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Take Off Your Colours - You Me at Six

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5 Reviews

Genre: Rock / Artist: You Me at Six / Audio CD released 2008-10-06 at Slam Dunk

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    5 Reviews
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      04.04.2010 15:16



      Worth listening to!

      The first installment from you me at six and this is an album which contains catching songs such as save it for the bedroom and if i were in your shoes. This album can be bought for a reasonable amount of money from retailers such as amazon, I would advice purchasing the delux edition of the album because there are extra songs included like finders keepers. This song is one of my personal favourites due to its catchy nature. However this song does head clsoer to main stream music which may not be to everyones personal taste. You me at six have included songs that have an increase in tension, for example the song if you run at around 2 minutes 40 builds a certain amount of emotion and tension. The song always attract is a different song from the rest of the album becuase it is a calaberation between the lead singer and his sister. This is a slower song compared to the rest of the album with rather moving lyrics that are throught prevoking This is well worth a listen!!


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      23.02.2010 21:02
      Very helpful



      CD2 is much better than CD1, listen to the re-release!

      This review is for the re-released of the album, which is the one you'll find in shops now, and it contains an extra disc with a couple more songs, which makes the album even better than it already was. This re-release was released in 2009, and the original album was released in 2007.

      This is the debut album from You Me At Six, a pop-punk band from England, consisting of:

      Josh Franceschi - lead vocals, lyrics (2004-present)
      Max Helyer - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2004-present)
      Chris Miller - lead guitar (2004-present)
      Matt Barnes - bass guitar (2004-present)
      Dan Flint - drums, percussion (2006-present)

      Their latest album, Hold Me Down, was released earlier in 2010, and they also have 3 EPs.

      CD 1

      1. The Truth Is A Terrible Thing

      A pretty good intro track, with no vocals until about 40 seconds. It's not my favourite song on the album by any means, but it's not bad at all. The guitar sound is very nice, but besides that, there is nothing special about this song

      2. Gossip

      A pretty cool drum intro, followed by lower, punk-ish guitar, then pop-ish vocals which don't really suit each other, but this doesn't matter too much, because this is a pretty good song, because the vocals get better later on, and the chorus is very catchy and has good backing vocals and a nice high pitched guitar sound.

      3. Call That A Comeback

      This song has a better intro, with a good guitar riff, and better vocals, although it's still not nearly the best song on the album, but I like this more than the first song. The breakdown before the chorus has good vocals, as well as the chorus, which is pretty catchy and has good drumming too.

      4. Jealous Minds Think Alike

      A more upbeat intro this time, with distorted guitar and upbeat drumming. It then slows down quickly, for low-pitched vocals, as the drumming and guitars build up to the chorus, which again, is very catchy. I like this song, and the album keeps on getting better. A great chorus.

      5. Save It For The Bedroom

      One of the most popular songs, and I understand why. A great intro, with just guitar and vocals, which is then joined by drumming and bass, so it builds up well. The verse has great vocals, with shouting in parts (but not screamo), making this a very good song so far, and then there's the chorus, which is incredible! A very catchy song, and I would recommend listening to it.

      6. Take Off Your Colours

      Because this has the same name as the album, you would expect it to be good, because most songs that have the same name as the album tend to be, and it is. Another great guitar intro, with a good verse. The chorus isn't quite as catchy as the last song, but it's still another very good song.

      7. You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)

      A slower one this time, so it's a little bit different, which is a good thing, although this isn't my favourite song. It seems to be one of the most popular songs, but I don't really see why, until it gets to the drop, which makes it much better, so overall this is a pretty good song. Shame about the intro though. If you're going to listen to this, skip into it.

      8. If You Run

      A very nice guitar riff at the intro makes this one very good song, followed by very good vocals. This song is different, because this time the verse and the build up to the chorus seem to be better than the actual chorus, although the backing vocals in the chorus are very good. Great guitar sound as well

      9. Tigers And Sharks

      An acoustic intro which is kind of boring. If it wasn't for the incredible chorus, I wouldn't really like this song, but the chorus is amazing, so I really like it overall, I just wish the verse and the intro were more exciting. Good overall.

      10. If I Were In Your Shoes

      One of my favourites off the album, with a great riff, and good drumming too. In some of the songs on the album, the vocals are nothing special, but in this one, they really are very good. Everything about this song is awesome, and the chorus is very catchy, so I'd recommend listening to this one. Great song.

