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Songs For You, Truths For Me - James Morrison

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6 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: James Morrison / Audio CD released 2008-09-29 at Polydor Group

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    6 Reviews
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      09.12.2012 00:30
      Very helpful



      An excellent album

      This is the second album from James Morrison and was released back in 2008. It has sold more than a million copies worldwide and reached no 3 in the UK charts. It wasn't as successful in the US reaching a high of No 49. Generally he doesn't feature man artists on his albums, but his most successful single to date is on this album and features Nelly Furtado. As usual I will review my favourite tracks from the album.

      Broken Strings

      This is the track I mentioned with Nelly Furtado and they both complement each other very well. They have their individual solo parts and then the final third of the song they sing together and their contradicting tones really work. The song starts with just James singing and very little backing track, but the beat does come in and it is soft drums with light guitar riffs. The lyrics are about a broken relationship and relating thing to broken strings on an instrument. It works well more so as they are not singing from the same side but the two different sides of a relationship and when they sing together it shows the moments in a relationship where they felt the same way. It is one of those catchy songs you will come back to many times.

      Please Don't Stop The Rain

      I really like the drums in this song and there is something hypnotic about them especially combined with the piano which is pretty much the whole backing to the track. This is a feel good track which many listeners will get a nostalgic feeling about relationship they have had and how they can't be changed. Actually the more I listen to it I am not sure if it's a happy song or one about how he has got depressed and wants to stay that way as he can live with it. The chorus is simplistic but it works and vocally it is one of the better tracks on the album.

      If You Don't Want To Love Me
      This track is very different than the other two tracks I have reviewed but one that I love as I can really relate to it. I think anyone will be able to relate to it if they have been in a relationship which was still going on but the spark had gone and it was a bit of an endless situation. The drums come in during the second verse and just at the right level that it doesn't take away from Morrison's voice. It is a really heartfelt performance and an excellent track.

      Overall it is a decent album and although I do prefer to generally listen to my R&B and Rap music there are occasions where I like to listen to someone a bit different and James Morrison is one of those occasions. As a singer song writer he is one of the better British ones and his voice is something unique that no power singers will ever be able to match.


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      01.08.2011 15:27
      Very helpful



      A Great Album!

      Despite not being a huge fan of James Morrisson, I do like some of his songs (Broken Strings etc), and that is what made me get the album that I am going to review today.

      Songs For You, Truths For Me is an album by British music artist, James Morrisson. The CD was released in the United Kingdom in 2008. The CD is currently selling for £4.51 from Amazon.

      ~ * Tracklisting * ~

      1) The Only Night 2) Save Yourself 3) You Make It Real 4) Please Don't Stop The Rain 5) Broken Strings 6) Nothing Ever Hurt Like You 7) Once When I Was Little 8) Precious Love 9) If You Don't Want To Love Me 10) Fix The World Up For You 11) Dream On Hayley 12) Love Is Hard

      I like this album. There are some really good songs on here; ones which stand out the most for me are: 'Broken Strings', ' Save Yourself' and 'You Make It Real'. Although, having said that, this is the kind of album which you can listen to all the way through without having to skip.

      I like the fact that there are songs on here which suit every mood. There are some happy songs as well as sad ones and so each song makes you feel different to the last one.

      I also like the fact that the album makes 'easy listening' which means that it is a perfect album for listening to whilst chilling out.

      The songs on this album are quite personal (as the title suggest) which is good as it means that the songs actually mean something to James. I think that this is the reason why James comes across as being so real and easy to relate to, as his songs are about real things that real people go through.

      I like the sound of this album; it's a typical James Morrisson sound, which I think is very original. He is very different compared to a lot of sounds out there at the moment and I think that that is a very good thing, as there are too many copy-cats about.

      James has quite a husky voice which some people might find annoying after a while. Although, for me I find his voice to be quite soothing. He has quite a unique voice; I havn't heard a singer like hime before. You can always tell it's him by his voice, even if you havn't heard the song before.

      If you like his other music, then you will like this!

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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      30.07.2009 10:14
      Very helpful



      Not really a record that appeals to me.

      I can honestly sat that male solo artists rarely appeal to me and that seems to be the general consensus when looking at the female dominated charts at the moment. James Morrison on the other hand has always been an interesting case. His music when I first heard it was bland and so similar to Blunt, Gray, Nutini and all the rest of them that I didn't really give it much time. However, after hearing his debut album 'Undiscovered', my opinion was altered and I decided to check out his second offering 'Songs For You, Truths For Me'.

