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Shipwreck In The Sand - Silverstein

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2 Reviews
  • A huge step up from Arrivals and Departures
  • definetely for fans of Discovering The Waterfront
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    2 Reviews
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      02.10.2014 18:10
      Very helpful


      • "A huge step up from Arrivals and Departures"
      • "definetely for fans of Discovering The Waterfront"
      • "Very well mastered"
      • "A great post-hardcore album by one of the best bands in the business"


      A great post-hardcore album, in fact, it just might be my favourite.

      A Shipwreck in the sand is one of those album that blindsides you. One day you randomly realise that a band you haven't listened to in a while has released a new album, and when you check it out, you are stunned by how great it is.

      The album opens with a great sense of urgency in the track, a Great Fire, continuing on the anger fuelled Vices and becoming more introspective by the slightly slower and way less aggressive Broken Stars.

      It is worth noting that the album in itself is a story that unfolds in pieces through different segments of each track. Sometimes the tracks reference each other, and although it might be difficult to interpret this story after just one listen, it is an absolute fantastic story that I would love to see made into a film.

      Vocalist Shane Told shows off some incredibly impressive singing abilities that he never would have been able to pull off in the Discovering The Waterfront or Arrivals and Departures eras of the band. This kind of improvement in technique is rare to see in most kinds of music, let alone in a style that sees him go from screaming to singer within seconds. This jeckyl and Hyde approach is what makes Silverstein so unique, as all of their contemporaries seem to really struggle in this aspect of their music.

      The album strikes a great balance between being incredibly melodic (You're All I Have, The End) to ridiculously hardcore (I Am The Arsonist and a Great Fire). The two styles might seem too different to work, but inbetween the standout examples of both extremes are a wealth of songs that mix both styles to great effect.

      The itunes edition of this album is worth getting due to the inclusion of 4 cover songs. most notable being "Help!" by The Beatles.

      This is a great album and it is exactly what you would expect from Silverstein, more Silverstein


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      20.06.2011 20:57
      Very helpful



      A great album and perhaps on bar with Discovering the Waterfront and a great improvement on A&D

      In general this is a extremly underated album and in my opinion is the one of the best they have produced. It delivers a variety of songs as well as providing an excellent storyline in this concept album.
      A Great Fire 10/10:
      The first track on the album is arguably the best and when the song starts to develop there are some interesting vocal techniques from shane. This is one of the heavier, catchier songs on the album and the changing of tempos throughout the song makes it one of their best.
      Vices 8/10:
      This is also one of the heavier songs on the album and Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats lend his vocals for this song. The intro sounds quite similar to A Great Fire at first glance, this song caters to Silversteins 'scream a bit scream a bit' method of song making (not saying that it is a bad thing), this song has a very catchy chorus and some very good breakdowns. It is easy to understand why this song was made a single from the album.
      Broken Stars 7/10:
      This is the least heavy out of the tracks so far, however the song is still catchy but does not stand out from the rest of the album. The singing in parts are very well done and makes this song fit in with the rest of the album.
      American Dream 9/10:
      This song was also single released from the album and is a fan favorite. Again this song has less screaming than previous but this is not a bad thing due to that Shane Told's voice has grown in strength (as fan's may see from their newest album 'Rescue'). This song has a catchy chorus and expresses some good lyrics about the downfall of the American economy or any economy in the world (as Shane revealed in an interview).
      Their Lips Sink Ships 8/10:
      This is more of an interlude between songs but expresses some great lyrics.
      I Knew I Couldn't Trust You 7/10:
      Another strong song, but like Broken Stars this song does not stand out from the album. However the song expresses some great guitar work and singing melody's.
      Born Dead 8/10:
      This song fits very well within the concept album and cleary shows the fight between friends (with the help of Scott Wade from Comback Kid). Some great lyrics and simple riffs makes this one of the best on the album.
      A Shipwreck in the Sand 10/10:
      This is a venture from the usual Silverstein songs and is the 'story telling' song on the album using speach affectivly within the song. The song is represented as a metaphor for betrayal that is represented in the rest of the album.
      I Am the Arsonist 7/10:
      Probally my least favorite off the album due to the screaming not being as strong as it could be, however the chrous is catchy and bumps the score up.
      You're all I Have 9/10:
      This song has a catchy opening riff that is present throughout the verses of the song. Shane's soft voice in this song helps the song develop into the more aggresive chrous' (lyrically). The tempo of the song remains the same throughout most of it untill the screaming breakdown towards to end of the song which has proved affective in the past and has done so here.
      We are Not the World/A Hero Loses Everyday 8/10:
      These two songs are quite similar as they have the same general tempo and are mostly singing. However both these songs stand alone due to some great lyrics particularly in We are Not the World.
      Both songs add to the albums story and add to the album affectivly.
      The Tide Raises Everyship 9/10:
      This 'introduction' to the end is affective but however could have easily been placed onto the song itself.
      The End 10/10:
      This song is perhaps the best on the album wich shows the strength of Shane's voice as well as his guitar work. This song features Lights and she adds to the song well with her stron voice that blends brilliantly with Shanes. This is truley a great end to a great album and is one of their finest songs.


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Great Fire, A
    2 Vices - Silverstein & Liam Cormier
    3 Broken Stars
    4 American Dream
    5 Their Lips Sink Ships
    6 I Knew I Couldn't Trust You
    7 Born Dead - Silverstein & Scott Wade
    8 Shipwreck In The Sand, A
    9 I Am The Arsonist
    10 You're All I Have
    11 We Are Not The World
    12 Hero Loses Everyday, A
    13 Tide Raises Every Ship, The
    14 End, The - Silverstein & Lights

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