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Stereo Typical - Rizzle Kicks

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3 Reviews

Artist: Rizzle Kicks / Audio CD released 2011-10-31 at Island

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    3 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 15:56
      Very helpful



      2011 debut album by Rizzle Kicks

      When I was a youngster, a pup, I was very limited in my musical tastes. I was a real zealot about rock and grunge style music and considered everything else to be pure pish. Fans of pop music were either little girls or wannabe girls in my eyes and wee pale Irish fellas who went about listening to rap music were just laughable. Now that I'm sooooo much older (24) I've mellowed. I don't know what happened exactly but I have a much more eclectic taste in music these days. My days of listening to layered guitars and whining voices have now been replaced by a medley of pop music, electronic music and even rap that I'm still a bit embarrassed to be heard listening to. I've become a pale laughable little girl.

      One such guilty pleasure are the two wee lads who make up the Rizzle Kicks duo. Two mates who met at school and then rose to fame posting their work on YouTube. They're an instantly likeable down-to-earth pair who play a kinda of summery youthful hip-hop that's very English whilst without being irritatingly so (like The Streets).Jordan Rizzle seems to be the main rapper of the pair spilling out the harsher lines whilst he is complimented perfectly by the more melodious Sule who is noted to be a fan of such artists as Pete Doherty. Whether you see them on a poster, doing an interview or in one of their music videos they always present themselves as innocent looking, vacant and a little like River Island clothes models but undoubtedly likeable.

      "Stereo-Type" the band's one and only album was surprisingly released in 2011. They only came to my attention in the last few months with probably their most famous track to date "Down With The Trumpets"


      A lively track laden with blast of trumpets throughout. It's full of great lyrics both by Jordan Rizzle's straight forwards rapping style and Harley Sule's more melodic lines. It's a song that you can listen to over and over again. Musically it's also probably their strongest card on the album. It's a song that almost always gets put on when we're having a bit of a drinking session in the house and it's a track I like to listen to to perk me up. Definitely one of my favourite songs from 2012 albeit it was released in 2011

      Has Inspired such YouTube comments as:

      EHCMSheppard, "0:32 Rizzle looks like teddy out of Hangover :D"

      DREAMERS 4/5

      My second favourite song on the album. It's a song about the guy's dreams and ambitions. It's got the same air about it as does Tinchy Stryder's Bright Lights where an artist just breaking out takes stock of where they've come from and where they are going. It's musically sound and the boy's different styles recount their dreams in lyrics that sound well quite simply like young boys recounting their dreams. I've read that before their music started to kick off Sule was working as an assistant teacher and Rizzle was working flipping burgers and the song is all the more enjoyable in that context.


      Has inspired such YouTube comments as:

      "Why is Jordan looking so sexy in this video lls" by lilchrissy08976

      MAMA DO THE HUMP 4/5

      I remember hearing this song a lot last summer. Rizzle Kicks weren't on my register at the time so I just thought of it as a FatBoy Slim song as the chorus is unmistakably Fat Boy Slim. It has the same life that all Rizzle Kicks tracks radiate and it's complemented by a lively home-video style video ,just like how the boys got famous. The only problem I would have with this track is a problem I have with most things Fat Boy Slim rather than Rizzle Kicks and that's that it can get a bit repetitive.



      Finding myself working unwillingly as a solicitor at 24 I can empathise completely with this song. The boys sing about how all their dreams of becoming such things like a fireman but how it all went to pot as soon as they opened their first bottle of cider. It's another summery lively pop song with great upbeat music that's not as bleak as the lyrics really are.



      Perhaps the darkest song on the album. It makes great use of the difference between the pair. Rizzle raps about sniffing at raves and holding up convenience stores and seems to mock Sule for sitting making airfix models whilst Sule's chorus softly sings about how "You and I belong together" It's a great little song but not as memorable as Down With The Trumpets and Mama Do The Hump


      Inspired such YouTube comments as:

      ImTheVelum: "Am i drunk?!?!! O.o"


      The music to this track is a bit more experimental than the rest. Slightly different style all round. Not bad.



      Another track with some nice lyrics. Maybe a bit unremarkable in and of itself.



      Track about liking another guy's girlfriend. Has a really nice beat throughout.



      I don't find it a very listenable song. The music is a bit repetitive but the lyrics are very clever about the boys nicotine addiction.


      Inspired such YouTube comments as:

      HMP Lock: "cigarette... i prefer weed"

      TROUBLE 2/5

      Sule delivers a nice poetic chorus in this track but Rizzle's dry lyrics about getting into a fight are a little ill-suited to the bands style as the nice guys on the playground.



      To me the Rizzle Kicks main attribute is their energy and life. I love their songs that are great party numbers and they seem like two lads who'd be great craic. So I don't really take to songs like Traveller's Chant like I do to the others. It's not a bad song. Lyrically it's not bad but it's a big long miserable lament to me.



      So so track. Never find myself coming back to it much to be honest. If it comes on I don't flip it over but I never seek it out. Forgettable.