      James Morrison is of course the young singer-songwriter who rose to fame in 2006 with his aforementioned debut album and its hit singles 'You Give Me Something' and 'Wonderful World'.

      'The Only Night' reeks of a generic, bland icing but there's something about the uplifting chorus and the jangly piano that makes it quite inviting. Vocally it's too much of a mess to leave a lasting impression. I do love James' very deep and raw voice but he tries to move too fast with the music on this occasion and there are cringe worthy moments where he is out of key and it just feels too forced and not the right sort of style for him.

      Thankfully after that rare moment of madness, Morrison seems to have accepted this and resorts to 'Save Yourself'. It's another big number with a much more relaxed melody. It has hints of old 80s pop songs and the choir helping out in the background make this into the middle of the road track you'd hear over the check out aisle at your local supermarket. The music sounds identical to the very old fashioned, calming atmosphere created by songs on his debut record.

      'You Make It Real' would've fitted perfectly on 'Undiscovered'. I suspect that's why it was chosen for lead single as it is an absolutely horrendous song. Despite a nice hook which sinks in after the main chorus and really makes the song interesting, the rest is very disappointing. James' heart doesn't really seem to be in it and the track almost drains you, it's so mediocre and dead. The lyrics are half decent but when the rest of the song is as weak as it is, they do little to save it.

      Thankfully the album's other singles 'Please Don't Stop The Rain' and 'Broken Strings' show more development and strength in James' song writing if not his music itself. 'Broken Strings' is a gorgeous ballad led by an acoustic guitar and amazing lyrics. The presence of Nelly Furtado is also a wonderful addition to the track. It's hard not to love the slow, heartfelt melody or the passion in which both singers unleash their emotions. Nelly Furtado also has a very distinct voice and they both work extremely well together. James provides a rather monotone but raw edge to the song whilst Nelly supplies the higher notes and gives the song a spark that is lacking in the rest of the album's contents.

      As the album continues the titles get more and more cheesy and sadly with them the musical quality also dwindles. 'Once When I Was Little' is just James drawling on for nearly five moments. His voice has the charm and the emotion but that does little when the music is so painfully boring and sounds the same as so many other songs I've heard by him. After a few rare strokes of genius, my faith in 'Songs For You, Truths For Me' was slipping rapidly.

      I hate songs named after people. I'm just fussy like that but 'Dream On Hayley' has a very epic and moody vibe to it. I can almost imagine Take That recording it as the chorus sounds very similar to one of their songs. Sadly, the song's strengths are overshadowed by the fact that it is very repetitive.

      'Precious Love' sounds like the sort of music James should be recording. His vocals flourish and he sounds a lot more relaxed on the song as if he actually enjoys it. The track flows with a painless ease and has a breathtaking chorus that just blows you away. It's yet another solid outing amidst a sea of despair.

      James Morrison has evidently played it safe with this record. By sticking to a generic and familiar formula that made his first album such a huge success, he has managed to produce something that
      will no doubt be a huge hit with the mainstream record buying public whilst the album's rare moments of clarity provide a much deeper insight into his talent and song writing skills. James obviously will appeal more to the middle aged market than it does the younger music audience though with songs like 'Broken Strings' as his disposal he's ensured that he can appeal to people of all ages as my sister has the track on her very chav orientated i-pod.

      'Songs For You, Truths For Me', may not give you that burst of musical magic you're looking for but it has a bunch of chilled out and laid back songs that have a great blend of vocals, lyrics and instruments all produced to provide the most relaxing experience possible from listening. James Morrison may like it on the safe side of the fence but that's the place where your record sales will flourish.

      Best tracks: Broken Strings,
      For Fans Of: James Blunt, Paolo Nutini, David Gray,

      Complete Track listing:

      01 - The Only Night
      02 - Save Yourself
      03 - You Make It Real
      04 - Please Don't Stop The Rain
      05 - Broken Strings [with Nelly Furtado]
      06 - Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
      07 - Once When I Was Little
      08 - Precious Love
      09 - If You Don't Wanna Love Me
      10 - Fix The World Up For You
      11 - Dream On Hayley
      12 - Love Is Hard
      13 - Sitting On A Platform


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        03.04.2009 07:30
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Borrow it off a friend, dont buy it before listening to it.

        "Songs for You, Truths for Me" is the second album by singer / songwriter James Morrison. His music is mainly pop, with a bit of jazz mixed in sometimes.

