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Sociedad Enferma - Arai

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Artist: Arai / Genre: Pop & Rock

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    1 Review
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      25.01.2008 15:00
      Very helpful



      Arai's first E.P. (2006).

      This is so far the only release from Spanish old-school heavy metal band Arai and is available for download for free from several places on the internet, which is always nice, but on a purely qualitative side of things I can't rate it too highly. These songs are relatively enjoyable but uninspired and repetitive to the point of tedium, especially earlier in the album, and although the instruments and especially Marcos Zorrilla's vocals do capture some of the classic heavy metal charm, the medium pace and lack of any real punch in the guitars and drums makes the whole performance sound quite bored.

      The only song to possess a slightly faster tempo is the opening title track, which introduces the style carried through the rest of the album: reasonably good, simplistic guitar riffs repeated ad nauseam, with some nice twin lead guitar work from Zorrilla and Gerson Martinez. To the E.P.'s credit, each song does follow a slightly different style (which only makes it all the more disappointing when they all end up merging together), the first being more in line with heavier speed metal, the second sounding distinctly like Japanese rock only not quite so ludicrously happy, the third like slowed punk and the fourth a slightly neoclassical instrumental, while track five is basically a better version of track one due to a slightly better riff being repeated over and over again. Still, none of these songs are outstanding, the instrumental only casting a spotlight on the guitars while the other instruments lumber along as usual and 'Nuevo Amanecer' only really standing out for its twiddly solo.

      I wasn't sure at first whether the Japanese connection my ears/brain made with this latter song was merely the result of ignorant racism on my part for assuming all foreign vocals sound the same, but it holds up, and the Spanish thing is quite enjoyable overall, especially as the tracklist can become a fun guessing game with some solutions a lot less taxing than others.

      1. Sociedad Enferma
      2. Nuevo Amanecer
      3. Rotonda
      4. Arai
      5. Falso Profeta


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