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Stacie Orrico - Stacie Orrico

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6 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Stacie Orrico / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2003-09-22 at Virgin America

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    6 Reviews
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      11.09.2010 14:22
      Very helpful



      A great christmas present which your daughter will love for years.

      If you're looking for a present for your teenage christian daughter this christmas, you may want to consider the Stacey Orrico album, by Stacey Orrico.

      Released in 2003 this album features 12 songs which appear to be the outpouring of a young christian girl's heart. These honest outpourings are packaged with a pop and dance sound which anyone who enjoys this sort of music will be very comfortable listening to.

      The album is well constructed with a solid tracklisting of songs and whilst they don't carry an overarching story, the words all carry meaning and the melodies blend well together.

      The lyrics are catchy, particularly the choruses of stuck, hesitation and bounce back.

      As with any dance based album there is a degree of autotuning on some songs in small segments but overall her voice is very strong with a nice tone.

      One feeling that is present in a number of tracks is the feeling that I feel would resonate with young girls, that of wanting to help others, but needing strength from someone else to help them do so. What love's about which is the final track on the album is one song which reflects this feeling well.

      The tracks could be heard playing in any teenager's bedroom, the advantage for any christian being a distinct absence of inappropriate language. This said the song stuck, which is the first track on the album made an appearance in the UK chart, when it was released as a single. My favourite song is I promise, which is a love song and a nice chillout from the 3 tracks that precede it which are more lively. Predominantly this album is upbeat and thought provoking.

      Currently, on Amazon this album costs 12.99, I paid £10 in a special offer at my local church bookshop 6 years ago so the price is not really dropping. If your daughters like the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae or Mariah Carey they will probably enjoy this album.


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      20.01.2010 14:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      This album is well worth a listen and offers up strong songs and vocals throughout

      Following years of young and somewhat talented singers hitting the UK charts in a big way through the likes of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and many more but with so many coming across the market has in many peoples opinions began to feel somewhat stale due to the sound being the same for each song. Why then is Stacie Orrico so different?

      I first became aware of Stacie through hearing her hit song Stuck whilst watching music channels a few years back and was impressed with her vocal range along with confidence and so decided to pick her album to see if she was a one hit wonder or if this was someone worthy of being classed as a pop artist.

      The album I picked up was her self titled offering and it contained the following songs:

      There's gotta be more to life
      Bounce back
      I promise
      Strong enough
      I could be the one
      Maybe I won't look back
      That's what love's about

      The album has a very fresh, confident, funky, vibrant and polished feel with few songs on here being anything other than chart material. The songs best known are probably Stuck, Strong Enough, There's Got To Be More To Life but this is only the start of things to come. Each song has a very individual and unique feel to it with one of the best offerings being the hugely impressive Instead which Stacie delivers with extreme confidence and skill especially for someone so young.
      The album is one for those who love their pop music as Stacie is a true pop artist who does not try and deliver more than she is capable of. A strong vocal range and great song quality throughout makes this a very strong offering and with the slightly funky edge to the tracks the album manages to deliver something different from the other albums in the charts. I have recommended this to many friends and they are all blown away by Stacie's ability to control her vocals whilst maintaining the quality of songs throughout the entire album and thanks to this and much more it has become one of my favourite albums in my collection.


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        24.05.2009 17:52
        Very helpful



        A great long lasting album

        Stacie Orrico was a young and fresh 16 years of age when she popped up into the music scene and on our TV screens with a Smash hit "Stuck", and it realld "stuck" into my mind, hence buying her whole album, although i was oblivious to her other tracks, or style. And i was not to be disappointed.

        The album cover does not look cheap for a debut album, and comparably high class, simple, sleek, and she looks like a pro. The booklet inside has beautiful pictures of her, and even contains lyrics!