        I have his first album "Undiscovered", and there was a few great tracks on there - but sadly an equal number of not so good tracks. So I am listening to this cd with an open mind, but I will confess now I do very much like the first single "Broken Strings" featuring Nelly Furtado. I hope this song is an indication of the quality of the rest of the tracks.

        Here we go....

        1. The Only Night - This starts out very upbeat and jazzy, with a ragtime piano accompaniment. This is a very different style to his usual stuff. Its got a good tune, but oh dear I have just reached the chorus and there is some dodgy notes in that! I know he has a rough quality to his voice anyway, but it sounds like he is straining. Overall its not too bad, its catchy but it does have its dodgy moments.

        2. Save Yourself - This sounds more mellow, with a relaxed drum beat and more smooth vocals. This is more listener friendly, with good lyrics. It sounds a bit Motown to me, but this is a good thing. This is an improvement on the first song.

        3. You Make It Real - This sounds even more relaxed, I think we have reached our first ballad of the album. Its starts out simple - vocals with a relaxed guitar accompanying. As we move on, the beat kicks in to give it a bit of rhythm. This song plods along, and doesn't really do anything. I keep waiting for something to happen to break the song up a bit - but it doesnt come. The rhythm and the style remind me a bit of the song "Tracks Of My Tears".

        4. Please Don't Stop The Rain - This sounds a bit like the song before... another song that plods along, the good tune of the chorus rescues this song a little bit but I'm stil not overly impressed. I skip this one becuase its boring.

        5. Broken Strings - By far the best song off the album. Right from the first line you know you will like it as you can tell its of a far better quality than all the other songs we have heard so far. The tune is very memorable and sticks in your head, and the song has a toe-tapping beat. His voice blends very well with Nelly's, and this song just oozes listenability. You can see why this was released. I'm impressed.

        6. Nothing Ever Hurt Like You - Another one with a jazzy / retro sound and a funky beat. I'm not sure I like the songs that he does in this style, and this song doesn't look like it will break the trend. The chorus seems to liven up a bit, and it's pretty good. Another one that I skip, it seems quite flat musically.

        7. Once When I was Little - Another ballad I think... starts out with a very sombre introduction. The vocals come in, and a beat soon follows. This seems to me to be another musically flat song, and a song that leaves you waiting for the climax that never comes.

        8. Precious Love - Another Motown sounding one! A good beat, a catchy tune...This one's not too bad, an improvement on most of the songs that we have heard so far. Chorus is a bit repetitive, and the bit with the "Love love love" could be cut out as its a bit cringeworthy, but other than that its ok.

        9. If You Don't Wanna Love Me - A mellow song, at the start the vocals dont go too well with the music, and I'm unsure of what will follow.... As the verse progresses it seems to gel together a bit more, but the tune to this song is awful. I have to skip it as I can't bear to listen to the whole song.

        10. Fix The World Up For You - A chilled out, laid back song. The tune is good - it seems to fit well with the accompaniment, the chorus livens up the mellow verses quite nicely. Hmm, its not bad.

        11. Dream On Hayley - Firstly, I don't know who Hayley is. The song bursts open with coarse vocals, which actually makes me flinch a little bit. It feels like it needs a good kick to get it going. It drags on, slowly. Not good.

        12. Love Is Hard. The final track of the album, I hope its a good one. There's a bit of a strange rhythm to the accompaniment, I'm not too sure I like it. The song improves with the addition of strings, and the melody seems to get better too. The lyrics are a bit cheesy, but the music of the song seems to gel better than on the other songs. A good song to finish the album with, its ok.

        Overall I don't like this album, I only like Broken Strings. I think people that buy the album based on the strength of that song and all his previous singles will be seriously disappointed.


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          23.01.2009 15:12
          Very helpful



          2nd album by brit winner James Morrison

          James Morrison is carefully celementing himself for confirmation as one of the most popular male solo artists in the UK. His second album in my opinion, is a improvement on the worst and he is now playing to his strengths and realising the power and soulness of his voice are key to his success.

          As a person, i'm not fond of James Morrison at all really and i find him quite annoying but i do admit he has a good voice and this album is quite good really.

