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Superheroes - Edguy

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal / Artist: Edguy / EP / Audio CD released 2005-09-05 at Nuclear Blast

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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2008 13:21
      Very helpful



      Second EP by German power metal band Edguy

      Edguy Superheroes [EP]- A Review By Addy

      Release Date: 18th Oct 2005
      Number of Discs: 1
      Format: EP, Single
      Label: Nuclear Blast
      Genre: Power Metal
      Length: 26:04

      Band & album info

      As briefly mentioned in other Edguy reviews but for those of you reading an Edguy review for the first time the band is arguably a very talented band from Fulda in Germany that have been giving us the pleasure of their music since 1992. King of Fools was the first [EP] to be released by Edguy in 2004 which I have already reviewed and a year later. _Superheroes_ [EP] descends on the metal world. This Extended Play contains six tracks which is one track up on the King of Fools [EP]. Running for a touch over twenty six minutes with the inclusion of one Epic song "Judas At The Opera House" The album has plenty to offer in respect of value for money.

      Edguy Are

      Tobias Sammet - Lead vocals
      Tobias 'Eggi' Exxel - Bass Guitar
      Jens Ludwig - Lead Guitar
      Dirk Sauer - Rhythm Guitar
      Felix Bohnke - Drums

      * Michael Kiske - Guest vocals {Helloween Front Man}

      Track Listings

      1. Superheroes -3:19
      2. Spooks In The Attic- 4:03
      3. Blessing In Disguise- 4:17
      4. Judas At The Opera - Guest Vocals Michael Kiske *- 7:21
      5. The Spirit **- 3:50
      6. Superheroes {Epic Version} - 3:09

      **The Spirit is a cover version of the track by Magnum

      Superheroes [EP]

      Superheroes: The [EP] title track starts things off and what a way to get things going. This track is one that I avidly believe would be a perfect opening track for the television show Heroes. The track starts with a brief James Bond style melody played on lead guitar which also plays at the end of each chorus. There is a degree of keyboard played in the track giving an altogether pleasant superhero feel to the track. The track is sporadic with many highs it is full of power and intensity. There are parts that blend in nicely to even out the track with the addition of parts giving way to orchestral excerpts of the tune. The song gives Tobias the opportunity to give his vocal chords a good going over and display his tenacity and great vocal range. As expected the track picks up momentum as it continues. Whilst being intense it is not an angry song but surprisingly affable with catchy riffs, melodies, vocals, tones and harmonies. The hard rock element is definitely there but it also has dare I say it a degree of pop feeling to it but it is acceptable because it lets the song be valued by the metal community whilst offering a degree of appeal to those not as forgiven to this genre of music.

      Spooks in the Attic: is most definitely a hard rock track with power metal overtones. It kicks off with a period of lead guitar and keyboards combined. As a track following Superheroes this works very well. There is a very good short but juicy guitar break in the track and the entire track feels like fun, it puts a smile on the face. Lyrically I confess I do not understand what the song is actually about so it is a good thing really that musically the song is excellent.

      Blessing in Disguise: really takes things down a few notches. The moment it opens up with soft evocative violin and string arrangement you know that this is going to be a somewhat exceptional ballad. The track fails to disappoint thankfully with Tobias keeping things on an even keel throughout the verses to really inject some passion into the choruses. The guitar solo toward the end is gorgeous and the entire track is a testament to how a power metal ballad should be. The track feels very personal and not an overly dramatic ballad and it really feels as though the song belongs here. This is another track that stayed on the EP and never made it to the Rocket Ride album which is a shame. This is very much a stand out track.

      Judas At the Opera House: is a real treat and this epic track see's Tobias bringing in his Avantasia buddy Michael Kiske from Helloween. With no excuses this is an Edguy epic like those epics that have passed before it and is equally just as fantastic. There is pulsating percussion from the drums that really get you going as well as the occasional orchestral piece with lots of strings. Add into the mix guitar solos that would be the envy of Dragonforce, {well maybe not but you get my meaning} and you get almost seven and a half minutes of epic power metal bliss. The harmonies in the song remind me of the band Queen and the sorts of harmonies that accompanied many of their wonderful tracks. This is a very complex track that oozes creativity and a mastering of the style as well as the genre.

