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Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers

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10 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk / Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers / Audio CD released 2006-05-08 at Wea

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    10 Reviews
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      26.04.2012 08:09
      Very helpful



      Double album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

      The Red Hot Chili Peppers are another band whose albums I tend not to buy. Though I have their greatest hits, I don't have any of their other studio albums and I'm not really sure why I bought this one! It was released in 2006 and I must have bought it while I was still a student as music to help me through my summer exam revision.

      Stadium Arcadium marked the end of a four-year hiatus for the band, and was a huge double album: 28 tracks in total (though the group had originally, apparently, recorded enough for three discs). The two discs were named Jupiter and Mars, though I'm not sure what purpose these names serve other than to fit in with the space theme on the album's cover.

      The album as a whole has a very mellow, chilled-out vibe. It is relaxed, laid back alternative rock which to me has quite a summery vibe. For an album consisting of 28 tracks, it is remarkably consistent in quality. There aren't any absolutely amazing tracks that I repeatedly skip to, but at the same time there aren't any dreadful ones that I skip past.

      Despite saying there aren't any tracks I continually skip to, there are some that do stand out to me. Opening track of Disc 1, Dani California, is a distinctive rock track while She's Only 18 has a funkier sound. On Disc 2, Tell Me Baby has a memorable melody while She Looks to Me is a sympathetic pop ballad.

      Overall, this album is a good one and doesn't sacrifice quality despite the quantity of tracks offered. Listening to it again makes me think that perhaps I should sample some more of the band's albums. This is one I definitely recommend.

      Track Listing (Disc 1)
      1. Dani California
      2. Snow (Hey Oh)
      3. Charlie
      4. Stadium Arcadium
      5. Hump de Bump
      6. She's Only 18
      7. Slow Cheetah
      8. Torture Me
      9. Strip My Mind
      10. Especially in Michigan
      11. Warlocks
      12. C'mon Girl
      13. Wet Sand
      14. Hey

      Track Listing (Disc 2)
      1. Desecration Smile
      2. Tell Me Baby
      3. Hard to Concentrate
      4. 21st Century
      5. She Looks to Me
      6. Readymade
      7. If
      8. Make You Feel Better
      9. Animal Bar
      10. So Much I
      11. Storm in a Teacup
      12. We Believe
      13. Turn It Again
      14. Death of a Martian


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        06.09.2009 20:42
        Very helpful



        A great album which is vintage Red Hot Chili Peppers

        With such a random name you'd expect RHCP to be famous alone but it helps that they have a current total of 9 albums not to mention a number of sold out world tours. They are seen as a great live band especially due to their improvisation on stage. Their current members include, Anthony Kiedis - lead vocals, John Frusciante - guitar, backing vocals,keyboards, Michael "Flea" Balzary - bass, trumpet, keyboards, Chad Smith - drums, percussion.My favourite songs of this album are:

        Disc 1

        (1) Dani California, this is the best possible way to start off the album. A funky intro, an awesome solo, great lyrics and a truly brilliant video.

        (2) Snow (hey oh), a great riff starts off this song. Kiedis' singing is great as always. Flea and Chad also do great as always. The keyboard also has a nice effect.

        (4) Stadium Arcadium, a slower song. Again another great song, they really pulled out the stops with the lyrics for this album. This song will definitely get stuck in your head.

        (6) She's only 18. this starts off with typical Chili fashion, with John playing a funky riff but it soons roars into a great rock chorus.

        Disc 2

        (1) Descreation Smile, another slower song. It was one of the singles released from the album. Frusicante does great at backing vocals as always and his solo is great.

        (14) Death of a martian, a great riff from Frusicante sets the standard for this song. Good way to end the album but I'm not a big fan of the rapping outro.

        Don't be worried that I haven't talked about more of the songs those songs are just my favourites. This is a superb album espeically since this is their ninth album. You certainly get value for your money with two discs and most of the songs reaching the four minute mark. Buy this now.


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        16.04.2008 06:44
        Very helpful



        'Stadium Arcadium' is a fantastic album; I thoroughly recommend it to all.

