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Secret Life Of... - The Veronicas

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7 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Veronicas / Import / Audio CD released 2005-10-17 at Warner

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    7 Reviews
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      04.04.2012 19:59
      Very helpful
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      Not a bad debut album

      Secret Life Of .... is the first studio album by Australin band, The Veronicas. They are fronted by sisters, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. In some degrees, you could see them as Australia's awnser to t.A.T.u. for their works with rock and electronic music. They're not the most original music act out there as their sound is so familiar to Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lavato, and Miley Cyrus in some degrees, but some would consider that an insult. It's an album orientated to teenage pop rock and teenage life, so I don't think this album will have much spark with some of the older crowds. It's been a long time since I've listened to this album and I think it's aged well as I think it's just as good as it was before. I think it's a decent album with some average but good songs.

      The album begins with 4Ever. I think it's quite a weak way to start the album because I think it's very lack lusting. The riffs and vocals don't excite me as much because I feel like I've already heard simular stuff like this. It reminds me of a watered down version of a Garbage or The Pretty Reckless track. I'm sure other people would like it, but I don't think it's something I can remember. I think the same applies for Everything I'm Not, it's a really nice track but I just can't get into it now. I guess it's because I haven't really been in that sort of situation before, although the lyrics seem to be agressive and motivating.

      When It All Falls Apart picks things up a bit more. The vocals sound a lot better and more suiting and I really like how everything goes together because it feels and sounds realistic. Something that young girls and women can understand and relate too. Whereas Revolution reminds me of Ke$ha's music without vocal editing such as the likes of auto tune. It's because they talk in the verses and then they gradually go on to singing in the chorus. You can really hear how youthful Jessica and Lisa are in this song.

      Secret takes me by surprise because the introduction is quite intense and slow. It was a surprise because the album has been going on a fast pace but it's pretty cool. I do think the rest of the track is awesome too because it has that nostalgic sparkle. I love the lyrics to this, I thought the last line of the chorus was amusing. I'm not going to spoil it though, because then you find it funny.

      Mouth Shut and Nobody Wins are the main ballads of the album. Both are fairy decent. Leave Me Alone is my favourite song of the album because it's got a strong hook and dosen't rely on being catchy to let it's listeners in. Heavily Broken and I Could Get Used To This are songs I like from the album too. I thing the songs I've mentioned on this paragraph are some of the better songs of this album and part of the album I like the most because the mood swings and interesting melodies keep me interested.

      The album ends with a cover from Tracy Bonham called Mother Mother. I think it is a really good song, but feels really out of place at the end of the album because it feels this track is not the end of the album. Other editions have bonus tracks which give it more of a closure. The bonus tracks aren't that bad but I think they have the same forumla as these tracks.

      I enjoyed this album and would reccomend it to friends. I do feel it's a bit repetetive at times, but I think the album was some good background music. I don't think this album really stands out that much because it's outclassed by many other albums both commercialy and artistically such as Kelly Clarkson having better vocals than the sisters combined. I do like their second album, Hook Me Up a lot better.


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        28.07.2010 20:08
        Very helpful



        A pretty good pop-rock album with a few similarities to some Avril Lavigne tracks at times

        I recently reviewed the second album from Australian pop duo, The Veronicas ("Hook Me Up") and decided to take a look at their debut album, which I was lent by a friend. Whereas "Hook Me Up" is a mixture of pop-rock and electropop in its focus, most reviews indicated that this album was more pop-rock, which I felt would suit me as there is good deal of Kelly Clarkson/Pink/Avril Lavigne style tracks on my iPod.

        1. 4EVER
        This track also features on "Hook Me Up" as a re-release but originally featured on this album. It's an energetic pop-rock number with more than a hint of confidence in the lyrics and delivery and an infectious chorus. Definitely one of my favourite from this album.

        This track reminds me of something that Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne might have recorded at some point in their careers, not least because it's got more than a hint of that "F*** you" mentality in the lyrics. I like it and it's definitely one of the tracks that hits me more instantly and doesn't need repeated listens to grow on me.

