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Take Me Home - One Direction

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  • more written by the boys themselves
  • great tracks
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    4 Reviews
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      22.07.2015 14:25
      Very helpful


      • "more written by the boys themselves"
      • "amazing vocals"
      • "good music"
      • "great tracks"


      Proof that One Direction is a force to be reckoned with

      For a group that originally only placed 3rd in the popular TV series X factor, they've already out shined any winner in the show's history. In this album, the boys choose to move more towards the electronic beats and techno pop style, however still retaining some of the rock influenced guitar that appeared on their debut.

      This album has a variety of songs, that can get you in any mood. The album starts with the fun, uplifting song 'Live While We're Young' perfect for the summer. It's catchy chorus and repeated refrains, matched with guitar riffs reminiscent of The Clash is sure to get you tapping your foot along and is a great opener to the album. Followed by the equally upbeat song 'Kiss You', leaning more towards a bubble gum pop sound, but still great to uplift your mood. This is then followed by the UK number 1 track 'Little Things' Another song written for them by Ed Sheeran (1st of two on this album) it's achingly beautiful and sweet, and one of their best tracks. The lyrics are gorgeous, encouraging women that they are beautiful despite what they think are flaws. It's sung brilliantly, and kept simple and sweet. My favourite part of this track is probably the great harmonies they sing, you can really hear them because of the simple acoustic backing.

      Those were the first three tracks on the album, and I could probably talk about each one but that would take all day to write, so instead i'm going to include some information on what I feel are the most note worthy songs. 'Rock Me' is the song on the album going back to rock influence in full force, with clap along parts almost written specifically for concert performance. It's catchy, and the vocals have a nice edge to them brought out by the gritty guitar sound. It's really one worth listening too, and a favourite of many fans. On the other side of the spectrum 'I Would' is the most poppy electro track on the album, but it is almost too memorable to miss, it never fails to get you moving with a great rhythm and an unforgettable chorus. 'Over Again' is the next track written by Ed Sheeran on the album, it's sweet and the vocals on this track are some of the best on the entire album, and it really shines through. 'Back For You' is a surprisingly personal song, and really shows that the One Direction boys are developing their own talent for song writing. On this album many of the songs have been written by the boys, this one of them, about the struggles of leaving loved ones while on tour. 'They Don't Know About Us' is a piano track with a nice build, again surprisingly sweet and emotional and a great one to listen to.

      Altogether, this album is a real improvement on their debut, and definitely worth a listen, especially because many of the songs they wrote themselves.


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      16.05.2013 14:04
      Very helpful



      A good pop album. The boys are good at what they do!

      Those that read my reviews will know that I am a massive fan of Matt Cardle. You only need to look at my display picture on here to see that but I am also a fan of cheesey pop music and currently there isn't anyone doing that better than the band one direction. My son, sister and I actually went to see them on their take me home tour in March and we had booked tickets what seemed like an age before the event and so for Christmas last year to get us all excited I bought my sister and my son the take me home CD. This is my review of that CD.

      Take me home is the second album released by one direction and it was released on November 9th 2012. The album obviously peaked at number one because let's face it, one direction are THE biggest pop band of the moment. They are Simon Cowells dream....young girls love them, even older girls love them and their fans are pretty obsessive and so one direction merchandise and products sell well all over the world.

      The take me home cover features the boys messing about on a red telephone box. They look happy and playful and young as they should be really. The album is on the Sony and Columbia label. The album isn't written by the members of the band and there are quite a lot of contributing writers per track really. This isn't something I really hold against the members of one direction. They don't write their own songs, they don't really play instruments but they ARE very good at what they do and what Simon Cowell wants them to do! Having seen them live they all can actually sing pretty well but a lot is down to their image and how they look together and not so much about them writing tracks and being what some would call 'proper' artists.

      There are thirteen tracks on the take me home album and I am going to run through each of them purely because I find this the best way for me personally to review an album.

      ==1) Live while we're young (3.20)==
      This is a typically poppy track which you can't help but dance to. It is all about seizing the moment, having fun and possibly going out there and being a bit promiscuous if you look deeper in to the song! I think it shows the boys growing up almost and it is certainly a more grown up sound from the first album. Whenever this song comes on when we are on a night out myself and my family will literall go crazy dancing around and often videoing ourselves. It has become one of those habits that just always seems to happen! It is a very fun pop track with a nice beat and which you can hear all of the boys singing at some point so it is a nice track in my opinion.

