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Still Got Legs (Mp3 Download) - Chameleon Legs

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Genre: Rock / Artist: Chameleon Circuit / Mp3 Download / Release Date: 2011 / Label: DFTBA Records

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    1 Review
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      28.06.2012 18:36
      Very helpful



      It's worth taking some time to listen to some time lord rock

      Still Got Legs is the second album by Chameleon Circuit. If you haven't heard of Chameleon Circuit before, they are a group of talented Youtubers. They all make their own video blogs and perform solo songs, but they came together and formed not only a band but a new genre of music; Time Lord Rock (or Trock for short).

      The band members are:
      Alex Day (Nerimon)
      Charlie McDonnell (Charlieissocoollike)
      Liam Dryden (littleradge)
      Ed Blann (Eddplant)
      Michael Aranda (michaelaranda)

      Track List:
      1. The Subwave Signal
      2. Regenerate Me
      3. Nightmares
      4. Travelling Man
      5. Everything Is Ending
      6. Mr Pond
      7. Kiss the Girl
      8. Knock Four Times
      9. Teenage Rebel
      10. Big Bang Two
      11. Eleven
      12. The Sound of Drums
      13. Silence and the End of All Things
      14. The Doctor Is Dying
      15. Still Not Ginger

      The whole genre of music, their name and their album is based on Doctor Who. The name Chameleon Circuit is from part of the Tardis, the title Still Got Legs is from the Doctor regenerating and the lyrics for each song are all based on various Doctor Who episodes.

      The band write all the lyrics, sing all the songs and play their own instruments. I originally found out about the band through watching Alex and Charlie's Youtube videos and had heard them both singing other songs so I already knew they were both good at singing. I'm not a fan of Doctor Who but I have seen some episodes (or parts of episodes) and I know enough about it to know roughly what they are singing about in some of the songs. However, you don't need to be a fan of the show or know anything about it to enjoy their music which is the great thing about it.

      The songs are not used in the Doctor Who show or a second soundtrack. The band are just fans of Doctor Who and write about whatever episodes or storylines inspire them. So if you are a fan of Doctor Who you may notice these songs don't go in order of the episodes.

      The Subwave Signal
      The Subwave Signal is the first track on the album and just 23 seconds long. There are no words and the only way to really describe it would be as a signal.

      Regenerate Me
      Regenerate Me is 2 minutes 43 seconds. It has quite an upbeat tune and is basically about, as the title says, regeneration. It has quite a catchy chorus. It's short and simple and if you don't know much about Doctor Who this is probably a good song to listen to as it explains a bit what the Doctor does and who he is.

      Nightmares is 3 minutes 14 seconds long. When I first heard this the start of it made me think of the original War of the Worlds music, especially as it starts with someone talking rather than singing. It has a creepy mysterious feel to it. This song is darker than the first and goes through the bad things the Doctor has faced such as the Trickster.

      Travelling Man
      Travelling Man is 4 minutes long. This song starts with a drum beat and light slow tune. The Travelling Man is all about the Doctor and how he travels around. Although quite a serious sounding song the chorus is quite upbeat saying how he will save the day, even if he has to die 507 times.

      Everything Is Ending
      Everything is Ending is 3 minutes long and includes Bryarly Bishop. This is my favourite song from the album, although it is quite a sad song really. I think the reason I like this song is because it just seems more emotional and personal than the others as it's written as though it's happening to them rather than telling you about someone else. Bryarly Bishops voice really adds to the song and, as great as the guys are, it just wouldn't be the same without her.

      Mr Pond
      At number 6 on the album is Mr Pond which is 4 minutes 7 seconds. This is quite a slow song at the start with a catchy chorus and effects. This song is about Mr Pond. Obviously if you haven't watched Doctor Who you probably won't know who Mr Pond is, but it's still a good song.

      Kiss the Girl
      Kiss the Girl is 2 minutes 56 seconds. This song has a different feel to the other songs as it's more of a love song, although they do still create an interesting sound with the instruments. There are lots of references to the show which you'll notice if you are a fan. If you're not it's a nice song, but with some rather strange lyrics such as "And now she's going to live with monkeys" and "I want you to go, Cause you're talking to a cat".

      Knock Four Times
      Knock Four Times is another very short track at just 36 seconds long. It's quite a dark, slow song with just four lines of lyrics. The length and lines in the lyrics fit perfectly with the meaning, although it is basically the start of The Doctor is Dying so I'm not sure why they included this as a separate track.

      Teenage Rebel
      At number 9 on the album is Teenage Rebel which is 2 minutes 39 seconds. Teenage Rebel is about the Doctor and regenerating. I don't know why but I wasn't a big fan of this song when I first heard it. The start just didn't make me want to keep listening. However, like the rest, it does have a catchy chorus and it has an upbeat tune. It gets better after the first few seconds and the more I listen to it the more I like the song.

      Big Bang Two
      The Big Bang Two is 2 minutes 58 seconds. The music at the start slightly reminds me again of the original World of the Wars music. The singing is much faster on this track and although it is quite a serious topic the way it's written is somewhat amusing and you learn everything about the Big Bang Two which is quite a lot to fit into less than 3 minutes.

      Number 11 is Eleven. This song is 1 minute 14 seconds. There is no singing, it is just an instrumental. The music starts off kind of eerie and then builds up as if something is happening but it never does. Eleven is about ten dying and regenerating into eleven so I guess the build up fits with the mystery of who the next Doctor will be.

      The Sound of Drums
      The Sound of Drums is the longest song on the album at 5 minutes 55 seconds long. As you may expect there is a clear drum beat. The song is quite slow and includes quite a lot of Doctor Who references. I do like this song, but there's nothing really catchy about it.

      Silence and the End of All Things
      Silence and the End of all Things is 3 minutes 5 seconds. Bryarly Bishop provides vocals again. Like Everything is Ending, this is quite a sad song. It has a slow and simple tune. As with The Sound of Drums I do like the song but there's nothing that makes you think I have to listen to that.

      The Doctor Is Dying
      The Doctor is Dying is 3 minutes 35 seconds. The lyrics at the start are exactly the same as Knock Four Times, although the tune is slightly different. As the title suggests, the song is about the Doctor dying. The song is quite slow but speeds up for the chorus and ends quite suddenly with the simple word regenerate. The end of the song ends as suddenly as the Doctor dying. As with the other songs the lyrics are important and match with the sound and speed of the music.

      Still Not Ginger
      Still Not Ginger is the last song on the album and 1 minute 57 seconds long. Still Not Ginger is about after the Doctor has regenerated and is checking the whole of his body is still there and working properly. This song is quite light hearted and has some amusing lyrics, although a couple of things will probably seem really strange if you either haven't seen Doctor Who or, for the line about fish fingers, Charlies video.

      Still Not Ginger isn't a song that I'd have on repeat and just want to keep listening to, but it makes a nice change to listen to every now and then and it's a good song to end the album with.

      You can buy the album as a CD or digital download from DFTBA Records or from iTunes. It costs just £7.99 for the digital album off iTunes or £0.79 for each song.

      However, if you just want to see what the songs are like or you can't afford to buy the album you can just check out Charlie McDonnells website or Alex Days website and listen to the whole album for free.

      Overall this is a fantastic album and certainly worth checking out. The album has been put together really well, contains some great songs and it's nice to listen to something different. Highly recommended.


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