        For a long time now I have been a massive fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Always the music is packed full of energy, excitement, and a great lust for life. The music makes you want to get up and dance, it's positive music and the energy contained within the bands sound is always intense. When the band released the 'Stadium Arcadium' album in 2006 I spent months greatly anticipating its release. When the album finally emerged it must be said that I most certainly was not in the least bit disappointed.

        'Stadium Arcadium' is the ninth studio album to have been released by the exceptional rock band that is Red Hot Chili Peppers. Twenty eight tracks make up this album and not a single one disappoints. There are two discs here, both are hugely impressive and always the music is highly energetic and an absolute joy to listen to. From the moment the music begins with 'Dani California' you know you're in for something special; it's an absolutely brilliant song, perhaps one of the best that the band has ever written in fact. The drum beats come smashing through here, the bass lines come booming and never for a second does the music disappoint. 'Dani California' is an excellent piece of music from Red Hot Chili Peppers, the song is perfect in every sense and listening to the track therefore brings nothing but joy. This is absolute aural excellence from Red Hot Chili Peppers, a truly inspirational tune that is full of life and greatly enjoyable to listen to.

        'Snow (Hey Oh)' is another of my favourites from this release, again the music contains a great beauteous quality and listening to it is therefore a treat. Once more it is the bass lines that impress so much here, always with the music of Red Hot Chili Peppers the bass is central to the funky sound of the band and never does the slap bass of band member Flea cease to astonish me. The vocal tone of Anthony Kiedis is always excellent, the lyrics are here sublime and always when I listen to this song I smile. The music is brilliant and Red Hot Chili Peppers here prove themselves to be sensationally talented, the sound of 'Snow (Hey Oh)' is pretty much perfect.

        Both of the songs I've mentioned so far are from the first disc of 'Stadium Arcadium' which is given the title of 'Jupiter'. The second disc here is 'Mars' and is an equally sensational masterpiece of music. Both of these discs contain fourteen tracks, separating the music in this sense is an interesting concept on behalf of Red Hot Chili Peppers and each of the two discs here present of 'Stadium Arcadium' are I feel equally excellent. The 'Jupiter' disc begins with 'Desecration Smile' and not once here does the music disappoint.

        Songs from the 'Jupiter' disc such as 'Storm in a Teacup', 'We Believe', and 'Tell Me Baby' also are all particularly appealing. In truth all of the tracks from this disc are great, it is these three however that stand out to me most here and never can I listen to these tracks enough. There is an excellent vocal echo about 'We Believe', 'Storm in a Teacup' has a supremely funky flavour, and 'Tell Me Baby' is without doubt up there amongst my favourite tracks that this band has ever recorded. The track is truly sensational, a definite Red Hot Chili Peppers classic and one that I am sure will be listened to for many years to come.

        The great thing about this 'Stadium Arcadium' album is the musical diversity of the band that is on display here. Red Hot Chili Peppers integrates with this album musical styles from various points in the bands career and this approach really does pay off. Since 1983 Red Hot Chili Peppers has been creating music together as a band and in that time the band has therefore showcased a large variety of sounds. 'Stadium Arcadium' mixes sensationally well a large variety of these styles in order to create an innovative and highly original sound which never disappoints in the slightest.

        Of all nine of the albums that Red Hot Chili Peppers have ever released as a band I have to say that 'Stadium Arcadium' is most certainly one of my favourites. I love 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' and 'Californication', this album I feel is on a par with these two however and in some ways is perhaps even better. 'Stadium Arcadium' provides over two hours of music, all of the tracks are excellent and never is there a dull moment here. From start to finish both of these discs are mightily impressive and never does the energy of this band cease to amaze me. There are twenty eight tracks in total here, all of which I'd wholly recommend listening to as there is some great enjoyment to be gained from this album. The variety of sounds on display here truly is a feast for the ears, Red Hot Chili Peppers display a huge talent on this 'Stadium Arcadium' album and I personally have nothing but love for this release.


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          22.10.2007 11:18
          Very helpful



          Contains 28 fantastic tracks on a double album.

