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Sweet 7 - Sugababes

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4 Reviews

Genre: Pop / Artist: Sugababes / Audio CD released 2010-03-08 at Universal / Island

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    4 Reviews
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      17.11.2010 02:14
      Very helpful



      The seventh album from one of UK's most iconic girl groups.

      The Band
      Sugababes is my favorite pop group. It has been for a while. All the albums have been consistently good. The second line up will always be the best in my opinion. But the first line up was underrated, the third one was cool and the fourth one is great. I think all the drama and line up changes means some people will be put off or may be a bit unfair to them. Regardless of which line up it is, Sugababes are still great. I'm still hoping for all six of them to unite, although it is very unlikely to happen.

      The album cover looks vibrant. The girls contrast in a good way with the flamey background. They all look dominant and appealing. The album cover looks more vibrant and colourful when it's on a poster or with the CD. (I got a signed sweet 7 poster at home. )

      1. Get Sexy
      2. Wear My Kiss
      3. About a Girl
      4. Wait for You
      5. Thank You for the Heartbreak
      6. Miss Everything (featuring Sean Kingston)
      7. She's a Mess
      8. Give It to Me Now
      9. Crash & Burn
      10. No More You
      11. Sweet & Amazing (Make It the Best)
      12. Little Miss Perfect

      It's not as original as One Touch, Three or Angels With Dirty Faces. A lot of the songs give you an artist vibe. A lot of them gave me a Rihanna vibe and She's a Mess gave me a ke$ha vibe as well. They've used even more auto-tune than most of the albums they've done, but it's not always a bad thing. Despite the lack of originality I still think it's a good attempt.

      Pretty easy to remember. My favorite quotes are.

      "You want a temporary tattoo don't you?" - Wear My Kiss
      "I'm the most responsible girl that I know, never late always on time for the show" - Little Miss Perfect

      "I will wait for you if it takes a life time to do" - Wait for you
      "Girls bring the fun in life suga like apple pie" - About A Girl

      HMV - £10.99 - £3
      Amazon - Various
      Itunes - £5.99

      So I think you'll be better off buying it off itunes or amazon. The price might have gone down from HMV since I last went. Drop a comment if it changes. The Itunes version also includes the Wear My Kiss and About A Girl video.

      They're all great. Anyone who's listened to the previous albums or have heard the Sweet 7 album sampler that is lurking about on the Internet now will tell you that the final founder member that left, Keisha Buchanan has a great voice and will be very much missed.

      Jade Ewen is still a fantastic edition to the group. I think her vocals are great but auto-tune does not suit her.

      It's also nice to still have Heidi's soothing voice. Her voice is amazing although she has her ups and downs on live performances.

      Amelle's vocals sound very different, as she opted for her vocals to swim in auto-tune in the majority of the tracks instead of showing her husky side to her voice.

      Best Track
      I could say all of them. The stand out tracks are Little Miss Perfect, No more you, Thank You For The Heartbreak, About A Girl and She's A Mess.

      Worst Track
      Pretty hard choice, but I think it would probably be Give it to me now. It took me a couple of listens to finally love it. Give It To Me Now lacked the hook

      Personal Opinion
      I think it's a wonderful album. I think there is plenty of room for improvement. I think it could have done better
      as Sweet 7 suffered in the chart despite having 3 top ten hits: Wear My Kiss, About A Girl and Get Sexy. Partly because Get Sexy was the last single to feature Keisha. But I also think it's because they kept changing the date of the official album release and leaks.

      They could have also included a deluxe version that had featured all the the tracks with Jade's vocals and including all the tracks on an extra disc with Keisha's vocals and bonus tracks and remixes. There was a lot of interest in hearing the tracks that included Keisha's vocals. The Sugababes are survivors indeed and I am looking forward to their 8th album.


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        08.09.2010 10:22
        Very helpful



        A surprisingly good effort

        There's an old philosophical riddle that goes something like this: if Thor inherits an axe that has been passed down the generations for years, but his grandfather replaced the handle and his father replaced the blade, is it still the same axe? This problem can be applied to the Sugababes - with the departure of last original member Keisha just before the release of the band's seventh album, and her subsequent replacement by Jade Ewen of Eurovision fame, can the band really still be called the Sugababes? Not if former member Mutya has anything to do with it, seemingly. Anyway, the band still known as the Sugababes released their album Sweet 7 in the spring earlier this year, and despite misgivings I decided to give it a shot.

        I must say I wasn't impressed with the album cover - the leather-clad girls stand provocatively in poses that would make the Pussycat Dolls proud, rather than the hip and/or sophisticated covers of earlier years. Still, they do say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and the same should probably apply to music albums.

