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St. Elmo's Fire - Soundtrack

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Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 1995-01-16 at Warner

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    1 Review
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      27.09.2009 21:52
      Very helpful



      Ten excellent songs from the St Elmo Fire Movie.

      St Elmo's' Fire is one of my all time favourite movies that I really had great pleasure in watching in 1986. I really was thrilled when I first saw this excellent, star studded movie and was highly impressed with the soundtrack and all of the great songs that where played throughout it. I purchased this soundtrack a few months after watching St Elmo's Fire, as I really thought all the songs chosen for the movie really helped it to be the big success it was.

      The Theme tune to St Elmo's Fire is an excellent choice made by producer David Foster. It is called "Man In Motion" and was performed by John Parr. The theme tune to St Elmo's Fire is played in little stages, instrumentally in this movie and it gradually builds up to an excellent song that's performed by "The Great" John Parr near the end of it, in the final scene. This theme tune really builds up excitement and encourages the whole story in the movie well. The theme tune was a huge success in it's day and was released into the charts in many different countries. It really helped in the success of the St Elmo's Fire movie also. Another song from this soundtrack called "Love Theme" was released into the billboard charts and was very successful and popular also.

      I purchased the soundtrack to St Elmo's Fire a few months after it was released many years ago, as I really was impressed with the excellent style of music that was thought out it all. All of the ten tracks featured on this soundtrack really played a big part in the scenes atmosphere in the St Elmo's Fire movie a lot. These tracks really where all very carefully chosen and are an excellent selection of songs indeed, from fast flowing dance tunes, to beautifully worded love songs and every single song holds great memories to me. All of the songs, whenever I hear them played, always take me to the great scenes in the movie, that I really remember so well and bring back happier times in my life to me, every single time I listen to this soundtrack. This is an excellent soundtrack that I love playing when my friends come around, as it really gets the conversation flowing and everyone always loves listening to it, as it brings back great memories to them of this great movie also.

      St Elmo's Fire was one of the Brat pack Movies from the eighties. In fact this Movie was released in 1985 and is an excellent story of a group of young people and tells a story of their lives after leaving College. It stars Andie MacDowell, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Mare Winningham. All of the casts names are added on the inlay of the CDs soundtrack, as a big thank you to the stars. All of these stars really helped to make this movie with their great acting skills, but personally I think the soundtrack did an even bigger job because of the selection of the tracks chosen to suit each scene really give it great meaning and emotions to me.

      Cover Of The St Elmo's Fire CD Soundtrack:
      The cover to the sound track St Elmo's Fire is a really nice one. It is a beautiful autumn red colour with a picture of all the stars of this great movie, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, and Mare Winningham are all shown sitting outside the famous Georgetown pub in the movie called "The Tombs". They are featured in this movie still sitting on a bench and all looking quite bored and cheesed off. All the stars really look very young and fresh faced in this picture and Rob Lowe (My favourite) is sitting at the end of the bench, beside his bicycle, looking very handsome indeed. At the top of the cover the title St Elmo's Fire is nicely headed in white lettering and this stands out well on the red background. Overall a great, eye-catching front cover to this soundtrack that is easy to recognise on my CD rack.

      Back Cover Of St Elmo's Fire Soundtrack.
      Well the back cover of this soundtrack is nothing very fancy at all. There are no pictures, just plenty of information about each and every one of the ten tracks. They are clearly printed onto the autumn red background, along with the producers names, Atlantic records and other little bits of information about the movie. It also has St Elmo's Fire clearly headed near the top in orange lettering. An easy to read back cover to this soundtrack overall.

      Inlay Of The St Elmo's Fire Soundtrack:
      The inlay to this soundtrack is rather nice. It features three small photographs of the stars, all taken from different scenes in the movie. All of the casts names are nicely added, as a sort of thank you on it in black lettering, that is clearly stated on a smaller white background. The inlay opens up into a little booklet and inside that you again have all ten tracks listed from this soundtrack. Of course all the tracks running times, producers and performers names are clearly written in black lettering. A little thank you note can be found also and it is addressed to Rob Lowe and states "It's Pretty Out Of Hand." It's a good inlay to this soundtrack that is very easy to read.

      The People Involved In This Soundtrack for those who might be interested:
      *Producer: David Foster.
      *Co-Producer: Humberyo Gatica.
      *Production assistants: Peter Hallat and Chris Earthy.
      *Executive Producers: Ned Shankman and Ron DeBlasio.
      *Recorded at Lighthouse Recording Studios LA.
      *Recorded by Atlantic Recording Corporation USA.