          ~About the band~

          The Red Hot Chili Peppers are an American alternative rock band, which formed in Los Angeles, California in 1983.
          The band has four members which are:
          Anthony Keidis - Vocals.
          John Fruschante – Lead guitar and backing vocals.
          Flea – Bass guitar and backing vocals.
          Chad Smith – Drums.
          The band are still going strong after an impressive a 24 year career, and nine studio albums.

          ~The Album~

          Produced by, Rick Rubin.
          Mixed by, Ryan Hewitt and Anthony Scheps.
          Released in May 2006.
          Stadium Arcadium is the newest offering from the Chili’s, which is a two CD album containing 28 tracks, the two discs are named Jupiter and Mars.
          Run time is 122.19 mins.

          The track list:
          1. Dani California. (Single)
          2. Snow (hey oh.) (Single)
          3. Charlie.
          4. Stadium Arcadium.
          5. Hump de bump. (Single)
          6. She’s only 18.
          7. Slow Cheetah.
          8. Torture me.
          9. Strip my Mind.
          10. Especially in Michigan.
          11. Warlocks.
          12. C’mon Girl.
          13. Wet sand.
          14. Hey.

          1. Desecration Smile. (Single)
          2. Tell me baby. (Single)
          3. Hard to concentrate.
          4. 21st Century.
          5. She looks to me.
          6. Readymade.
          7. If.
          8. Make you feel better.
          9. Animal bar.
          10. So much I.
          11. Storm in a tea cup.
          12. We Believe.
          13. Turn it again.
          14. Death of a Martian.

          ~The Music~

          The music has been described as alternative rock, funk rock and funk metal over the years. The album integrates all aspects of the bands musical styles, from funk rock, rap to pop punk, styles which the Chili’s have always been consistent with and there’s no mistaking their music if you’ve heard them before, they definitely have a very unique style. Anthony Keidis is one of the most charismatic front-men alive and his passion for the music is obvious in his singing, his biggest influence is Jimi Hendrix which definitely shows up in ‘Hump de bump’.

          ~My thoughts~

          I have been a big fan of the Chili’s for a long time now and own all their albums, and I couldn’t wait to hear the newest release, especially as it was a double album. But that’s the only problem, with so many tracks to digest you need a good few months of listening to really appreciate each song for what it really is, so many of my friends had listened to it a few times and said ‘nothing really stands out apart from the singles’. But they have since changed their tune!
          In my opinion over half of the tracks on the album are quite strong enough to be successful singles.

          Both CD’s have the same calibre of music and neither is better or worse than the other, containing funky soul tunes, ballads with complex harmony styles, to right rock blow outs. The diversity of the tracks is fantastic with vocals, guitar and bass being particularly strong. And after an impressive 24 year career with a troubled past including drug addiction, death and different band members coming and going, the Chili’s are stronger as a band than ever.
          The photography is also fantastic by Gus Van Sant, and the layout of the booklet inside the CD case has the Mars and Jupiter lyrics opposite ways, so one is turned upside down which is great.

          All in all the album leaves little to be desired, and I definitely recommend it be added to your music collection.


          This is the ninth studio album and sold 442,000 copies in the U.S in its debut week and hit number one on the Billboard 200, a first for the band.
          Rolling Stone quoted it as ‘Most anticipated album’.
          Q Magazine said ‘#1 must have album for 2006’.
          The album gained them 7 Grammy awards in 2007 and has sold 7 million copies worldwide to date with the first three singles reaching number 1 on the U.S modern rock chart.
          The song ‘Death of a Martian’ was an ode to flea’s dog Martian, who died during the recording of the album.

          This album rocks, and is definitely worth buying!


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            30.06.2007 20:00



            Should be in everyones house absolutely amazing

            have had this Album for quite a while now and I am still listening to it. Two CD's named Jupiter and Mars with varied styles of music within, once again the peppers have created a diverse range of music in an album for all to enjoy from Funk to Rock the Guys do it all 28 tracks of pure Genius.

