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Songs About Jane - Maroon 5

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11 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Maroon 5 / Audio CD released 2007-06-25 at Polydor

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    11 Reviews
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      31.05.2012 15:07



      Give it time - It will grown on you!

      I love this album. It's a great album full of catchy songs.

      It's easy to listen to and it remains to be one of my most listened to albums.

      The album contains the single Harder To Breathe which is a great example of pop/ rock. This song is very catchy and it is
      a great piece of music. I love the thrashing drum beats and the melody. Plus Adam's vocals are just amazing on this song.
      The song is a little angry sounding but it's very catchy and impressive. It shows just what great musicians Maroon 5 are.

      This Love is a great piece of pop music. The background music is very "foot tapping" and the melody is addictive. It's one
      of those songs that you find yourself singing along to without even thinking about it. The song is just very catchy and I
      love the way it is written. I can relate to it for sure!

      Apart from upbeat songs with thrashing beats there are also ballads on this album. Maroon 5 do ballads the PROPER way -
      WITHOUT sounding cheesy. She Will Be Loved is just a perfect love song. It's beautiful and it's one of those songs that
      can be played years after release and you still remember the words to it. It just has that impact on you. I find the song
      to be a wonderful piece of music and I just love it.

      This whole album is just great. A few tracks are stronger than others but in time the weaker tracks will grow on you. It
      takes time to appreciate the best albums sometimes as they need time to grow on you. This one definitely grows on you.

      A great piece of pop/ rock music with a touch of RnB.


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      08.01.2012 11:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Songs About Jane - Maroon 5

      Maroon 5 is a pop rock band from the United States. In 2002 they came with their debut album Songs About Jane '. The album was well received worldwide, after which the band was constantly touring. They have performed with such big stars like the Rolling Stones, Stevie Wonder, Counting Crows, John Mayer, etc. In 2007, Maroon 5 released their second album, called "It Will not Be Soon Before Long".

      This is the debut album from Maroon 5. The CD was recorded at Rumbo Recorders in Los Angeles with producer Matt Wallace, and was released by J Records 'and' Octon Records. 5 songs from this album were released as a single that did very well worldwide. These were "Harder To Breathe ',' This Love ',' She Will Be Loved," "Sunday Morning" and "Must Get Out". The songs are mostly about the ending of the relationship between singer Adam Levine and his ex-girlfriend Jane.

      This love
      This is a more famous song of Maroon 5 and is released as a single and is regularly on the radio. The song sounds cheerful and a bit fuller than the lesser known tracks from their album. I think it's a real sing-along song, though I cannot sing. There is little variation in the fairly simple drum part and there is occasionally a filter thrown over the drums. The bass and a guitar play an important part for the song but you can also hear the piano. In overall a very cheerful song.

      It's another less known and less commercial song on this album. The song begins with a tight beat of the drummer with a slightly oriental-sounding guitar. When Adam starts singing a funky guitar plays along with the bass drum. The vocals during the chorus are accompanied by a second voice. The track is played at a more leisurely pace.

      Sunday Morning
      This song is a little more familiar track from Maroon 5 also released as a single. It begins with a drumbeat and then the keys (piano) comes along. The piano sounds a bit jazzy making the song a very relaxed and laidback. The singer sings quietly along. It's definitely a more less commercial track and one of my favorites.

      I think it's a very good CD with both well-known hits, as some lesser known songs that sound very tight. The album actually has almost nothing but good songs where the pace is quite low. The sound of the album is very well-mixed. The heavy bass drum and snare sounds, sounds very bright and tight. The guitars sound great and you can hear them with the song well in the foreground, while the heavy bass is a bit in the background. The songs that were released as a single sound fuller and softer making them sound more like a whole, while the lesser-known tracks you hear more difference between the bass and treble. The album contains joyful known songs but the some lesser known tracks are definitely also good. I find this CD 5 stars worth!


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        25.09.2010 08:49
        Very helpful



        Totally recommended

        "This Love" was the first song I heard of Maroon 5 band and I got impress with the melody and unique touch of good rock music. Since then, I begun following them so I bought a couple of their albums and get updates of their music. I did grab a copy of their live album called "Friday the 13th" which was recorded as finale of their year-round tour back in 2005. This DVD pack comes a special section featuring documentary, interviews, history like how they started, who are the members, who wrote their music, etc. Most of the songs in this live DVD are from "Songs About Jane"album.

        The Maroon 5

        Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael started out playing and experimenting music in a garage back in 94. Mickey Madden and Ryan Dusick then came along and named their group "Kara's Flowers". As a pioneering band the group struggled to climb up. Working up for years until James Valentine joined the band in 2001 and rename the group "Maroon 5". A year after, "Songs About Jane" was recorded and released under Octone records which become the start of their limelight success.

        The Band

        Adam Levine on lead vocals, rhythm guitar
        James Valentine on lead guitar, backing vocals
        Jesse Carmichael on keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
        Mickey Madden on bass guitar
        Matt Flynn on drums and percussions (2006 - present)
        Ryan Dusick on drums, percussion, backing vocals (1994-2006)

        What about their music?

        I think Maroon 5's music is different in how they share their music in a way that people can easily get into it even hearing it the first time. When you hear their song like This Love or She Will be Loved, you can tell that the sound like no ordinary. Another thing is I noticed that Levine really has a nice voice. He can sing well even on high notes. Honestly I struggled to sing "This Love" when playing it on my guitar.