      11. Always Attract

      A slower one, which girls seem to prefer to boys, as some girls I know love this song, but I don't. A six minute acoustic song is not something I really like. It wouldn't be too bad if it was more upbeat, because I love some acoustic music, but this really isn't one of them. It's a shame, because now I can't say I love all the songs on the album. Thankfully, it picks up about 4 minutes into it. There is also a woman singer which makes it a bit different, so it's not too bad when it picks up.

      12. Nasty Habits

      This song gets the album back on it's feet, with a pretty cool guitar intro, then good drumming to match, making this a pretty brilliant song all round. The intro is great, and so is the chorus. Not much else to say, a good song all round.

      13. The Rumour

      A slightly different style of intro, similar to that of 'Panic! At The Disco' because of the guitar sound, but the vocals are the same again. The drop is good, and goes back into the original You Me At Six pop-punk, which, if I'm honest, is becoming a little boring, but it's not bad.

      CD 2

      1. Kiss And Tell

      One of the most famous songs that everyone seems to love, and so do I. I would recommend listening to this one. A cool intro, with great vocals, but the best thing about this is definitely the chorus, which makes me want to sing along every time. Great song, perhaps the best on the album. A great breakdown, with lyrics that stick in your mind makes it even more catchy. If only the chorus was longer...

      2. Finders Keepers

      Another very catchy song. CD 2, even though it only has 5 songs, is definitely the best of the two, so I would highly recommend buying the re-released if you're going to buy it at all. This song has the same qualities as the last song, but it's a little bit different. Another stunning song.

      3. Sweet Feet

      This is a pretty good song actually. The intro has amazing guitar, and the vocals are better in this song, and more like they are in the latest album, which I prefer, and the chorus is once again pretty catchy, but this isn't my favourite.

      4. All Your Fault

      There's not much to say about this song, because again, everything about it is great, but it's different to the others. The vocals in the chorus and the guitar are absolutely incredible, making this another of my favourites. A great guitar sound too.

      5. Blue Eyes Don't Lie

      Another brilliantly catchy riff at the start, and another amazing song with a fantastic chorus, not much else to say. This is an incredible album, and I would highly recommend listening to all the songs on CD 2


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      06.02.2010 20:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Buy it, but buy Hold me down first.

      Take Off Your Colours is the debut album of British alterative rock band You Me At Six. Timed at 51:09, this album mixes the guitar riffs and drum tracks of well known metal bands with the well thought out lyrical content of more main stream pop artists like Blink-182 and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

      The original album contains 13 tracks, whilst on the deluxe edition 5 more have been added.

      1. The Truth Is a Terrible Thing - A generic lyrical intro track, not as good as other tracks on the album, however is one of those tracks that makes me remember why I love the band. 6/10

      2. Gossip - I'm not a particular fan of this track, however like many other tracks by YMAS it is easy to listen to and the lyrics are very easy to understand and remember. 8/10

      3. Call That a Comeback? - Not the best track from the album. It gels with the other tracks, however, it doesn't seem to have the same sense of direction as the other tracks, and the lyrics are harder to interpret. 6/10

      4. Jealous Minds Think Alike - Awesome guitar, singers voice takes on a strange, but not unpleasant timbre, chorus is good and is very easy to remember the lyrics. 7/10

      5. Save It for the Bedroom - The first single off of the album, not the best track by YMAS, but the chorus is catchy and is one of the few tracks i've listened to and instantly known i would love any other tracks. 7/10

      6. Take Off Your Colours - Best introduction of any alternative track ever. Probably my favourite track off of the album, if not my favourite from the band as a whole. The lyrics talk volumes about the track subject. 9/10

      7.You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep in It) - A more sombre track from the album. Good thoughtful, chill out music. Comparable to some of the tracks by bands like Funeral For A Friend. 8/10

      8. If You Run - One of the things i like about YMAS is their ability to make their tracks sound so similar, yet fundamentally different at the same time. If You Run is a prime example of this. It has great lyrics and a superb drum track, faster than other tracks on the album. 7/10

      9. Tigers and Sharks - Always makes me think of Castaway... however this does fit in well with the theme of the track. Heavy riffs and punchier lyrics. I like it. 8/10

      10. If I Were in Your Shoes - Don't particularly like this track, more moany than the other tracks, however it does fit with the drums, riffs and unparalleled lyrical quality of other YMAS songs. 5/10

      11. Always Attract - Easily the best track off the album... very different from the other tracks. YMAS have made this track a ballad, teaming up with the female lead singer of another band. If you listen to the album and decide it isn't your 'cup of tea' listen to this track because it probably will be. 10/10 (Not my favourite track ever but is close to the top.)