            1)Dani California- Great track good bass beats and catchy lyrics 9/10
            2)Snow (Hey Oh)- Another good track great vocals and guitar work 8.5/10
            3)Charlie-Not one of my Favorites but good funk tune 6.5/10
            4)Stadium Arcadium-Great Vocals and Druming 8/10
            5)Hump de Bump-Amazing catching funk track 9/10
            6)She's only 18-A rather strange track when listening to lyrics but pretty good 7/10
            7)Slow Cheetah-The best song on the Album 10/10
            8)Torture Me-Great Rock tune good Guitar and Drums 9/10
            9)Stip My Mind-Slow tune but stil good 7/10
            10)Especialy In Michigan-Good catchy tune and lyrics 8/10
            11)Warlocks-Good bass line getts you humming for days 8.5/10
            12)C'mon Girl-Amazing vocals great chorus 7.5/10
            13)Wet Sand-This sounds sounds very much like their early work 9/10
            14)Hey-Probbably one of their greatest 10/10

            1)Desecration Smile-Really great track catchy and good rhythm 9/10
            2)Tell Me Baby-Good lyrics and great melody 8.5/10
            3)Hard To Concentrate-Ok good bass line 6/10
            4)21st Century-Quite hard to listen to but alright 5/10
            5)She Looks To Me-Slow but soothing song to chill out to 9/10
            6)Readymade-Amazing Bass line stays in your head 9.5/10
            7)If-Lyrics good and great guitar work 8/10
            8)Make You Feel Better-This song is the catchyest on the album 10/10
            9)Animal Bar-Sound like and Ad at the start but gets better 7/10
            10)So Much I-Fast and frantic makes you want to jump aroung 6/10
            11)Storm In A Teacup-Good guitar work and lyrics 8/10
            12)We Believe-Wierd effects goin on in this one but over all great 8/10
            13)Turn It Again-Funk/Rock this one is interesting 8.5/10
            14)Death Of A Martian-Really wierd lyrics not great 5/10

            All of these songs are great and will live up to the high chili peppers expectations a great album shuch a must have !!


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            30.01.2007 16:08
            Very helpful



            Below par album but still provides value for money

            When it comes to Christmas presents I like to get some thing you can use and what I actually want. Normally this is something I can use; whether this is something to watch, do something with or listen to. The latter making up the most of my Christmas lists these days, basically I get what I most of the time. So it came to no surprise that this festive period I received the CD album Stadium Arcadium by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from my Cousin.

            My previous experience of this band only spans one album. This was the previous album release By the Way released in 2002 although the band spans back to the early eighties. Their main releases on the album front have been Red Hot Chili Peppers, Freaky Styli, The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, Mother’s Milk, Blood Sugar Sex Magik What Hits!?, Californication and as I have mentioned By the Way plus a few others such as the Live in Hyde Park album.

            This album has two CDs, CD 1 is called Jupiter and CD 2 is called Mars containing a total of 28 songs.

