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Shaman - Santana

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Santana / Audio CD released 2003-06-07 at Sony Music CMG

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2012 19:40
      Very helpful



      Great album.


      When it comes to Guitarists there are many that I admire and one of those is Carlos Santana. He has consistently adapted his style and has spanned many genres in creating Music which is unique and very influential gaining him many friends and followers in Music. In 1999 he released Supernatural which received critical and commercial acclaim selling over 27m copies worldwide and starting a format for Carlos Santana albums which has been to include a wealth of collaborators, Shaman was the follow up to the Supernatural album and included many collaborations of it's own.


      The album was released three years after the Supernatural album and again featured several collaborations which Carlos Santana has replicated on all of his subsequent albums apart from his latest release "Shape Shifter". Back to Shaman though and the album includes collaborations with artists such as Michelle Branch, Chad Kroeger, Seal, Macy Gray, Musiq Soulchild, Dido and others. The album wasn't quite as successful as the previous album yet still sold pretty well and featured hit singles. The album contained a similar style of the rock, hip hop, and pop of Supernatural.

      1.) Adouma

      This is an excellent opener which features relaxed vocals and some vibrant music which has the feel of a Jam session, there's a nice vocal harmony part which works well and as the track develops it's soon in full flow. There's some excellent guitar playing here with some fine solos which Carlos Santana just showcases his talent with. It's an excellent and catchy track to open with that showcases the musicianship of the band and of course the excellent guitar work from Carlos Santana. Great start.

      2.) Nothing At All

      This track features the R&B/Neo Soul singer Musiq Soulchild. It's a lovely ballad which opens gentle with Santana on an electro acoustic guitar and Musiq's laid back vocals shine. This track is about looking back on things once your partner has left you and looking at what you had and what you have now. I love the way the song develops and for me this is a superb collaboration. Musiq's vocals are emotive and the backing vocals add a lovely feel which combines with Santana's guitar to create a lovely sound. This track One of the best tracks on the album.

      3.) The Game of Love

      This was a successful single from the album and is a duet with Michelle Branch, she takes on the vocals with an emotive and strong vocal performance on this excellent ballad about all the different emotions involved in a relationship. I love the way that the song develops and when Carlos Santana just lets loose for the guitar solo it's a terrific moment. This combines two styles wonderfully well and is one of the best tracks on the album. Great stuff.

      4.) You are my kind

      This is a track featuring Seal and it opens like an Enrique Iglesias song but soon develops it's own identity with some lovely laid back vocals from Seal and a slower pace more akin to a ballad than electro pop. This is an excellent track which has a lovely feel and the catchy feel works well. I love the way the song develops and Seal sounds at his best here. This is a very strong track which has a lot going for it, most notably the excellent guitar work throughout the song.

      5.) Amore

      This track features Macy Gray and is an excellent slice of Hip Hop with a Rock sound. Gray's laid back vocals combine well with the vibrant guitar work from Santana to create a nice sound which combines well with the beats and hooks to create a fine all round sound. This is not one of the best tracks on the album but still has lots going for it. The horns add to the overall sound well and it's another strong track which again develops well. Good stuff.

      6.) Foo Foo

      This is a catchy & vibrant track which again has some decent backing vocals which go well with the overall sound. This is one of the tracks that showcases the South American influence and it works rather well with the electric guitar of Santana. This is not up there with the best tracks on the album yet it has a lot going for it and is still a rather decent track although compared to the others is a little too repetitive for my liking. still a good track though,

      7.) Victory is Won

      This is an exceptional instrumental track which just has a beautifully relaxed feel. It starts with some gentle electric guitar from Santana, backed by the gentle bass and some lovely soft keys. The track develops with a nice flow and I like the punch of the drums which sounds good alongside the other instruments. There's an excellent organ solo which blends extremely well with the other sounds going on. The track is finished superbly well with the excellent guitar work from Carlos Santana. I love the way the track takes on a heavier sound with crashing drums and the fine guitar work from Carlos. Great stuff and one of the best tracks on the album.

