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Shontelligence - Shontelle

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Artist: Shontelle / Audio CD released 2008-11-17 at Universal / Island

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    1 Review
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      17.03.2009 18:41
      Very helpful



      Don't waste your money

      Shontelle, born 3rd October 1985 is a 23 year old singer/ song writer from the Caribbean. She's been closely linked to R&B superstar Rihanna & it's easy to see why, they're not both just from the Caribbean but their music is somewhat similar & I think they even look a bit similar don't you think? I think if you're going to rival someone, picking one of the biggest superstars on the planet like Rihanna is probably a bad idea but each to their own eh?! Shontelle's worked with Rihanna back in 2006, Shontelle wrote the song 'Roll It' which is performed by J-Status & features Rihanna. Shontelle also starred in the video. I don't know how true this is but I've heard that Shontelle used to be Rihanna's drill sergeant in the army (a position I'm sure a lot of men would die to be in!) but of course that's very likely to just be a rumour!

      Shontelle's debut album 'Shontelligence' (see what she did there?!) was originally released on the 18th November 2008 but due to disappointing sales they re-released in on the 9th March 2009. Her debut single 'T-shirt' peaked at number 6 in the UK singles chart. The song managed to reach number one on the UK R&B charts. Her follow up single will be 'Stuck With Each Other' featuring the formidable hit-maker Akon.

      The album has so far received mixed reviews from the critics, most have quite rightly compared her to the likes of Rihanna & Ciara which in a way could be seen as a compliment couldn't it?! So far the album has sold an estimated 21,080 copies.


      Track List


      1) T-Shirt (3.54)

      This will be the most well known song on the album & arguably the best. It's a simple R&B song with mediocre lyrics. It's nothing special but I strangely love this song. I first heard it in a friends car & when I got home I made sure I downloaded this. Don't get me wrong, it's not going to be a classic R&B track that will be remembered for years but it's a nice, almost novelty song that will almost definitely disappear quickly. It's about missing your loved one & just wanting to be with them & the closest you can get to them is by wearing their T-Shirt. I'm sure a lot of girls can relate to this one & this song is definitely aimed more at the girls. There's also a remix of this song featuring the male side of the story which is something that happens a lot these days (remember Eamon & Frankie with their infuriatingly catchy I Don't Want You Back/ F**k You Right Back). I actually prefer the remix although I'm not 100% sure who the male voice is but I'll try & find out.

      Verdict: A nice R&B tune but nothing groundbreaking - *****5/5*****


      2) Battle Cry (3.32)

      This has quickly become one of my favourite tracks on this album, it's really catchy right from the offset & this is the kind of song that really appeals to me. Having said that, it's similar to T-Shirt in that it's a catchy song but it's not going to break any records or win any awards. Upon the albums first release in November, this was the second single that was released in the US. This is something that I had to read quite a few times before taking it all in but I read that this song was featured on the Barack Obama compilation album 'Yes We Can: Voices Of A Grassroots' for the life of me I can't understand why! When I first read this I thought that the US president was actually releasing an album (yes I know I'm slow!). Anyway back to the song, I think the lyrics are simple but catchy & the beat is immediately catchy.

      Verdict: A good second single for her but nothing special - ****4/5****


      3) Superwoman (4.19)

      The name of this song was actually a big hit for superstar Alicia Keys, it was an uplifting song about women's empowerment. This song, I know I shouldn't be comparing but this song really isn't anything like that. It's not one of the best tracks on the album, it's just a mediocre R&B track. Having said that, I do quite like the bridge & the chorus but of course to get there you have to listen to the versus first which don't really match up.

      Verdict: There are better songs on this album - **2/5**


      4) Cold Cold Summer (3.44)

      This is my least favourite track on the album, it reminds me of a really version of an Aaliayh song, Aaliyah was brilliant at what she did & this sadly doesn't even come close. This song is basically just dull dull dull! I wouldn't even recommend you waste your time listening to this. It'll bore you to death!

      Verdict: Don't waste your time - *1/5*


      5) Roll It (3.31)

      This will be one of the more recognisable songs on the album, this is the original song that spawned a massive hit for J-Status & Rihanna. Personally I prefer the J-Status & Rihanna version of this song but this song is quite catchy after a couple of listens. It's not something you can really sing along to though & the accent she's putting on, I'm not sure if it's supposed to sound Jamaican or something but whatever it is it becomes very tiresome very quickly!

      Verdict: A decent R&B/ Reggae song - 3/5


      6) Life Is Not An Easy Road (3.44)

      As soon as this song began playing it immediately reminded me of another song & it took me ages to remember which song, it's Estelle ft Sean Paul - Come Over. It's not the lyrics just the background reggae-like music. This song is pretty bad to be honest, not something that I can imagine listening to again, when I listen to this album I skip straight passed this song along with a couple of others. She should stick to the R&B side of her music & not go into the Reggae style as it really isn't good at all & this song isn't a patch on the Estelle song which is somewhat similar to this.

