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So Rock - Tim Minchin

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2 Reviews

Genre: Comedy Recording / Artist: Tim Minchin / Audio CD

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    2 Reviews
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      12.03.2010 00:52
      Very helpful



      Give him a listen if you haven't heard him before!

      If you haven't heard any Tim Minchin yet, please do give him a try. He is a quirky Australian comic singer - I am often quite turned off by people who combine comedy and song, but in Tim's case it really does work, mainly due to the intelligent and offbeat nature of the subjects.

      He sails quite close to the wind sometimes and some people may be a bit upset by some of the lyrics, but I feel that this is mainly the case if you are sensitive or take offence easily.

      Every track has something to recommend it, though there are a mixture of traditional songs combined with some stand up routine (not as strong as the songs) and "beat poems". My stand out tracks would be Some People Have It Worse Than I (track 2) and You Grew On Me (track 15), though his "Canvas Bags" anthem has also got me taking along my reusable shoppers to Tesco lately.

      Probably not his strongest album overall but still well worth a listen, if you can get your hands on a copy.


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      08.03.2010 17:41
      Very helpful




      This is the second album that Tim Minchin released, and in my opinion I couldn't say which one of all three was the better. This album was recorded at the Dolphin Theatre in Perth. I know I mentioned this on my other review but anyway. He sings and plays the piano, which is basically what makes the majority of his songs work, and he also sings without any shoes on...random!

      Unfortunately for me this album is not available anywhere apart from amazon, (who have it currently out of stock) so I had to buy this from the Tim Minchin website fo0r £10, which considering the amount of tracks on it is actaully good value.

      I decided that with this album I would listen once again to the tracks on youtube before I actally bought as I hat having albums hanging about that I dont actually like. After listening to a few of them I decided that his songs were mostly exactly the songs that I found funny and enjoyed.

      The tracks listing goes like this...

      1. So f**king rock
      2. Some people have it worse than I
      3. London, advertising and hippos
      4. If you really loved me
      5. Peer pressure
      6. Fat children
      7. Skepticism and feet
      8. If you open your mind too much you brain will fall out
      9. Poetry
      10. Perineum Millenium - The in-between years
      11. ceonsorship
      12. F sharp
      13. Fear
      14. Canvas bags
      15. You grew on me
      16. Second encore

      Not all of these tracks are songs, as you may or may not have guessed. The tracks which are songs are tracks 1,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,15 and 16.

      The rest of the tracks are the gaps where he does his stand up stuff, which is equally as entertaining as the songs I think.

      The best song out of the album changes quite alot, at the moment I am really liking fat children. But last month for example my favourite was Some people have it worse that I, so it changes quite alot! The reason I really like this particular song is that it is not so fast that you cant actaully hear what he is singing, but not so slow that it makes you fall to sleep. The song as the title might suggest is all about how parents like to feed their kids with alot of junk food, so as well as having a nice kind of melody it also gives a message as well, which I think is something all songs should do!

      I wouldn't normally give a 'bad' song on these reviews if I can help it, but on this there is one song which in my opinion you wouldn't play it in front of your relatives. This song is called Perineum millenium. The whole song I think is that it starts as a 'poem' and then goes into a kind of 'rap' style, which for a start I am completely disinterested in (unless it''s funny of course) this one tries to be funny, and I think with many people would but for me it is not me kind of humour at all. Although it does have a nice bit of a tune near the end!

      The song that sticks out most for me it F sharp, as it is only a short little song, but in relation to what he is saying on stage it doesn't link anything together, and is definitely the most random of all of the songs on this album. But the tune and the lyrics together make it work really well.

      Overall I would definitely reccomend this album to everyone, apart from small kids (obviously). If you dont listen to alteast some of the tracks on here then you would definitely be missing out!


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