        The CD boasts 12 unique songs, with singles "Stuck", "I could be the one" and "There's gotta be more to life". Those three were perfect choices to be released as singles, as they're also my favourite on the album. They are all very upbeat tracks, and are very addictive to sing along to. Whilst it is catchy, the songs are meaningful and Stacie's expression and thoughts are shown through her songs. In this way, the album never expires, and has a long lasting appeal.

        Another song I love is called "Instead", which is a darker and edgier song which is not mainstream, but has real emotion and meaning, and definitely worth a listen and inspiring lyrics.

        I have loved every track on this album, and that is rare for albums nowadays. There always seems to be a track or two that doesn't fit, but that is not the case with Stacie's debut album. It all flows extremely well.

        Despite the Christian influences, there is amazing sound on this album which I would recommend this to anyone who likes some upbeat easy listening music, and discover a new artist, she is not well known, but should not be underrated for her brilliant voice!!

        Get this for around £5 on Amazon now!!


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        08.01.2008 17:17
        Very helpful



        Promising but not amazing

        Back in 2003, a young artist burst onto the scene with a fabulous top ten single 'Stuck'. Her name was Stacie Orrico, an american christian artist who had previously toured with destiny's child in the US, which is a quite an endorsement.

        Following her rather fabulous first two singles I bought her debut self titled album in the hope that it would be more of the same high quality meaningful pop-rnb.

        Did she manage to do it?
        Track listing
        1. Stuck
        2. There's gotta be more to life
        3. Bounce Back
        4. I promise
        5. Security
        6. Instead
        7. Hesitation
        8. Strong enough
        9. I could be the one
        10. Maybe I won't look back
        11. Tight
        12. That's what love's about

        Later on I will give a track-by track breakdown but for now I just want to say a few things about the CD in general.

        First of all, the vocals. When she came onto the scene Stacie was just 16 years old, like Britney before her, however the two could not be more different in vocals and image. Britney is an image-led entertainer with weak vocals, however Stacie's singing simply soars, that's the only word for it. She sounds positively angelic on ballads and brings emotion and power to even the most mundane and repetative standard rnb pop songs.

        Secondly, the subject matter of the lyrics. i have already mentioned that Stacie is a christian artist and this is heavily reflected in the lyrics. Stacie herself co wrote 8 of the songs on this album and she writes meaningful lyrics about her faith as opposed to the typical teen pop songs about love. This works really well as she is singing about something that means something to her instead of cliched emotions that she wouldn't have had the chance to experience at that age.

        There are some pretty heavyweight songwriters and producers credited on this CD. Track 4 was written by Diane Warren, who has written massive hit ballads for dozens of big names, notably Aerosmiths 'I don't wanna miss a thing' and Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak my heart'. Dallas Austin is listed as a producer, he has worked with, amongst others, Destiny's child, Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone. At his peak he was considered one of America's major hitmakers.

        Stuck-a brilliant piece of catchy rnb pop much like Britney and Christina at their pop best, but with an added latin twist and of course brilliant vocals. This was a big hit and it's well deserved.
        (There's gotta be) more to life-if you just listen to this song and don't take in the lyrics then it is on one level simply another catchy pop song like Stuck. However, the lyrics are deep and meaningful, as Stacie sings 'There's gotta be more to life, than chasing down every temporary high, to satisfy me' I love this one with its soaring choruses which build up and the obligatory key change for the last chorus that is so typical of pop songs these days but works really well here. This was the second single and may not have done quite as well as stuck but still went top 20.

        Bounce back-well this is dull. Boring, repetative rnb pop that could have been sung by anyone, and is no way good enough to be a single. Its pure album filler material that reminds me a little of Christina Aguilera's first album.

        I promise- this is the first ballad on the album and was Stacie's third single off the album. Its fairly sugary sweet and its alright, but its nothing special really. This surprises me as Diane Warren has written some amazing songs before this and so this seems like a bit of a step down.

