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Shepherd Moons - Enya

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6 Reviews

Genre: Folk - Irish Folk / Artist: Enya / Import / Audio CD released at Reprise

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    6 Reviews
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      10.12.2009 10:27



      Worth buying

      Another great album by Enya. There is a famous song on this called Book of Days which was used in the Tom Cruise movie Far and Away (which are lyrics in Enya's song). You can see why, the lyrics not only fit but it is a great song.
      Also included are a very traditional Marble Hallsm, the hymn How can I keep from Singing? Lothlorian inspiried by Lord of the Rings, the very bouncy (perhaps her most) Ebudae and the very strange After Ventus which actually sounds like a song used in reverse!!. A strange and surreal experience indeed, but an interesting experiment and one which I think works quite well. The title track itsself is good - a nice piano solo with some of her trademark lush vocals. Heavens knows where she got the name of the album from though. I do like the title but I'd like to know what gave her the idea. As for the cover art? It's nice and spooky. It's probably her best album cover. (Yes, even better than watermark's).

      As requested, the track listing is:
      1. "Shepherd Moons" - 3:42
      2. "Caribbean Blue" - 3:58
      3. "How Can I Keep from Singing?" - 4:23
      4. "Ebudæ" - 1:54
      5. "Angeles" - 3:57
      6. "No Holly for Miss Quinn" - 2:40
      7. "Book of Days" - 2:32[1]
      8. "Evacuee" - 3:50
      9. "Lothlórien" - 2:08
      10. "Marble Halls" - 3:53
      11. "Afer Ventus" - 4:05
      12. "Smaointe..." - 6:07

      The CD is £5.99 on play.com. A bargain if you ask me.


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      08.09.2009 23:52
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      This album has to be heard to be believed. If music were played in heaven then Enya would surely be the choice of Gods. Enya began life in Clannad before forging her own solo career. This stunning album comprises twelve songs.

      'Sheperd Moons' is a delicate piano driven affair, slow and methodical, with gentle interspersions from Enya singing choral notes. It conjures up an air of calm and the title reflects the mood perfectly. I picture lone shepherds watching flocks by night, with only the moon as company.

      'Carribbean Blue' harks back to 'Orrinoco Flow' with a similar rhythm and buoyant melody it makes you feel like you are bobbing on an ocean. 'How Can I Keep From Singing' delivers a soothing vocal from Enya as she spins a tale of joy, her refined voice borders on collapse and it is quite beautiful.

      'Ebudae' has an African rhythm about it which makes one think of tribesmen and chanting around a campfire. Atmospheric and uplifting, it is a splendid and short piece of music. Next up is the glorious 'Angeles,' which sounds so Christmassy. The vocals sound like they have been recorded in the biggest oldest church and the harmonies are spellbinding and ghostly.

      'No Holly For Miss Quinn' is a brisk number, a well tempered piano drives it. Not as engaging as the aforementioned songs, though pleasant enough to keep the calm air running. More appealing is the thunderous 'Book Of Days' which has momentum at every turn and a wonderful galloping rhythm where Enya canters through at breakneck speed, thrusting crescendos upon you.

      'Evacuee' begins with a brass band fanfayre, before slowly unfolding into a weepy ballad. Enya's vocals are restrained and show a fragility. The song is sad and touching and would be a lovely funeral track.

      'Lothlorien' is just over two minutes long, amazing resonating electric pianos create a warm ambience and an air of mystery. I imagine searching for sunken treasure as this plays. It is followed by Enya's take on 'Marble Halls' which is sung so softly you could hear a pin drop. Absolutely exquisite and so moving.

      'After Ventus' is taking us towards the end and we see the return of angelic harmonies and notions of stillness. The track develops into a complex maze of vocals weaving in and out of each other. The final track 'Smaointe' is over six minutes and is a shockingly acute Irish ballad, which sounds like it has been sitting in a cave waiting to be sung for centuries. It is a superb ending to what must be one of the most relaxing and most enduring albums ever.


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        23.11.2008 20:53




        Behind the gorgeous purple and blue sleeve artwork lays an album of considerable beauty. Based around Celtic and ethereal moods as Enya weaves in her many vocal harmonies upon each other to form a rich texture of sound, and Shepard Moons can be considered a dark Celtic soundscape, which has two obviously outstanding tracks.

        The first is the classic Book of Days which is probably the catchiest song on the album and has a more of an upbeat pop feel it than anything else. The second is the cerebral Lothlórien which is one of the best piano ballads I've ever heard, and reminds me of part of the Casper soundtrack.

        These two pieces alone are worth the price of admission, but the remainder of the album is equally as beautiful and thought revoking. Shepard Moons is one of the ultimate chill out albums for me and along with her debut album, this is essential for fans of Celtic or incidental music.