      Favourite line: Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy til we see the sun, I know we only met but let's pretend it's love

      ==2) Kiss you (3.03)==
      So yes, I love Matt Cardle but this song is actually my current ring tone on my phone! It is upbeat and typically pop sounding! It is a fun song, which again is probably on about going out and having a good time, having a kiss and such like. I love the beat of this song and how you can have a really good dance to it. My son adores this song and it is certainly one of his favourites on the album. The only negative I have is at points there are some high notes and I don't necessarily think that they are hit all that well! I would say that this song is one that will have you singing along though and that is the idea....fun, catchy pop tunes.

      Favourite line: If you don't wanna take it slow, and you just wanna take me home, baby say yeaaah and let me kiss you.

      ==3) Little things (3.40)==
      This song was an Ed Sheeran song and was given to the boys to sing as they have a good relationship with Ed. You can tell from the off that this is an Ed Sheeran song if you are a fan of him. It is a slower song with a nice simple guitar melody which focuses mainly on the singing and it is a lovely song to listen to. It talks about how a partner who loves you will see all of the little things in you that you may well not like about yourself but which they do love because it is you, the complete package. "You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you" sums up the feeling of this song and I do like how the focus is on the guys voices as they all have a part to sing. Harry sounds quite gruff on this song, more so than usual, but I like that sound.

      Favourite line: I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when your smile, you've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in the back at the bottom of your spine but I love them endlessly.

      ==4) Cmon Cmon (2.45)==
      This is one of my favourite songs on the album actually as it is a really poppy song but it has a repetitive beat as it goes along and it is really upbeat song! Again it is about attractions when you are out on a night out but it isn't too risque or anything. I love the catchy chorus in this song when it seems to reach a peak and my son and I love to have this song on loud and sing along! It is the kind of song I could see the boys releasing but they haven't done as yet! This song was great live and it is such a fun, high energy, basically great pop song.

      Favourite line: I've been watching you all night, there's something in your eyes, saying cmon cmon and dance with me baby.

      ==5) Last first kiss (3.24)==
      Last first kiss is a slower song but it isn't completely slow so that it almost feels a bit depressive! It talks about being in a relationship and wondering how someone would react if you said you wanted to be someones last first kiss. The track flows along really nicely and it is very easy to listen to. The guitar and the vocals are the main focus within this track and I personally like how all the boys come together on the chorus.

      Favourite line: Wanna know if when you smile is it me, yeah, are you thinking of me yeah.

      ==6) Heart attack (2.56)==
      This is probably one of my least favourite songs on the album but it is still quite a fun sounding pop track. There is a lot of high pitched "OW"'s thrown in to this track as they talk about a girl giving them a heart attack looking the way they do or when they are getting over them. The ows are a bit too high pitched and don't really focus on the boys strengths. I do like Zayn's voice in this track though and he stands out the most for me.

      Favourite line: I'm trying to be ok, I'm trying to be alright but seeing you with him just don't feel right.

      ==7) Rock me (3.20)==
      Rock me is one of my favourite songs on the album for sure. It is a really fun sounding pop song which isn't too slow but isn't too fast either. It starts with some clapping and then there is a repetitive beat which really sticks in the mind and makes you want to sing along and dance to the track. The chorus of this track is great in my opinion and it is quite a big chorus and I always have to sing along to it! There is a good mix of vocals in this song and I think the boys compliment each other really well in this one.

      Favourite line: I used to think that I was better alone, why did I ever wanna let you go? Under the moonlight as we stared at the sea the words you whispered I will always believe.

      ==8) Change my mind (3.33)==
      This isn't one of my favourite tracks on the album. The song is really quite slow and there is a section in there which sounds just like the melody in what makes you beautiful so it sounds a familiar song from the off but it just doesn't sit as well with me as other songs on the album. The song is a love song, talking about not knowing whether to leave someone at the end of the night and how if they said stay you would. It isn't a bad song by any means but it just isn't one of my favourites on the album.

      Favourite line: Never felt like this before, are we friends or are we more? As I'm walking towards the door, I'm not sure.

      ==9) I would (3.22)==
      This track took a bit of time to settle with me and at first I didn't like it at all but I do quite like it now. I like Harry's voice in this track as he sounds a bit breathy which is nice (how inappropriate!) It is a catchy pop track which will probably get stuck in your head and have you singing along eventually! All of the boys sing a bit on the track which is nice to hear.