      ROUND UP 2/5




      There's no doubt that these fellas have made a mark for themselves. The album has delivered some the unforgettable Down With The Trumpets and with other strong pieces like Dreamers and Mama Do The Hump they'll definitely not disappear as one-hit-wonders and I'm sure that there is more to come. Nonetheless the album has it's weaknesses. There are a lot of songs I've only listened to more than once for the purposes of this review. Songs such as Traveller's Chant and Round Up kind of all merge into one long dreary song in my head. But I don't wish to focus on the negatives. When these guys are strong they're damn strong. There's a few songs here that I know I'll be listening to for many years to come. They're more than a flavour of a moment band and it's 2013 two years after their album was released and it's still going strong. I'm not especially a hip-hop fan so I wouldn't want people to think I'm reviewing this album on that basis. As I say I find that my taste in music is getting wider and wider and Rizzle Kicks style stuff isn't something I would listen to a lot. I think they can appeal to a lot of people with their more mainstream songs which is what got me sucked in in the first place whilst the general public are just going to get a bit lost and bored with the pure rap driven tracks.


      It's on sale in Tesco for £5 which is fair price.

      Written by Phelim McC. Steal it if you want the IMF condones that kind of carry on sure


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      07.05.2012 20:40
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great album

      Stereo Typical is the first ever album released by the British hip hop duo Rizzle Kicks and was brought to stores in October 2011.

      This album is mostly hip hop/rap based and has a very fun and young feeling to it. The songs on this album are mostly just fun and easy to listen to.

      The track listing for this album includes:
      1. Dreamers
      2. When I Was a Youngster
      3. Round Up
      4. Down With the Trumpets
      5. Demolition Man
      6. Prophet (Better Watch It)
      7. Mama Do the Hump
      8. Miss Cigarette
      9. Traveller's Chant
      10. Stop With the Chatter
      11. Homewrecker
      12. Trouble
      13. Learn My Lesson
      14. Even on a Rainy Day

      Favourite Songs
      When I Was a Youngster
      This is a fun and funky about how when you were little, you wanted to be all different kinds of interesting and cool jobs and then as you grow older you lose the motivation and want to do different, easier to obtain jobs. This song also touches on how happy Rizzle Kicks are to be making music and following their dreams. This song is really easy listening and has a really cool vibe to it.

      Down With the Trumpets
      This was one of the first songs released off this album and it immediately caught my attention, this song is just about having fun and dancing and partying. This song has a really cool beat to it and flows quite well. It is a really confident and cocky song and has a really fun feeling to it.

      Mama Do the Hump
      This is a fast paced song with a lot of energy to it, it is about going out and dancing and having fun. I really like this song because it has such a happy and care free vibe to it.

      Miss Cigarette
      This song is about being addicted to cigarettes, though they talk about the cigarettes like they are woman. This song uses a lot of clever word plays to show the similarities of between women and cigarettes. This song is slower and has a really chilled vibe to it which makes it very easy listening.

      The Rest of the Album
      I really love this album, it has a cool and funky feeling to it and I really like how the background music sounds on it as they use a good variety of different instruments throughout the album which gives each song a slightly different feeling to it. I love rap music and find the Rizzle Kicks duo very easy to listen to, they have a really fun and modern feeling about them. I can honestly say that there isn't a song on this album that I dislike, I have found that since I bought this album a few months ago that I have listened to it quite a lot and never really feel the need to skip any of the tracks.

      Price and Availability
      You can buy Stereo Typical in HMV for £7, I think this is a great price for this album of this quality. I think you can also get this album cheaper online if you shopped around. I am glad that I bought this album as I got a lot of listening from it so far.

      Overall I think that if you like energetic, modern, hip hop style music, that you will enjoy this album. I really enjoy listening to it and have no criticisms about any of the tracks on it. This is one of my favourite albums at the moment and it has been on, on repeat in my car for the last month or so. Overall I would give this album 5 out of 5 stars.

      *also on ciao under lorrainek90


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        08.04.2012 10:42
        Very helpful



        Good debut album

        There is something nice and fresh about The Rizzle Kicks, the musical duo with cheeky chappie faces of mock innocence starring out with startled expressions from the cover of their debut album and this is an album that has a nice blend of catching tunes that make you want to dance.

        I like the way that their vocals combine, the two voices blend together and work really well in harmony to create a distinctive feel to many of their songs. They also mix different rhythms together in a blended way that creates instantly memorable tunes that have me humming along for the rest of the day.

        If there is a fault with this album it is the fact that some of the tracks are a bit bubblegum, what I mean by this is that while the songs are very satisfying initially and I find myself listening to them a lot the taste seems to wear off a bit and they lose their shine, this is music that certainly has a shelf life and while I have been listening to this album a lot just lately I'm pretty sure that in a few months time it will be gathering dust.

        The other thing to be aware of is that with maybe one exception all of the best tracks have been released as singles and as such you will already be aware of them if you are a radio 1 listener. For me the best track on the album is Down with the Trumpets, the brass section is thumping and the lyrics are nice and sharp, the vocals blend together superbly. Whenever I listen to Momma Do the Hump I keep seeing the video with James Corden in my head (not a pretty sight) however it is a great tune.

        The opening track Dreamers is a strong starter, with a cacophany of sound and razor sharp lyrics however there are too many so-so tracks on this album for my liking. Having said that they are worth checking out however I would advise some selective downloading rather that buying the whole album. There are enough strong tracks to make it a good listen, it is just not going to be a club classic I'm afraid but these guys do have potential with heir beat driven rap music that is very dance-able and good party music.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Dreamers
      2 When I Was A Youngster
      3 Round Up
      4 Down With The Trumpets
      5 Demolition Man
      6 Prophet (Better Watch It)
      7 Mama Do The Hump
      8 Miss Cigarette
      9 Traveller's Chant
      10 Stop With The Chatter
      11 Homewrecker
      12 Trouble
      13 Learn My Lesson
      14 Even On A Rainy Day

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