        Songs About Jane Album

        Songs About Jane is the first studio album release of Maroon 5, released in 2002, and landed up to as top album pick on Billboard charts. Based on the readings I did, Jane was the ex girlfriend of Adam Levine. I guess Jane gives that high level of inspiration to Adam by expressing himself to this girl through music.
        Songs About Jane had put Maroon 5 on the Grammy spot as the Best New Artist in 2005 and Best Performance By A Duo or Group for the song "This Love" from their live album, Friday the 13th in 2006. Maroon 5 songs are written by mostly by Adam Levine (lead vocals) and Jesse Carmichael (keyboardist/guitarist). Their lyrics were mostly talks about love.

        The Songs

        Harder to Breathe (Carmichael, Adam Levine)

        I like the upbeat of this song, and the way Levine interpreted this song. Energetic and it will really give you harder to breath when singing the song.

        This Love (Carmichael, Levine)
        This is was the first song that I heard of them, and like instantly. I love singing this song on my guitar. I've seen the video their live acoustic version of this song and its really get my voice out singing.

        Shiver (Carmichael, Levine)
        Nice beat. Not so fast, but not to slow. I guess it's more of funk-rock sound.

        She Will Be Loved (Levine, J. Valentine)
        I like the acoustic-jazz sound of this song. I cant' help to sing every time I hear it.

        The Sun (Levine)
        The good acoustic into of the song was very nice.

        Must Get Out (Carmichael, Levine), Through with You (Carmichael, Levine), Tangled (Levine), Not Coming Home (Carmichael, Ryan Dusick, Levine)
        These songs are a bit fast but the sound and the beat are well arranged. You can tell the difference. Its not just a noise, but instruments and voice blending were artistically crafted for a nice pleasurable music experience.

        Sunday Morning (Carmichael, Levine)
        I enjoy hearing this song.

        Secret (Carmichael, Levine)
        A mellow acoustic song.

        Sweetest Goodbye (Levine)
        I find the lyrics of the song to be somewhat emotional because of the goodbye thing. The sound and rock experience was there.


        I highly recommended this nice piece, multi platinum album. I always have great time listening to their songs every time. Two thumbs up!


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          18.07.2009 18:55
          Very helpful



          I love this album

          The debut album from Maroon 5 really kick started what I thought would be one of my favourite bands over the next few years. First released in 2002 the word slowly began to spread about this immensely talented band. So much so that by 2004 the album had made it's way into the top of the UK album charts. I am a great fan of Maroon 5 and from this album it is clear to see they have alot to offer. The subsequent album release of 2007 confirmed to me that this is one of my favourite bands and I listen to their music as often as anyone else's.

          There are 12 main tracks to this album, with my favourite being 'this love' and 'not coming home'.

          1. Harder to breathe - A pacey start to this album. A strong beat and great lyrics, you won't be disappointed by this. The song shows the groups talent well and is a good start to a debut album. The harmonies and backing music go very well together.

          2. This love - Possibly the most famous of all Maroon 5 songs, this is one my all time favourites. An amazing tune and Levine's voice does wonders with this song.

          3. Shiver - I love the acoustics in this track. The drumming and guitar are fabulous and the vocals harmonise perfectly with the music. I also really like the lyrics in this one. A more relxed tune, still rock music, but alot more laid back than some of the other offerings.

          4. She will be loved - This is definitely the most chilled of all songs. A soft beat and low vocals. This is real easy listening.

          5. Tangled - Levine is again fantastic in this number. His dynamic voice is great in leading the vocals. I am a big fan of the drumming in this track, giving a good beat to the song.

          6. The sun - This is again easy listening. I love the lyrics in this song, and I feel the whole effort is very well produced. Speeding up the pace for the chorus perfectly.

          7. Must get out - Starts off with a nice soft introduction; you certainly wouldn't be thinking this is from a rock album. It then picks up the pace as the song goes on. Levine's vocals make this a great song to listen to. I never get tired of it. It competes with 'she will be loved' for the most chilled out track of this album.

          8. Sunday morning - This song has a great rythm to it, with fantastic lyrics and vocals. Similar to 'the sun' and again, a great effort from maroon 5. I love the way it really picks up for the chorus and levine's voice raises without straining.

          9. Secret - This track has a slow introduction with the guitar gently coming in, then a soft drum beat before Levine's vocals join the amazing harmony. I am a real fan of this song, as it slowly builds stronger and stronger throughout the track.

          10.Through with you - This is a real rock track. It seems to start slowly before the drums bring a real strong beat and the vocals raise over the top of the music. Fantastically produced, and again, amazing lyrics.

          11. Not coming home - Similarly to 'through with you' this is a very strong rock track. The strong vocals and great backing make thisa timeless track. Definitely one of my favourite tracks on this album.

          12. Sweetest goodbye - No coincidence that this is the last track of the album. A softer beginning than the last couple of songs as the title would suggest. Don't be fooled though, this song builds and builds growing stronger and louder throughout.

          Strangely, there is not one song on this album I don't like, and that doesn't happen very often at all. The album tells a story, and maybe that's what keeps you hooked. 'Songs about Jane' is all about lead singer Levine's ex-girlfriend. It's amazing to think this was a debut effort. Anybody who hasn't heard this is missing out big time.