      Favourite line: Cos I can't compete with your boyfriend, he's got 27 tattoos!

      ==10) Over again (3.02)==
      Again this is an Ed Sheeran track and you can tell from the off if you are familiar with Ed's tracks. Lines such as "Hole in the middle of my heart like a polo" immediately make me think of Ed Sheeran. This is actually a beautifully slow song and talks about a kiss mending a broken heart and such like. The track flows really nicely and I think all of the boys do well with the song apart from possibly Louis whos lines seem to not really suit his voice all that well. This is one of my favourite songs off the album.

      Favourite line: My kiss can mend your broken heart.

      ==11) Back for you (2.59)==
      This has a catchy guitar melody to begin with which repeats all the way through the song and so it grabs your attention and becomes familiar to you! It is a good easy listening pop song! I like the way that the song is slower and then picks up pace in parts! The song was great performed live as well.

      Favourite line: Baby you don't have to worry I'll be coming back for you.

      ==12) They don't know about us (3.22)==
      From the off this was probably my favourite song on the whole album. It has a simple piano melody and talks about how people judge young relationships and wishing you could tell them about all the things that you do so that they would be less judgemental. I love the way that this song flows and is so easy to listen to but I also adore the lyrics as well. A really nice track.

      Favourite line: They don't know about the things we do, they don't know about the I love yous but I bet if they only knew they would just be jealous of us. They don't know about the up all night, they don't know I've waited all my life just to find a love that feels this right.

      ==13) Summer love (3.28)==
      This is another slow track with a simple melody all the way through the song. As expected it talks about a summer love and leaving that person behind knowing that you have to see the situation as it was and just be fond of the summer memories. This isn't one of my favourite songs on the album yet I still find myself singing along to it which is testament to the writers for making a song still stick in your head even when you don't particularly like it!

      Favourite line: Just promise that you won't forget that we had it all.

      So would I recommend this album? Absolutely yes. If you like pop music you are going to enjoy this album. I like a wide range of music and I enjoy this album. I get quite frustrated when people slag the band off or whatever because they are very good at what they do. I think probably people have more of an issue with what potentially the music stands for in that they haven't written it and they are just pretty boys singing to it but as I said they are good at what they do. I know lots of people who were very anti one direction who haven't really listened to their music then heard this album and come round! I certainly think it is worth a listen and you can pick it up from amazon for £7.37 for the hard copy or £5.49 for the audio download.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        27.12.2012 13:09
        Very helpful



        One of the best pop albums of 2012

        One Direction are undoubtedly one of the most polarising forces in music today. Even before reading this review, you will have probably made up your mind about whether you like them or not, and not much that I will say will be able to change your mind about it. Groups like One Direction have a certain stigma around them, as their huge, rabid teen following can put people off being associated with them. Such an attitude can distract you from the fact that there is one crucial component to their success beyond their looks and likeability - their music. Without a doubt, they are producing some of the most instant, infectious and enjoyable pop music right now. After the runaway success of their first album, 'Up All Night', which sold over three million copies in less than twelve calendar months, they are back with their sophomore album - 'Take Me Home'. Expectations are astronomically high (or low, depending on your opinion) for this album, but having listened to the album non-stop for over a month, I can safely say that they have delivered one of the best pop releases of 2012.

        Their lead single, 'Live While We're Young', did not do the album justice. The song is energetic, it's catchy and it has great vocals - but it feels all too familiar. The guitar riff, the production, the chorus feel lifted from their hit, 'One Thing', and all feel too close to what the band have already done on their first album. Don't let this put you off, as the rest of the album, thankfully is fresh and exciting, and demonstrates signs of growth. 'Kiss You', is without a doubt my favourite track on the album. Boasting production from super-producer, Shellback (Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Pink - to name but a few), the bouncing synths and crashing percussion create a rousing, party anthem. "If you don't want to take it slow, and you just want to take me home" the group sing on the chorus, with lyrics slightly more risqué than your average boyband. It is on the up-tempos in which they thrive, with another clear highlight being 'C'mon, C'mon' - which features dance inspired production and beats, but manages to avoid jumping on the current europop bandwagon. The soaring chorus, and emotive delivery are irresistible and will have you on your feet in no time.