          The first song The Only Night is quite funky and upbeat and pleasant, it's different for Morrison on this one. I found Save Yourself had a good meaning but it wasn't impactful enough. You Make It Real is a brillant song, sang so simply it works as the lead single. Please Dont Stop The Rain i found pleasant and stood out on the album for me. Obviously Broken Strings with Nelly, has done extremely well for him - very catchy, radio hit, video hit, the songs doing well on downloads and his albums gone up the charts? Great song got to say, and that's what forced me to litsen to this album again. There is the odd song on the rest of the album that sort of stands out but then again it's all abit samey in parts. All this proved to me was how much of a good voice James Morrison has boring songs become good because of his soulful voice.

          It's a nice record, it's pleasant and it shows development for him as an artist. As much as i prefer Will Young, i think James Morrison will win the Brit award for Best Male Solo Artist this year for the second time. I would give this a try!


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          19.12.2008 18:46
          Very helpful



          A really good album, despite hte crap songs.

          After the success of his debut album Undiscovered, James had 5 singles in the Top 40 charts and his album was No 1 in Britain. He won quite a few awards along the way, but it seemed he disappeared for a while. Then recently I heard his unique vocals on the radio, singing alongside a woman. I knew from the start that I would love this song, so when I got home I checked out the rest of the album on YouTube and decided to buy it. Here's my review.

          Who Is James Morrison?

          James Morrison is an English singer/songwriter born in Warwickshire. In 2006 he debuted with his first single "You Give Me Something", this song made James a household name and then he released his debut album Undiscovered.

          Track List

          Track 1- The Only Night- 3/10

          As most of you know I'm a big rock fan, and James doesn't fall into this category, but I like some of his songs previously and I adore Broken Strings so I thought I'd give it a try. This track starts off disappointingly, the beat is just awful, but his vocals make up for it loads. The beat in the song just seems out of place with the lyrics, he uses a keyboard throughout and a drum beat every now and then, with the keyboard and it really just makes me cringe.

          At the moment I really do hope that the rest of the album gets better, or I might have just wasted even more money on a crap album. I'm really struggling to sit here and listen to this whole song, it's pretty awful I have to say, despite the fact that his vocals are raw, they don't make up for the crap beat, as they actually go along with the beat. SKIP.

          Track 2- Save Yourself 5/10

          This track is much slower and his voice is very unique, but like the previous song, there's nothing special about this song. This song unlike the previous track is quite pleasant to listen to, one thing I'm not a fan of is un recognisable lyrics, I found it quite hard to understand what James was saying in the verses and I'm not really a fan of this and it puts me off straight away.

          His voice was nice, but it's nothing like his other songs, I know he can produce better, so I'm waiting for something special to happen. Hopefully in the next track, but this track is probably best to start off with, you really need to skip the only night, but I will probably find myself skipping this track as well.

          Track 3- You Make It Real For Me 8/10

          I think this may have been released as a song before, I actually thought it was off the previous album, but apparently I was wrong. This is what I mean by special, this song is beautiful. All it is, if I hear rightly is James's vocals and a couple of guitars and a few other instruments put in. He is best when he sings acoustically and here he shows why.

          His voice is beautiful within this track, he has something raw and unique about his voice, it sounds like it shouldn't sound so good, but you find yourself being pulled into it and loving his songs. You Make It Real for Me is no exception, it's soft, beautiful and preformed amazingly. Another thing I always tend to overlook when I listen to James Morrison is his lyrics. Most of them of course make me wanna vomit as they're all about love, but he's a great lyricist as well as performer.

          A beautiful song and it almost makes up for the dismal crap that was the first two tracks of the album. Check it out.

          Track 4- Please Don't Stop the Rain 9/10

          The song starts with a strong drum beat and then James comes in humming; now this sounds like my kind of music. He really shows off his talents within this song, he is usually brilliant in most of his songs, but he really does work well with a strong drum beat and in this song he shows how.

          His voice almost sounds different now that it's in front of a strong beat, unlike You Make It Real for Me, where it was pretty much done acoustically. The lyrics as well are beautiful in this song, yes again they're about love, but I think we're gonna get that throughout the whole album so I'll just let that slide for now. But the song as a whole is very beautiful and well worth checking out. I think James should have dropped the first two tracks and started with these two, as they are 100x better than those.

          A great track with a lovely beat throughout and James' vocals are on top form. They work really well with the song.

          Track 5- Broken Strings 10/10

          The reason why I brought the album, the song starts almost accapella with James singing along and then different beats join in, from the bass to the guitar and it all almost builds up into a crescendo for the chorus. Broken Strings is then taken from James Morrison and Nelly Furtardo begins to sing after the first chorus. I've never been a fan of her voice before and it does sound a bit too RnB for my liking, but it works brilliantly within this song. She does have the tendency to do what all RnB singers tend to do now, with the EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE at the end of each sentence, this gets on my nerves loads and it almost ruined the track for me.

