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Skinny Jeanz & A Mic - New Boyz

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2 Reviews

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap / Artist: New Boyz / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2009-09-15 at Shotty/Asylum/Warner Bros

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    2 Reviews
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      30.09.2010 18:24
      Very helpful



      Makes you want to Jerk!

      The New Boyz are one of the first well known duos of Jerk music. The duo consits of Ben J and Legacy. They produced the very popular hit "You're a Jerk". The song itself is very good in my opinion. The New Boyz produce some very differant music to most hip-hop artists. There first album is titled Skinny Jeans & A Mic which was released on September the 15th 2009.

      Skinny Jeanz & A Mic tracklist:

      1. Cricketz (featuring Tyga)
      3. Dot Com
      4. Colorz
      5. Way 2 Many Chickz
      6. Turnt
      7. Bunz (featuring Kydd-SB)
      8. Cashmere
      9. So Dope
      10. Tie Me Down (featuring Ray J)
      11. New Girl (featuring D&D)
      12. No More (featuring O.N.E.)
      13. One Night
      14. Skinny Jeanz

      The album starts of with a very good song which features Young Money starlet Tyga. This is possibly one of the best songs on the album in my opinion. The album has some very good songs, amazing beats and a very fun factor to it. The New Boyz often refer to the fact that they wear skinny jeans which gets rather annoying in all honesty! The album also features R&B artist Ray J in the track "Tie Me Down" which is another brilliant track. The New Boyz prove they can also sing in this song.

      I personally love the album, however I think alot of hip-hop fans will not like this. The New Boyz produce funny music, which will come across very stupid to most adults. For younger people however they have become a sucess. The New Boyz are something differant and I like them!


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      19.09.2009 10:19
      Very helpful



      New Boyz' début album

      So it's late 2009. If you've been absent from Hip Hop class since the early nineties then you've got some catching up to do. It may look like it did in the Golden Age, but believe me, things have changed. Yes, we do still dance a lot. The New Jack pumps and Cabbage Patches have been replaced with Rejects and Dougies, but your old fashion is still in style. Tight clothes and bold colours did lose it a bit in the time between, but they're back! Well, at least out in Cali they are. I know you remember N.W.A, but since then guns and hating on the police got a bit tiring so we decided to just have fun again. Who are these two guys, you ask? Well Kid N' Play lost their hair so we had to replace them, meet Ben J and Legacy: the New Boyz.

      That's exactly how it would go if we were to explain the Jerkin' movement to someone who was in a coma between 1992 and 2008. The late eighties/early nineties and 2009 appear to have completely paralleled themselves. While at the time it was the East Coast that was doing all the partying, by this point the West Coast had grew tired of gang banging and so decided to reminisce over the times they seemed to miss out on before. The youth jacked the style of the times with hi-top fades, retro sneakers and skinny jeans to suit. While there may be no equivalent to the 'House Party' film series now, the starring characters appear to have been reincarnated as this Hesperia, California pair. The New Boyz heads the Jerkin' movement; which extracts the best of the eighties and brings the fun back into Hip Hop from the lead of trendsetters such as The Cool Kids and Pharrell Williams. Who would be better than a couple of teenagers fresh out of high to represent this 2009 phenomenon.

      The lead single has to be the first talking point of the record. "You're A Jerk" was the song to take Jerkin' nation/worldwide in a matter of weeks and shed light on this dance and music style instantly. The pair brings a basic track in the Jerkin' format and do well to give an understanding of what it's about without trying to go a stage further to make it in anyway more commercial that Jerkin' Music, in general, seems to be.

      The New Boyz' likeness to Kid 'N Play is almost scary. Both acts were noted for both Pop-rapping and dancing. Legacy is the likeable light-skinned one of the pair that everyone seems to love. He may not have hair which grows 10" above his head, but carries the same charismatic characteristics. On the other side, Ben J is the perfect Play. Dark-skinned and much less popular, he's much more to-the-point and often rude when dealing with other people. "One Night" gives a perfect example of how the individual personalities of the rappers are shown by the contents and delivery of their rhymes. Legacy sugar-coats his explanation of the passionate exchange he went through while a girl and how he feels he can't continue with a relationship, whereas Ben J just kicks the girl out the bed and effectively makes her walk home in the morning. It reflects Kid N' Play well (if this was the intension) but shows that one MC obviously has much more composure when rhyming his rhymes to offer more depth.

      "Way 2 Many Chickz" reads as a cross between Jay-Z's "Girls, Girls, Girls" and Afroman's "Crazy Rap" with a funny tale relating to the amount of female attention the youngster received as a result of their fame and the many characters they've come across in this time. With the song they show that they have the capabilities to appeal to a wide audience through commercial, upbeat themes which most can relate to and having a humorous approach to back it all up nicely. This same approach is used for "Cashmere" and it works well too.

      When speaking on the weak end of the album, it really does get quite bad. The record begins with an unmemorable collaboration with Young Money's Tyga and later wack tracks include all of the low-tempo cuts. "Tie Me Down" was their big chance to get a Pop hit as they worked with Ray-J, but it didn't quite pay off, yet they keep attempting to make it work by forcing "New Girl" and "No More" too in that same Rap/R&B style. However, it not just there where they have trouble as they also lose it when trying some throwback Electro-Hop with "Bunz" and try to bring back the popular dance style of LA around the time they were born.

      Overall, this is a mixed album. While they do well in places as they stick to the straight Pop Rap material, it seems as though it comes across as corny whenever they try to take it a step further into female-directed songs. The dance tracks are always heavy. At no point would any 'Jerk' have an issue gettin' their Reject on when "So Dope" drops or get into a tight Dougie once "Colorz" is let loose. It's fun for its energetic recordings, but almost everywhere else it's not happening and shows that they don't have the capabilities to carry a whole record with a decent amount of variety.

      1. "Cricketz" (feat. Tyga) **Three Stars**

      2. "You're A Jerk" **Four Stars**

      3. "Dot Com" **Three Stars**

      4. "Colorz" **Four Stars**

      5. "Way 2 Many Chickz" **Five Stars**

      6. "Turnt" **Five Stars**

      7. "Bunz" (feat. Kydd-SB) **Two Stars**

      8. "Cashmere" **Five Stars**

      9. "So Dope" **Four Stars**

      10. "Tie Me Down" (feat. Ray J) **Three Stars**

      11. "New Girl" (feat. D&D) **One Star**

      12. "No More" (feat. O.N.E.) **One Star**

      13. "One Night" **Two Stars**


      14. "Skinny Jeanz" **Three Stars**


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Cricketz
      2 You're a Jerk
      3 Dot Com
      4 Colorz
      5 Way 2 Many Chickz
      6 Turnt
      7 Bunz
      8 Cashmere
      9 So Dope
      10 Tie Me Down
      11 New Girl
      12 No More
      13 One Night

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