        The band also explore a softer, more acoustic sound through tracks like 'Little Things', 'Over Again' and 'Change My Mind'. The two former were penned by Ed Sheeran, which explains their stripped-back production and romantic lyrics. 'Little Things' has a gorgeous melody and allows the boys to really shine as vocalists - showcasing both their tone and emotive ability in the song. It is a great track, but some of the lyrics sour it for me - "you can't go to bed without a cup of tea", sings Louis in the second verse. Some of the bafflingly woeful lyrics should have clearly been dropped before the song was recorded. 'Over Again' is thankfully more mature, and slowly builds to a creshendo, with the acoustic production slowly receding to allow a pop-friendly chorus to take hold. Tracks like this show that there is more to the band than simply their playful personas, and that when they put their minds to it, they can deliver a ballad as effectively as any of their contemporaries.

        At times, the album manages to feel like some of the best of the boyband-pop which we experienced with the Backstreet Boys and N*Sync in the late 90s. For some, this might sound like a frightening indictment but for me, I feel as if they have taken the uplifting melodies, tight harmonies and modernised them - shedding some of their cheese, to create something more universal. 'I Would' was penned by punk-pop band, McFly, and has one of their most addictive choruses to-date. "Would he say he's in l-o-v-e?, well if it was me, then I would". It's simple, but effective, and firmly lodges itself in your head. The verses evoke 'Teenage Dirtbag' and the song somehow feels as if it's a lost pop classic. The album, at several intervals, attempts to evoke past pop triumphs - be it Wheatus or the Backstreet Boys - but in 'Rock Me', there are some clear Queen influences. The pounding drums closely resemble 'We Will Rock You', and the storming chorus creates the perfect storm for a pop anthem. "I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me," they sing.

        The best moment on the album is surprisingly, the most personal. 'They Don't Know About Us' is one of the high-points, as the lyrics surprisingly draw parallels to their personal lives, and the constant speculation on who they are dating, and criticism for it. The simple piano in the verses escalates into loud drums and percussion, which compliments the passion in their voices. It absolutely has to be a single.

        The album is solid from start to finish, with enough variation in the tempo and style, to prevent it from feeling stale. Every track without exception, has a strong chorus, which creates for a memorable album from start to finish. The deluxe edition features four extra tracks, which I purchased, and all four are on-par with the quality of the standard edition. If you love the band, then you should definitely opt to get this edition. I know that One Direction are not to everyone's taste, but if you love great pop music, and have an open-mind - give this album a chance, you won't be disappointed.

        HIGHLIGHTS: Kiss You, They Don't Know About Us, I Would, Over Again, Rock Me, C'Mon C'Mon


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          12.11.2012 17:13
          Very helpful



          Take it home and make an opinion of it!

          One Direction, where do I start?
          I suppose you could say that they are basically the pretty boy equivalent to Marmite, if you don't like them you absolutely can't stand them, but if you even like them just a tiny bit, you somehow end up becoming obsessed with every inch of there existence, it's pretty amazing really.
          One Direction were first discovered on the UK Singing Competition "The X Factor" where they placed third after being beaten by Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle and although normally this would have set them back, the group itself consisting of Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have gone onto to sell 4 times the albums sales and gain worldwide success, unlike the two X Factor Winners.
          Now after much success from their first album "Up All Night" which was released November 2011, they are now releasing their second full length "Take Me Home" almost exactly one year later, bringing in songwriting collaborations from Ed Sheeran, Mcfly and Jake Gosling.

          I personally absolutely couldn't stand "1D" at first, you see I'm more into the Rock/Pop-Punk Genre, so to me they were "just another boyband" and honestly they still aggravate me a bit, the fact that they don't write most of their songs and that they still believe they have "the best fans in the world" even though their fans regularly attack and hate on other people and artists and pick out personal points in their life that are very hard for them to talk about, but they have grown on me a lot, throughout the last 6 months I have seen how much happiness they bring to people, their music really can put a smile on people's faces and all five of them are such lovely guys.
          About a week ago I was on Facebook when I saw One Direction advertising their free Take Me Home stream, which was going to be available for two days to give fans a chance to listen to the album and decide whether or not they wanted to buy it. I clicked on the link and was directed to iTunes, where I found the stream and thought, "Hey why not? It won't be that bad and I can be the first to review it on dooyoo" so after listening to this album at least 5 times, here is my review of One Direction's "Take Me Home".