          However they're vocals work amazingly well together. James has a very unique voice, it's very deep and raw, and almost boring sounding in a good way, and then Nelly's vocals are very high and almost piercing and together they have produced a beautiful song, which works amazingly well.

          The lyrics are love again, but I really didn't think about that within this track, I was thinking what beautiful and meaningful lyrics they are and how well they are sung by the two singers. This is a beautiful song; I think it's going to be a classic for both Morison and Furtardo.

          A beautiful song, which shouldn't work, but it really does. Well worth checking out, I'm sure you'll love it.

          Track 6- Nothing Ever Hurts Like You - 4/10

          I didn't want to leave Broken Strings, but the album must go on, and what the hell has he done here? It's awful. The song is almost 60's I find it quite hard to describe the beat but it's pretty awful if I say so myself. James's voice is not up to par in this track either, it's good, and I don't think I've ever heard a bad vocal by James, but this song is almost painful to listen to, nearly as bad as the first two.

          This is another skipper track, you may like it, but for me, I found it way too painful to listen to and such a disappointment after the brilliance that Broken Strings was. Such a shame that they have created an awful track.

          Track 7- Once When I Was Little 9/10

          I really do hope I love this song; it starts off acoustically with just James and a soft guitar. This is how James should keep all of his songs, make sure the beat is simple and soft, and the song will work brilliantly. I think this is one of my favourite songs on the album, I can't say much bad about it at all, and it's beautifully sung and beautifully produced.

          An amazing track, just as good as some of the other greats on the album, it's a bit too slow for my liking, it does seem to drag, but that's me looking for a bad point. A gorgeous track and one to definitely check out. The lyrics aren't about love this time, thank god, they are gorgeous however and they really work with the keeping of the track. James sings them beautifully and produces a gorgeous track.

          Track 8-Precious Love 7/10

          With the keeping of the album, this should be a terrible track, however it's not. It's not brilliant however as it's nowhere near unique enough to be brilliant. James sings again with just an acoustic guitar and some backing singers and the chorus is quite annoying.
          Despite all this it's a very pleasant song to listen to and definitely not as bad as some of the others on the album. I think this is one of the problems with James, despite the fact that he's got a unique voice, I complain when all the songs sound the same, with just the acoustic guitar and his voice, but then when he tries to change things up, he does it so badly it becomes quite painful to listen too. This is a no win situation, so I can't complain about the fact that this song is not unique at all really.

          Track 9- If You Don't Want To Love Me 9/10

          For some reason from the first note of the song I knew I would love it, again the song is about love, but this is true love song. It's sung beautifully by James, he really shows off his vocals and his vocal range within this track.

          The name of the song is what caught my eye and this is one of the songs that made me buy the album when I listened to it on the internet. I think this song is a lot unlike his other tracks, it's a lot more upbeat with the drum beat and it doesn't just rely on an acoustic guitar to work, he has managed to change things up here and for once it really does work.

          It's beautifully sung by him and the lyrics are just gorgeous, really worth checking out the lyrics as they are really beautiful. I was surprised I like this song, as it is way too slow for my liking usually, but the beat behind it is so upbeat, despite it being a slow song, it works amazingly well and I really did enjoy listening to this track. One that's definitely going onto my IPod, and if I remember I'll put a link at the bottom of the review to the YouTube video.

          Track 10- Fix up The World for you 7/10

          The song starts and I cringe, it's a trombone, but thank god you don't hear that again and it does become a great track especially through the verses, I have to say I'm not a fan of during the chorus, as it just doesn't seem to gel as well as the verse does.

          The lyrics are beautiful, but not brilliant, so many of the other songs in the album are 100x times better than this song; the chorus can become quite annoying and almost painful to listen to. I really thought this song was a great shame, because I could hear the potential but the chorus and the start of the song really ruined it for me.

          An okay song, but not one I'll stick on my IPod and not really a track that I would recommend.

          Track 11- Dream on Hayley 7/10

          It starts beautifully, especially his voice. The lyrics are very meaningful and this song almost 'makes' you listen to the lyrics. He doesn't mince his words together like he does in other tracks. Everything just seems to work beautifully in this track; he kind of lowers his voice within the chorus when he sings 'dream on Hayley'.