      12. Nasty Habits - Very fast paced track, brilliant drum track and guitar soloy bit. I think that the band could quite easily exploit this area of their music as i feel there is an audience for this sort of thing. Strangly good for treadmills. 8/10

      13. The Rumour - One of the better tracks on the album. More percussive than other tracks and the lyrics are very insightful. Very good outro section. Gets exquisitely heavy in the last 30 or so seconds. 9/10

      I feel this album is a step in the right direction for the genre, with crowd pleasing tracks like Save It For The Bedroom and Finders Keepers bringing the band to the attention of the masses. If you wish to listen to alternative music without the screaming phlegm-down-the-microphone lyrics exhibited by some modern rock bands you should buy the album.

      YMAS re-released this album in 2009 with 5 extra tracks, as a deluxe edition (different album cover - looks like a tin of powder paint). Although I think the bonus tracks are good, especially Finders Keepers and Kiss & Tell, however, I'm not sure that they add to the album particularly.

      9/10 - A good album.


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        11.07.2009 02:27
        Very helpful



        A very catchy album of pop punk fun.

        'Take Off Your Colours' is the debut album from the Surry based pop-punk band that is You Me At Six. The album was released through Slam Dunk Records in October 2008, and consists of a total of thirteen tracks.

        'The Truth Is A Terrible Thing' is the first track here and kicks things off well, and included on this album are a number of hugely impressive tracks. There are many catchy choruses to sing along to, and if you're a fan of upbeat pop-punk music then you really can't go wrong with this fine album from You Me At Six.

        Highlights for me include 'Gossip', 'Save It For The Bedroom' 'You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)', and 'If I Were In Your Shoes'; there are very few tracks that don't impress here in fact, and many of these tracks could easily be released as single's.

        'Gossip' is probably my very favourite track from the album, and right from the thumping drumbeat in the opening you just know that this is going to be something truly special. The guitar sound is supreme, the vocals incredibly well sung out, and the chorus is just so catchy. 'Gossip' is fantastic track to sing along to, and once you've heard the track once you'll definitely find it very hard to get it out of your head.

        'Save It For The Bedroom', 'You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)', and 'If I Were In Your Shoes' all have excellent choruses, and the vocals of lead singer Josh Franceschi are consistently brilliant all throughout the album. Josh Franceschi really does have an amazing singing voice, and his incredible vocal performance is definitely key to the success of the 'Take Off Your Colours' album.

        There are a few tracks here that feel a little flat, most of the time the music does much to impress however, providing for a hugely enjoyable overall listening experience. The album isn't perfect, there are a lot of excellent tracks on display here though, and as a huge fan of pop-punk I really do enjoy listening to the 'Take Off Your Colours' album.

        If you enjoy listening to pop-punk music and don't already own You Me At Six's 'Take Off Your Colours' album then you should definitely see about investing in it.

        'Take Off Your Colours' can currently be found at Amazon.co.uk at a price of £5.98.


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          31.05.2009 01:40
          Very helpful



          If you havent listened then do!!!!

          Iv been a fan of the band since I first saw the song 'Save it for the bedroom' on Kerrang, I then downloaded some tracks whilst waiting for the album to be realised. Unfortunately I prefered some songs before they were slightly altered for the album version such as 'the rumour' and 'youve made your bed'. I have to say I totally love this band, not only are all their songs catchy it doesnt hurt to have a cute lead vocalist!!!

          All of the lyrics seem to relate to sex, being cheated on etc but still makes for an amazing album.

          My favourite song would have to be nasty habits, but I would never skip any of the songs as theyr all good in their own right. The band seems to be very popular with the 'scene kids' at the moment and have had sellout tours, but this will be due to there amazing live performances. The vocals are just as good live as they are recorded.

          This album is a must for anyone into music such as All Time Low, Kids in Glass houses, The Audition etc


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Truth Is A Terrible Thing
          2 Gossip
          3 Call That A Comeback
          4 Jealous Minds Think Alike
          5 Save It For The Bedroom
          6 Take Off Your Colours
          7 You've Made Your Bed (So Sleep In It)
          8 If You Run
          9 Tigers And Sharks
          10 If I Were In Your Shoes
          11 Always Attract
          12 Nasty Habits
          13 Rumou

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