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Split The Atom - Noisia

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Genre: Dance & Electronic - Dance Pop / Artist: Noisia / Audio CD released 2010-04-05 at Vision/Division

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    1 Review
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      26.06.2010 14:36
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      Wow that was a quick product suggestion thanks dooyoo :)

      Write so this is a review of Noisias firts artist album.Noisia are a trio of Dutch producers, mainly recognised for their drum and bass tracks but have began dabbling in other areas of underground music,which 9 times out of ten does not work so lets see if they can buck the trend.

      The album was released in April 2010 on Vision recordings,Noisias own label.Lets have a quick breakdown of each track as this album kind of jumps about a bit.

      1.Machine gun
      The album opens with a very breakbeat sounding track, a simple intro with some heavy beats leaves you wondering what you are going to be in for.The breaks drop out into a subtle but heavy resse bassline,which drops over the breaks that came in on the intro,very minimal sounding but a great start to the track.2 minutes in and the track just starts speeding up getting faster and faster turning into a very nice little slice of drum and bass, before dropping back into the break-beat sound from the start.There is some serious tempo switch in this track.I think it is a great way to start the album off as the track sort of covers a lot of different styles as the album does.I would be undecided as to where to listen to it though as the break-beat bit would not work in a club, but the darkness of it does not really give it much listen-ability.

      2.My world
      The second track starts off with eerie strings and a simple but effective drum beat.A female vocal comes in soulfully singing over the intro,it gives you a whole kind of safe feeling like the track is going to be a nice subtle track,then it drops.The baseline used over the drop is a very heavy resse baseline, witch runs throughout the track with the drums chopping and changing,with the vocal being teased in and out very nicely.This is a full on drum and bass track and is defiantly aimed at the dance-floor it has a very high adrenaline feel to it, wouldn't really listen to it anywhere else though as it is very repetitive.

      Erm this is a very weird track so it pretty much a skit ( a break between the tracks) it is some sort of broken beat with a weird noise over it,then i t just stops.It does not really work it does not exactly act as a break,sounds more like my stereo is dying a slow death.

      4.Split the atom
      This track is a break beat style track which kind of sounds like they have fused their drum and bass styles with their break-beat,which is by no means a bad thing.Starts off quite minimal before building into a nice track.The drum hits are huge on this track,they fit perfectly with a nice teasing piano riff and a very hard bass-line. Defiantly not heard anything like this before in this genre of music.The production is top notch and track progresses very nicely with lots of sound effects and synths chopping and changing to give the track a bit of depth.A very nice party style track.Nice and high energy based without being to fast.

      This is a nice drum and bass roller quite subtle sounding but it has a nice atmosphere about it due to the strings and subtle bass-line.Does get a bit repetitive and i find myself not really playing this song as it does not do anything for me.It is just kind of dull.It is still very well produced and the sounds come together nicely, but it is to subtle to play on the dance-floor, but not subtle enough to just play at home or in the car.It is defiantly a filler.

      Another random minute and a half of weird sounds.More hip hop sounding this time but they are using the same bass-line that they have used in pretty much every track so far.The sound effects however are lush and very eerie,the sort of haunting sounds and melodies you hear queuing for rides at Alton Towers .

      7.Hand Gestures
      A very dark sounding introduction builds into a simple drum and bass break.Drops into a very boring sounding song,a sub bass-line rumbles under the simple breaks with the same bass sound that they have used on every track.I dont like this track but it seems to work on the dancefloor.Very atmospheric sweeps and pads swish by in the background but it is so repetative and does not exactly stand out much from Thursday.I dont feel the track is long enough to have any real progression to it, and it just kind of stops.It is like they got bored of it and just stopped it.

      A very heavy drum pattern and some very haunting melodies roll together at the start of this tune before yes you guessed it the distorted Reece bass line comes in.I don't get what all these random 90 second songs are about it is making the album difficult to listen to because i don't really know what is going on with are they songs or what?I guess this is just one big experiment hence the name of the album Split the Atom.

      9.Red Heat
      A very funky sounding house track kicks into a broken beat style track.It does not really build up it just sort of starts it sounds okay a lot of funky guitar sounds blend nicely over the breaks and bass-line.The drum patterns change halfway through and it becomes more list-enable.I do like this track as it is very original and the last third of the track is mental,that is the only way to describe it.Making me nob my head with its infectious melodies definably one of the better tracks on the album.

      Back to the drum and bass and defiantly the sound they are associated with.A very high adrenaline track,starts off with simple breaks and some nice vocal work courtesy of foreign beggars,before dropping into Noisias trademark heavy drum and bass. Tear-iring bass-lines and chopped up amen breaks make this a definite big dance-floor amen.It teases between the heavy bass and breaks with a simple break and some very cool sound effects.The rapping fits perfect with the track as it slows down into another rap verse before coming back in with the speaker destroying sound.I really like this track as this is what i was expecting from them very high energy based and will get and drum and bass fan dancing around like a loon in no time. Excellently produced,they should defiantly stick to what they do best.

