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Speak - Lindsay Lohan

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Lindsay Lohan / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2005-04-11 at Universal

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    1 Review
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      25.08.2006 12:56
      Very helpful



      Will have you singing along in no time!

      I received this album on the same day that I got 'Hilary Duff - Most Wanted' (Christmas - a time for families, carols and cheesy pop!) and for a while I would forget which one it was that I was listening to as they are quite similar in style and vocals. However, I felt initially that this album, while arguably more ambitious, also had far more fillers and tracks that didn't quite work. After a few listens, however, the weaker tracks (in my humble opinion) began to grow on me and I realised that the tracks that I initially considered good were really excellent tracks. 'Magnet', for example, has to be one of my favourite songs this year and became my 'Official Getting Ready Song' for a good six months' worth of nights out.

      Lindsay's sound is basically pop with a rock twist, similar to Hilary, with lots of powerful guitar-led anthems and also the odd ballad and R&B track. Lindsay released this album after her considerable singing talent became public knowledge thanks to her film 'Freaky Friday', which showcased her at her all-acting, all-singing best. The next stop following the movie was obviously a singing career and the teen actress (as she was at the time, prior to hitting the big 2-0 this summer) was pitched against rival Hilary once more (the two being notorious for their long-standing feud), this time the two not competing for the best movie role but for that much longed for number one slot (alas both girls fell repeatedly short of this position).

      Lindsay's album is varied and will probably appeal to more people than that of Hilary Duff, who offers a younger, poppier sound, but unfortunately will inevitably be heard by less people than that of, say, Britney, due to a lack of promotion and public exposure.

      I find it strange that Lindsay is such a success as an actress, a ubiquitous face in the gossip magazines, yet her music career seemed to fail spectacularly. Lindsay has the popularity and fame, great songs and an amazing singing voice yet, after the release of 'Over', Lindsay's first and only UK single (which I call her first "single" but I don't actually know if it was even released here in the end, if it was it wasn't a hit) Lindsay's music career was not spoken of again (well, not in my circles anyway…) A video for proposed second single 'Rumours' floated around for a while but was never actually released. Rumours are that her record company over here in the UK were so angry with her for her lack of commitment (she never bothered to come to London for her proposed promotion week) that her album was shelved and never actually released in the UK (which explains why I couldn't find it in the shops and it is only available online!)

      It is a shame, if Lindsay had put in a bit of effort or had had a bit more exposure I think that this could have been a hit. It will obviously not appeal to everyone but I recommend it as a great feel-good album. It is a definite grower so give it a few listens and let it work its magic, it is deffinitely worth the effort!

      FIRST is, conveniently, the first track on the album and is also the first sign of what is to come, beginning this brilliant album on a high note. This is a rock/pop album which complements Lindsay's husky vocals perfectly. Lindsay's voice is powerful, on the verge of aggressive, and the music is rocky and upbeat. It is a great track which is belted out at full force.

      NOBODY TILL YOU is probably one of the strongest tracks on the album, about feeling loved up for the first time. It is another pop/rock belter with a powerful, soaring chorus.

      SYMPTOMS OF YOU is one of my least favourite tracks on the album. It is a more toned down, less forceful track with a mild verse and slightly boring chorus. Lindsay's vocals are good but the backing track is unimpressive and the lyrics are quite contrived - 'I'm not ill/I don't need to take a pill/To fix what you do/Cure can't come through/Cause baby all I do is suffer from/The symptoms of you'.

      SPEAK is one of my favourite tracks on the album; it is a full on, powerful track with loud guitars and synthesised sounds, upbeat music, a strong baseline and Lindsay in full rock chick mode, belting out the chorus. This is a real feel-good, dance around track. The lyrics don't really mean a lot - 'I don't wanna guess, not a test, tell me what you're thinking/ Keep it real no big deal/ tell me what you're dreaming/ Speak, let it out, breathe' - but that doesn't matter, this is just an amazing track that has 'single' written all over it (though clearly isn't going to be released as one).