            ~ Jupiter ~

            1. Dani California (4.42) – This track has a great drumbeat and some great lyrics. The chorus is very distinct. I particularly enjoy the hallowing and soulful singing parts. Quite heavy on the ears and I believe requires certain mood to listen too. The guitar rifts towards the end are stunning. Altogether a very up beat track. 8.5/10
            2. Snow (Hey Oh) (5.34) – Despite the name this track is far from chilling. This track ranks amongst one of my favourite tracks on the whole album. Soulful ‘Hey Ohs’ combine with the music and do well to create a fairly calm and happy tune. 9/10
            3. Charlie (4.37) – There is a funk feel to this tune. I quite like the rather peculiar effects created by the bands own voices. The lyrics are excellent and head bobbing in time with the music. I can hear quite a bit of familiarity with older songs by the band that I heard to date. 8.5/10
            4. Stadium Arcadium (5.14) – Uncomplicated lyrics and music come together to create an above average title track. Lyrics are once again soulful and I find them quite warm. This track fluctuates between smooth and rough tones. 9/10
            5. Hump de Bump (3.33) – I can only described this track as fast paced funk and happens to be rather fun. I love the guitar and saxophone in this one, keeps the fun atmosphere in conjunction with the lyrics. 9/10
            6. She’s Only 18 (3.25) – This has an anthem like touch to it in places. The beat is slower in comparison with the previous track. If you like your electric guitar then there is a good rift in this that will suit you. Like previous tracks this has soulful lyrics, although all sounding a bit samey by this point these lyrics are still great listening. 8.5/10
            7. Slow Cheetah (5.19) – The title makes so much sense, relatively steady paced through out. I would definitely call this ballad like but with the up beat temp later in the track calling this a true ballad would not be quite right. Slow lyrics, very melodic and I cannot help thinking there is touch of Coldplay like influence in there (or could it be the other way round). 9/10
            8. Torture Me (3.44) – I am not sure about this one, less singing, more like shouting although I quite like the music, relatively fast but the tempo does slow mid way through the track. I do actually feel like this track is torturing me to be honest. This one is far from there best. 7/10
            9. Strip My Mind (4.19) – Ingenious lyrics and music, something different to what has come before, worthy of merit is the way the lyrics flow into the background at various points. Only thing I dislike is the grungy guitar part way through the track, not sure what purpose that brings to this other wise flawless track, the score reflects that. 9/10
            10. Especially in Michigan (4.00) – I have not really got a lot of inspiration to comment on this track, seems rather samey yet another good track all at the same time. I think it is the guitar that does it, nothing too different but likable. 8/10
            11. Warlocks (3.25) – This is fast track that does not lack too much in the music department but lyrically although well sung not as good as other tracks. Again misuse of the guitar in my view just comes in with no apparent reason. I find the lyrics over lap guitar too much so you miss half the line being sung in some places. 7.5/10
            12. C’mon Girl (3.48) – Steady pace, good song with a weird music beat and too loud in places but some very good effects, a but like film sound effects. 8.5/10
            13. Wet Sand (5.09) – This is what I like, just plain soulful singing against guitar music with a flowing beat. This track has a nice steady tune and some good music but near to the end I cannot help feeling the lyrics are getting drowned out by music again. 8.5/10
            14. Hey (5.39) – I very nice calm finish to this disc, relatively relaxing and smooth beat. Apart from drums the percussion is more evident in this track than in others. 9/10

            ~ Mars ~

            1. Desecration Smile (5.01) – This is my favourite track, not as upbeat surprisingly for me but I like it. Very well sung and the music is simply sublime, good use here of the guitar for change. Some soft tunes in places, just nice and easy. 9.5/10
            2. Tell Me Baby (4.07) - This is an upbeat song with a sort of rap inserted in places. This is one of the classic songs on this album and is relatively fast but easy to keep up with. 9/10
            3. Hard to Concentrate (4.01) – The lyrics on this track are emphasised. Light hearted tune with a certain smoothness to the track, you have listen to this track to understand. 8.5/10
            4. 21st Century (4.22) – Lyrics do not really match the music, I guess the style of the band comes through, still a pretty decent attempt. Lyrics are just fine, would be better with the right music though. 8/10
            5. She Looks To Me (4.05) – This is a nice track, it comes well presented in its own unique packaging, just how I like my music. Music flows well with the lyrics in tow. 9/10
            6. Readymade (4.30) – This track ups the anti in the heaviness stakes on this side of the album. That does not detract from my enjoyment of this track. The grungy rift interlaced in between the lyrics does well as does the backing vocals. Not always my sort of track but after several times through I still have not tired of this tune. 9/10
            7. If (2.52) – Another calm and lyrically pleasing tune. Probably the best sung track on the album with a hallowing feel. Short but sweet. 9/10
            8. Make You Feel Better (3.51) – Upbeat tune with a fast beat, rather hip and fresh compared to a lot of the other tracks. 9/10
            9. Animal Bar (5.25) – This is nicely balanced tune, well presented with space like undertones through the background music effects. Sounds just nice although a bit long and repetitive. 9/10
            10. So Much I (3.44) – Very fast tempo to this rather lippy track. One bit of music just turns into the next. I was not really expecting this track after the type of tracks that come before but maybe this side of the album needed a reinvention of pace. 8.5/10
            11. Storm In A Teacup (3.44) – This sounds like speeded hip-hop with grunge inserted in between. Never fear though, still sounding good and true to the bands style. 8/10
            12. We Believe (3.35) – A mellow tune with heavy music. Fades out towards the end with a weird, bubbling water effect in the lyrics. Not sure what else to make of this track, another where you have to listen to it to get the idea. 8/10
            13. Turn It Again (6.05) – Another loud and proud track with heavy metal undertones, medium paced throughout but light enough on the ears. This track reads a bit like a book, each part coming in like a whole new chapter such is the steady change of the music and lyrics. 8/10
            14. Death of a Martian (4.24) – I have to say this track has the coolest introduction of any track on the album. This is another calm and easy track with standing the urge to go too heavy. I would probably describe this track best as almost being a travelling tune if that makes sense. 8.5/10

