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Star Trek: The Best Of - Soundtrack

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2 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 1999-04-30 at Milan

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    2 Reviews
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      12.10.2009 20:45
      Very helpful



      A great disc

      Having just recently watched all of the original series Star Trek films, I tried to dig out my copy of the soundtracks. But alas, my old tape seems to have flown the coop, so I tried to track down a copy of the old thing on Amazon.

      The release that I am reviewing came out in 1991 and covers the best music from the first five films in the series. If you have read my previous reviews then you will probably recall that the odd numbered Trek films are usually a bit rubbish, with the even numbered films coming across much better.

      However, with the soundtracks the music is consistently excellent all the way through, regardless of the quality of the film in question. For instance Jerry Goldsmith's 'Life is a Dream' from Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is epic in its bombast. I recently listened to this CD in a car stereo and it certainly is best when cranked up really loud!

      The music can be quite samey in some respects, but then 'themes' are echoed throughout the disc, but this just adds to the whole album. The best music comes from The Wrath of Khan which was composed by James Horner. 'Battle In the Mutara Nebula' and 'Enterprise Clears its Moorings', and 'Genesis Countdown' are fantastic themes that are really epic and stirring.

      Also admirable is Leonard Rosenman's Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Two of my favourite tracks from this album come from that film - 'Chekov's Run' and 'Hospital Chase' are fun little excerpts which make me want to buy the whole album.

      In all, The Best of Star Trek neatly wraps up five films worth of great music. Fans of Star Trek of movie music will lap this up, but there is lots to enjoy here for many people. Recommended.


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        23.09.2009 12:34
        Very helpful
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        A good place to start if you haven't got any Star Trek music in your collection.

        This was the first Star Trek CD I bought, 10 years ago and I would recommend it as a start for anyone who wants to dip their toes in Star Trek music. The collection is sub-titled "The Astral Symphony" and contains music from the first five films. The pieces have been sensible selected and arranged on the disc in the form of a pseudo "symphony". This is meant to be listened to in one sitting, in the order presented and I would recommend that you follow this advice.

        Highlights for me are the pieces from Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock, the opening theme (Track 10) of which is my favourite.

        The majority of the music comes from Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner who both scored two films. The music from Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home has always been my least favourite. The music, by Leonard Rosenman never really gelled with me and whilst it suited the film, it doesn't really stand up to isolated listening away from the visuals.

        Overall, an excellent CD at a good price.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Life Is A Dream
        2 Meld
        3 Returning To Vulcan
        4 Battle In The Nutara Nebula
        5 Enterprise Clears Moorings
        6 Chekov's Run
        7 Ilia's Theme
        8 Without Help
        9 Enterprise
        10 Prologue And Main Title
        11 Hospital Chase
        12 Whaler
        13 Angry God
        14 Genesis Countdown
        15 Katra Ritual
        16 Home Again End Credits

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