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            02.02.2009 18:43
            Very helpful



            See review

            Who are Maroon 5?

            Maroon 5 are a Grammy Award winning pop/rock band, there are five members, lead singer Adam Levine, lead guitar James Valentine, keyboardist Jesse Carmichael, bass guitarist Mickey Madden and drummer Matt Flynn. All of these guys came together to create some great piece of music.

            Track 1: Harder To Breathe

            A great start to a brilliant album, this is one of the only reviews I've written when I've listened to the album solid since it's release so it might be a bit different from my other reviews. This song starts with a great drum beat and then the guitars join in and then Adam Levine's voice joins in. All of it comes together brilliantly and Harder To Breathe is one of the best on the album.

            For me I think the chorus is the weakest part of the song, I really adore the verse as I think Levine's vocals are better in the verses, and in the chorus it all becomes a little bit too commercial for my liking, I think this track is just brilliant, it's considered as a pop track, which back when I was 11 was just what I liked, songs like this, which were considered pop, but still had an undertone of rock in them. I believe this song was written by Levine when he was at logger heads with the record company, the song is brilliant, probably one of the best on the album, but I know there is so much better.

            Final Opinion: 8/10 (A great track, might be a bit too poppy for some people's liking, it is a great track with a great beat and Levine's vocals are on point)

            Lyrics: "How dare you say my behaviours unacceptable?
            So condescending unnecessarily critical,
            I have the tendency of getting very physical,
            So watch your step because if I do you'll need a miracle,
            You drain me dry and make me wonder why I'm even here"

            Track 2: This Love

            This is the second single from the album and if I remember rightly probably my favourite, the track starts with a great riff which sounds just brilliant, and it caries on throughout the whole track, Levine's vocal which is a strong as ever joins in and creates this masterpiece.

            This is a greats song, for me it was the track that made me buy the album in the first place, I found it to be just brilliant, unlike the previous track which for me, pushed forward Levine's voice, I think this song, has gone to the more heavy side and has toned down his voice and made the guitars heavier. I think Levine did have a brilliant voice, I wasn't too pleased with their most recent attempt.

            Final Opinion: 10/10 (A great powerful track, it was the one that made me fall in love with the band)

            Lyrics: "I'll fix these broken things,
            Repair your broken wings,
            And make sure everything's alright,
            My pressure on your hips,
            Sinking my fingertips,
            Into every inch of you,
            Cause I know that what you want me to do"

            Track 3: Shiver

            There are some great riffs at the start and the drums come in heavy creating a great sound, but for me the thing I love most about this track is Levine's unique voice. He sings mainly with his falsetto and he is able to pull this off and with this track this is just brilliant, I love the way they have produced the track, everything comes together brilliantly.

            The music works great with Levine's vocals and the lyrics are just brilliant, this is surprisingly one of the best on the album, it's probably not everyone's favourite but I have to say I love it, I think it is one of the best tracks on the album by a long way, a very powerful musical track and Levine's vocals are just the icing on the cake for me.

            Final Opinion: 9/10 (A great unique track which is very different from other tracks on the album but it works so well)

            Lyrics: "Immobilized by the thought of you,
            Paralyzed by the sight of you,
            Hypnotized by the words you say,
            Not true but I believe 'em anyway"

            Track 4: She Will Be Loved

            This is my favourite track of the album I think it's just beautiful, the song is a lot slower than the other tracks on the album but it works a lot better with Adam's voice and the lyrics, I could listen to it for days, I think Levine has something special and he shows it in this track.

            I always recognise this song by the fantastic bassline running through it, my mate played it to me once and I knew straight away what song is was from. I think this is a great song with some brilliant lyrics within it, it has something about it that gives me goosebumps, I have to say this is the song that made me fall in love with this album, I think my mum used to get quite annoyed with how many times I used to play this track.

            Final Opinion: 10/10 (Definently one of the best on the album, strong and beautiful describe this song perfectly)

            Lyrics: "It's not always rainbows and butterflies,
            It's compromise that moves us along, yeah,
            My heart is full and my doors always open,
            You can come anytime you want"

            Track 5: Tangled

            This is one of the ones I couldn't sing before it started, so it's not memorable as the others but it is still a great song, I think Levine's vocals have been shown off a lot better in other tracks, but this track is not out of place and works brilliantly after She Will Be Loved.

            Like She Will Be Loved the track is slowed down compared to some of the tracks on the album, I think the beat throughout is what makes this song so brilliantly, it's very catchy and just works with Levine's vocals.

            Final Opinion: 7/10 (A great track on a great album, it's probably the weakest so far but it's still enjoyable to listen to)

            Lyrics: "You're just innocent,
            A helpless victim of a spider's web,
            And I'm an insect,
            Going after anything that I can get"

            Track 6: The Sun

            This is a very different track to other ones on the album, the song is a lot more mellow than other tracks, the beat which is strong still manages to be calming and slow. This track is not one of my favourites on the album, I think it is the weakest on the album so far.

            Levine's vocals have been a lot better on other tracks and I'm not really one for the mellow feel within songs, I like slow songs or rock songs, nothing in between, I think this song could have been good, but I really was expecting something a lot better than this. I never find myself skipping the track however; it's still nice to listen to.