            ~ The Album Overall ~

            I would say the easy summary for this album would be that the tracks on Mars are more superior to the tracks on Jupiter. I get the feeling this is an experimental album and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are trying bits of different things in anticipation of something better. Confusing presentation and unexpected inserts in the songs makes it awkward at times but great at others. The shorter the track the better the song seemed to be all-round. For me there is something major missing from this album, although I have rated a lot of songs quite highly I just do not think the album has certain something that makes it great and I think the score below reflects that.

            ~ Packaging ~

            I have the digi-pack version of this album. This being a book like card CD case with three panels, two hold the CDs and the other has a slip in it for the CD booklet. The Mars CD is Red and Jupiter CD in Blue. The cover is blue, set in a solar system like back drop and album name making up the Sun. On the reverse is the band in what I can only describe as Queens Bohemian Rhapsody video meets glam rock. The booklet contains images and lyrics for all the songs and double sided for both sides of the album. This is probably the nicest CD case I have seen recently and has a certain appeal.

            ~ Value for Money ~

            Now the album only costs £9.99 from play.com and £10.99 from hmv.co.uk (RRP £17.99) and if you compare this to other releases by other artists, you would get only half as many or less for a similarly priced album. If you think we have 28 average to excellent songs this is an amazing value for money album if you like this genre of music and can stand the style of music this time round generated by the band.

            ~ Finally ~

            This is a good album but if you like it easy to listen to this may not be for you. Not the most outstanding album you will ever listen too but by far not the worst.

            Verdict: 3.5/5


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              09.10.2006 20:39
              Very helpful



              The Chili's go mellow and branch out

              I’ve resisted writing an opinion on Stadium Arcadium for a number of months now for one sole reason. Being a double album, it sometimes takes quite a while to digest every track and normally everything doesn’t sound the same.

              Ever after seeing them live in the Summer down the road in Ipswich, I still mulled over this opus.

              The album was released in May of this year and has mustered some good reviews all around. It follows recent double disc affairs from the likes of the Foo Fighters and the Smashing Pumpkins. It’s certainly a difficult thing for a band to pull off, coming up with something that has at least twenty good songs and not much filler.

              On initial listens I didn’t really warm to a lot of the stuff on both cd’s. The first single ‘Dani California’ certainly isn’t indicative of the sound throughout the album. This is the Chili Peppers expanding on ‘By The Way’ with a little bit of ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ thrown in.

              Dani California is one of the most accessible songs on the album with a guitar riff that sounds like Sweet Home Alabama and an infectious chorus that hits on the overdrive pedal with gusto.

              It’s a good start but from then on in things kick back a little bit in the groove. One of my favourite tracks has to be ‘Charlie’, a simple riff and harmonious chorus make this an infectious track that at first seems slight. But I’ve found it really grows on you.

              The same can be said for ‘Strip My Mind’, a chilled out track featuring great harmonies and a simple music arrangement. The ‘Woah Yeah’ motif that runs through the track makes it stick in your mind rather than stripping it.

              Another one of my favourites is ‘Wet Sand’. John Frusciante’s guitar strums a nice riff while Kiedis sings a warped collection of lyrics in a blissful mood.

              If you had to ask me to pick out a weakness on ‘Jupiter’, the first cd well it would be tough. In fact I really can’t as slowly and surely I like every one of the songs on the cd. Each one of them is well crafted and infectious.