        This is another fairly quick-paced tracks and it's another one that has attitude in both the lyrics and the delivery. On the first couple of listens, it didn't really do anything for me and I found it a bit "nothing" but after giving it a few more chances, it's become one of those tracks that has started to grow on me more.

        4. REVOLUTION
        The verses are closer to speaking than singing and the chorus is fairly catchy but it's not a track that appeals to me.

        5. SECRET
        The verses are quite slow and at first, it seems like it's going to be a slow track throughout but things speed up in the chorus, which is quite catchy. Again, it's not one of my favourite tracks on the album, probably because of the subject matter that I can't really relate to at all! (The lyrics seem to be about a friend who was supposed to be/appeared to be gay but actually wasn't, and the confusion and hurt that would probably go along with this). For me, this track comes across as just so-so, along with the previous track.

        6. MOUTH SHUT
        This is a mid-tempo track in both the verses and chorus, but it becomes more rocky in the chorus. The chorus isn't as instantly catchy or addictive as some of their other tricks and doesn't really "kick in" but it's still a pretty good track.

        7. LEAVE ME ALONE
        This is another faster-paced track with attitude and defiance in the lyrics of the chorus. As with the previous track, the chorus isn't particularly catchy but there is a fairly strong hook towards the end of the chorus, especially as the song progresses. Overall, this is a track that is likely to sound better the more you listen to it.

        8. SPEECHLESS
        This is an out-and-out ballad with simple but heartfelt lyrics but rather than being sickly sweet, it comes across as just plain sweet. I can imagine this track being played at weddings as it's that kind of theme/emotion. One of my favourite tracks on the album.

        This is another ballad in essence but it's got more guitar-led production behind so it doesn't come across in the same 'simple' manner as "Speechless" and has more in common with some of Avril Lavigne's pop-rock ballads.

        This is another slower track that falls more into ballad territory, especially with the lyrics but as with other tracks on the album, it's a pop-rock ballad and has a bit more oomph than Speechless as it's not as stripped back.

        11. NOBODY WINS
        This is another mid-tempo track but while the delivery isn't what I'd call slow, the lyrics pack in some emotion that leaves me feeling sad whenever I listen to it. That's not really meant as a criticism - it's more a nod to the girls' songwriting abilities. They write their own songs a lot of the time but I don't know how many of them are based on actual personal experiences but this one in particular feels like it has been.

        12. MOTHER MOTHER
        This is the only track on the album that I really don't like. The random screams don't help its cause in that respect and it just seems like it's trying to hard to be rocky rather than just being the pop-rock that the girls do well on this album (and "Hook Me Up").

        13. TEARDROP
        This is another faster track but the phrase "a teardropis repeated regularly throughout and rather than being a catchy hook, this somewhat irritates me and I just find it a tad too repetitive.

        MY FAVOURITE TRACKS: 4ever, Everything I'm Not, When It All Falls Apart, Leave Me Alone, Speechless

        MY LEAST FAVOURITE TRACKS: Mother Mother, Revolution, Secret

        This is a pretty good pop-rock album in general, although you can probably tell from my review that I wasn't crazy about all of the tracks and really didn't get on with "Mother Mother" at all. I really like "Speechless" (even though it's not your typical track from The Veronicas), which is right up there with "4ever" for me. Notable mentions also go to "Everything I'm Not", "Leave Me Alone" and "Nobody Wins" and these tracks push my rating from an average three-star rating to an above average four-star rating.

        Having done things the wrong way round and listened to their second album first, I can definitely see a progression in sound between this album and "Hook Me Up", which seems more modern and current with its greater sway towards electro-pop rather than the out-and-out pop-rock that this album sticks to for the most part. There are some really good songs on this album but there are also some that are quite weak so I'd definitely recommend that you see if you can listen to them before you download the album and perhaps download individual tracks (as I went on to do, which was around half the album).


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          24.02.2010 20:56
          Very helpful



          Could be better, but could be worse.