      8.) Since Supernatural

      This is a fabulous slice of Hip Hop. The track is the sort of cut that you play in the car with the windows down and the speakers up. The collaborators are Melkie Jean & Governor Washington. This track has an excellent progression and the combination of the hip hop beats and hooks with the fabulous electric guitar from Carlos Santana really works well and creates a new kind of sound. This is what you can do when you experiment with different genres. Great stuff.

      9.) America

      This is back to the Rock style with a collaboration with the Rock band P.O.D. It has a fabulous feel which is vibrant and deserves to be played loud. once in full flow you hear how well they track was recorded with the punch of the drums and the intricacy of the guitar work which runs through much of the album too. Some of the guitar work here is sensational and really showcases what an incredible guitarist Carlos Santana is. An unexpected collaboration but it certainly works extremely well. Superb. The guitar work towards the end is just truly outstanding.

      10.) Sideways

      This track features Citizen Cope and slows things down a bit from the previous track. gentle acoustic under a vibrant electric guitar part which comes in from the off. Citizen Cope's vocals are emotive and relaxed whilst Santana's playing is superb and vibrant yet still relaxed. I love the way this song develops and some of the guitar playing is just beautiful and the simple yet achingly effective drum and percussion part works superbly well. This is a truly brilliant track with some sensational guitar work that sounds so simple.

      11.) Why Don't You & I

      This is an excellent track featuring Nickelback's Chad Kroeger. The single version was with Alex Band of the Calling. The album version is an excellent track too with a vibrant rock feel and Chad's vocals sounding decent alongside the guitar from Santana and the excellent backing music. I love the way the song moves along through each part. The way they lead into the final guitar solo is excellent and the solo itself is another terrific solo. Great stuff.

      12.) Let me love you tonight

      This is an excellent track, It opens with a Bluesy feel then the beat comes in soon backed by the vocals which come courtesy of Andy Vargas. This is a lovely ballad about pledging your love to someone in the hope they'll love you back. I love the way this sounds and it has such a lovely feel. perfect pace for the song and some fantastic guitar work from Carlos Santana takes the track to the next level, This track is up there with the best on the album. Great stuff.

      13.) Aye, Aye, Aye

      The track opens with some deep bass licks then the South American feel comes in. The catchy guitar licks combine well with the backing and the vocals to create a decent sound. This track has a catchy feel which keeps a relentless South American style. The guitar work on this track is superb and really compliments the rest of the music. In some parts he just lets loose with some superb tones. One of the best solos on the album comes towards the end of this track.

      14.) Hoy Es Adios

      This has a very Latin feel with some excellent Spanish guitar with a flamenco style which is interestingly backed by a Hip Hop style beat and the vocals come from Alejandro Lerner who does a decent job on this catchy track which progresses well. It's a change from most of the album but like so many of his tracks, Carlos Santana makes it work. This track really shows the range of his music. Maybe not for some but it still has a lot going for it and is worth a listen.

      15.) One of These Days

      This is another Hip Hop style track but with a different and more laid back feel. It has it's vibrant Latin feel with some great horns and some exceptional guitar work. The vocals come from Ozomatli who does a decent job of things and is backed well by the backing vocalists. I love the guitar work here which progresses really well and soars at the right moments. There are certainly Some excellent parts to this one. Good stuff.

      16.) Novus

      This is an interesting track to end the album with, It opens like a Vangelis track and has a lovely intro which builds with a vibrant guitar part. The great vocals come from Placido Domingo. The combination of the lovely music and the Operatic vocals of Domingo really makes this track stand out from the others in terms of it's uniqueness. Carlos Santana shows that he can play alongside any type of Music. The guitar work on this track is rather good indeed.


      This is another excellent album from Carlos Santana and follows on so well from Supernatural. He again showcases a wide range of different artists and styles yet somehow makes it work. The best stuff is really superb and really showcases his incredible guitar ability. This is undoubtedly a very good album indeed and deserves more recognition.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Estamos Chao
      2 Adouma
      3 Nothing At All
      4 The Game Of Love
      5 You Are My Kind
      6 Amoré (Sexo)
      7 Foo Foo
      8 Victory Is Won
      9 America
      10 Sideways
      11 Why Don't You & I
      12 Feels Like Fire
      13 Let Me Love You Tonight
      14 Aye Aye Aye
      15 Hoy Es Adios
      16 One Of These Days
      17 Novus

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