rock, Sandman, , Unk
      6 Wet Wet - Blazed Up, Project Pat, , Three 6 Mafia, , Unk
      7 She Freaky - Blazed Up, , Ray J, , Unk
      8 Beat Daz Azz - 11 Dub, Loko, Mannish Man, Princess, , Unk
      9 In Yo Face
      10 Make It
      11 Where My Ladies At - Blazed Up, , Unk
      12 Sweep Da Flo - Unk, Ying Yang Twins
      13 You Can Do It
      14 You're the One - D'Angel, Sean Kingston, , Unk
      15 Round & Round - Blazed Up, , Unk
      16 Main Attraction
      17 Make You Move

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