          The Veronicas are an electro pop rock band which was formed in Australia in 1999. The band consists of:
          Jessica Origliasso - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
          Lisa Origliasso - Vocal, Synths
          George "Jungle George" - Guitar
          Vik Foxx - Drums
          Mike Sherman - Bass

          The two singers are twins which were born on the 25th of December (Christmas Day).

          This CD was released in 2005 in Australia and was a very big hit. Due to it's high success, they released five singles in Australia.

          The songs on this CD are :
          Everything I'm Not
          When It All Falls Apart
          Mouth shut
          Leave Me Alone
          Heavily Broken
          I Could Get Used To This
          Nobody Wins
          Mother Mother

          4ever ; A song about living your life as full as possible and also trying to get with a boy. The start of the song sounds kind of rock and it will make you want to tap your foot, but when it gets into the chorus when it goes into "big bash". This song is very catchy and most people will like it as soon as they hear it, but others might think it's a bit cheesy. I think it is mainstream rock.

          Everything I'm Not; This song is about a relationship between a boy and a girl. The boy is flirting with a girl and his girlfriend is getting jealous and then the boyfriend cheats on her. At the beginning of the song the singer is singing about what the boyfriend said to her and she does not believe him. This is also a very catchy song but does not have many "powerful" vocals. It also repeats it self a lot and can come into the chorus a bit quickly. Overall, I think the song is good, but not great (if you have heard it many times.)

          When It All Falls Apart; It is about how bad life can be (mostly to do with relationships) and how you should sometimes move along with your life. In this song, I do not like how they sing along with the beat in the chorus. But other people might. It is not the best song of theirs but I like the verses. I like the end of the song because the singing changes.

          Revolution; It is a song about how amazing you can be and how nothing can change that. It is also about how you can be anyone you want to be. I like this song because it's a bit more up beat that the other songs and the music is a bit more electronic. It is a very loud song. The only thing I do not like about this song is when they start singing about a boy, it annoys me how every song almost is about relationships.

          Secret; This song is about a boy liking a girl and how obsessed he is with her and she is a little bit scared and annoyed about it. I like the song because it is very catchy. It has a good beat to it and then drops into a slow beat, which evens everything out. The only thing I do not like about the song is how it suddenly says "gay" in the chorus, which makes the whole song sound immature. That is my personal opinion though.

          Mouth Shut; I think this has to be my favourite song on the album, maybe. It is about how a girl is in a relationship and has lied about a lot of things to her boyfriend and wants to change back to the way she was. The beginning of the song starts with almost an echo and has violins. Then goes into a little guitar and drums. They do a great job singing this song because it is very powerful and sung with a lot of feeling. I think a lot of girls can relate to this because some girls change everything they are for a boy and it's just not them any more.

          Leave Me Alone; This song is about how a girl doesn't want to be controlled by her boyfriend and it's almost a game (their relationship). I like how they start almost talking-singing in the versus. It is sung with a lot of attitude. I like the bit before the ending because the singing changes and it's very catchy and strong.

          Speechless; Another one of my favourite songs on it, this time it is because I feel like I can relate to it. The song is about finding love. The lyrics are amazing in this song. I think they must be some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. They are saying about how some times people can't help but fall for someone and you should just embrace it, not resist it. I think almost everyone will be able to relate to this song because most people like someone and a lot of people are in relationships. I also like this song because it is very different to their other songs, it is soft but some how powerful and it is sung with great feeling. They describe peoples love situations very well. 5 out of 5.

          Heavily Broken; This is also one of my favourite songs, but the songs story line is the opposite of Speechless. It is about how you feel so bad and there is nothing you can do to get rid of the feeling and you feel like life just isn't worth living. The song is better than it sounds. There are two versions of this song, and this is the original one. I think the other one may be slightly better because there is not as much music effects in it, but the one on the CD is still very good. It is a very slow powerful song that a lot of people will like. I think the one thing they could do to improve it is getting rid of the sound effects because it sounds a bit over down and tried to be perfected, but I think the song would sound a bit better if it wasn't perfected, then it would sound a bit more real.

