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Sing-a-long Cars - Soundtrack

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2 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various Artists / Audio CD released 2006-10-16 at Walt Disney

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    2 Reviews
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      19.08.2013 12:12
      Very helpful



      An OK disc for a cars fan

      On the way to Disneyland we knew we were going to have to find something to keep the children entertained. While searching for some activity books in our local Asda we came across this book and I thought it would be perfect. For £5 we were greeted with a hard back book that is a sing along book and disc to match. The pages have the lyrics from the songs printed on each side for little one to read and sing along. At the back of the book is a simple pocket to hold the disc in place and keep it all together.

      The pages are bright in colour and very engaging even for small children. It features the characters you would expect to see, and it is even shaped with a small handle at the top so it can be carried around. There are 16 tracks in all on this disc but only 8 different songs. The first 8 are the songs complete with vocals pre recorded, and the second 8 are the same songs without any of the main vocals for the sing along. To be honest my children prefer to have the version with words even when they are singing along. It just keeps it a little more interesting for them and the sing along versions are a little empty and boring.

      The words are set out in a way that children will find easy to read. My son is 6 years old, and while he already knew most of the words he liked to check he was singing the right words. My youngest son was still fully able to join in even though he is not reading yet because the songs are already familiar to fans of the film. That's the great thing about this CD the whole family can all join in together. The songs are not overly annoying to parents, but as it is such a short CD they do start to get annoying after a few times on repeat. The songs on this CD all relate to the first Pixar cars film. They can all be heard at sometime through the movie, and there are more well known songs than others. Life is a highway is one of our favourites as it is really upbeat and happy. Route 66 is another favourite as it is again upbeat and very repetitive so my children find it easy to sing along. It also is really familiar to my children as it has one of the longest airings on the films.

      My major downside is that the songs are the same as those in the films, but the vocalists are completely different. The songs on this disc are covered by someone which I thought was a little disappointing. Saying that my children did not even blink an eyelid, they just heard the tune and the words they know so well. The voices are still great and it is a similar style to those used in the film, and as my children didn't even notice it isn't that much of a big deal. Another downside is that we find half of the CD fun, uplifting and perfect for keeping the children occupied. After the first few tracks it begins to play slower, more complicated songs, we were almost falling asleep rather than singing along. As they also only feature for the smallest time in the film they are not familiar and really just a bit boring. Even if they had mixed the songs up a little so the upbeat songs broke up the slower ones I think it would appeal more.

      This Cd boasts over 50 minutes of music, but you have to remember that includes 2 versions of each song. Even listening to the first 8 tracks from start to finish with lyrics can be a challenge for my preschool children. Some of the songs are just a little too slow, and a little long too. My children like this CD but they don't love it. As all of the main songs are on there from the film they already knew most of the words. They do tend to only listen till half way through the tracks as they just get slower and slower. To keep my children entertained it needs to be upbeat and lively to engage their interest. This works well at the start but slowly loses its appeal. It was great for getting the children excited on the way to Disneyland, and it has received some use since we have returned, but to be honest it is probably one of the worst children's CD's we own.

      1. Real Gone
      2. Life Is A Highway
      3. Find Yourself
      4. Behind The Clouds
      5. Our Town
      6. Route 66
      7. Sh-Boom
      8. My Heart Would Know


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      23.06.2008 10:50
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A Great sing along version of the soundtrack to the childrens film Cars

      Having boys who are big fans of the Disney film Cars I had to snap this CD up when I saw it. The cover of the CD has a picture of Mater and Lightening McQueen and the title at the top in white lettering and also writing at the bottom saying that this is the sing along version with a song book included. The back of the CD again has a small picture of Mater and Lightening at the side and the track list on a red background to the other side. #


      There are 8 tracks which have vocals, these are:-

      1 - Real Gone - The lead vocals on this track are by Laura Lynn. The song has a kind of rock feel and is very lively.

      2 - Life is a Highway - The lead vocals on this track are by Neil Donell. The song has a real up tempo feel and always makes me feel good when I hear it.

      3 - Find Yourself - Lead vocals are by David Jeremiah. This is one of the slower songs which does have a nice country feel to it.

      4 - Behind the Clouds - Lead vocals are by David Jeremiah. This song is definitely a country and western style of song but it does have a great easy listening feel as well.

      5 - Our Town - Lead vocals again by Neil Donell. This is another slow song on the CD and has a lovely ballad feel with some great lyrics.

      6 - Route 66 - The lead vocals again are by Neil Donell. This track takes us back to the rock and roll style of song. The beat and music is great and has the feel good factor.

      7 - Sh-Boom - The lead vocals are by Wade Brown. This song always reminds me of the 1950's American music. It has a great beat and always gets me tapping my feet!

      8 - My Heart would know - The lead vocals are by Craig Toungate. The beginning of this song has a Hawaiian feel with the music, but it then moves into a proper country and western song.

      All of the 8 song are then repeated but with out the lyrics, these are the sing along versions. The song book is included inside the CD and has the words to all 8 songs. Inside the songbook are also some great pictures showing characters from the film. The print in the song book is quite small so it may be hard for some people and children to read but children ill soon pick the words up if you sing along with them.


      Me and my boys all love this CD. There is a nice wide range of music from rock to Country and Western. We do find we are singing along to the vocal versions of the songs as well as the ones without.

      When we first purchased the CD we did find we would skip the non-vocal versions of the songs but now we are getting to know the words we do have great fun trying to sing them.

      The songs are all well know ones from the film and will have you remembering the places where they appear.


      The CD was produced by Ted Kryczko and Jeff Sheridan and was made under licence to EMI records Limited in 2006.

      I paid a bargain price of £2.99 for my copy from Morrison's so do shop around and make sure you too get a good bargain. I do have to say though that I have not seen this CD for sale in many places.

      I do highly recommend this CD to all fans of the film and it is suitable for children and adults of all ages.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Real Gone
      2 Life Is A Highway
      3 Find Yourself
      4 Behind The Clouds
      5 Our Town
      6 Route 66
      7 Sh Boom
      8 My Heart Would Know
      9 Real Gone
      10 Life Is A Highway
      11 Find Yourself
      12 Behind The Clouds
      13 Our Town
      14 Route 66
      15 Sh Boom
      16 My Heart Would Know

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