            Final Opinion: 6/10 (The weakest on the track so far, too mellow for my liking)

            Lyrics: "Moving on down my street,
            I see people I won't ever meet,
            Think of her, take a breath,
            Feel the beat in the rhythm of my steps,
            And sometimes it's a sad song"

            Track 7: Must Get Out

            This like The Sun is an easy listening track, they still use a very strong beat throughout, but I have to say I adore this track. It's got something soulful to this track and I really did enjoy it, it's one of the tracks I have on my IPod, it's no where near as good as some, but it's slow, soft and easy listening and I'm sure it'll appeal to a lot of people.

            I think for me, I do prefer when Maroon 5 go for the heavier side of the spectrum, I think Levine shows off his vocals a lot better then, but this is still a good track and I couldn't have expected anything less. It's a good song, and you'll find yourself tapping along to the beat.

            Final Opinion: 8/10 (A good track, like the Sun it's mellow, but it manages to do something more than that track managed to do)

            Lyrics: "I've been the needle and the thread,
            Weaving figure eights and circles around your head,
            I try to laugh but cry instead,
            Patiently wait to hear the words you've never said"

            Track 8: Sunday Morning

            The whole song sticks in your head, it's definetly one of the best on the album, for me it is the musical intro that I adore, strong drums deliver a great memorable beat and the piano joins in and it just sounds brilliant. This is one of Levine's best vocals and I could listen to this song for hours.

            The song has some beautiful lyrics which are sung amazingly well by Levine, he shows why the band is so powerful and popular, he has a great unique voice and I think it'll be very hard for someone to cover this song and give the same effect. The whole song just works brilliantly, they have worked out that they need to tone down the guitars in this song and it focuses more on other instruments, which is brilliant.

            Final Opinion: 10/10 (A very strong track where Levine gives one of his best vocals, well worth checking out)

            Lyrics: "Fingers trace you every outline,
            Paint a picture with my hands,
            And back and forth we sway,
            Like branches in a storm,
            Change of weather,
            Still together when it ends"

            Track 9: Secret

            The song starts with a very long introduction, then the guitar joins in and a few piano notes, I have to say, if you weren't listening to the whole album you would probably skip this song, as the intro is just way too long for my liking. I do like the song myself, the drums keep a good beat throughout.

            It's not one of the best on the album by far, but I did enjoy listening to it, it's very pleasant as it's not trying to be mellow like The Sun and it just works how they have done it, I think they could have limited the intro a little bit, and the drum beat could have been a bit heavier but other than that it is an enjoyable song to listen to, it might be a bit slow, but it is a nice song.

            Final Opinion: 7/10 (A very long intro, but a beautiful song if you take the time to listen to it, there are things that they could have done differently but I think overall it is a good song)

            Lyrics: "Cool these engines,
            Calm these jets,
            I ask you how hot can it get,
            And as you wipe of beads of sweat,
            Slowly you say 'I'm not there yet!'"

            Track 10: Through With You

            The pace picks up a bit with this song, it focuses more on the guitars and Levine's vocals and I just think the whole song rocks, the lyrics are brilliant, I always find myself singing along to the track. It's powerful and produced brilliantly, I can't give a reason why, but it does have something missing in my opinion, I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't have the shine that other songs on the album have.

            I really do listen to the song, I think Levine's is better when he sings the faster songs and this song proves it, some brilliant lyrics which Levine sings perfectly, but there is something missing which is why I have not given it full marks.

            Final Opinion: 9/10 (It should have been as good as others but there is something missing)

            Lyrics: "Do you remember,
            The way we used to melt,
            Do you remember how it felt,
            When I touched you,
            Oh cause I remember very well"

            Track 11: Not Coming Home

            Slightly deaf by this track at the moment, had a break from the album and listen to audioslave for a bit, of course you had to have it loud, and pressed play on this track and now ow. This track is a live track, I wouldn't recommend having it on full volume as you can tell it hurts.

            It is a very good track, one of the best on the album, so far though I enjoy all the songs on the album, it's powerful and really does sound very good. The guitars work brilliantly well with Lavine's voice and he is just as good live as he is in the studio and enjoyable track to listen to.

            Final Opinion: 8/10 (A great powerful track which did hurt my ears a little)

            Lyrics: "When you refuse me,
            You confuse me,
            What makes you think I'll let you in again,
            Think again my friend,
            Go on misuse me and abuse me,
            I'll come out strong in the end"

            Track 12: Sweetest Goodbye

            This is a great end to what is a great album, it manages to put everything from the album into one track, it's got a mellow feel to it, you can hear the undertone of rock running through it but it is still technically pop music. I love the lyrics to this song, it really ends the album brilliantly and again it's a very strong track for a very strong album.

            Levine's vocals are powerful and they work brilliantly well, a very good track which is worth checking out, it combines many different styles into this track.

            Final Opinion: 9/10 (A great way to end the album, enjoyable to listen to)

            Lyrics: "Pushing forward and arching back,
            Bring me closer to heart attack,
            Say goodbye and just fly away,
            When you comeback,
            I have something to say"

            My Opinion

            For me I remember when this album first came out, at the time I was still in middle school and everyone who was anyone had this album, back then I don't even think MP3's were invented, and you had to buy your albums, not download them or send them to your friends over the internet.