        Security-this is one of the more poppy songs so far. The meaning behind the song is that God is her 'security' which again helps to take the song beyond a standard pop song by numbers. I quite like this one even though it is not good enough to be released as a single, its got a nice happy feel to it and as simple pop goes its pretty good.

        Instead- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. Its just brilliant! Its a slightly darker tone than the previous few, it tells the stories of the times when she was forced to think twice about her actions, an example being refusing a beggar money thinking he will only buy drink with it, and then her conscience telling her that she could be wrong. For such a heavy subject it still manages to be a good pop song and has a slightly rockier sound.

        Hesitation-although this a lot like 'bounce back' in that its boring rnb pop that doesn't stand out, this is the catchiest song on the album in an annoying way, this is guaranteed to get in your head and not leave for a long time. It talks about about putting your faith in god and how good it can be. Again it has a slight latin sound in the background.

        Strong enough-this is beautiful. Its a simple stripped down ballad with just Stacie and a piano, you can really hear her voice for what it is, without any studio magic, and she sounds amazing, her voice is so strong and she tackles all of the high notes perfectly. Once again the lyrics are thoughtful 'will my weakness for an hour make me suffer for a lifetime, is there any way to be made whole again' the overall message seems to be about turning to God in your times of need.

        I could be the one-the fourth single and i don't think it's especially good. I think it was probably picked because its very poppy and catchy, akthough it didn't do very well in the charts.

        Maybe I won't look back- I really like this one. It talks about feeling sorry for the times when you feel you could have been better, such as when you weren't there for a friend for a friend when they needed you. I like the chorus especially on this one. There are plenty of high notes to deal with and she does them brilliantly.

        Tight-I don't like this one really, it tries to be ridiculously catchy like 'hesitation' but it just isnt very good at all, it has no great hook like some of the songs on here. This same song has already been sone a few times on this album, and they're all better than this one. It has a little 'breakdown' at the end which is a little hip-hop which I like a lot though, its cool.

        That's what love's about-this is as sickly as the title might suggest and a suitable closer, if slightly cheesy. Its sweet and nice but pretty forgettable I reckon. It starts with strings and rainfall (yawn...) but gets better and turns into a pretty enough song.

        Overall I think what lets this album down is the pretty mediocre melodies and a reliance on rnb pop styles that don't go with the very meaningful lyrics, and with a voice like hers she could do so much more.

        If you have no religious beliefs then you may find the subject matter grates a bit towards the end, there is a LOT of reference to God and I've had comments from friends saying that the whole thing was 'cheesy' unfortunately a christian artist will never have the same street cred as some other artists, but I think Stacie shows great promise and maturity for her age. I haven't heard her second album but I hope that she has managed to find some better producers to make a more original sound!

        Lyrics 10/10
        Sound 6/10
        Originality 5/10
        Vocals 9/10

        Plain and boring with a few pictures of Stacie, the sleeve notes contain a few thank you notes and the lyrics to all of the songs, which is a bonus as I think the lyrics are really good.

        I have no idea how much this would cost nowadays as I bought it for £10 in 2003, but now its out of the charts and seeing as it didn't sell millions it could probably be found very cheap, maybe try a 'cheap chart' in some stores such as woolworths, other than that HMV and big music shops like that will probably stock it. Also amazon and ebay may be good to get this for a bargain.


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          14.11.2006 07:38
          Very helpful



          Debut album from then 16 year old Stacie Orrico

          Back in the summer of 2003 whilst flicking between the various music channels, the sounds of two young female artists caught my ears with the first song I’d heard from either. One was Amy Studt with “Misfit”, the other was Stacie Orrico and “Stuck”. Impressed enough with “Misfit” to try an album, I bought Amy Studt’s “False Smiles” and was so disappointed with it, I never gave Stacie Orrico’s self titled album a thought. Soon after, both seemingly dropped off the musical radar and I forgot about them.