        Track Listing
        1. Get Sexy
        2. Wear My Kiss
        3. About A Girl
        4. Wait For You
        5. Thank You For The Heartbreak
        6. Miss Everything feat. Sean Kingston
        7. She's A Mess
        8. Give It To Me Now
        9. Crash & Burn
        10. No More You
        11. Sweet & Amazing (Make It The Best)
        12. Little Miss Perfect

        The album opens with single Get Sexy, a song which I must admit was a turn-off for me. When I first heard it I actually thought it was by the Pussycat Dolls, which is not a compliment. The chorus also reminds me of that Right Said Fred song, 'I'm Too Sexy', which is somewhat unfortunate! That said, the song has a catchy hook and has slightly grown on me. In certain moods (i.e. getting ready to go out) it's not bad.

        Things improve considerably with Wear My Kiss - despite the tacky title it's an incredibly catchy song that I can't help humming along to. For sheer oomph and memorability it's easily up there with Hole in the Head. On my first listen to single About A Girl I was somewhat confused - the line 'red wine' made me think I'd skipped to my Lady Gaga album by mistake, but the track soon turns into a catchy retro 90s-sounding dance song with suitable electro-beats.

        Wait For You is another song that sounds like an early 90s dance classic - it resembles something that could have been recorded by the Real McCoy. Thank You For the Heartbreak is more typical of old Sugababes, with its modern dance beat and 'getting over an ex by going out dancing' theme.

        Miss Everything is a reasonably catchy dance track but the presence of rapper Sean Kingston adds something a little different to the song. She's A Mess is another dance song; this time the girls' voices have been made to sound all electronic while they sing about a girl who goes out drinking far too much. The track is topical but the end result is rather tacky. Give It To Me Now begins in the same vein, but is tempered by a lighter pop beat and Heidi's sweet vocals.

        Crash & Burn and No More You bring the 'Babes into ballad territory. They have always done ballads well, never straying into soppiness and these tracks are no exception. Sweet & Amazing and Little Miss Perfect continue the theme - on this album the girls have stuck the ballads at the end, rather than mixing them up throughout the album.

        When I started to write this review, I was all set to mount a disparaging attack on the Sugababes, the decline in their music and their lineup changes. However after listening to the album again for the purposes of analysis I've realised that I actually quite like it! There are a couple of tracks in which I feel the 'Babes are sounding rather tacky, most notably Get Sexy, but overall the album is full of catchy dance-pop tracks and I really enjoy listening to it. I'm slightly concerned that the band sounds blander since the departure of Mutya and Keisha - the remaining girls, except perhaps Heidi, don't have the distinctive voices that the others did - but I'm hoping this is just a result of the speed at which the album was released, and Album 8 will rectify this issue. Overall, an excellent effort!


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          03.04.2010 11:33
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Give it a try

          I would never really call myself a Sugababes. Yes , I do like some of their songs like Too Lost In You , About A Girl and Shape Of My Heart but I never really liked the actual band. However , with the "new" Sugababes , I like their songs ,but they seem to be a bit more 'out there' and more 'modern' , yet I am still to decide as to whether or not I like the new line up or not. So what better idea than to purchase their brand new album ; Sweet 7.

          Sweet 7 is ,believe it or not , is the seventh album from the Sugababes (including and excluding the original members). The album was released in the United Kingdom on March 15th 2010. The album which features the latest lineup of the babes : Heidi , Amelle and most recent recruit Jade Ewen, is available to buy from Amazon for a price of £6.99 which I think is excellent value considering that the album was only released a couple of weeks ago.

          1)Get Sexy 2)Wear My Kiss 3) About A Girl 4) Wait For You 5)Thank You for The Heartbreak 6) Miss Everything Feat. Sean Kingston 7)She's A Mess 8)Give It To Me Now 9)Crash And Burn 10)No More You 11)Sweet & Amazing
          12) Little Miss Perfect
          The first thing that stood out for me when I first picked up this album , was obviously the cover. I know it sounds crazy to judge an album by it's cover , but I couldn't help feel a little excited when I saw the cover of this album as there is something quite daring and adventurous about it , and it seems a bit different compared to their other album covers.

          There are some great songs on this album. My favourites being 'About A Girl' , 'Wear My Kiss' and 'Wait For You' , although I do like most of the songs on here , but they are the three which stand out the most for me. I like how there are songs on here to suit every mood. I especially like the more dancy tracks , they are great to listen to when getting ready to go out partying , although I also like the more chilled out songs which are perfect for relaxing too. I also think that nearly every song on here has potential of being a single ,which says a lot , as a lot of albums these days only contain a few great tracks with the rest being fillers , so this album is great in that respect.
          The girls have great voices which again is something that is so important (obviously , being in a band) yet is something you don't really see (or hear!) these days , due to 'special effects' (take Cheryl Cole for example , she can't sing. So it's great that these girls can sing. However , my only criticism now is the fact that before , if a Sugababes song came on the radio , I instantly knew it was them as I could always recognise Keisha's fantastic and unique voice , although now with her gone , I wouldn't know if it was a Sugababes song or a The Saturdays song.

