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Sticks + Stones - Cher Lloyd

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4 Reviews
  • Not alot!
  • Not a great album!
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    4 Reviews
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      11.06.2012 15:21
      Very helpful


      • "Not alot!"


      • "Not a great album!"

      Not for me!

      Cher Lloyd came fourth in 2010's X Factor. I won't lie..... I didn't like her much as I didn't like the way she came across however this album I bought because I did like the one track she released called Swagger Jagger oddly enough! I heard it played so much it simply grew on me so thats how I came to getting this album!

      Track 1: Grow Up feat. Busta Rhymes:

      This is a fast track with a mix of Cher singing and some rap about not wanting to grow up as you may have already guessed from the title lol. I have to admit her rap entwined with some of Busta's is really rather clever but the song for me is really repetitive, upbeat but the only bit I really did like was Busta's rapping on his own! This is an immature song and it does get boring and its one that I always skip lol.

      Track 2: Want U Back:

      This song is about giving up on a relationship, mainly singing plenty of rhyming once again, swear words are beeped out though I don't think they really awful words or anything like that and again for me this is a very young song and another I simply skip lol.

      Track 3: With Ur Love feat.Mike Posner:

      I quite like this song and do like the singing within it rather than all out rap though again there is a fair bit of rapping within it. I think this shows off Cher's range better than the first couple of tracks on this album and the more I listen to it the more I like it!

      Track 4: Swagger Jagger:

      The reason I bought this album! You either like this song or you don't! I like the techno dance feel that this has to it and think that this shows what Cher thinks about the world. Its a feisty, opinionated track this one and again is a mix of rap being a fast track along with singing. I can't help but bop to this one and I must admit its a track that gets me moving!

      Track 5: Beautiful people feat. Carolina Liar:

      This song is very different to the first four tracks and its really just singing which by the point you get to this song makes a very pleasant change at this stage in the album. Its all singing, melodic and I really like Carolina and Cher's duet to the middle of it as their voices are so different and Carolina's voice is more mature and gives good contrast. Its all about beautiful people getting what they want and I love the lyrics of this one!

      Track 6: Playa Boi:

      No Playa Boi can win my love! We're back to Cher rhyming and rapping away once again. Its quite dancy this one with an uptempo beat to it. However by the point I get to this track I always want to hear more of Cher singing than this type of track and yep usually I end up skipping it!

      Track 7: Superhero:

      Another young feel track singing about superheros! Not too untempo but nonsensical to me!

      Track 8: Over The Moon:

      Some of this song is about her time on X Factor she even mentions Simon Cowell! Its an ok track when listening to it but pretty unmemorable really in the long run.

      Track 9: Dub On The Track feat. Mic Righteous:

      With a techno feel this felt like a mash up of lyrics from all the other tracks and felt very repetitive to me and another track I skip as it gets on my nerves to be honest!

      Track 11: End Up Here:

      Not a bad little tune this track is again upbeat and her voice does sound good on this again a very young track though!


      With a run time of 33 minutes and only 10 tracks on this album I can't say I'm sorry about that. Cher is a young artist and if you liked her on the X Factor and liked the originality and style she displayed on there then you probably won't be disappointed by this album as this album stays true to how she presented herself on the show. Me however, I hoped for more of a mixed bag of tracks than on this album than what I got to be honest. Yes she can rap and rhyme away but it would of been nice to hear her do a ballad and at least show versatility but again she never really did that on the show to be fair!

      Lots of words and lines she uses in one track pitches up on another regularly which soon bored me. For me there is only one or two songs on the whole thing worth giving a listen to and unless a real die hard fan of Cher this début album, in my view is really disappointing. Yes she is a young artist and feeling her way and I can't deny her rapping and rhyme is clever but what gets me is that in general she does have a rather nice singing voice that barely gets used in this album so I'm hoping for Cher her next album with be a more mixed bag.

      For anyone over the age of 19 I don't recommend this album! Sorry!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        28.05.2012 01:24
        Very helpful



        Worth a listen.

        Cher Lloyd first came to our attention when she auditoned for the 7th series of The X Factor back in 2010, she went on to be 4th overall and went on to record her own studio album.

        The opening track 'Grow Up' is a catchy pop/rap track featuring Busta Rhymes. Personally, the track after the first listen can be viewed as overrated but once you listen to it a few times can actually become rather addictive.

        The second and probably beat track off Cher's debut 'Want U Back' is fantastic and has every element of a perfect pop song from the up tempo beat to catchy lyrics. I personally think she should have done more songs like this on the album. Pure pop perfection.

        The third track and second single off the album 'With Ur Love' featuring Mike Posner is another example of pop perfection. It is nothing but catchy. Her voice really shines through in this song and could be considered one of the best songs from the album.

        The fourth and debut single 'Swagger Jagger' is probably the weakest song from her debut offering but in other ways it is another example of catchy music. I can understand peoples split views on the song but it does grow on you despite the poor lyrics.

        The fifth track is an absolute belter. It is an amzing pop ballad and shows the strong points in her voice it features Carolina Liar and what makes 'Beautiful People' another credit to the album is that its something you wouldnt expect Cher Lloyd to sing.