          Earlier this year, I heard the first single from Orrico’s second album “Beautiful Awakening” and, whilst not terribly impressed, it did remind me of her existence. This is turn made me think of how good “Stuck” had sounded and made me wonder if I hadn’t perhaps dismissed her too hastily those years before. After all, the cream does rise to the top and with Orrico managing a second album, which Studt hasn’t up to this point; maybe a sign that she was, in fact, the better of the two.

          The album opens with the song that first caught my attention. “Stuck” is seemingly a fairly harmless pop song, with a slight R ‘n’ B undertone, until it runs into the chorus. Then it really gets going and there’s a little harder edge, making it more of a heavy pop song, which is a sound I’m a big fan of. It sounds like a harder edged Britney Spears for the most part. Even three years after I first heard the song, it still impresses me.

          There’s more of an R ‘n’ B edge to “(There’s Gotta Be) More to Life”, although it’s essentially another up-tempo pop tune. It doesn’t have the heavy pop edge of “Stuck”, being a fairly straight pop tune, but it bounces along quite happily and it’s another decent track in an early Christina Aguilera kind of way and does remind me of a smoother and better version of Amy Studt’s “Misfit”.

          The sound continues to edge towards the R ‘n’ B end of the pop spectrum with “Bounce Back”. It’s a slower tempo track, with a definite pop-R ‘n’ B sound, especially over the chorus. It reminds me a little bit of some very early Destiny’s Child songs, which isn’t a bad thing, but not really my preferred sound, so whilst this isn’t a bad track, it’s not one of my favourites.

          The pace drops even further, for the album’s first ballad, “I Promise”. Sadly, it’s not a great example, as it’s another R ‘n’ B edged pop song, which doesn’t seem to be Orrico’s strength. There’s not really too much wrong with the track, but it’s very insipid compared to what has gone before. This track does show off Orrico’s skill as a vocalist, though and proves that she can really sing, which isn’t always the case with a lot of today’s artists.

          Orrico keeps up the R ‘n’ B edge on “Security”, which is another slower paced track. It’s a pretty standard example of the genre, reminding me of some of Mariah Carey’s work when she was edging into the same pop-R ‘n’ B genre, particularly songs like “Fantasy”.

          “Instead” is a bit better, as it doesn’t seem to be caught between two genres. This is a straight out pop-R ‘n’ B song and it reminds me of some of the tracks on Jamelia’s latest album. Admittedly, the genre isn’t my favourite and I still prefer the opening couple of tracks, but this is certainly her best take on an R ‘n’ B tinged song. The other thing that sets it apart is that this is a pop-R ’n’ B tune with a social conscience, which is pretty unusual.

          Orrico heads even further into R ‘n’ B territory with “Hesitation”. It’s a pretty standard R ‘n’ B tune which could have been by any current R ‘n’ B artist. The chorus in particular does remind me a bit of Jamelia.

          It’s back to the ballads for “Strong Enough”, with a piano introduction that reminds me very much of Delta Goodrem. It is a song very much in her style, being a fairly straight piano based pop ballad, although the vocals have a little more of a soulful edge than Goodrem, reminding me a little bit of classic Whitney Houston.

          It’s back to the up-tempo R ‘n’ B influenced songs for “I Could Be the One”. The pop edge is back this time, meaning the song falls part way between the likes of “Instead” and “Stuck”, in a similar place to “Bounce Back”. It is a bouncy happy tune, though and a decent foot tapping tune.

          “Maybe I Won’t Look Back” is another mid-tempo R ‘n’ B tinged track. It’s quite close in sound to something like “Security”, although there’s a little less of the pop influence. It’s not a bad track, but it is quite similar to others on the album and it’s not her best.

          The intro to “Tight” has a very Destiny’s Child flavour to it. It’s got more of an obvious pop influence and less of the R ‘n’ B style that they did, although there is a hint of Mis-Teeq’s “Scandalous” in there as well. It’s a harmless enough song that grooves along without really impressing, until you get to a strange almost rap bit at the end which just doesn’t work for me and probably does more than anything to make this my least favourite track.