              The second cd ‘Mars’ kicks off with ‘Desecration Smile’. A song that has the potential to be a future single. An acoustic guitar strum backs some bluesy vocals before a great chorus “never in the wrong time or wrong place, desecration is the smile on my face”.

              ‘Tell Me Baby’ is the second single from the album and I suppose it’s one of the more accessible tracks. The traditional rock funk style of the band is instantly recognisable with the bass slapping of Flea a big feature.

              ‘She Looks To Me’ is another grower with its slow groove, infectious lyrics and great production.

              I suppose you can say that Mars has the fairer share of harder tracks that hark back to an earlier Chili’s sound.

              ‘So Much I’ is certainly more energetic track with rumbling bass, crazy guitar and a hard beat. It’s a good diversion from what it a generally laid back sound.
              ‘Storm In A Teacup’ is in the same vein and comes complete with a lyric that goes something like ‘hootang gootang givty ala cuntay’. It’s probably not that at all but I rarely read the lyrics in the accompanying booklet.

              Stadium Arcadium is quite a feat, 28 tracks and not one of them that feel like filler. For the most part, it’s a chilled California tinged sound more in tune with recent Chili Peppers albums. For me it’s one of the albums of the year and is on heavy Ipod rotation in my ears every day.


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                09.07.2006 15:55
                Very helpful



                An album that will develop and draw me in more with future listens

                With the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ (henceforth to be known as RHCP) last studio album starting to become a distant memory having been released way back in 2002 it was high time the Californian rock outfit hit the recording studios again. Luckily that is exactly what they did as 2005 saw them record a massive 38 new songs. These tunes were originally going to be released on three albums bi-annually, but after talks with their record company it was decided to condense the songs down to a 28 track double CD collection, and thus “Stadium Arcadium” was born. The first CD was to be called Jupiter while the 2nd disk was titled Mars. Being a confirmed RHCP nut the release date of May 8th 2006 couldn’t come quick enough for me, when it did I awoke early and hot footed it to my local record emporium to snap up a copy of the long awaited album – at last I had 28 new RHCP tracks to absorb myself in!

                Each CD contains 14 songs, with the opening song on the first disk – Jupiter - also being the first single of the album – Dani California. The song kicks in with distinctive drums and Fleas bass guitar strumming which are soon joined by Anthony kiedis’ trade mark funk rap vocals. Dani California is the type of song that has you tapping your feet after having heard it only once or twice, the lyrics are clever and catchy and this is immediately recognisable as a RHCP tune. Drum and guitar solo’s also break up the singing to glorious effect.

                The album continues in a strong vein with Snow (Hey Oh) and Charlie playing on subtle instrument playing and quick lyrics. Snow (Hey oh) is very much a kiedis song in that the words are well thought out and tell a story within the song – If I had to compare it to previous RHCP songs I would say it is similar in style to Otherside – an epiphany of a song! Charlie on the other hand deals with Cocaine use and brings back the strong instrumental play of the band. John Frusciante sets about the electric guitar to deliver catchy loops and solos.

                Next up is the title song Stadium Arcadium, one of my favourite songs on the album and very reminiscent of the 2000 hit Californication. Bass guitar takes a strong role in this song while drums and electric guitar are happy to take a back seat. Stadium Arcadium is pencilled in to be a future single release, and I feel this is a fine choice as it harks back to the early RHCP funk rock style. Of the other songs on this first CD She’s only 18, Torture Me and Hey stand out for me. Torture Me is a fast paced, hard hitting tune while Hey goes all gentle and melodic on us. The other 7 songs are listenable to but ultimately offer very little in the way of ground breaking song writing or instrumentals.

                Disc 2 – Mars – starts with another future single in Desecration Smile; not a favourite of mine if I’m honest but I can see the commercial appeal to it. Again the song is lead by Anthony Kiedis’ lyrics backed up with subtle guitar playing. Drums and bass guitar are very much in the background on this song. The current Single Tell Me Baby follows, and unlike the last song this is very much my favourite tune on the album. It starts with a gentle guitar loop – almost nursery rhyme-esque in its sound before Flea and Chad jump in with heavy bass and drums to kick start the song. A fast expressive delivery of the songs words adds to the full on feel of the tune before things soften up and slow down for the chorus – this is the type of song the RHCP do best! Other tunes worthy of mention on this second disk include Storm In a tea cup – a sort of hybrid of the RHCP song Give it away and MARRS’s Pump up the Volume. Death of a Martian is an interesting tune written when Flea – the bass player – lost his dog!

