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Shogun: Parental Advisory - Trivium

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4 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Trivium / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2008-09-29 at Roadrunner, LOMAX Records

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    4 Reviews
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      04.04.2010 18:59
      Very helpful



      deffinatley worth listening to if your a metal head

      Trivium: Shogun

      So this is the latest album from Trivium (A new one to be released soon *squeals excitedly* ) I am a HUGE Trivium fan and on the 23rd of March I went to see them in Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton =D they were smegging AMAZING nuff said.

      Shogun is probably my favourite album. Down From The Sky being my favourite track =)
      The band come from Orlando Florida and recently the drummer Travis Smith departed from them, he was replaced by Nick Augusto (Amazing drummer)
      The rest of the band are as follows:-

      Matt Heafy - lead vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
      Corey Beaulieu - lead guitar, rhythm guitar, screaming vocals
      Paolo Gregoletto - bass guitar, backing vocals

      What I love about this band is the fact that Corey and Matt swap their roles of guitarring, when one is doing their vocals the other will take lead guitar and I just..LOVE it! I have a few Idols from different bands and Matt Heafy is one of them...he is a god when it comes to guitar and is voice is so unique.

      ==Track Listing==

      Kirisute Gomen 06:27
      Torn Between Scylla And Charbodis 06:50
      Down From The Sky 05:34
      Into The Mouth Of Hell We March 05:52
      Throes Of Perdition 05:54
      Insurrectuion 04:57
      The Calamity 04:58
      He Who Spawned The Furies 04:08
      Of Prometheus And The Crucifix 04:40
      Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven 05:26
      Shogun 11:55

      All the tracks on this album are amazing! my most favourite is Down From The Sky, they played this one when I went to see them live and I think this is the reason I lost my voice..I screamed so much =\

      Down From The Sky

      This track is one that I deffinatley recommend to you, I am yet to come across a Trivium fan who does not like this song.
      It's simply AMAZING. I love the bass line, I love covering it, it's such an addictive song. Guranteed to will like this song...well not if your not a metal fan but if you are then you will LOVE it.
      ''I've opened up my eyes
      Seen the world for what it's worth
      Tears rain down from the sky
      They'll blow it all to bits
      To prove whose god wields all the power
      Fire rains down from the sky'' This is the chorus and its so god damn catchy its unbelievable.

      Into The Mouth Of Hell We March
      This is one of the most amazing Tracks I ever heard. The chorus and the rhythm for the track are immense! I love the track title, its pretty fitting for when Im in a bad mood before I go to school. Its got one of those beats that get you tapping along to, even if you dont want to. Its a youtube-able song...go now, listen to the awesomeness that is this song

      All together this is an amazing album and is really worth getting, if your a metal fan you will like it, maybe even love it as much as me :)
      I paid £9 for it when it first came out, but I can't remeber where I got it from. You can now get it off Amazon for about £6-£7 though

      Written by dooshbag08
      also posted on Ciao under rockchick2k7


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      14.05.2009 12:16



      Trivium's best to date

      Possibly Trivium's best album to date? Maybe. Ascendancy is probably their best in most people's opinion but I think this one is their best. The album starts with the track Kirisute Gomen which starts with an acoustic solo which then adds some drums then the guitars and bass come in with a powerful riff. What an amazing start to an album. The 1st single off this album was Down From The Sky which has a great guitar intro. Track 4 is Into The Mouth of Hell We March which is yet another great song from the album. Shogun is full of pure metal. Matt Heafy singing his 2 different vocal styles.

      The album ends with the title track, Shogun. This song just shows how musically talented Trivium are. With heavy riffs and acoustic guitars. Just all parts of metal put into one great song. Even though it's a long song, you won't notice how long it is.

      The tracklisting is as followed:
      1. Kirisute Gomen
      2. Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
      3. Down From The Sky
      4. Into The Mouth of Hell We March
      5. Throes Of Perdition
      6. Insurrection
      7. The Calamity
      8. He Who Spawned The Furies
      9. Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
      10. Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
      11. Shogun

      There is also a Limited Edition version of the album which includes a Making Of documentry and a few B sides includinng an Iron Maiden cover and songs that could have made it to the album.


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      16.02.2009 21:55
      Very helpful



      Want to restore ur faith in trivium this is how

      Trivium have been labled alot of things from 'Legends' and 'Great Newcomer's' to 'Sellouts' and 'Metallica Wannabes' admittily they changed their sound with the album prior to 'Shogun' but now Trivium are back with a album that should please both older fans and newer. Mixing the old style Aggressive vocals from 'Ember to Inferno' and 'Ascendancy' with the newest (metallica-like) vocal style, they've made a comeback.

      Still using the traditional Drop D tuning, this album maintains the heavyness of the earlier albums while adding more melodic sounds and keeping with the machine gun quick drumming.

      With Two singles and videos already released and more rumoured to be made, already this album proves that Trivium still have what it takes to call themselves 'a formidiable band in the metal scene'.

      Overall a great album which i think makes up for the let down of 'The Crusade' and will be enjoyed by any metal fan, new or old.


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      19.11.2008 15:11
      Very helpful



      Some very enjoyable guitar playing and riffs!

      Shogun is Trivium's latest album, the band's 4th in their 8 year career. They have regularly been criticised for being Metallica copycats, Shogun however can't be accused of that as it is definitely categorically their own style and tracks.

      There are a few things about Matt Heafy's vocals that don't appeal to me, there's a hint of the whingeyness that can often be found in current metal bands... on the other hand there is growls and grunts worthy of Sepultura and guitar solos that lead you to a magical mystical world. The changes in tempo are also rather sudden and add a fun feeling to the album (at least the first few times you listen to it) as each corner is full of surprises.The tracks are a bit too long for my liking though.

      Lyrically it doesn't do a great deal for me as it is the standard battle and monster lyrics of death, viking and occasionally power metal that are regularly regurgatated in different forms. I have to say that I've never been a big fan of Trivium but it seems that they've got their stuff together and put together a very good mature album here.

      # Kirisute Gomen" - 6:27
      # "Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis" - 6:49
      # "Down from the Sky" - 5:34
      # "Into the Mouth of Hell We March" - 5:52
      # "Throes of Perdition" - 5:54
      # "Insurrection" - 4:57
      # "The Calamity" - 4:58
      # "He Who Spawned the Furies" - 4:07
      # "Of Prometheus and the Crucifix" - 4:40
      # "Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven" - 5:25
      # "Shogun" - 11:55


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Kirisute Gomen
    2 Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis
    3 Down From The Sky
    4 Into The Mouth of Hell We March
    5 Throes Of Perdition
    6 Insurrection
    7 The Calamity
    8 He Who Spawned The Furies
    9 Of Prometheus And The Crucifix
    10 Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven
    11 Shogun

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