          The strong intro to “That’s What Love’s About” suggests another ballad in the making and, unlike the end to the previous track, there are no real surprises here. It’s a harmless enough pop ballad with a fairly soulful vocal and a tinge of R ‘n’ B and reminds me a little of early En Vogue, from way back in the 1980s. It’s quite a pretty end to what hasn’t been a bad album.

          Whilst there’s nothing especially brilliant about the album, although some of the tracks are pretty good examples of the pop and R ‘n’ B genres, this certainly isn’t a bad album, either. It’s fairly average in length, at 12 tracks and 43 minutes, but certainly no less than average at any stage, with some real stand out tracks.

          Given that it’s no longer Orrico’s current release and is about three years old, the prices have dropped, so it’s pretty good value if this is your kind of music. It’s available from Amazon, CD Wow, HMV and Virgin all for around £6.99, but bargains can be found from £2.40 at the Amazon Marketplace or as little as 20 pence on eBay. At a price like that, Orrico is definitely worth a chance, especially if you’re into pop-R ‘n’ B. If you’re a fan of the likes of Jamelia, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, as well as some of Christina Aguilera’s earlier songs, you’re likely to find something you’ll enjoy here; possibly not the whole album, but enough to make it worth buying.


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            22.08.2006 16:24
            Very helpful



            Stacie has an amazing voice and there are some amazing tracks here!

            A sixteen year old Stacie Orrico first burst on to the music scene with the hit single 'Stuck' in the Summer of 2003. I remember seeing the video on MTV and thinking that with a voice that powerful and a song that brilliant I really should know who this unfamiliar artist was. I even had a conversation whilst on holiday with the girlies when the song came on the TV in a bar one night about how much we loved the song, yet none of us had a clue who this Stacie Orrico was.

            With the rise of reality TV and the emergence of the TV-to-pop-star transition (think Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Kylie Minogue) it seems that most popstars nowadays have already built up a fan base before they have even released their first single. It therefore says a lot about the talent of an artist and the virtue of a song when the singer can come from nowhere with no prior fame or background story and still get in the top five of the UK chart. It therefore speaks volumes that Stacie was not only able to do this with her first single but she could then follow up the success with her second.

            After the triumph of debut singles "Stuck" and "More To Life" it wasn't long before Stacie released her debut album, entitled simply "Stacie Orrico". This album is best categorised as a mix of RnB. Whilst some of the tracks lean towards upbeat powerful pop, others have clear R&B overtures and, unfortunately, several other tracks are just a little too cheesy with an immature over-enthusiastic pop sound. Stacie said at the time of the singles that she was influenced by soulful musicians and you can hear this in her voice.

            What is most unusual about this album, however, is the lyrics. Most pop albums that I have listened to (and there have been many) revolve around love and relationships, yet Stacie's lyrics cut a little deeper.

            When people think of Christias perhaps "glamorous", "sexy" or "cool" are not words that spring to mind. Unless you have chosen an unusual "alternative religion" such as scientology or kabalah, which are now easily accepted due to the likes of Madonna, there seems to be a certain stigma attached to being religious. There is also something of a "me me me" attitude when it comes to celebs, and popstars can often find it hard to keep their feet on the ground, getting wrapped up in their world of money, fame and power. It is therefore refreshing when someone like Beyonce or Jessica Simpson comes along, someone who can reverse this negative ideology and who can stay true to themselves and say, this is me, I have faith, this is who I am. What I found nice on this album is that Stacie has stayed true to her roots and her faith and has taken one brave step further. Amongst the songs such as 'Stuck' that reflect on love and relationships, Stacie also ponders the state of the world and empathises with those of less fortunate and also includes songs that focus on her religious background and her love of God. Stacie said that her aim is to sing about things that she is dealing with in life and she tackles more topics on her album than a lot of singers dare to cover.