      Verdict: Another weak song that tears away from the R&B side of the album - *1/5*


      7) Focus Pon Me (3.06)

      I can't understand a single word in this song but I actually quite like it, it's one of the faster songs on the album & although she's putting on the awful Jamaican like accent it seems to work reasonably well on this album. For all it's good points there are of course going to be some negatives, this song is a song that even above all the weaker songs I always forget about it.

      Verdict: A good but forgettable song - ***3/5***


      8) Plastic People (3.59)

      I immediately took to this song upon listening to it for the first time, I know I've said this with a couple of the other songs on this album but it's nothing special however it's one of the better songs on the album. It's got a good message inserted in it too. If anyone's ever seen the film Mean Girls then you'll know what 'plastic' means when it's used to describe a person. For those who haven't seen Mean Girls, plastic basically just means someone who is more into appearances than anything else. This isn't a strong R&B song but it's got the strongest message out of all the songs on this album.

      Verdict: A laid back R&B tune with a strong message - ***3/5***


      9) I Crave You (3.57)

      I haven't researched this but I'm pretty sure that this song uses a sample of the Sting song 'Shape Of My Heart' this is a song that lots of people have used samples of such as The Sugababes & Craig David. Unfortunately this song doesn't quite match up to either of those covers. This is a relatively slow & depressing song about a relationship where you depend on the other person.

      Verdict: This song, like so many others on the album is forgettable - **2/5**


      10) Ghetto Lullabye (3.06)

      This reminds me of one of the songs on the soundtrack to Save The Last Dance, I must admit that this is one of the better songs on the album but it's not brilliant. This is one of the faster paced songs on the album, it's got a catchy beat & a decent chorus.

      Verdict: A good effort that will stand out among the other songs - ****3/5****


      11) Flesh & Bone (3.31)

      When I first heard this I thought it was going to be a song I'd like, I was wrong. Maybe I was just hoping that one song on this album would actually be half decent! Shontelle's voice is almost washed away by background of this song. You can hardly understand a word that she's saying so I'm afraid it would be impossible for me to give you a quick synopsis of what this song is actually about.

      Verdict: A nice intro but the rest of the song goes downhill - **2/5**


      Bonus Tracks


      12) Blaze It Up (3.40)

      This is the first of three bonus tracks included on this album & I was anticipating that the bonus songs would be better than the others. Sadly this one isn't, it just follows the same pattern that the others do... R&B/ Reggae music that isn't catchy. Infact I would actually say that this is one of the most annoying songs that I've heard in a long time.

      Verdict: It's extremely hard to see this song as a bonus - *1/5*


      13) Naughty (3.22)

      This song features Beenie Man, I must admit that I'm not particularly a fan of his but I was really hoping that he may be able to inject this album with a bit of style & flavour. Well this song is a good effort at that but not really a success, it's just as unmemorable as the rest of the album sadly.

      Verdict: Another mediocre song that I forget about as soon as it finishes - **2/5**


      14) Stuck With Each Other (3.15)

      This song features the superstar that goes by the name of Akon, I personally had high hopes for this song & seeing as this is the last song on the album I was pleasantly surprised. Everything that Akon releases/ produces/ writes or pretty much anything to do with becomes a hit so this is a sure fire winner isn't it? YES, THANK GOD! They saved the best until last, this song isn't going to rescue this poor attempt at an R&B album to rival Rihanna however it's a nice end to the album. Akon can always be relied on to produce a hit.

      Verdict: A nice end to the album, some would say they saved the best to last - ****5/5*****


      After hearing Shontelle's first single T-Shirt I didn't exactly have high hopes for this album but after all the comparisons to two of my favourite artists Rihanna & Ciara I thought I'd give this album a chance, sadly this album doesn't even come close to the sheer brilliance of Rihanna or Ciara & I personally think it's a bit insulting to them to even compare Shontelle to them.

      If you want a really weak R&B album that out of 14 songs only has 3 decent ones then this is definitely the album for you. However if you want a top class R&B album that you can listen to over & over again then go for Ciara - The Evolution or of course the sheer brilliance of Rihanna -Good Girl Gone Bad. I'm going to delete all but three of the songs from this album from my iTunes as soon as possible so I don't have to endure the torture of listening to them again!

      Best Songs: T-Shirt, Battle Cry, Stuck With Each Other.

      Worst Songs: Cold Cold Summer, Life Is No An Easy Road

      I predict that Shontelle will disappear pretty quickly, with this album it will be completely impossible to imitate the worldwide success that Rihanna has had. I wasn't expecting much from this album but what I got didn't even manage to meet my low expectations.

      Shontelligence is available from iTunes for £6.99 & the CD is available from play.com for £5.99. I would suggest not to waste your money buying or downloading the entire album & just download a select few songs.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 T-Shirt
      2 Battle Cry
      3 Superwoman
      4 Cold Cold Cummer
      5 Roll It
      6 Life Is Not An Easy Road
      7 Focus Pon Me
      8 Plastic People
      9 I Crave You
      10 Ghetto Lullaby
      11 Flesh and Bone
      12 Naughty

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