            For anyone wondering, who is Jane, it is Adam Levine (The lead singer's) ex. Damn it must be nice to have a whole album based on you and named after you. She obviously inspired all of the tracks on this album and unlike some artists that use one person to inspire them, the album if it wasn't called 'Songs About Jane' you wouldn't really know that they are all about one girl that broke Adam's heard I believe.

            The album isn't very diverse, I think that is one of the bad points about it, all the songs seem to fallow the same pattern, despite that I enjoy every song on the album even if there isn't much diversity on here, they all sound brilliant.

            I have to say, I think I preferred the album a lot more when I was 11 than I do now nearly at 18, the album is probably the most 'used' album in my collection, but it isn't played as often as it used to be, it doesn't fit into my style of music anymore, I'm more into the heavier end of the spectrum now.

            The album consists of some great tracks, all of which did very well in the charts, I do think that their second attempt, which I can't even remember the name of, was weak compared to this song, I didn't like the two that they released for single, so I didn't think I was going to like the album.

            Adam Levine has a strong set of pipes on him and boy does he know how to use them, he can do anything from the looks of things, his voice is the one constant through the album, it is always fantastically brilliant. The lyrics are very strong as well, just take a look at my favourite ones under each track, they are strong and they all seem to work brilliantly with Levine's vocals.

            Should You Buy The Album?

            I'm pretty sure most of you have made your mind up about Maroon 5 already, you either hate them or love them, I don't think there's really a middle ground with this band. However you can buy it for about a fiver now on Play.com and I'm sure a lot cheaper on EBay, if you liked the sound of it, then check out the CD.

            (C) Not in the best of moods today, my second test was cancelled, I have booked three tests now, the first one was cancelled, the second one was snow, but they still let me do it and this one is cancelled, someone up there hates me. Lets hope you liked this review. :D


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              29.01.2009 20:30
              Very helpful



              Maroon 5's debut album

              "Songs About Jane" came out in 2003, and the record acted as the band's debut release. It has the group perform an alternative style of Rock which is heavily based in seventies Funk, from the likes of The Parliament, Funkadelic and the like. It was one of the biggest albums of the year, and has music on it which appeals to a broad range of people.

              The band is headed by Adam Levine, who sings for the band, you get them bringing back Funk Rock in a new and original way to appeal to a mainstream crowd, as the Red Hot Chili Peppers did. He wrte the album from the inspiration of brekaing up with his girlfriend, Jane.

              1. "Harder To Breathe"

              To start with this was the absolute best way to kick off the relase as this was my favourite recording by them so far, and it has them do a funky recording to introduced themselves as they speak on the frustration of being forced to write new material for the album. It's amazing that this was the lead single to the album, based on what the subject concerns.

              **Five Stars**

              2. "This Love"

              Their biggest single to date, this is the track which finally won the support of a massive audience as they burst through with an up-tempo one where they capture the listeners with an original compostion an appraoch to Pop Rock. You will be surprised to hear that despite winning a Grammy, this banger of a track only topped the charts in Isreal at the ime of release.

              3. "Shiver"

              If the first two were to your likeing, then there's no way that you will be abe to find a falt in this one as it has them doign yet another funky tune wherethey show what they are able to do whilst using the type of things which were popular decades earlier, and giveing them a modern twist to fit in with modern standards.

              **Five Stars**

              4. "She Will Be Loved"

              Personally, I saw this as a greatly over-rated single from the group as it was a rather plain one for me, and the choice to break things down to their base components seemed to drag down the quality as I saw it. It was a very commerical one for them, and seemed like a safe option following a pair of riskily original singles.

              5. "Tangled"

              To most, this one wil seem like a big change for the group as it has them exploring a weak Metal side to their music, and although this genre doesn't really fit in too well with their typical approach, when they cross it over to the Funk-Metal side of things, it seems to be perfect for them.

              **Four Stars**

              6. "The Sun"

              The opening to this one has them begin with heavy Hip Hop/Funk drumming, and it it leads perfectly into the rest of the track as it takes a significant turn in its approach as you have them performing an up-lifting track, whicch has Levine reflectign upon the broken relationship in a positive manner, and ignoring the painful break-up which they went through.

              **Four Stars**

              7. "Must Get Out"

              I felt that this was one of the weaker singles off the album, and it didn't really offer as much as the rest did. It is a reserved one for the band and it has them seemingly holding back with a calm tune. I thought that the lyrics were well-written, and apparently based upon true events, but I couldn't stay with it with such plain backing.

              **Three Stars**

              8. "Sunday Morning"

              Ths sis one of the big singles off the album and it has them doing a smooth track, whihc is built up upon appealing Hip Hop percussion and an irractic arrangement which goes from one place to another with little effort in the transistions. It was just what was required to boost "This Love", as much of it was on the same sort of level.

              **Five Stars**

              9. "Secret"

              Recently this one was given a remix, and it did more to highlight how weak this one, rather than build that one up in its own right. It has them do a Bluesy-kind of tune where they slow things up (staying on the same sort of levels as the one prior to it). It gives Adam Levine an opporunity to display his talent for writing and singign with such a great range.