      Lindsay's first single and the fifth track on the album, OVER, is another of my favourite tracks. The track sounds very heartfelt and is very powerful , it demonstrates Lindsay's impressive vocal range and the power behind her voice. The lyrics are about the end of a relationship - 'I can't live without you, can't breathe without you/ I dream about you/ Honestly tell me that it's over/ Cause if the world is spinning and I'm still living/ It won't be right if we're not in it together' - and a lot of this pain and emotion translates in to Lindsay's vocals. It is one of the most rocky tracks on the album and is an amazing song.

      My least favourite track on the album is probably SOMETHING I NEVER HAD. It is an OK track but is quite weak in comparison to the other tracks. It is standard girly pop/rock and quite unmemorable.

      ANYTHING BUT ME is another filler, in my opinion. It is definitely a grower but it is, again, a standard, unmemorable track. It has a standard slowish verse launching in to a rockier chorus and is evidence that this was something of a rushed album.

      DISCONNECTED is a great track. It has the standard Lindsay rocky, music-based verse which launches in to a powerful and heartfelt chorus and it took a while to grow on me but is now one of my favourites. The lyrics are again slightly meaningless but there is a lot of emotion in Lindsay's voice and she sings this brilliantly.

      TO KNOW YOUR NAME is a change from the powerful rock/pop demonstrated in the earlier album tracks. It is less rocky and more laid back with no soaring chorus. I'm not sure how to actually describe its sound but it is one of the standout tracks with a great backing track and baseline and lyrics that are very close to Lindsay's heart - 'Everybody wants to know our love/ Everybody talks about our love/ Everybody wants to know your name/ To know your name/Oh why?/Everybody means to criticize/ When none of them are even in our lives'.

      VERY LAST MOMENT IN TIME is my joint favourite track on this album alongside Magnet. It is again a track that has lost its rock element and is more of a pop track, but minus the cheese. I love the lyrics - 'you made me wanna/ live like it's the last moon rising/ scream just like no one's there/ lose all of my defences/ hold you, touch you love you like it's the very last moment in time'. The chorus is passionate and powerful and it is one that gets better with each play.

      MAGNET, as just stated, is my joint favourite track on the album and is quite R&B/pop in sound. It is a real upbeat, feel-good track which makes me want to dance around (thankfully I resist the urge!) The chorus is addictive and fast-paced, the backing track is loud with a heavy baseline and it is one that I can imagine being played in clubs. I just love, love, love this song.

      RUMOURS is another R&B based track and is obviously 'single' material. When I first heard the track I loved it immediately and thought it was a very unique and unusual track which was completely different to any other song that I had heard. The music is quite dominant with computerised sounding vocals in the background and it is another club sounding track. To hear it is it to love it, in my opinion, it is an amazing track. The lyrics are similar to that of To Know Your Name and express again Lindsay's feelings towards the paparazzi - 'I can tell that you're watching me/ And you probably gonna write what you didn't see/ I just need a little space to breathe/ Can you please respect my privacy'.

      1. FIRST
      4. SPEAK
      5. OVER
      11. MAGNET
      12. RUMOURS
      13. RUMOURS (Full Phatt Remix)
      14. RUMOURS (video)

      OVER (maybe? I tried to find out whether it had in fact been released here but couldn't find anything out!)

      TRACKS WRITTEN BY LINDSAY- (5 out of 12)
      Symptoms of You
      Anything But Me

      BEST TRACK- Magnet or Very Last Moment in Time.

      WORST TRACK- Something I Never Had

      ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- Lindsay's husky, powerful vocals and the great variation in the tracks.


      SOUNDS MOST SIMILAR TO- Hilary Duff, Ashley Simpson, Kelly Clarkson, early Britney.

      ARTIST POTENTIAL- Unfortunately Lindsay's potential as a singer, especially in the UK, is not very high, despite her talent. Lindsay's album was shelved here and received negative, uncomplimentary reviews in America. I read an interview where Lindsay said that she would love to return to singing if she ever had the time in her busy schedule, but for now I think that her music career will extend to performances in her movies and their accompanying soundtracks only.

      SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR…
      VOCALS- 10
      LYRICS- 7



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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 First
      2 Nobody 'Til You
      3 Symptoms Of You
      4 Speak
      5 Over
      6 Something I Never Had
      7 Anything But Me
      8 Disconnected
      9 To Know Your Name
      10 Very Last Moment In Time
      11 Magnet
      12 Rumors
      13 Rumors (CC Version)

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