      *David Foster ~ Guitars.
      *Michael Landau ~ Keyboards.
      *Steve Lukather ~ Guitars.
      *Steve Porcaro ~ Synthesizer.
      *David Paich ~ Keyboards.
      *David Boruff ~ Saxophone.
      *Bobby Chounard ~ Drums.
      *Jay Graydon ~ Guitars.
      *John Pierce ~ Bass.
      *Chris Taylor ~ Drums.
      *Bill Reichenbach ~ Trombone.
      *Gary Grant ~ Trumpet.

      Track Listings:
      01 - St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) - John Parr (4:08)
      02 - Shake Down - Billy Squier (4:07)
      03 - Young and Innocent - Elefante (4:34)
      04 - This Time It Was Really Right - Jon Anderson (4:39)
      05 - Saved My Life - Fee Waybill (3:45)
      06 - Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire [Instrumental] - David Foster (3:27)
      07 - If I Turn You Away - Vikki Moss (4:38)
      08 - Stressed Out (Close to the Edge) - Airplay (4:14)
      09 - Georgetown - David Foster (1:45)
      10 - Love Theme St. Elmo's Fire (For Just a Moment) - David Foster (3:48)

      Chorus To The Theme Tune of St Elmo's fires. Just thought I would give you a little taste of some of the great lyrics on board this album.

      I can see a new horizon,
      Underneath the blazin' sky
      I'll be where the eagle's
      Flyin' higher and higher.
      Gonna be your man in motion,
      All I need is a pair of wheels
      Take me where my future's lyin'
      St. Elmo's Fire.

      St Elmo's Fire Meaning:
      The Name St Elmo's Fire goes back a very long way and was even quoted by "The Great" Shakespeare himself. It means a flash of blue lightening that appears like fire, not only in the sky, but it can also be seen on grass and other tipped structures. St Elmo's Fire is also the patron saint of sailors. I think it is an excellent title to this Movie and Soundtrack in my opinion. I think the author must of chosen it because all of the characters in the movie are looking and searching for guidance in there young lives and they are unsure of their paths, just like the flashes of fire that St Elmo produces.

      A Little About Each Of The Songs On This Soundtrack:
      Man In Motion:
      Well what a song. This is the first song from this movie soundtrack and it is excellent! It is performed by John Parr and was a huge success for the singer. This song was released into the charts in September 1985 and was number one in the US and also in Canada, where of course John Parr is from. It was also number one in the single charts in the UK and Germany. This song is about finding your inner self and starting over again with help and guidance from St Elmo's Fire. It really is very appropriate to the whole theme of the movie, as the characters are all looking for guidance and who they all really are.
      The lyrics to this beautiful song, really tell a lovely story.

      The song is amazingly sang by John Parr and the Keyboard, drum and guitar sounds in the background, really are to perfection and the tune of this whole song is excellent. It starts of as a very slow paced instrumental piece of beautiful music and gradually builds up to a more powerful and of faster rhythm ballad. I love this song because it really means a lot to me, as when I first ever heard this track, I was very young and the lyrics to it meant a great deal to me and give me a great feeling inside and encouragement in life. This really is an excellent Theme Tune to this great movie that is very meaningful to me and really brilliantly chosen by the producer David Foster. I have never got tired of listening to this track at all. It is just outstanding. The Music Video to this Theme Tune also shows lots of little clips of the characters in this movie, from a view through a window.

      Shake Down:
      This is another great little rock song from the eighties, that is really suited to the scene it was from in St Elmo's Fire a lot. It tells a story of a women's inspiration and meaning to a man and of course his love for her, exactly like one of the characters in the Movie. It really is a very catchy little song with a great chorus to it also that goes "Rock, rock, never stop, take your passion to the top" which to me is a great repeated chorus that I love singing along to. This song is sang brilliantly by Billy Squirer and the background music is done really well with a great mix of guitar and keyboard sounds, that form a lovely tune to it overall.

      Young and Innocent:
      This is another carefully chosen track that suits St Elmo's Fire really well. It is performed very well by Elefante and is a very catchy little love tune that has me singing along to it every time it is played. I really love this tune a lot and it really reminds me of the scene in the Movie it is from. This track has beautiful slow piano music through it and is beautifully sang by Elefantes, angelic and very unique voice. I really love this tune a lot. It really is a beautiful track that's been carefully selected for this Movie. You really have to listen to this songs lyrics to hear what I am talking about.

      This Time It Was Really Right:
      I have to be honest and say I do not really like Jon Andersons voice at all in this. It's a little squeaky for me, but the tune is very catchy to this also and has you singing along to it when you hear it played. The lyrics are sort of a love song about falling in love with someone and again very suitable to St Elmo's Fire. There is plenty of keyboard and synthesizer sounds in this track. It's ok though, but nothing special in my opinion.

      Saved My Life:
      I really love this track. It starts of with great drum beats going in a great fast paced rhythm and then Fee Waybill starts singing or 'telling his story actually' about meeting someone that picked him up from the brink of doom, helping to save his life and getting him back on track in life again. It is somewhat hard at times to make his husky voice out, but this songs a great track from the St Elmo's Fire Movie that I love and find very catchy indeed.

      Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire 'Instrumental':
      This is an absolutely beautiful love theme, that I am sure a lot of people are very familiar with. It is a typical love theme, played firstly on a piano and then gets joined slowly by a beautiful saxophone, keyboard and many other beautiful instrumental sounds. This love theme is an outstanding one to this movie. It is just beautiful and really helps give the whole movie it's romantic effect. I love it!

      If I Turn You away:
      This is quite a nice track that I like and I think suits the theme to the Movie very well indeed. It is beautifully sang by Vikki Moss. She has a lovely soft voice that's quite unique. This song also tells it's own little story about turning and walking away from a relationship that's going no where. She sings "It's Over Now" and "If I turn And Walk Away" because she means, there is no point in staying with a person anymore when a relationship has faded. This really is a very beautiful sounding track, that has an excellent tune to it, that's mostly played on a synthesizer. I really love this song a lot and it really reminds me of the St. Elmo's Fire movie a lot also, whenever I hear it being played.

      Stressed out (Close To The Edge):
      This is another song that I really love on this soundtrack. It is very 'David Bowie' sounding and "Airplay" really do remind me of him anyway. It is a very eighties sounding song that is quite nicely sang by Airplay and tells a story of someone's life going from bad to worse. It also tells of being stressed out with everything in their life and being very close to the edge of suicide. I really like the lyrics to this track and think it's a lovely song that suits the movie very well.

      This is just beautiful and very well presented. This is a theme tune and it's a really well created one by David Foster. It has a lovely soft melody to most of it from being played on a keyboard, to gentle orchestra sounds, that are very calming to listen to. It's a really great theme tune, that fits this Movie superbly. It's a very sad theme, but yet very relaxing to listen to in my opinion. Overall I think this song is really amazing and very beautiful to listen to.

      Love Theme From St. Elmo's Fire (for Just A Moment):
      This is an astounding love theme. I really think this is one of the most beautiful love songs ever made. It really brings a tear to my eye, whenever I hear this tune. It is exceptionally sang, by Donny Gerrard and Amy Holland. Their two voices blend beautifully together and the lyrics to this song are really special to me overall. It tells the story of being in love of course and always being their for each other, to the end of time. The tune itself is beautifully played, note perfect, on a piano that soon gets joined by a melody of soft orchestra sounds. A true love song that makes this movie to me. It is such a great song that brings back so many memories of this movie and of the time it was released in the charts to me and I just love recalling it all. This track was released in 1985 and reached number 15 in the billboard charts. The music video to accompany this love song was taken from clips of the St Elmo's Fire movie also. This is an excellent track, that's an all time favourite to me.

      Overall Opinion Of St Elmo's Fire Soundtrack:
      Well as you have probably gathered from reading this review, I really love this soundtrack a lot. I have had this original one for over ten years. I first had it on cassette and then upgraded it to CD. It really looks a bit tatty on it, but that's because it has been played a lot by me over the years, as I love it so much. This CD was one of the first movie soundtracks that really caught my attention because of the great meanings all the songs had to this brilliantly written story. Most of the tracks on this soundtrack all take me back to each of the movies scenes in a moment of thought. They also mean a great lot to me also because of their great lyrics to the songs that also take me down memory lane.

      This really is a very well produced CD by David Foster, who is actually very well known for his other great movie theme tunes. He really carefully selected these songs appropriately to fit into this movie and in my opinion help make it even better. All of the music is really beautifully played and performed by everyone included in it and it really is a great mix of love songs and other great sounding rock/pop tracks indeed.

      Well I certainly would highly recommend this beautiful soundtrack to everyone. It really is a must for all fans of this great motion picture. It really is a true eighties style mix of music, that really will win you over. This is a great CD for anyone's collection and I really am very proud to own this wonderful album. It certainly is worth listening to if you have never heard it before because it has a little bit of everything included in the songs. Well this soundtrack gets 10/10 from me and it will always be one of my favourite CDs that I enjoy listening to quite often. An excellent well produced soundtrack in my opinion, to an also amazing Movie.

      The St Elmo's Fire soundtrack can be purchased online at Amazon for just under £7 at the moment. This certainly is a very cheap price to pay for this excellent music album.



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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 St Elmo's Fire - Parr, John
      2 Shake Down - Squier, Billy
      3 Young And Innocent - Elefante
      4 This Time It Was Really Right - Anderson, Jon
      5 Saved My Life - Waybill, Fee
      6 Love Theme - Foster, David
      7 Georgetown - Foster, David
      8 If I Turn You Away - Moss, Vikki
      9 Stressed Out (Close To The Edge) - Airplay
      10 St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion) - Various Artists
      11 Ehake Down - Various Artists

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