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Storm Of The Light's Bane - Dissection

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2 Reviews

Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Death Metal / Artist: Dissection / Audio CD released at The End

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    2 Reviews
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      20.07.2009 23:33
      Very helpful
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      Superb cold and atmospheric melodic black metal

      Released back in 1995, Swedish black metal legends Dissection's second full length 'Storm of the Light's Bane' is hailed as an all-time classic, and not without good reason. The songs mix ice-cold sounding, furiously melodic tremolo-riffing and menacing folk-influenced guitar melodies with the eerie and atmospheric heavy metal of King Diamond, creating a unique and incredibly powerful sound that evokes images of giant ice-floes hoving majestically into view as well as conjuring up the delightfully dark hammer-horror creepiness present on aforementioned Dutch legends King Diamond's 1987 album 'Abigail'. Listening to 'Abigail' and 'Storm of the Lights Bane' back to back, it hits home just how heavily influenced one is by the other- Dissection's previous full length 'The Somberlain', released a few years earlier even features cover artwork that is practically identical to Abigail's, with both featuring blue-tinted paintings of white-eyed mares thundering down a highway dragging a careening coach along behind them under an ominously cloudy night sky. 'Storm of the Light's Bane' on the other hand shows a mounted grim-reaper figure in an arctic setting, conveying both the album's the majestic, evil atmosphere as well as its intensely cold feel through the use of medieval imagery and myriad hues of bitter blues through to pure and crisp white.

      Whilst it may be reminiscient of 'Abigail', 'Storm of the Light's Bane' is a far more ferocious listen, with its relentless high-speed melodic riffs reaching Anaal-Nathrakh-like intensity in places, the songs thundering along like said mares before frequently shifting tempo down to a slower galloping pace full of heavy metal grooves and Iron-Maidenesque guitar harmonies. The songs are also punctuated with semi-acoustic passages that are as melt water to the furious riffing's icy gales, and the songs frequently build to epic, open passages of sweeping, folky riffs that sound at once both cold and majestic yet sorrowful and portentous.

      The various musical elements just fit together seamlessly, with the cold blasting sections, crunchy heavy metal parts and uplifting folky guitar leads sounding all the more powerful for the contrast between them. The guitar work is fantastic, the hugely energetic riffs being both full of variation and possessive of an ancient and mysterious quality, whilst the drums back the guitars up nicely as they flit from clattering blastbeats to epic mid-paced rhythms full of cavernous drum-fills. The vocals meanwhile are echo-heavy and ethereal-sounding mid-pitched cries and growls that fit the atmosphere of the music perfectly.

      Overall the album is a dynamic mix of icy black metal, folk and traditional heavy metal full of tremendous riffs, rousing melodies and excellent song structures. Vocalist and lead guitarist Jon Nodtveidt was imprisoned for accessory to murder before another album could be written, and though the band recorded another album in 2006 following his release in 2004 this was met with a mixed response, and Jon's suicide by a gunshot to the head whilst sat within a circle of candles with a Satanic grimoire laid beside him that same year ultimately cemented 'Storm of the Light's' bane as the last truly great Dissection album and a now sadly never-to-be-superceded timeless black metal classic. The reissue comes with a demo version of the excellent 'Where Dead Angels Lie' track as well as the subsequent 1996 EP of the same name as a bonus, and comes highly recommended for fans of Immortal and Iron Maiden alike.


      1. At the Fathomless Depths 01:56
      2. Night's Blood 06:40
      3. Unhallowed 07:29
      4. Where Dead Angels Lie 05:51
      5. Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane 04:51
      6. Thorns of Crimson Death 08:06
      7. Soulreaper 06:57
      8. No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep 01:26

      Total playing time 43:16

      Reissue Bonus Tracks-

      9. Where Dead Angels Lie (Demo Version)
      10. Elisabeth Bathory
      11. Anti Christ
      12. Feathers Fell
      13. Son Of Mourning


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        27.06.2008 08:50
        Very helpful



        Dissection's second album (1995).

        Dissection's second album introduces death metal elements to arrive at an unprecedented fusion that could be classed as blackened melodic death metal (if you want to be really specific). As with its predecessor, this is a great album for newcomers to extreme metal, as it eases the entry process with a heavy focus on melody that prevents it descending into the frozen abyss of more traditional black metal acts such as Immortal and Mayhem, whose influence can still be heard here to a large extent.

        The melody is less pronounced than on 'The Somberlain,' and the songs tend to stand out a little less on the whole. That's not to say that it's a less than excellent release, from the establishing riffs of 'Night's Blood' to the densely packed guitar work of 'Unhallowed' and the thrash influence of 'Thorns of Crimson Death.' The opening and closing tracks are once again given over to acoustic interludes, but without the central intrusion of the previous album.

        1. At The Fathomless Depths
        2. Night's Blood
        3. Unhallowed
        4. Where Dead Angels Lie
        5. Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane
        6. Thorns of Crimson Death
        7. Soulreaper
        8. No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep



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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 At the Fathomless Depths
      2 Night's Blood
      3 Unhallowed
      4 Where Dead Angels Lie
      5 Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane
      6 Thorns of Crimson Death
      7 Soulreaper
      8 No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep

      Disc #2 Tracklisting
      1 At the Fathomless Depths [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      2 Night's Blood [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      3 Unhallowed [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      4 Where the Dead Angels Lie [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      5 Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      6 Feathers Fell [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      7 Thorns of Crimson Death [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      8 Soulreaper [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      9 No Dreams Breed in Breathless Sleep [Alternative Mix '95][#][*]
      10 Night's Blood [Demo '94][#][*]
      11 Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane [Demo '94][#][*]
      12 Elisabeth Bathori [Remastered Original Mixes][*]
      13 Where Dead Angels Lie [Remastered Original Mixes][*][Demo Version]
      14 Antichrist [Remastered Original Mixes][*]
      15 Son of the Mourning [Remastered Original Mixes][*]

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