              **Two Stars**

              10. "Through With You"

              Ryan Dusick's percussion is one of the key elements to this as his funky drum rolls are a part of the reason why I liked this one so much, as this drumming is where they find a way to show their Funk influences in the thing, rather than the more predictable guitars, and so it shows great variation in their music.

              **Three Stars**

              11. "Not Coming Home"

              I was well into this one as it had them basing the whoel thing aroudn authentic seventies wah-wah guitar work, which was what the whole Funk movement was based upon. Some may think that this distracts you from the fact that the tune is supposed to be telling an emotive story, but I felt that embracing the funky composion was a lot stronger as a focus.

              **Four Stars**

              12. "Sweetest Goodbye"

              Although I felt that this one was a relavent one to end the album on, I wasn't too fond of it as it gets them the same sort of low pace that you had just before it on the tracks which lead up to it. It has all the attention placed on levine as his vocals are put to the test with minimalistic backing with simple guitar work behind him.

              **Two Stars**

              This album is a big one, and one which anyone would be able to find a nice one out of. I can't see how their wouldn't be a single person who wouldn't like at lest a couple of the tracks here as they combine Pop with a host of different popular stlyes to come up with fantastic results each time.


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                10.09.2008 18:05
                Very helpful



                A great pop CD from a band that has enough charm to appeal to just about anyone.

                I'm not a particularly big fan of pop music, so when my friend lent me a copy of 'Songs About Jane' I wasn't holding out much hope, fortunately, Maroon 5 won me over, and I purchased the CD for myself a week later. Maroon 5 are unequivocably 'pop', there music is accessible and catchy, but they also have some serious musical talent and have a distinctive sound. There is not a poor track on the album, my personal favourite is 'Sunday Morning', a relaxing, soulful track that is perfect to wind-down to after a hard days work. Singer Adam Levine has a really smooth voice that makes it radio-friendly but it is still distinctive, and the piano-orientated instrumentals really make this album stand out. The lyrics are whimsical and romantic without being too slushy.
                I find this album a great one to listen to in the car - it is upbeat enough to be able to sing along to (especially 'This Love') but it also has its quieter moments (such as 'She Will Be Loved').


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                03.08.2008 21:14



                Tight American alternative rock band, creating the definitive summer sound of 2004

                This colourful quintet are definitely one of the classier pop-rock acts out there and, in their hay-day, they were a huge hit. Their songs really explain why.

                "This Love" was almost irritatingly catchy, with a wonderful chorus just made for singing along too and a slick, funky piano line to hold the whole track tightly together. "She Will Be Loved" was clearly there "quieter" song - a beautiful, bitter sweet ballad - "I don't mind spending every day, out on your corner in the pouring rain" and yet another singalong chorus. Other highlights on the album include the rather rocky "Shiver" - with such a strong guitar hook it might make your ears bleed! There's also the smooth, chilled out "Sunday Morning" with a fanastic, gently swining drum beat and a (guess what) another great singalong chorus.

                The five men are clearly the masters of fusing pop, rock and funk into a clean, tight package. Excellent songwriting with a suitable scoop of malice thrown in to give their tracks a hard hitting kick. I bought this album in the summertime and it never fails to take me back to my teenage days - enjoy it and don't be ashamed!


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                28.02.2008 22:41
                Very helpful



                Maroon 5's 2002 album, a decent one.

                'Songs About Jane' is the 2002 album from the American rock band 'Maroon 5'. The band hail from L.A., and have enjoyed commercial success since their album release. They are a very popular band, but come under criticism for the lack of diversity in their music.

                This album has 12 tracks, including hits such as 'Harder To Breathe', 'This Love' and 'She Will Be Loved'. I like the album, although a couple of the tracks are quite forgettable. My favourite track is the last, entitled 'Sweetest Goodbye'.

                These are the tracks:

                1. Harder To Breathe
                2. This Love
                3. Shiver
                4. She Will Be Loved
                5. Tangled
                6. The Sun
                7. Must Get Out
                8. Sunday Morning
                9. Secret
                10. Throught With You
                11. Not Coming Home
                12. Sweetest Goodbye

                The problem with a lot of CD releases where some of the tracks have enjoyed commercial success is that they tend to be bunched together, and this is a fine example. Tracks 1, 2 and 4 are instantly recognisable as chart releases, and apart from track 8, 'Sunday Morning', the rest are all album fillers. They are forgettable, although likeable enough, but the album does not seem to be well organised.

                Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Maroon 5's music. I find it very catchy, but almost too commercialised. I think Adam Levine has an amazing voice and that the band are highly talented as a group. I just feel this could have been done better. It was hearing track 12, 'Sweetest Goodbye' on the 'Love Actually' that first out me on to Maroon 5, and I am glad I have this album, although I will rate it a mere 3 stars, as the majority of it is disappointing.

                It is worthy of note that the CD also contains at the end the commercial videos of 'Harder To Breathe' and 'This Love', as well as a photogallery and screensaver. These are viewable on a computer or DVD player.

                So, to sum up, it's a nice album, with a couple of good tracks, a string of forgettable ones, and then a blinder in 'Sweetest Goodbye' at the end.

                'Songs About Jane' is available on amazon.co.uk for £5.98 new, and £0.10 used.

                This review may also be shown on ciao.co.uk

                Thanks for reading.


