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Started A Fire - One Night Only

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Artist: One Night Only / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2008-02-11 at Mercury Records Ltd (London)

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2008 17:39
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      Fab album by one of the UK's growing artists

      One Night Only are an amazing (in my opinion) indie-rock-pop band just breaking the surface of the music scene, despite having been around for quite a while thanks to the wonders of Myspace, Bebo and their own webpage. The band is made up of 5 talents young guys from Hemsley, in south Yorkshire. Forming in 2003 the band has changed their line up once in 5 years, but the combination we have now has contributed to one of the best new bands, that we have taken into our hearts.

      The band now consists of;
      George Craig - Lead vocals, Lead guitar
      Mark Hayton - guitar, backing vocals
      Daniel Parkin - Bass
      Sam Ford - Drums
      Jack Sails - Keyboards, backing vocals

      'Started a Fire' was released on the 11th of February, much awaited after the singles 'You and Me,' and 'Just for Tonight.' In my town I went to but the album on its release and was slightly disappointed... Woolworth's had none! Yes, I know that's a good thing... but I wanted a copy, eventually after trailing around my town I found a copy in Asda, for £7.47.

      Anyway enough of that... the tracks:

      ~~ Just For Tonight ~~
      Reaching number 9 in the UK singles charts in its first week of release, this song truly grabbed the public and we all fell for this new talented band. It is a great opener for the album as it has an up tempo opening riffs and you know that you can love this band. Lead singer George has the fresh voice of a singer that you know will age over time, his voice provides the right accompaniment to the music of; Mark, Daniel, Sam and Jack. This song will leave you singing all day and the video to go with the tack is very well produced and thought out, a brilliant video alongside a brilliant track.

      ~~ Its About Time ~~
      The next single to be released off this album it was announced recently, again the opening riffs are a great way to start the track, leaving you feeling happy and up beat about the song. The lyrics could somewhat reflect how we have felt at one point in our lives, with wanting someone back. Never-the-less, this track is another happy song for the breakthrough band. It seems they could have been taking tips from their recent touring friends, 'The Pigeon Detectives' as they have a similar style.

      ~~ You and Me ~~
      A summery song, with a summery video, featuring the guys in sleeveless tops in the sunshine having fun. This song is such a couple's song, the lyrics are so happy. This song is just so happy and sing along. Live especially this track gets the whole crowd singing..! Shamefully the track only reached 46 in the UK singles chart when released in 2007, I hope they re-release this track and get it the recognition it deserves.

      ~~ He's There ~~
      The track the album title is stolen from, try and find the lyric in the song! Personally my favourite, on the album and in a live context, it just makes you want to jump about. Just like the rest of the tracks on this album it is happy up beat and with an awesome riff, which does not seem out of place in the slightest. The drums from Sam Ford, is so good and works so well live, the whole band just work so well together on this track, if you want to try one song off this album, this song has to be it! This song reminds me so much of being on a beach with a big fire and just laughing..!

      ~~ Start Over ~~
      The beginning to this song reminds me of a track by a band called Asia (not sure if anyone else has heard if them,) however it jumps straight into more awesome riffs and melodic lyrics. The lyrics with this song, have to be the best of the album, they just seem to be the funniest ones where it could be a one-sided conversation with a girl that everyone seems to have an opinion on. It is a little slower and less up beat that some of the previous tracks yet it doesn't fail to impress.

      ~~ Time ~~
      A more thought provoking track from the boys, as more melodic riff pattern too. Another track that you will be singing all day, if you can ever manage to get 'Just for Tonight' out of your head..! It has the lyrics that make you think about past times and think about your own like, for a young band they have a lot of depth to them, which makes them even more likeable in my opinion.

      ~~ Stay at Home ~~
      An incredibly teen track, portraying the fighting to get out when you want to, that every teen suffers at one point or another..! Me included! It shows that the band went through the same process of difficult parents, except for them it wasn't so long ago! So teens relate much easier to this track, and again the lyrics also give me that thought of being on a beach with a big fire... it does seem One Night Only have a little obsession with fire..! The guitars are spectacular as they have been all through this album, I cannot fault this band, maybe I am biased as I saw them before they made it but I do have to say I love this band!

      ~~ Its Alright ~~
      This sees the band back on the former upbeat exited tempo of the initial few tracks. It's so catchy I got caught singing it very loudly down the street, due to iPod absent mindedness! It has the greatest lyric in this track , 'I look outside the skies painted the floor,' It is one of the best tracks on here and I cannot praise it enough!

      ~~ Sweet Sugar ~~
      A slower, perhaps the slowest track on the album, but not the worst. The lyrics this band come up with are outstanding I cannot love this track enough. The lyrics 'you are my C6H12O6, sweet sugar' even makes a chemical sequence seem quite cool!

      ~~ Hide ~~
      The last track off the album is a little bit different to the rest and that is by no means a bad thing. It just gives the whole band a chance to show off their skills in the opening and skills they are! George bursts in with his lyrics and the track is complete. For such a young band, their maturity and inspiration is amazing.

      This album has got to be my album of the year... I know its only march but I cannot stop listening to it, and nope, I'm not bored of it yet! On top of their musical talent the boys are also incredibly friendly, when I went to see them supporting 'The Pigeon Detectives' in November of last year, they were so nice to all of the crowd and to those they met backstage and at the exit. How much better can you get a band than super - talented and super - nice!

      This album is on sale in HMV at the moment for £6.99, so if you want a bargain on an amazing album this is where you should be going!

      Also posted on Ciao


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Just For Tonight
      2 It's About Time
      3 You and Me
      4 He's There
      5 Start Over
      6 Time
      7 Stay At Home
      8 It's Alright
      9 Sweet Sugar
      10 Hide

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