          I Could Get Used To This; I do not know this song very well, but I will try to explain it. It starts out a bit pop, and they sound a little bit like Miley Cyrus, but better. It's almost like Speechless, about love. I am starting to like this song. The chorus is very big. I think the songs are a little bit teenager-ish. I would have to say they say "I Could Get Used To This" a bit too much. But overall, it is a good song with a good beat. It might be a bit cheesy but it is well worth listening to.

          Nobody Wins; The beginning of the song starts off with a bit of guitar and sounds a little depressing, but this is not all bad. I think this song is about how being by your self can be good but can be bad, but you shouldn't just leave someone while doing it because you will end up upsetting your self and others. I like that this song is a bit slow because it has a good beat and a good chorus.

          Mother Mother; It is a song about a girl talking/ writing a letter to her mother. She does not want to leave her mother behind after all she has done for her. I do not like this song that much because it's just not my type of music. It sounds a bit cheesy and it switches between a lot of different genres of music and between acoustic and non acoustic.

          Teardrop; It is a song about family sticking up for family and arguments. This is again not my favourite song because it's a bit like pop and cheesy. I do not think it is a very well known song. I can tell why, because it is not their best song.

          Overall, I think this CD is a good listen. Well worth a try!


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          31.07.2009 13:02
          Very helpful



          Beautiful in most places

          I was given this album to listen to by a friend, I must say that it was forced upon me a little but hey, I like to think I have an open mind so I gave it a listen. My review will give an overview of the general sound of the album and then a breakdown of my opinion on each track.

          The overall sound of this album is quite upbeat but the lyrics of the songs definitely talk about what seem to be recounts of personal feelings towards life experiences and regardless of whether the experience was positive or negative it feels like the beat of the song is quite quirky and melodic with some good use of rhyme in places too. It is a very easy to listen to album and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who may be a fan of the likes of; Avril Lavigne, Kate Perry, Go:Audio and the like. Even if you don't like any of the latter mentioned artists give it a listen, you might find yourself surprised as I was.

          Track 1: 4ever

          This track is very up beat and about a girl wanting to be with a particular person and is trying to persuade said person, saying everything that they can offer the other person. It kind of reminds me of Avril Lavignes 'Girlfriend'

          Track 2: Everything I'm Not

          This song is quite repetitive as far as the backing music is concerned but it is a very easy to listen to song. The song is about a girl saying that a relationship is coming to its final stages and almost as if the speaker is unleashing a torrent of emotions and once inner thoughts. Jealousy is also a key theme in this song as it is evident that she feels she is nothing compared to this other person because her lover wants this new girl.

          Track 3: When It All Falls Apart

          This song starts off quite slow and only a little drumming in the background but then slowly guitar starts to be added any begins to become more and more melodic. The voices of the artists within the song as singing about having a bad day where everything just goes wrong and sing about having a day from hell. A nice song but a little repetitive.

          Track 4: Revolution

          Very guitar based song with some slightly lower pitched singing to start with and then goes into having a go about how everything seems to be against them and she feels she has to explain herself about everything and also trying to explain the behaviour of and apparent partner. There is a slight theme of megalomania in this song.

          Track 5: Secret

          A funny song about a girl who feels a guy is a little obsessed with her. I like this one because it each line of the song reminds me of a particular 'ex' girlfriend who treated me pretty unfairly, moves from a slow pace to fast paces and then slow again. It has possibly be best line in any song of its like where the girl thought the guy hitting on her was gay, fantastic.