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                  20.09.2004 22:18
                  Very helpful



                  I’m really getting into this writing and so I thought I would stick to something I did fairly well and review another of my small CD collection. I heard about Maroon 5 on the radio a few months ago. The single sounded really good so I decided that when the album came out I would buy it. At times I can be a bit impulsive and so I bought it o the strength of that one song. Something I don’t do very often I must admit.

                  Harder To Breathe (2.56)

                  This was the track that lead to me buying this album. It was played a lot on my favourite radio station (Radio 1) around the time of it’s release. The song centres around the guitars, which really vary between an Indie sound and a more poppy effect. The vocals hit some high pitch notes but really suit the type of song with a lot of variety.

                  This Love (3.27)

                  The second single follows on from the first. It sounds more soulful than the previous song but still has a pop feel to it. I really like how this song makes me feel a little happier whenever I listen to it. The vocals are a little quieter than the last one and the guitars really accompany it well. The drums again provide a good beat to go with it.

                  Shiver (3.01)

                  This is a slower version of Harder To Breathe but there is something about it that suggests it’s a slightly different style. It’s a lot slower but again you can tell it’s a pop track with the backing. The guitars are quite slow but really seem to be quite prominent. The vocals are complimented well and I really feel the lead singer has a fantastic voice.

                  She Will Be Loved (4.18)

                  This is the current single and always brings a smile to my face when it comes on the Radio. If I were to pick a song for Sarah and me this would be it. The vocals are fantastic and really bring out a real passion in the lyrics. The guitar is quite slow, with the bass really taking over the melody of the song. This is a nice Ballad, which suits every mood.

                  Tangled (3.18)

                  The first time I listened to this album I really didn’t like this song. The music reminds me of Harder To Breathe, only slowed down a lot. The more I’ve listened to it though the more I’ve grown to like it. The vocals again are fantastic and really relaxing. The guitars sound amazing and there is still that pop feel to the song.

                  The Sun (4.13)

                  This song really struck me from the first time I heard it as one of the best songs on the album. It has more of a soul feel to it, with the vocals the best illustration of this. The beat is really calming and quite a mellow feel. It doesn’t strike you as a ballad or as a rock track. This is something I think they do really well is the variety of musical styles on the album.

                  Must Get Out (3.58)

                  This is another easy listening track. The guitars and drums create a quaint melody that is really relaxing. The vocals sound amazing over the top and really helps and adds to the relaxing feel of the song. It has quite a soulful sound as well and is a really nice ballad.

                  Sunday Morning (4.03)

                  Another song and a different style again. The piano intro really sticks in your mind while the vocals really take over. All the way through the song you can hear the looping piano though and this gives the song a nice feel to it. The guitars don’t make as much of an impact as with other songs on this album but accompany the vocals well.

                  Secret (4.57)

                  This is possibly the weakest song on the album. It has a really drawn out, quiet introduction that never really seems to get going. It is quite a nice ballad but not really that good in comparison to the rest of the album. The drums keep the beat while the vocals sound quite soulful but the track really doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as the rest of them.

                  Through With You (3.02)

                  The pace starts to pick up again with this song. The guitars really add a touch more drive and panache to the song than the previous one. The vocals have that soulful feeling to them again but seem to blend it well with a pop feeling. The drums give the track some direction and it results in a really enjoyable song.

                  Not Coming Home (4.23)

                  This is a live track slipped in, I presume to show how the band sound live. It has a good beat like the rest of the album. The vocals almost sound like a Boy bands, with a good mix and echo. This adds another style to the band. I really like the track and think the guitars give it a little bit of feeling and soul. There is also a good edge provided by the odd flash of funk.

                  Sweetest Goodbye (4.29)

                  I thought this was a really nice way to round the album off. It’s another quite pop sounding track that fits really well onto the end. It seems to mix and mash all the styles used throughout the album. The resulting pop/soul/funk/Indie hybrid sounds great. The vocals really lead the track while the guitar accompaniment fits perfectly.

                  I am really impressed by Songs About Jane, it is a great debut album and apart from one disappointing track sounds great; I’m really looking forward to hearing more from this band. It’s the perfect album to have on if you want to relax. Available from amazon for £8.99

                  Cheers for reading, feedback most welcome



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                    13.07.2004 03:35
                    Very helpful