            Anyway, after admiring Stacie's honesty and lyrics, hearing her amazing talent and loving her first two singles, I decided to buy this album immediately, eager to listen to what seemed to be a very promising album…

            STUCK is the first track on the album and was also Stacie's debut single in the UK. This song stormed in to the charts and gave Stacie a triumphant number one, a brilliant accomplishment for a previously unknown artist. The song, which features Stacie mourning the end of a relationship, is pure pop with a catchy upbeat chorus that demonstrates Stacie's strong vocal talent. It is an instant hit which does not lose its appeal even after countless listens and is undoubtedly my favourite track on the album. In fact, if I were to make a list of my top five songs of all time then this one would definitely make the list. 10/10

            (THERE'S GOTTA BE) MORE TO LIFE, Stacie's second single, is another favourite and continues in the powerful, vocal-led pop style that made 'Stuck' such a success. Stacie is lamenting on the shallowness and emptiness of life at the top, a lifestyle that revolves simply around money and fame - "I've got it all, but I feel so deprived/I go up, I come down and I'm emptier inside/Tell me what is this thing that I feel like I'm missing/And why can't I let it go". Stacie's lyrics are powerful and heartfelt and the chorus is unbelievably catchy. 10/10

            BOUNCE BACK is a bit disappointing after the brilliant first tracks on the album. It is aiming at a more R&B sound but just sounds a bit try-hard to me. It doesn't make the most of Stacie's voice and the lyrics are not very creative ("Bounce, bounce back/Shake it off, get right on track/I'm moving on, gotta put it in the past/Bounce, bounce back/Snap my fingers and just like that/I let it go, gotta let it fade to black"). It is very forgettable with Stacie's voice as the only redeeming feature. 5/10

            I PROMISE, Stacie's third single, is a ballad which starts off with a gentle verse that drifts in to a nice chorus. It is not particularly powerful, misses the dramatic, soaring chorus that most ballads are famous for and the music accompaniment is nothing special but it is a nice, heartfelt track that showcases Stacie's beautiful and powerful vocals and which makes me feel all nice and warm inside. A listenable, sweet ballad. 8/10

            SECURITY is not really "single material" but is a nice enough pop/R&B song. It is a Christian based song reflecting on Stacie's relationship with God - "I need You so close to me/ Cause You're the only one that makes my life complete/ Oh Lord, I know it took so long to see/ That You're my security". The lyrics are meaningful but unfortunately the music is a bit too repetitive and bland and does not carry off the lyrics or vocals that well. 6/10

            I am very glad that INSTEAD is placed at this point on the album as I was beginning to feel a bit despondent after the disappointing efforts that followed Stacie's first brilliant singles. I breathed a sigh of relief at the commencement of what is now my joint favourite track on the album. 'Instead' was an instant hit with me and is a very powerful song, vocally, musically and lyrically. This track is very unique and the lyrics are thoughtful and interesting with Stacie putting herself in the shoes of various other less fortunate characters - "I saw him shaking his change in a coffee cup/Asked for a dollar but I told the man to give it up… I turned my back on him and began to walk away/ But then I heard a little voice inside me say/What if it's really true what if he's hungry/What if its not for him, does he have a family… Wonder what I'd do if it were me". I like the music at the beginning which begins in a minor key and is quite intriguing and catchy from the start, leading up to Stacie's brilliant vocals accompanied by a strong beat and unusual backing track. The track launches in to a really powerful chorus which carries off the lyrics perfectly. This is a great pop track and it's nice to hear a popstar reflecting on something else besides them and their own "troubles" for once. 10/10

            HESITATION is probably the most R&B influenced track, it is quite a laid back track with R&B type beats in the background and a repetitive sound. It is a good, middle-of-the-road track that makes for a good, if not very memorable, listen. The lyrics are again thoughtful and heartfelt about choosing to follow God - "Your heart will never be the same/ Giving up drama's days/ Letting go uneasy way/ When will you ever realize/ Letting go all your lies/ All the pain will subside". 8/10