          I really like this album despite not being a massive Sugababes fan. I like how it has a 'fresh' and exciting attitude. Along with a new line up , the band have brought with them a brand new sound ; more catchier and more upbeat. In fact , to me , the only thing that remains Sugababe is the name of the band.

          I would recommend this album , especially if you like the Sugababes' recent singles. It's one of best Sugababes' albums!

          Thanks for reading!
          March 18th 2010
          xd-o-n-z-x (also posted on ciao under xd-o-n-z-x)


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            21.03.2010 13:51
            Very helpful



            An Average Album From The Sugababes With Some Good & Some Bad Tracks.

            Sweet 7 is the 7th album to be released under the 'Sugababes' name and it actually feels like every single album has seen a change to the line up with the current line up containing none of the original members who founded the group.

            The album has a feel to it that it's trying very hard to move in to a different direction with the departure of Keisha Buchanan meaning that Eurovision singer Jade Ewan was able to join Heidi Range & Amelle Berrabah. The group have recently signed to a new record label in the US which may have something to do with the change in their sound in quite a considerable way (on some of the records anyway).

            This album to date has been the worst charting album for any version of the groups 'Sugababes' which must come as a blow to the newest member of the group as it does make it feel like the public are moving away from the 'Sugababes' quite a lot now as we tire of the seemingly regular changes to the line-up.

            Track Listing:

            Get Sexy
            Wear My Kiss
            About A Girl
            Wait For You
            Thank You For The Heartbreak
            Miss Everything
            She's A Mess
            Give It To Me Now
            Crash & Burn
            No More You
            Sweet & Amazing (Make It The Best)
            Little Miss Perfect

            So far the group have released three singles from the album; 'Get Sexy', 'About A Girl' and 'Wear My Kiss' which have all appeared in the top 10 of the UK charts but none of them have reached the commercial success that the group has had in the past few years and with previous albums/singles.

            'Get Sexy' is the opener to the album and it has quite a big feel to it from the very beginning with the vocals building up. This song has a very funky feel to it and is a fantastic club song that has the ideal sort of chorus to it where women can generally just grind around and feel confident, beautiful & sexy. This is a fantastic start to the album and it really does feel like the group are trying to move in a more R&B direction and although I don't think they will achieve the sort of status of people like Beyonce or Alicia Keys they are certainly going to try and give it a shot.

            'About A Girl' has a fairly good vibe to it and is another club that is ideally suited for nightclubs and ladies to have a good dance to and a good time to. The song is funky, vibrant and upbeat and I find myself getting swept along with the music. Heidi has a fairly good vocal range which is shown off quite well on this song although at times I did find that her voice wasn't particularly suited to the song but overall this is quite an enjoyable song.

            'Miss Everything' features Sean Kingston and it really does feel like they are trying a little hard to be 'cool' and move in an entirely different direction. The song has a fairly repetitive feel to it and there is not really anything positive that I could say about this song. I'm not really a fan of Sean Kingston and I wouldn't consider him and the Sugababes to be in the same kind of genre so this really was the last thing that I expected to find on this album.

            'Little Miss Perfect' is the end of the album and it sounds more like the older Sugababes style with a little bit of a ballad and someone opening their heart. This is a real teenage song where you really can croon along with the words and feel like the song was made just for you. This song has a different feel to most on the album and doesn't really feel like it belongs.

            Overall the album has quite a funky feel to it and it does show that the Sugababes are trying to move in a different direction, it might not necessarily be 100% right but overall it's quite a good funky, upbeat album that would be a welcome addition to many teenagers CD collection. The fact that they have signed to a new US record label is quite evident with the collaborations and some of the producers that they have had on their songs and they have fairly successfully caught the R&B vibe that has been present in the charts for the last few years. There are a few songs that don't really feel like they belong on this album but the whole thing works fairly well and there a few songs on this album that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to.

            This album is currently available for purchase from Amazon.co.uk for £8.93 in CD form or for £5.00 to download as an MP3 album. I wouldn't actually want to pay £9 for this so perhaps if it comes down in price in a few months I'll be willing to add it to my collection as I know it's something that would be fairly popular with my nieces and a few of my friends although it's not my favourite album so far this year by far.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Get Sexy
            2 Wear My Kiss
            3 About A Girl
            4 Wait For You
            5 Thank You For The Heartbreak
            6 Miss Everything - Sugababes, Sean Kingston
            7 She's A Mess
            8 Give It To Me Now
            9 Crash N Burn
            10 No More You
            11 Sweet & Amazing (Make It The Best)
            12 Little Miss Perfect

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