          1. Live While We're Young - 3:20
          2. Kiss You - 3:03
          3. Little Things - 3:39
          4. C'mon, C'mon - 2:45
          5. Last First Kiss - 3:23
          6. Heart Attack - 2:56
          7. Rock Me - 3:20
          8. Change My Mind - 3:32
          9. I Would - 3:21
          10. Over Again - 3:02
          11. Back for You - 2:58
          12. They Don't Know About Us - 3:20
          13. Summer Love - 3:28

          Album Cover
          There's not much I can say about the Album Cover as it is a picture as opposed to Artwork but what I will say is that it sums up what this album and One Direction are all about, fun and mischief, in the picture they're all smiling and working together to try and climb onto the telephone box, it just represents their whole image and message, which I think is nice.

          Track By Track Review
          LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG (5/5)
          -"Live While We're Young" is not only the first track on the album but is also the first official single, after being released a few weeks ago accompanied with a music video depicting One Direction throwing a pool party and just overall messing about and enjoying themselves. For me, I think this song is kind of a teen anthem, it's basically saying have fun while you can, because one day you won't get the chance to relax how you are right now because you'll be thrown into work or adult life.
          The song itself is very catchy (It's been in my head ever since it came out) it has a simple bass line, which accompanies the repetitive lyrics in a good way, while each of the boys share an equal part in making this introductory song one to remember.

          KISS YOU (5/5)
          -From the first five seconds of "Kiss You" we can instantly tell that this track is destined to exhibit a much faster tempo compared to "Live While We're Young", with Zayn bringing in the first vocals we are introduced to a track that is much more sampled based, sporting lots of beats and rhythms created on machines (not that that's a bad thing) and an upbeat track that is possibly the fastest track we've seen from One Direction yet, the boys use a clever technique in the chorus, separating the last word of each line and although it might not sound like much it really gives the song a unique edge. Honestly this is probably my second favourite song on the entire album.

          LITTLE THINGS (5/5)
          -Aw "Little Things", now if you're a One Direction fan you will recall that last year Ed Sheeran stepped in and gave the song "Moments to Harry Styles for One Direction's first album "Up All Night" after it being recorded onto an album of songs he was never going to use, well he's back and better than ever folks, although this time allowing the boys to sing a song that's a lot more personal to him. Sheeran first wrote the song when he was 17, claiming "It was written about the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn't expect." Well I can safely say One Direction have not disappointed when it's comes to making this song meaningful and sweet, keeping it acoustic and unplugged the boys give us a song that I'm sure will be serenaded throughout the world to loved ones and partners, with such lyrics as :
          "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape
          You never want to know how much you weigh
          You still have to squeeze into your jeans
          But you're perfect to me"
          Soon to be the second single off of "Take Me Home", this song is sure to make you smile.

          C'MON C'MON (2/5)
          -"C'mon C'mon" is probably my least liked song on the album, there's something about it that seems a bit as if it's been thrown together with no real thought, the beat is very basic and lyrics are very so-so, just my opinion but honestly whenever I listen to "Take Me Home" now I always skip this track, don't take my advice though, you may love it.

          LAST FIRST KISS (4/5)
          -Although still not at the same standard as the first three tracks on the album, "Last First Kiss" is definitely one of the best songs on the album. Just as they have done with "Little Things" One Direction choose to make this song almost solidly acoustic throughout the verse with only a sampled drumbeat to accompany the guitar, the tempo then picks up for the chorus allowing this song to be half ballad, half pop.
          "I wanna be last yeah
          Baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss
          I wanna be first yeah
          Wanna be the first to take it all the way like this
          And if you only knew I wanna be last yeah
          Baby let me be your last, your last first kiss"
          The song itself is basically about wanting to be someone's first love. (That's how I see it anyway).

          HEART ATTACK (5/5)
          -Now we come to my personal favourite song on "Take Me Home", I don't what is it exactly, whether it's the exciting chorus, the fast tempo or the way it's sung, but there's something about this song that I just really really like. (It's also perfect lip-syncing material, not that I do a lot of that...)
          Almost the entirety of the first verse and bridge is sung by Zayn, or at least that's what it sounds like, who sounds very meaningful throughout the lyrics and cleverly changes into different tones throughout, then what sounds like Harry joins in for the chorus, providing us with a very energetic and fun chorus that you just can't help but sing along to.
          "And I'm like oww
          Never thought it'd hurt so bad
          Getting over you
          And oww
          You're giving me a heart attack
          Looking like you do
          Cause you're all I ever wanted
          Thought you would be the one that's ow
          Giving me a heart attack getting over you"
          One of the better heartbreak songs of 2012 if you ask me.