            I really like STRONG ENOUGH. It is another religious track and is very heartfelt, reflecting on Stacie's troubles and pain - "Will my weakness for an hour make me suffer for a lifetime, is there any way to be made whole again? If I'm healed, renewed and find forgiveness, find the strength I've never had, will my scars ruin all God's plans?" Stacie sounds amazing and you can tell that she means every word. It is a beautiful, gentle ballad and is really moving. 9/10

            I COULD BE THE ONE was Stacie's fourth single and I'm not sure why she chose this one, it's not the strongest track on the album. It is an OK sound but a little too upbeat and bubbly, I found it a little bit annoying even though I like the lyrics. I think it is a bit of a filler to be honest and not an obvious single choice for me. 6/10

            MAYBE I WON'T LOOK BACK is another middle-of-the-road pop/R&B track, again with thoughtful and meaningful lyrics about respecting other people, but again the music doesn't really back it up and it remains as a listenable, yet forgettable, track. 6/10

            TIGHT is very R&B in style and an unusual track. It is an OK laid back track until it gets to a change of key towards the end when it suddenly switches to a rap-type interlude which jut sounds weird and doesn't go with the rest of the track. It is a strange track but isn't bad. 5/10

            THAT'S WHAT LOVE'S ABOUT begins with the sound of rain and violins before Stacie starts singing. It is an R&B/pop ballad with pretty vocals and a gentle, laid back chorus. The lyrics are again about loving and respecting others - "When he is down you should help your brother/When it comes around we should help one another/Help build him up when he's down and out… That's what love's about". This is a sweet and gentle track that brings the album to a nice close, with a pretty pop sound and an admirable ending message. 8/10

            1. STUCK
            2. (THERE'S GOTTA BE) MORE TO LIFE
            3. BOUNCE BACK
            4. I PROMISE
            5. SECURITY
            6. INSTEAD
            7. HESITATION
            8. STRONG ENOUGH
            9. I COULD BE THE ONE
            10. MAYBE I WON'T LOOK BACK
            11. TIGHT
            12. THAT'S WHAT LOVE'S ABOUT

            I PROMISE
            I COULD BE THE ONE

            TRACKS WRITTEN BY STACIE- (8 out of 12)
            STRONG ENOUGH
            I COULD BE THE ONE

            BEST TRACK- Stuck and Instead

            WORST TRACK- Tight

            ALBUM UNIQUE SELLING POINT- Stacie's voice - it is really soulful and beautiful - and the thought-provoking lyrics. Plus Stacie seems like a really nice girl.


            SOUNDS MOST SIMILAR TO- Early Christina. Stacie has a powerful voice like Christina and her sound is very pop, similar to Christina's early sound. It is a good album but you can tell that Stacie hasn't really found her sound yet, similar to Christina in her early days.

            ARTIST POTENTIAL- Stacie has great talent, popstar looks and a lovely personality. She has gained many fans including Destiny's Child who asked her to tour with them back in the day. Unfortunately, however, this does not always guarantee success. We will just have to wait and see…

            SCORE OUT OF 10 FOR…
            VOCALS- 10
            LYRICS- 10
            VARIATION IN TRACKS- 8
            OVERALL ALBUM- 7

            RECOMMENDED-Yes. There are a disappointing amount of fillers that do not quite match up to the standard of Stacie's singles but every song is listenable and there are also a lot of brilliant tracks too.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Stuck
            2 There's Gotta Be More To Life
            3 Bounce Back
            4 I Promise
            5 Security
            6 Instead
            7 Hesitation
            8 Strong Enough
            9 I Could Be The One
            10 Maybe I Won't Look Back
            11 Tight
            12 That's What Love's About

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