      A very funky sounding skit,sounds like someone scanning radio frequencies with a beat in the background.Apart from that i don't really no what to say about it,another weird 60 seconds of music.

      12.Alpha Centuri
      A very nice melody and heavy drum hits start this track off,it builds into a nice electro sounding track making me wonder where it is going to go next. Drops out into a very mellow sounding track before a teasing bass-line comes into the bang.A very good song when it gets going more break-beat sounding but the heaviness of everything is what makes this track.It is funky hard and list-enable all at once.The track switches around a lot but it definitely works.I really like this track because of its overall slick production, and it is list enable anywhere at home or on the dance-floor top stuff.

      13.Soul Purge
      Another track featuring Foreign Beggars.Starts off sounding like a rap track,as Foreign Beggars tear over the heavy beats and bass-lines.The rapping is not that great but it works with the music.It seems a bit like a battle between the rapping and the music.Still quite a good track but it lacks the vibes you would expect from a hip hop track. Defiantly original its quite list-enable but a bit bad bot sounding if that makes sense.A lot of attitude coming off this track due to the flow and style of the rappers along with the dark sounding beats.

      One of their biggest tunes to date.Avery simple drum break complimented with their favourite bass-line.Kind of drops out of nowhere no real build up,progresses quite well though but would not be easy to listen to in your house or car as it gets very representative and to be honest it does sound a bit stupid.It is very well produced though none the less.

      15.Paper doll
      A strange bit of classical music, has a good atmosphere but does not really fit in with the album a bit random.The melody sounds very familiar but i am not sure where from.

      Another minute of randomness.A very heavy drum pattern and some high pitched screeches whistle on,sounds like something from a computer game,You no where you are about to g=fight the final boss.

      Starts off very haunting sounding,like something from Nightmare on Elm street,before a cow bell kicks in adding to the whole atmosphere.Builds slowly with random noises and a heavy kick drum before dropping into a very experimental sounding song, it is a bit all over the place arrangement wise.I really have no idea how to describe this track it just sounds like the cookie monster rummaging through a bin.It must have been very hare to produce as it is so complicated,halfway through the track a choir comes in and starts singing,sounds very futuristic,reminds me of the blade-runner soundtrack.I really don't no when or why you would want to listen to this.

      Sigma was one of last years biggest drum and bass tracks.Starting off with a very funky guitar melody it builds into a break-beat sounding build up,with fast pace percussion sounds and a very heavy onslaught of sound effects.The drop is just crazy, this is Noisia at their best,a very fast paced high energy track, screeching synths and tearaway bass-lines compliment the fast amens perfectly.It switches into an absolute monster of a track half way thorough with some very heavy kick drums based over a rolling melody.This is defiantly dance-floor based,and it does serious damage,as proved at last years Global Gathering.They need to keep making this kind of stuff and stop with the experiments in my opinion.Does get a bit repetitive if you were to listen to it anywhere than on the dance-floor.

      The final song on the album sees them finish on quite a low key track.A break-beat track with that god dam bass-line again.Very boring should have maybe been put on the album earlier not after sigma. It is still quite a clever tune i think they were just showing off what they can do to be honest.It does not have any real listen-ability though.I wouldn't play it out nor would i listen to it at home.

      Right it is a bit of a weird album to be honest and not really what i was expecting.A very big let down in some places and the songs i did like i had already heard.I like they way they have tried to experiment with things though,the must frustrating thing is all the silly little 90 seconds of music for no apparant reason.It does not give the album much structure.And they need to stop using that same bassline at different pitches.I find myself putting it on and only listening to a few tracks.There are a few tracks that work for djing and a few that work for just listening to,so that is one good thing it covers both aspects.I would really only recommend it to people who have a very large music pal-latte,and like to hear different things.It has a lot of different genres on it so it comes across as their take on music which is a good thing as it shows they are not afraid to try anything.You can buy it for £6.99 on Amazon.com.I probably would not buy the whole album if i had the chance id just cherry pick 5 or so tracks off of it.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Machine Gun
      2 My World - Noisia & Giovanca
      3 Shitbox
      4 Split The Atom
      5 Thursday
      6 Leakage
      7 Hand Gestures - Noisia & Joe Seven
      8 Headknot
      9 Red Heat
      10 Shellshock - Noisia & Foreign Beggars
      11 Whiskers
      12 Alpha Centauri
      13 Soul Purge - Noisia & Foreign Beggars
      14 Diplodocus
      15 Paper Doll
      16 Dystopia
      17 Sunhammer - Noisia & Amon Tobin
      18 Stigma
      19 Square Feet

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