          Track 6: Mouth Shut

          This song is all about a girl who cannot pretend to like a guy anymore and wants to let it all out as she feels that the relationship has gone too far and she needs to get away before hurting him anymore. Even though she tried so hard to be his girl

          Track 7: Leave Me Alone

          This is the most subdued song on the album in my opinion and is about a girl who is sick how she has been treated by someone and just wants to be left alone, thinking about and reminiscing about all the times in the past when she thought that someone was perfect for her and also about how she has 'grown'

          Track 8: Speechless

          This song starts off as if almost in a daze and day dreaming, thinking about how someone she is now with is just perfect and is talking about how head over heal she is in love with them. It is quite a beautiful song and whilst quite slow and using acoustic guitar, it is quite powerful and has a deep meaning. I am head over heals for this song

          Track 9: Heavily Broken

          A very sad song about a broken girl who just doesn't know what to do. A very internal song. Not much more can by said about this one

          Track 10: I Could Get Used To This

          A very dream like song of a girl being pampered by her guy, talking about everything that she loves about the relationship and how she could get used to the way she is treated as well as how similar they are to one another. A very fairytale like song which is a nice listen.

          Track 11: Nobody Wins

          This song feels like a wind down from the rest of the album, very subdued and talks about a girl that can't stand saying goodbye but at the same time knows it is coming and maybe it will be a good thing

          Track 12: Mother Mother

          I spoke to soon, another upbeat song with the use of Spanish style guitar playing. A rather fragmented song with pauses between each line, a girl contacting her mother and evidently telling her everything is fine when in actual fact things aren't that great and she is hiding the truth. Doesnt cut the mustard for me.

          Overall this album is fun to listen to and will have you listening to it more that once, or particular song over and over on repeat.


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          16.06.2009 16:54



          Big songs, great lyrics from musically talented girls

          The Veronicas are a band made up of twin sisters, Jessica and Lisa from Australia. I first came across them on the soundtrack for She's The Man which had their song 4ever and from their I was hooked. They have had alot of success in the Australian charts and it looks like they are heading for the same success in the UK with their second album.

          I love their lyrics, very smart and you believe it is something very personal, like you could have written it yourself. Their songs also leave you to interprete the songs meaning. The whole albums is filled with catchy songs that you cant help but sing along to.

          My favourite songs are When It All Falls Apart and I Could Get Used To This. In my opinion the first is about a break up, which most people can relate to and the second song a new relationship. They are both worth listening to, although the whole album is very good.


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          12.02.2009 10:42
          Very helpful



          A strong debut album from this underated Australian talent

          The Veronicas are twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. Blending together catchy po-rock tunes with a feisty, punky attitude, the Australian duo are every Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson or P!nk fan's wet dream.

          Scoring massive success in their homeland with their debut offering 'The Secret Life Of...' and 'Hook Me Up', The Veronicas are finally making an assault on UK territory after single 'Untouched' reached the top 20 in America.

          Their debut album released in 2005 sttill sounds as fresh and as brilliant as it did three years ago. Though their style has changed dramatically for their follow up record 'The Secret Life Off...' provides deep lyrics full of strength and passion combined with the energetic vocals and catchy hooks the girls seem to throw together with ease.

          001. 4Ever
          Max Martin and Dr Luke have credits on this track. After penning hits for Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, the end result here is pretty similar but The Veronicas just let loose exploding with their sharp and edgy vocals and unleashing a killer chorus that will weave its way around your brain in seconds. It's pop-rock with an almighty twist and immediately states that they may be put in the same camp as the aforementioned artists but they're anything but.

          002. Everything I'm Not
          Thius track continues in the same vain as album opener '4Eever' but has a softer approach in the music though the chorus is still packed with attitude and the lyrics are definately something that will have teenage girls up and down the country in a fit. "I don't wanna pretend, so this is the end of you and me..."

          003. When It All Falls Apart
          What makes The Veronicas and this album so great is they can bombard you witrh fast paced, energetic tracks but can also slow things down to great effect. 'When It All Falls Apart' is one of my personal favourites with its radio friendly melody and lyrics that anybody could relate to, the girls know how to keep the track catchy but also play on the message of the song and add a deep vulnerability to their vocals.

          004. Revolution
          'Revolution' tries to imitate the storming sound of the album's first two tracks but sort of fails. It just doesn't seem to grab at you in the same way the previous songs have done. Although it's still a pretty, solid effort and it's angsty, dance fueled chorus certainly fits the tone of the album quite nicely.