      The Spirit: is a cover version of one of Magnums early eighties tracks. It is an excellent acoustic rendition and would surely be something that Magnum would be proud off.

      Superheroes {Epic Version}: concludes the album. This is a stripped down and slowed version of 'Superheroes', just featuring Sammet's vocals seated at his piano, with emotive strings helping out when needed. This certainly shows more of a mature side to Edguy and is more of a reflection of the Avantasia side of Tobias Sammet. Edguy certainly go out the way they come in albeit with a slightly different approach which is welcomed since the goofiness and fun factor sometimes can be too much and you are left begging for something a touch more substantial. Again this is where Edguy does not disappoint you.

      My Opinion

      Contrary to the bands former style which was fundamentally a very power metal approach the _Superheroes_ see's the band usher in a new style leaning more fervently to the Hard Rock approach. This is no bad thing for the band is ostentatiously utilising different styles and blends adding a multi-facetted and multi- talented set of skills to their already extensive repertoire. But then this is hardly surprising when the album is dominated by Tobias Sammet who is quite the savant. Talented in many ways Sammet brings to each album whether it is has front man to Edguy or his solo projects as Avantasia, Sammet has an energy and enthusiasm, a penchant for experimentation that often works and an ability to sing with more than a modicum of raw talent. Certainly there is a degree of ambiguity to some of the lyrics on certain tracks by the loquacious Sammet but it all still really works. The album supplies many choruses which are catchy, easy to learn and immense fun to sing along to.

      The DVD

      Edguy also released their first and only to date DVD which is the Superheroes DVD and accompaniment to the [EP]

      1. Superheroes video clip (5.1 & 2.0 Stereo)
      2. Intro - Live in Brazil (5.1 & 2.0 Stereo)
      3. Mysteria - Live in Brazil (5.1 & 2.0 Stereo)
      4. Under The Moon - Live in Brazil (5.1 & 2.0 Stereo)
      5. Navigator - Live in Brazil (5.1 & 2.0 Stereo)
      6. Superheroes -The Road Movie
      7. Studio Documentary
      8. Superheroes Slideshow
      9. The Making of the Video Clip ''Superheroes''

      ==Edguy superheroes music video==

      ==Spooks in the Attic==

      ==Blessing In Disguise==

      ==Judas At The Opera==

      ==Superheroes Epic Version==

      Thanks muchly for the reads/rates, Addy.

      "I shall not rest until I achieve my goal, for a little power metal to be in everyone's soul"

      © July 2008


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        02.07.2008 08:46
        Very helpful



        Edguy's second E.P. (2005).

        This short release towards the end of 2005 brought my appreciation of Edguy to an end, as they descended overnight from power metal leaders to bland, commercial hard rock imitation act. The excellent album 'Hellfire Club' already hinted at this new direction to an extent, but managed to pull it off without being overwhelmingly cheesy and awful as this one sadly turns out to be.

        'Superheroes' itself is a fair song, if you're a fan of Bon Jovi style anthemic rock (which I don't happen to be). The chorus is memorable, if completely derivative, and the main guitar riff is overburdened by shiny pop keyboard so as to completely ruin it. Even worse is the entirely pointless 'epic version' tagged on to the end of the E.P., which replaces the rock instruments with piano and orchestra in a wholly unsatisfying remake.

        'Spooks in the Attic' is faster and more energetic, but fails to stand out, and the best thing that can be said about the weak ballad 'Blessing in Disguise' is that it at least manages to be atmospheric. 'Judas at the Opera' seems like a failed attempt to recapture the epic style of old Edguy, and the Magnum cover is merely acceptable. A weak release in every way, foreboding of bad things to come from what was, at the time, one of my favourite bands.

        1. Superheroes
        2. Spooks in the Attic
        3. Blessing in Disguise
        4. Judas at the Opera
        5. The Spirit (Magnum cover)
        6. Superheroes (Epic version)


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Superheroes
      2 Spooks In The Attic
      3 Blessing In Disguise
      4 Judas At The Opera - Edguy & Michael Kiske
      5 Spirit
      6 Superheroes

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