        The sixth track 'Playa Boi' is terrible lyric wise and should have been left after she recorded the demo for it. Terrible.

        The seventh track 'Superhero' is good, but nothing special. It's one to listen to though!

        The eighth track 'Over The Moon' is something you would expect from a typical Cher Lloyd song. Pop and fantastic rapping in the middle of the song. Fantastic.

        The ninth track 'Dub On The Track' appears like it was put on the album just for its featuring artists: Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten and Ghetts. But despite the team she worked with to produce the songvit truly dissapoints the album.

        The tenth and closing track 'End Up Here' is a very powerful ballad and really defines her as a UK singer. Her voice is soft, the backing beats are just perfect.


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          12.04.2012 18:11



          A bargain for £6.99 - I get my use out of listening to it!

          Cher Lloyd came fourth in the X Factor a couple of years ago and this is her debut release - Sticks and Stones.

          The album is what I would describe as a pop album with a touch of RnB. I must warn you that there's a song on here called Swagger Jagger (you must have heard of it) and it's a mess in terms of lyrics and vocals but somehow it grew on me and I have since fell in love with it. The song is a bit random and not something that i'd expect to see top the charts but it's catchy and the words are easy to learn - you find yourself tapping your feet and singing along to it in no time. I wouldn't class it as a mature song but it's a generous slice of bubblegum pop. You have been warned!

          My favourite song on the album is With Ur Love which is another good pop song. It's a duet between Cher and Mike Posner and it's a fantastic pop song with a summery feel to it. Again, you will soon be tapping your feet and singing along to it. The lyrics aren't very mature (that's the case with around 80% of the album) but I like the silly feel to it. The album isn't meant to be taken seriously anyway. It's a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised by it. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I love the way she raps and I love the attitude that comes across in a few of the songs (especially Want U Back). I also like the "U" instead of "You" that she uses in the song titles. Maybe she uses this to aim for the younger market?

          Overall this is an enjoyable album and one that'll have you singing along. Well done Cher!


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          04.04.2012 17:56
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Its original and alot like a juke box with different genres.

          Cher Lloyd is a contestant from the 2010 X Factor series. She came 4th in the series and was one of the most controversial contestants from that series. I think that she has changed quite abit since X factor she was portrayed as quite a chavy brat in X Factor but now she seems to be more calm and graceful. I think like the way she is portrayed much more now.

          Her Sticks + Stones Album was released in November 2011 and consists of 10 tracks in which most of them she co-wrote. The Album to me is very original and enjoyable to listen to it has something for every mood.
          Track list

          1. Grow Up-Feat. Busta Rhymes 3:00
          2. Want U Back 3:34
          3. With Ur Love-Feat. Mike Posner 3:45
          4. Swagger Jagger 3:12
          5. Beautiful People-Feat. Caroline Liar 3:31
          6. Playa Boi 2:52
          7. Superhero 3:28
          8. Over The Moon 2:58
          9. Dub On The Track-Feat. Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten, Ghetts 3:53
          10. End Up Here 3:30
          The tracks on the album are very diverse in genre and you can see the effort she has put into her album as there is definitely something for everyone.
          There is a bit of dub step for the dub step lovers with track 9 Dub On The Track having an up beat dub step instrumental with Dot Rotten featured rapping on the track.
          For the pop lovers there a few pop tracks on the album including Want U Back and With Ur Love featuring Mike Posner. The Want U Back version featuring Astro from the American First series of X Factor is not available on the album because it was produced after the album was released. However that version of the single is available on iTunes for 99p.
          She also proves that she can sing and not just rap in the song Beautiful People and End Up Here. These are much slower peaceful songs for people that arnt really into up beat tracks.

          For me the best song on the album would have to be Superhero. I really like Superhero because the song is catchy and something that I can relate to and sing along to. Its one of my top played song on my iPod.
          The worst song probably being Swagger Jagger. Swagger Jagger was the first release off the album and went to number one in the UK charts. Swagger Jagger is a conceited song that all she talks about is everyone hating on her and her being the best. This is not what won me over into getting the album as I thought after I heard this that she was definitely going to be rubbish even though the song was number one I thought she could of done better for a first release.

          The thing that won me over and made me get the album is when she released on YouTube samples of all the tracks on her album. When I heard some of the songs that was on their I thought maybe it may be good and brought it. The fact that she had Busta Rhymes featured on the album too was another plus for me as I haven't really heard much from from him recently so wanted to .
          The album artwork feature her lying down with her legs in the air with letters and numbers on her legs. Her name in the top left and the album name in the bottom left she has a colourful swirl running through her. I think she looks really nice on the album cover.

          The album is available on iTunes for 5.99 which I think is a very good price. If your not really a fan of digital copies it available to buy on Amazon new from 5.19 for the CD copy. I think this album is aimed at young adults teens and pre teens.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Grow Up Feat. Busta Rhymes
          2 Want U Back
          3 With Ur Love Feat. Mike Posner
          4 Swagger  Jagger
          5 Beautiful People Feat. Carolina Liar
          6 Playa Boi
          7 Superhero
          8 Over The Moon
          9 Dub On The Track Feat. Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten, Ghetts
          10 End Up Here

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