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Step Up 2 The Streets - Soundtrack

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4 Reviews

Genre: Soundtrack / Artist: Various / Soundtrack / Audio CD released 2008-03-17 at Atlantic

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    4 Reviews
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      21.07.2009 15:45
      Very helpful



      Good but no way near as good as i thought.

      i was immediately drawn to this item as i'd seen the film and it was brilliant! I loved the song 'Bounce' and some other songs i hadn't heard the name of that were on the film.
      The apperance was cool, funky and really hip hop style. It was easily opened and closed case and the price was great at only £6 HMV. So i bought it not paying attention to the songs on the back of the case.
      When i listened to it i was playing on using it for a dance show but 'Bounce' and Several others that i had previously heard wern't on there.
      I was really irritated because i'd expected the most popular songs to be on there like anybody would? I heard the parts of a few songs- vaguley- on there but didn't expect them to be there because they were barely played right? Yet they were there.
      I must admit there were some good songs including:
      Cherish 'Killa'
      Ching a ling Missy Elliot.
      But the rest were pretty unknown songs that were barely played in the film.

      I would recommend looking up the songs on the playlist before buying this CD or you might be disappointed.


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      08.06.2009 19:02
      Very helpful



      Fab companion to the film!

      The album debuted at #13 in America on the Billboard 200 but got to its highest position of #5 just 2 weeks later. It also reached #3 on the Australian charts.

      Soundtrack to an awsome movie...but i had to rewatch the film to figure out where some of the songs were from and was dissapointed when some songs werent featured on the album....mostly the mixed song from the end dance scene.

      For anyone that loves this movie, the sountrack is a must because, lets be honest, sountracks to movies like this are what makes them. Could you really imagine a film like this full of ballads? Just wouldnt be the same would it?

      This album is a must for anyone who is into commercial RnB but i dont think it will appeal to many other people. There weren't many songs on here that i didnt like, which rarely happens when i buy a CD, especially compilations. Low by Flo Rider was one of the most played songs on the radio during the summer of 2008 and although im quite bored of it now, i really loved it at the time.

      Track List
      1. Low - Flo Rida
      2. Shake Your Pom Pom - Missy Elliott
      3. Killa - Cherish
      4. Hypnotize - Plies ft Akon
      5. Is It You - Cassie
      6. Cant Help But Wait - Trey Songz ft Plies
      7. Church - T-Pain
      8. Ching A Ling - Missy Elliott 9, Push - Enriquez Iglesias
      9. 369 - Cupid
      10. Impossible - Bayje
      11. Lives In Da Club - Sophia Fresh
      12. Girl You Know - Scarface
      13. Say Cheese - KC
      14. Let It Go Brit & Alex
      15. Ain't No Stressin - Montana Tucker, Sikora, Denial

      My personal faves from the official soundtrack are:
      3. Killa - Cherish
      5. Is it you? - Cassie (Although this song is from a deleted scene...one of the ones that got me wondering)
      9. 3-6-9 - Cupid
      12. Girl you know - Scarface

      Songs that definitly should have been included in my opinion are:

      Everything i cant have - Robin Thicke (from the BBQ scene)
      The Humpty Dance - Digital Underground (The prank scene) - although i dont actually like this song, i think it was a big part of the movie
      and of course the mix from the end of the movie.

      Maybe we can hope that one day an unnoficial mix of songs for this movie are released. I think the sales would have been a bit better if they added more of the most popular songs but then thats what always seems to happen on Sountracks. Surely the producers would have figured this out by now?

      Its available for £4.98 at the minute on amazonStill worth buying tho!


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      04.08.2008 18:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      U will like at least half the album, but the jury is out on the the rest

      As you may have guessed this is the soundtrack to the film, SteUp 2. Sadly for me, the soundtrack doesnt feature some of the stronger songs used in the film, but it certainly does breathe new life into songs that have been done to death on radio and in the clubs, as if you have seen the film you will be able to relate.

      We kick off with arguably the biggest song of the summer, Low by Flo-Rida, which catapulted him to possible megastardom, mainly by the means of a little help help from rappa ternt sanga T-Pain. A good club song, but man, have I heard ti too many times?

      For me, the best song on the whole album is Trey Songz' Cant Help But Wait, as it has the smooth modern RnB vibe to it, and I have actually bough Trey Day off the back of that one song.

      Overall tho, the album is a must if you are into club RnB, as it features so many songs that have been huge this spring summer, so go buy it if u arent tired of them already!


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        30.07.2008 22:03
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Gets you in the mood for dancing!!

        If you enjoy a good dance this is a good album to add to your collection. Step up 2 The streets is a great album, if you have seen the film and loved it, you will most certainly love the soundtrack.
        Full of great RnB and Hip Hop tracks, the album features all the music you get familiar with when watching the film and it gets you moving and wanting to dance!!

        The album features well known artists such as Missy Elliott, Flo Ridar, Enriquez Iglesias and Cassy and I dont think I came across one song on the album that I didnt enjoy.

        Definately found this an album to listen to whilst getting ready to go out somewhere, it really makes you wanna dance!

        I have listened to it over and over and still not fed up of it either, its very much enjoyed by myself and also my friends so if you enjoyed the film, you will enjoy this album.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Low - Flo Rida
        2 Shake Your Pom Pom - Missy Elliott
        3 Killa - Cherish
        4 Hypnotize - Plies ft Akon
        5 Is It You - Cassie
        6 Cant Help But Wait - Trey Songz ft Plies
        7 Church - T-Pain
        8 Ching A Ling - Missy Elliott 9, Push - Enriquez Iglesias
        9 369 - Cupid
        10 Impossible - Bayje
        11 Lives In Da Club - Sophia Fresh
        12 Girl You Know - Scarface
        13 Say Cheese - KC
        14 Let It Go Brit & Alex
        15 Ain't No Stressin - Montana Tucker, Sikora, Denial

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