          ROCK ME (4/5)
          -After causing gaining themselves a lot of enemies throughout the rock community due to their "lovely" fans, I have a feeling that this song is going to rub a lot of people up the wrong way and will cause a lot of people to claim that "They're trying to be rocky" but they're not. In this track, the boys have chosen to add a classic Rock N Roll beat very similar to the one used on "We Will Rock You" by Queen, to do something slightly unexpected and to possibly relate back to Harry Style's roots after previously being in a rock band himself (White Eskimo).
          The song itself is a pop/rock ballad, containing lots of different genre's of music all rolled into one, without stepping away from the classic One Direction sound.
          Definitely one to be remembered.

          CHANGE MY MIND (5/5)
          -Aw, another one of my favourites.
          "Change My Mind" is yet another ballad and yet another acoustic, but it's a beautiful song, in itself it's very calm and relaxes the mood of anyone listening to it. I wouldn't be surprised if this track get's forgotten about a lot throughout reviews of this album as it's placed so far down in the tracklisting which is a shame, but hopefully One Direction will be smart and release this as the third single.
          Acoustic is honestly what they do best.
          "But baby if you say you want me to stay
          I'll change my mind
          Cause I don't wanna know I'm walking away
          If you'll be mine
          Won't go, won't go
          So baby if you say you'll want me to stay, stay for the night
          I'll change my mind."
          A sad breakup song, "Change My Mind" is about not wanting the relationship to be over even though it's obvious the other person no longer shares the same feelings.

          I WOULD (4/5)
          -Now let's see, we've spoken about Ed Sheeran's collaboration, but I'm sure there was someone else involved...who was it? Mc-something? Mc-Mc-Mc-MCFLY! Of course, "I Would" was written by the amazingly talented and worldwide established boyband known as Mcfly, consisting of Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, Danny Jones and Harry Judd.
          Now, when looking back on the album, I forgot how much of a good song this is, it's definitely the last good one before the songs start getting less impressive, this song when first listening to it, will make you think you've heard it before somewhere, it tells the story of a boy pondering after a girl way out of his league (not that that's a problem for any of the One Direction boys), forever wishing to be noticed and get the girl he keeps dreaming about. This is set to be yet another wonderful teen anthem.

          OVER AGAIN (3/5)
          -"Over Again" is the second songwriting collaboration from Ed Sheeran, and even without knowing that before listening to it, you're are easily able to tell. The boys have chosen to imitate (not in a bad way) Sheeran's unique vocal style to really make Ed proud and although it's a nice song, the lyrics sometimes get a little bit too silly such as "I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British" which isn't at all 1D's fault but personally puts me off the song slightly.

          BACK FOR YOU (2/5)
          -Possibly the worst song on "Take Me Home", this track is extremely repetitive and kind of a let down compared to the rest, sporting a simplistic beat and generic vocals.

          THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT US (4/5)
          -Although being the second to last song on the album, this track gives us hope that the last track will be a good one, it refreshes the classic boyband sound that the likes of "The Backstreet Boys" and "NSync" have documented in Music History, it's a nice thing to witness on such a recent boyband's record but it's hopefully a sound they will chose to include more of in the future.
          They don't know about the things we do
          "They don't know about the I love you's
          But I bet you if they only knew
          They will just be jealous of us
          They don't know about the up all night's
          They don't know I've waited all my life
          Just to find a love that feels this right"
          The song itself is about secret relationships, which let's be honest is something One Direction are going to have to go through a lot of.

          SUMMER LOVE (4/5)
          -The Album ends on a high note, with a song that's ironically about goodbyes to wave off the end to "Take Me Home", the song is a lovely acoustic song, very slow and calm, a chance for us to properly hear the boys lovely voices one final time.

          This album proves exactly how much One Direction have grown since being thrown together on "The X Factor", it is now easy to see the bond they have formed and the sound they have created together, this album is 10x better than "Up All Night" and is only the start of what I hope will be One Direction's very long and very successful career.


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