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        07.05.2007 16:34
        1 Comment



        Another great album from one of Irelands most prestigieous performers of all time

        real name : Eithne Ní Bhraonáin
        born 17 May 1961, Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal, Ireland

        Previously in Clannad - irish music group identical to her most renown works

        This musician has provided sountracks for movies such as The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), Ocean Men: Extreme Dive (2001), Far and Away (1992) and Green Card (1990)

        I have always got a spot for Enya. The smooth dreamy tones and almost 'hypnotic' and calming music has been a blessing not just to myself, but to my children too. Shepherd Moons is no exception to this.

        A lot of the songs are in Gaelic (Irish) some mixed with English. However not understanding all the words is not a curse to this album, as it ebbs and flows. Some pieces are very inspiring and make you feel as if you could move mountains.

        I love putting the CD on at the children's bedtimes, its a fantastic way to calm them down and lull them to sleep.

        1. Shepherd Moons
        2. Caribbean Blue
        3. How Can I Keep From Singing
        4. Ebudae
        5. Angeles
        6. No Holly For Miss Quinn
        7. Book Of Days
        8. Evacuee
        9. Lothlorien
        10. Marble Halls
        11. After Ventus
        12. Smaointe

        Currently £5.75 at Amazon UK, but sold at nearly every reputable music store

        ~Other albums~
        It's in the Rain by Enya (2006)
        Amarantine by Enya (2005)
        Paint the Sky With Stars: The Best of Enya by Enya (2002)
        Only Time: the Collection by Enya (2002)
        A Day Without Rain by Enya (2000)
        A Box of Dreams by Enya (1997)
        The Memory of Trees by Enya (1995)
        Watermark by Enya (1988)


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          05.02.2004 04:11
          Very helpful



          Another real gem from Enya! Released in 1991 and her third album. It produced 3 singles and proved to be very popular! Release Year: 1991 All music composed by Enya. Produced by Nicky Ryan. Engineered by Nicky Ryan. Recorded at Aigle Studios. Arranged by Enya and Nicky Ryan. All instruments and voices by Enya. Lyrics by Roma Ryan. Irish adaptation by Enya. Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd. Track Listings 1. Shepherd moons A beautiful, light as a feather opening track. Fully instrumental. 2. Caribbean blue An album highlight, listening to this song is like pure velvet. Absolutely stunning. The video for this single is breath taking and features Martine McCutcheon before she joined Eastenders! 3. How can I keep from singing A cover of a very old Shaker hymn. Also a single and has an accompanying video. This is a haunting song. 4. Ebudae An absolutely fantastic song, which featured in Toys the movie. One of my all time favourite tracks. Enya sings in Gaelic about the traditional "waulking songs" sung by women and used when fulling cloth. Waulking songs are unique to the Outer Hebrides. 5. Angeles Another haunting song, which rumoured took months to complete. The rich texture of the vocals is astounding! Nearly 1000 layers! 6. No holly for Miss Quinn Another instrumental. Quite beautiful and easy to play if you are good at the piano! 7. Book of days Most pressings from mid-1992 onwards replaced the original Book Of Days with a re-recording of the English lyric version used in the film Far And Away which had previously been released as a single. I personally preferred the original version but this track broke the top ten! Maybe the film helped? 8. Evacuee Quite a sad song really....a melancholy song which is quite heart wrenching. If you put yourself in the postion of an evacuee, es
          pecially during world war two you can really imagine what a harrowing experience it is. 9. Lothlorien Based upon Lord of the Rings, a song inspired by th e land of Galadriel! 10. Marble halls This song is particularly special to me as it was my late grandmothers favourite song. It originally was an old opera piece but was released as a single in Korea by Enya. I really really like this song! 11. After ventus Sung in Latin, it is a 'round' called a triad, another favourite of mine. Truly a great song from Enya! Ohhh I think I am a bit too gushing! 12. Smaointe Sung in Spanish, very special. A simple song really but very effective! Enya got her start as part of Clannad, a family band which performed traditional Irish music. After she split with the group her clear voice and good looks earned her the attention of British music impresario Rob Dickens. Her breakthrough 1988 album 'Watermark' established her as a singer of sweet, mystical, multi-layered tunes. I cannot recommend this album too much! it is just fantastic. A lot of people dismiss Enya but they haven't really listened to her music. How good it is and how much effort is put into the production. For further information see - www.enya.com


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            19.10.2000 18:14



            Well this is quite a typical Enya album, which is not a bad thing at all! It is very good, and will entertain when in the right mood for such an album. Tracks of note would be No Holly for Miss Quinn is such a great track, written with great style, and performed elegantly on the piano, and also Book of Days especially now it's not on the TV all the time for that advert. The biggest problem as with most of her albums is that you just get into it, and then it finishes, as most of them are quite short as around 40-45 minutes.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Shepherd Moons
          2 Caribbean Blue
          3 How Can I Keep from Singing?
          4 Ebudae
          5 Angeles
          6 No Holly for Miss Quinn
          7 Book of Days
          8 Evacuee
          9 Lothlorien
          10 Marble Halls
          11 Afer Ventus
          12 Smaointe

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