                So was Stadium Arcadium worth the four year wait since the last RHCP studio album? On the whole I would say yes – but it could have been better. I feel that with the double CD there are just too many tracks that wash over you without making an impression – they are still good songs in there own right just that they are rather usurped by the stronger tracks I’ve mentioned above. A couple of times now I’ve found myself skipping the filler tracks in order to listen to the better songs, and with an album that I’ve only had a couple of months that does not bode well for future listening. In my opinion Stadium Arcadium would have been the album of the year if they had stuck the best 14 or so tracks onto one CD and left it like that. That said the album is keenly priced at around £13 on Amazon and £15 on iTunes so you are getting a lot of music for your money.

                The album also seems to stay loyal to the original RHCP sound while stretching the boundaries - maybe the group felt they needed the luxury of the 28 songs to be able to express themselves fully while keeping the traditional funk rock sound that made them what they are today. Songs like Hump de Bump and Warlocks are very reminiscent of the early un-commercialised RHCP sound while Dani California and Tell Me Baby offer the far more mature sound loved and recognised by more recent converts of the group. Whatever RHCP sound you prefer though this is a must have album if you follow the Californian band, and one that I feel will develop and draw me in more with future listens.

                Track Listing:-

                Disc: 1
                1. Dani California, 2. Snow (Hey Oh), 3. Charlie, 4. Stadium Arcadium, 5. Hump de Bump, 6. She's Only 18, 7. Slow Cheetah, 8. Torture Me, 9. Strip My Mind, 10. Especially in Michigan, 11. Warlocks, 12. C'mon Girl, 13. Wet Sand, 14. Hey

                Disc: 2
                1. Desecration Smile, 2. Tell Me Baby, 3. Hard to Concentrate, 4. 21st Century, 5. She Looks to Me, 6. Readymade, 7. If, 8. Make You Feel Better, 9. Animal Bar, 10. So Much I, 11. Storm in a Teacup, 12. We Believe, 13. Turn It Again, 14. Death of a Martian.


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                  06.07.2006 19:28
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                  A excelent album

                  This is definalty the best album the chili's have made so far,every song is perfect in every way,the solo's -which are in almost every song- are truly brilliant,I would recomend this album to everyone,young or old.I could go on for ages about the songs,which differ from the band's old style,some songs are quite mellow and relaxing,but some songs are heavier,This album is truly brilliant. The only problam is that Me and most of the people I know has the album is that its really easy to get the names of the songs mixed up!


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                    28.06.2006 14:48
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                    Great double album, good value for money.

                    Yet another great album from the chillies. These boys never seem to let me down. It's a double album with 28 tracks and maybe one not so good song thrown in, for a double album one bad one is amazing. I checked it out on the red hot chilli peppers my space first and went straight down and got a copy. At the price its going for now i think this album is a bargain if you are a fan of the band or you just like rock music get yourelf down and buy this album.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Dani California
                    2 Snow (Hey Oh)
                    3 Charlie
                    4 Stadium Arcadium
                    5 Hump de Bump
                    6 She's Only 18
                    7 Slow Cheetah
                    8 Torture Me
                    9 Strip My Mind
                    10 Especially in Michigan
                    11 Warlocks
                    12 C'mon Girl
                    13 Wet Sand
                    14 Hey

                    Disc #2 Tracklisting
                    1 Desecration Smile
                    2 Tell Me Baby
                    3 Hard to Concentrate
                    4 21st Century
                    5 She Looks to Me
                    6 Readymade
                    7 If
                    8 Make You Feel Better
                    9 Animal Bar
                    10 So Much I
                    11 Storm in a Teacup
                    12 We Believe
                    13 Turn It Again
                    14 Death of a Martian

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