          This song is not just all high points, I don't think this is the sort of song that will ever be released as a single, and if so I don't think it'll go too far in the charts. It's a beautiful song, but it's only listenable once, I've listened to it quite a few times now and it does almost get on my nerves now I've heard it a few times.

          This is an annoyance almost as it really is a beautiful song, but just not greatly listenable.

          Track 12- Love Is Hard 6/10

          It starts off with an upbeat guitar piece and then James's voice joins in, and I'm still unsure about this track. Yes it is pleasant to listen to, but I found myself wondering what was going to happen next, there didn't seem to be anything special about it.

          He does join his words together with this track, which isn't too much of a problem, but the song for me works, but just not as brilliantly as it could of. For the last track on the album I was really expecting something a lot more special than this track.

          Check this track out and tell me what you think, as I might just be annoyed with the other crap songs on the album and have decided to slate this one as well. It's a real beautiful track, but there just seems like something is missing to make it brilliant.

          My Opinion

          This album for me is quite mixed, I am not usually a fan of this type of music, I do like the music, but I would rather listen to something with a heavy guitar and drum beat any day. I think, well I know that I brought this album on impulse after listening to a few of the songs, I don't regret this, as my sister seems to have shown an interest in Broken Strings, so I'll give her this album for Christmas instead of keeping it for myself. :D Saves me buying her a proper present.

          Do I like the album? I found it very pleasant I have to say, I think if you're driving along in the car, this album would be quite nice as background music, but when you listen to it like I have just done, it becomes just one piece of music as despite him being original, his songs all almost role into one. He plays to his strengths which is the acoustic guitar and maybe a soft drum beat, and this is good as he knows that the track with that on will be a hit, but when track 3,4,5,6,7 etc all follow this same beat, the songs role into one and it becomes quite hard to see where one begins and where one ends.

          I think this is a shame as he really does have talent, and he shows this in many of his songs, but they do all almost sound the same and for me this puts me off the album slightly. I think it's quite lazy when every song is the same, you need a little different on the album to make it shine.

          I do think Undiscovered was a lot better than this album, I have to say. It had a lot more 'hits' than I think this album will have, I think I can think of a few that will make it big in the charts and I think he's released a few of them already.

          His vocals are what make this album for me. He does have a very unique voice, it's very deep, and there doesn't seem to be anything special in there as it's quite a monotone voice; however it really does work with the songs he sings, he has something special there and he knows how to push it and make a good song with his voice.

          For me the best track on the album has to be Broken Strings, it was the song that made me buy the album in the first place and it is by far the best song on the album. The collaboration of Nelly and James was just a brilliant idea, I wouldn't have thought of it, but it really does work. Especially considering their voices are two opposites, but together is just sounds beautiful and I think the song will be a classic just like Chasing Cars etc etc.

          His Voice

          His voice is just amazing; I really think he has something unique about his voice. I don't think he could sing anything and his voice would sound good, but he has found his niche and when he sings in this genre it just tends to work.

          His Songs

          I do believe his first album Undiscovered was a lot better than this album for tracks; however the tracks on this album were very good when he stayed within his niche. When he doesn't they become quite painful to listen to and it almost ruins the album if I say so myself.


          Despite the fact that they're all about love, he's a great lyricist and the lyrics on this album are just brilliant. I think he really does manage to write meaningful songs which really do make the album what it is. This is even despite the fact that it's all quite soppy lyrics; this does get on my nerves when this is all that artists sing about. Put some more things into your lyrics, you don't have to just talk about one thing.

          Should You Buy The Album?

          I would say no, despite the fact it's good, I would say download the good tracks off ITunes as the good tracks are really good. I think the album could have been a lot better, however that doesn't really matter, and the album is good and well worth checking out the good songs.

          Check out Broken Strings especially this track is just gorgeous to listen to. A well put together track and one that I'm sure will be a classic down the line.

          YouTube Links

          http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=aluwpslpygQ - Broken Strings

          http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6vQ5CZyb9pI - If You Don' Want To Love Me


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          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 The Only Night
          2 Save Yourself
          3 You Make It Real
          4 Please Don't Stop The Rain
          5 Broken Strings - James Morrison, Nelly Furtado
          6 Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
          7 Once When I Was Little
          8 Precious Love
          9 If You Don't Wanna Love Me
          10 Fix The World Up For You
          11 Dream On Hayley
          12 Love Is Hard

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