          005. Secret
          A brilliant little track about finding out someone you thought was gay was pretending because he was in love with you. The track slides around a bit during the verses but goes straight for it in the chorus. Just as catchy as anything that's come before it and it sort of adopts an odd Western, cowboy style!

          006. Mouth Shut
          One of the darker tracks on the album. Musically this track is a bit poor and is easily overshadowd by the rest of the album though the lyrics are both thought envoking and very powerful in that you really feel every word that's being sung.

          007. Leave Me Alone
          Every teenager's angsty woes all rolled out into one song. 'Leave Me Alone' strikes me as trying too capture that anger and pain but fails as the chorus is good enough but the melody and flow just seems to lack any strength and fails to stand out.

          008. Speechless
          'Speechless' is another example of a brilliant ballad from the girls. It's refreshing to see them take a break from laying into men and tearing relationships apart to pen a very strong and solid love song. The heavy guitars and electronic vocals and such that are heavily present in their other songs are absent here, giving the song a stripped back and more emotional sound.

          009. Heavily Broken
          This song is another of my personal favourites. The Veronicas have definately mastered the art of combining over the top lyrics with a dramatic, rocky sound and powerful vocals and that is reinforced here.

          010. I Could Get Used To This
          Whilst I don't see anything wrong with this track, it does sound rather bland after a few listens. The chorus doesn't seem to fit the verses and the vocals about being in love don't sound that convincing.

          011. Nobody Wins
          Another dark moment on the album. This track screams 'FILLER!' to me as it's totally dull and forgettable and seems to just be a hollow replica of many other songs on the CD but not as good.

          012. Mother Mother
          A nice end to a pretty solid CD, though the lyrics here definately shine and the girls vocal ability is also brilliant, the melody and flow of the song just lack any kind of power.

          In conclusion 'The Secret Life Of...' is a brilliant debut effort. Almost every track here would work as a single and all scream 'radio friendly'. It's pretty polished but has all the right ingrediants to make it a massive hit. The songs here have depth and are good to listen to and are a great foundation for a strong career.


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            19.10.2008 21:32
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A very highly recommended purchase.

            The Veronicas are two twin girls from Brisbane in Australia. The sort of music they do is pop-rock in the same vein as Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson, or maybe P!nk but I think they do it far better on this album.

            The first single from this album was '4ever', it's bursting with energy and enough hooks to truly pull you in and it's simply irresistable.
            'Everything I'm Not' was the second single and was in quite a similar vein, although with plenty of it's own merits and tells the tale of a relationship being broken apart because the other half is in love with someone else.
            'When It All Falls Apart' was the third single and sees them take a more mellow direction, and is quite emotive.
            'Revolution' was the fourth single, and funnily enough these are the album's first four tracks in order. This was slightly generic nothingness and isn't among the highlights of this album for me.
            The album's last single was 'Leave Me Alone', which is more adult sounding than the other four singles but stunning all the same.

            Aside from the singles, album highlights include 'Secret', a fun upbeat song with amusing lyrics (for instance "I never looked at you that way, because I always thought you were gay"), 'Mouth Shut' which is quite mellow and emotive, 'Speechless' is the album's token power ballad, 'I Could Get Used To This' is another upbeat pop-rock track with great singalong appeal, 'Nobody Wins' is a very emotive downtempo track which is one of the album's strongest tracks lyrically, and the album's closing track 'Mother Mother' is really crazy, and you hear the girls seemingly lose their marbles here.

            This album is a real gem if you like pop music, the girls are very charismatic and have bags of personality, charm and talent. A lot of the lyrics aren't astonishing, but with this kind of music and the market it's appealing to, who says they need to be? It's just pure fun from start to finish and I highly recommend it.

            PS. This album unfortunately didn't get a release in the UK, so you may have to import it, although some music stores in the UK do stock it.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 4Ever
            2 Everything I'm Not
            3 When It All Falls Apart
            4 Revolution
            5 Secret
            6 Mouth Shut
            7 Leave Me Alone
            8 Speechless
            9 Heavily Broken
            10 I Could Get Used to This
            11 Nobody Wins
            12 Mother Mothe

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