                    It?s a rare occasion that I buy a current chart release. Impulse buying is far less irregular, but because I don?t tend to listen to the radio much, and usually avoid the music channels the play the more modern songs, largely because most of it?s rubbish, even my impulse buying tends to be albums from older acts. By and large, modern music passes me by, apart from the odd new release from a band I follow. Mostly, when I catch what I?ve ?missed?, I discover I?m glad to see the back of it. Having caught a couple of Maroon 5 singles on the music channels, however, I was impressed enough to take a chance on them. This method of buying albums isn?t a new one for me, but it?s one I approach with a lot more caution since having got my fingers burned buying Amy Studt?s debut release. The difference in style between the band?s first two releases, however, persuaded me that they weren?t to be a one-trick pony and the simple pop based sound that under laid both tracks suggested that it was likely to be a decent enough listen, even if the rest of the album wasn?t quite up to the same standard. It opens with the almost indie sounding lead off single ?Harder to Breathe?. It?s driven along by a slightly funky guitar line and the vocal delivery in parts, particularly during the chorus, vaguely reminds me of the band A. However, it?s very much a watered down version of them, and, despite a quite rocky guitar solo towards the end, it?s really no more than a pop rock track. The second single ?This Love? is purely pop, however. There?s again a nice little bass line but it?s a little quicker, the vocals are toned down slightly and the guitar is more akin to someone like the Thrills. It?s the perfect kind of feel good summer hit, as it bounces along nicely in a completely inoffensive way that still manages to get your foot tapping and stic
                    ks itself in your head. The opening to ?Shiver? suggests a return to the indie style again, fairly low key a guitar led again. The vocals seem a little strained, and the boy band-esque harmonies on the chorus sit at odds with the sitar sounds on the chorus and the guitar solo later on. It?s a bit of a mish-mash of styles that doesn?t ever really seem to come together into a coherent whole. ?She Will Be Loved? slows things down. It?s a lot gentler in both pace and musically, and I can hear the Thrills in the general sound again ? it?s got that same kind of stripped down simple feel to it. Somehow, though, it?s not quite as effective as the earlier tracks. The guitar returns for the intro to ?Tangled?, but it?s got a funky edge to it, that wouldn?t be out of place on a Stevie Wonder track, if there were a little more meat to it. The vocals aren?t up to his standards though, and the chorus sounds a little like something that Matchbox Twenty might do, as the funk drops into the background slightly, and you get left with a tune that?s midway between pop and pop-rock, not being quite heavy enough to fit the latter category. The intro to ?The Sun? is actually very similar, and it can make you want to check that you?ve not hit the repeat button by mistake. The funky guitar carries on a little longer through this one, and there?s more of a funk feel to the whole song this time. ?Must Get Out? has a low key start that?s part way between pop track and acoustic ballad. Eventually it broadens out a bit more when the chorus breaks in, and there?s the feel of the Thrills and Matchbox Twenty coming into again, whilst not quite matching those acts completely. Not a badly crafted little pop tune, but not a great deal more than that. There?s an almost complete change of direction with ?Sunday Morni
                    ng?, which opens like a Jamiroquai track. It?s not quite as musically busy as their work, being a little slowed down and with some of the funkiness removed, but it?s not a bad track at all. It picks up a little later on, but it?s never more than a decent pop song with a slightly funky edge. ?Secret? takes a long time getting going, and then doesn?t really go anywhere. It?s a ballad with a beat behind it that barely changes in either tone or pace throughout the whole track. If there is one song on this album that could be described as filler, this is definitely the one. ?Through With You? distances itself from the previous track pretty much immediately, with a little bit of funk combined with the guitar making sure you know you?re listening to a heavy pop tune pretty much straight away. Unfortunately, that?s about as good as things get, as it doesn?t do much that?s a great deal different for the rest of the track. Unusually for a pop band, Maroon 5 have included a live track. They?re clearly keen to prove that they are more than just a pop act with guitars, and they don?t do too badly. There?s a funky rocky edge to ?Not Coming Home?. At times, though, there?s a distinctly boy band sound to the vocals, especially the harmonies, which offsets this a little. The crowd seem to be a little muted as well, and it seems that they?ve been fed in low in the mix at some points and higher at others to try and augment certain parts of the song. Unfortunately, that does make it more difficult to take this one seriously as a ?live? recording. The album ends with ?Sweetest Goodbye?, which opens like an acoustic ballad. When it livens up a little, however, it does a lot of work towards ruining the band?s ?we?re not a boy band? attempts from the live track. Even the guitar solo towards the end can?t save it, as it?s drowning out some pretty weedy voca
                    ls. In the end, this is a fairly well crafted pop album, but little more than that. There?s an interesting combination of influences and sounds that seems to do more than cloud the issues of what the band wants to be. Having a guitar does not a rock band make, and having a funky edge on occasion doesn?t make them a funk-soul band. There?s no doubt that Maroon 5 are accomplished musicians and fairly decent songwriters, with a level of lyrical subtlety that I suspect a band like Busted would kill for. This album is attempting to appeal to all sorts of people, but ends up being a jack of all trades, and master of not terribly many of them. It?s a watered down version of nearly everything it tries to emulate, with the possible exception of ?This Love?, which tries to be a bouncy pop track and succeeds admirably. I suspect that this is where the future lies if Maroon 5 are to have a decent career, but they?ll need to keep the level of song writing where it is at present, as there are a lot of guitar led pop bands around at the moment and, whilst none of them sound as mature and as intelligent as Maroon 5, a lot of them sound like they?re having more fun and are a lot more consistent. This is an album for playing in the background when you have other things to do but really want to have music to help you do it. It?s also for those who want something with a little more depth than modern pop music or who listen to bands like Busted but are old enough to know better. There?s an enhanced version of this album now available that contains a couple of videos of the two opening (and best) tracks, which makes £8.99 from Amazon, play.com and CD-Wow a not unfair price to pay, really. However, unless you really like your pop music, this is probably one best hunted out on the Amazon Marketplace or on eBay for less than that, or waiting for a sale
                    at the high street record shops


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Harder To Breathe
                    2 This Love
                    3 Shiver
                    4 She Will Be Loved
                    5 Tangled
                    6 Sun
                    7 Must Get Out
                    8 Sunday Morning
                    9 Secret
                    10 Through With You
                    11 Not Coming Home
                    12 Sweetest Goodbye

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