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Sleep Through The Static - Jack Johnson

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Genre: Folk / Artist: Jack Johnson / Extra tracks / Audio CD released 2008-02-04 at Universal

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2009 11:44




      I feel that this album certainly lives up to expectations and although perhaps being a 'darker' album than his other albums, eg. In Between Dreams, I feel that the artist has managed to create a captivating music experience which many fans will cherish. Since this a surfer record, his album is not exactly dark in the way of Marilyn Manson or My Chemical Romance, but he touches upon sensitive issues in his album that would have been easily ignored in others. For instance, one song is written about someone living in Iraq during the current war there. Although none of the chirpy, bouncy, happy music that was found in In Between Dreams will not be found, Sleep Through the Static gives us a new sense of direction in the way in which Jack Johnson's music is going. I feel that although Jack Johnson's new album does take some getting used to and has changed, eg. Electric guitars are more promident than acoustics in this CD, it deserves a few listens before one can decide if the album is either 1 or 5 stars. Although this album has tried to cater for new audience, I feel that only his existing fans will have bought the music, and relatively few fans will have latched on to his funky guitar licks. If your unsure, give it a listen: Hope is the probably the best song on the CD


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      09.06.2009 20:56
      Very helpful



      Again with trade-mark guitar style and smooth mellody, this is another great album from Jack Johnosn


      This album is his lastest release up to date. Compared to his previous album, "In between dreams", I personally prefer the previous one. This does not mean that "Sleep through the static" is not good. In fact, as usual, it is another great album to those who are into Jack Johnson's style or even if you've never listened to him, you'll sure will love it.

      Music Style

      Compared to all of his previous albums, "Sleep through the static" uses the electric sound for many of the songs instead of acoustic. However, the Jack Johnson's style is transfered briliantly into the electric guitar, still the simple strumming with creative rhythms and melodies, still the laid-back kind of voice, this album has everything about Jack Johnson.
      Throughout the album, there is no up-beat tracks. That's maybe the reason I prefer his previous album, which brings the new perspectives in his music with a few upbeat songs. Secondly, the electric sound in this album somehow sounds more "doom". When listening to it, besides the feeling of freedom and emptiness, there are some sadness, some soul in each song played by electric guitar. I reallized this immdiately after listening to the fist track, "All at once". The feeling carries on in the second track, which is also the name of the album, "Sleep through the static".

      In the last track, "Losing keys",which is also my favourite song in the album, it seems like Jack Johnson is experimenting something new into his music. The song has 4 verses and each verse has different melody and feeling. The first verse uses only his soft, whispering vocal and guitar that produces a great impact. I really felt like stting in an empty room with my heart and thoughts. The second verse starts with slow drum drive, bass and guitar. The melody becomes clearer with lounder vocal, just like my thoughts becoming clearer and then explode in my head. The third verse, another change in melody, tells me to let go these thoghts, what ever it is. Then comes the humming that clears my mind completely. Until the fourth verse, I'm completely fallen to the song, nothing to care, nothing to worry about.


      The album emphasizes on 2 topics. One is about love and life while the other is about politics and current issues. However, for some songs, the lyrics are vague and people can interprete them differently. The first to tracks, "All at once" and "Slep through the static" are about the world, about how we feel about it, and how we treated it. The third and fourth track, "Hope" and "Angel" bring in the feelings of love. Then the fifth track, "Enemy" brings in the concept of love and hatred. To me, this track is more about politics, when people raise war and conflicts because of their hatred. This mix of feelings carries on throughout the album. It is like a journey. It makes you think about your personal life, about your love and then brings your thoughts to the bigger scale, to poitics, to things happening around the world. Finally, the album free all of the thoughts itself in the last track, "Losing Keys", a perfect ending for a brilliantly contructed album.


      As expected, this album is another great album that every Jack Johnson's fan must have in their collections. To those who don't know Jack Johnson, I would recommend you to listen to him, just buy any of his album and start listening. You will really fall in love with his music and wil soon have the full Jack Johnson's collection like I do.


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        07.02.2008 16:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        For those who don't have a Jack album, try one of his earlier ones..then brace yourself for this.

        Having been one of the biggest selling artists of 2006, Jack Johnson is back with his long awaited 14 track 'Sleep Through The Static' album, released on 5th February 2008.

        This is Jack's fifth studio release, and fears have it that this one might not quite cut the last, so the question is, has Jack lost his touch from being out of the game for the last two years?

        Being an avid Jack Johnson fan, I long awaited this album, after loving EVERY song without exception from his other albums, but this album left me feeling let down and a little bit disappointed.

        A few notes about this album, is that (1) this is the first album recorded outside of Jack's native Hawaii studio [Recorded at LA's Solar Powered Plastic Plant - referenced in Jack Johnson's 'Inaudible Melodies'] and (2) The entire album had its first play live to an exclusive BBC audience in December 2007.

        'Sleep Through The Static' (Track 2), and its second release, is by far the best on the album, but it still leaves me wondering where is the old Jack?

        Track Listing:-
        1. All at Once - 3:40
        2. Sleep Through the Static - 3:50
        3. Hope - 3:47
        4. Angel - 2:08
        5. Enemy - 3:53
        6. If I Had Eyes - 4:10
        7. Same Girl - 2:16
        8. What You Thought You Needed - 5:32
        9. Adrift - 3:58
        10. Go On - 4:38
        11. They Do They Don't - 4:16
        12. While We Wait - 1:32
        13. Monsoon - 4:22
        14. Losing Keys - 4:33

        For those of you who love his old stuff may find themselves disappointed, and whilst its still good in comparison to some of the other trash available on the market, its not continued the high standard of Jack's other work.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 All At Once
        2 Sleep Through The Static
        3 Hope
        4 Angel
        5 Enemy
        6 If I Had Eyes
        7 Same Girl
        8 What You Thought You Need
        9 Adrift
        10 Go On
        11 They Do, They Don't
        12 While We Wait
        13 Monsoon
        14 Losing Keys
        15 Home

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