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Tangled Up - Girls Aloud

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8 Reviews

Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Girls Aloud / Audio CD released 2007-11-19 at Universal

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    8 Reviews
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      29.10.2013 19:25
      Very helpful



      a good album :)

      Girls Aloud are a British girl band who were formed on an X Factor style reality show named PopStars : The Rivals in late 2002. Their style of music is original consisting of pop and electro pop. There are five girls in the band ; Nicola , Cheryl , Sarah , Kimberly and Nadine. (I thought I'd mention Nicola first as she always seems to be the 'forgotten about' member of the band , and the one who gets the least attention , and I think that is a shame because she has a fantastic voice...)

      Tangled up is the fifth album from Girls Aloud. The album was released in 2007. To date three songs have been released as singles.

      I will now give you a brief description of some of the songs on the album!
      * Can't Speak French *
      The phrase 'Let The Funky Music Do The Talking' in this song definitely speaks for itself! This song is very funky indeed. This song has some what of a 'sexy vibe' to it. It's very flirty and cheeky. This in my opinion , is one of my favourite Girls Aloud songs. Can't Speak French has a different sound to that of their other songs.10/10.

      * Sexy (no no no!)
      This song begins with an electronic sound and then bursts into a fast energetic chorus. This song is a bit like marmite , you other love it or hate it. At first I hated it , but now I love it. This is a great party song. I like how the girls sing some of the songs like a stutter , for example "d-d-dirty" because it's effective. Although the girls are singing , it sounds as though they are talking it. 8/10

      * Call The Shots *
      This song has a relaxing feel to it. I like the repeats of 'oohs' and 'ahhs' throughout this song as it makes it sound fun. This is a song that once you hear it , it's stuck in your head for hours. I love the chorus , it's so catchy. Call The Shots is bouncy , but different to their other songs because it's bouncy but 'not-in-yer-face!" In a way it reminds me of "I'll Stand By you." 9/10.

      * Damn *
      This is my least favourite song on the album , as I feel it doesn't reach it's peak.It's just plain annoying - 3/10.

      * I'm Falling *
      This song has a a funny beginning which makes you wonder if it is ever going to get started ; which it does , although is very repetitive. Again it has a 'funny sound' to it. I wouldn't call it electronic , although the sound of their voices have definitely been altered although I cannot put my finger on how it's been changed. A large part of this song is instrumental. I don't like this song! 3/10.

      This album is so much better than their last album , Chemistry. They have a total new sound. I think this album shows how the girls have matured and how now , they should be considered as a 'woman band' rather than a girl band. They have definitely grown up , and it is made obvious. I have a few favourite songs on the album and therefore I cannot choose just on. I think that the best songs on the album are those which they have already been released as singles , although I will admit that I do consider there to be a few weak links. Apart from the few not so good songs , All in all , a good album!

      Thanks for reading
      October 2013


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      23.03.2013 11:36
      Very helpful



      Album from Girls Aloud

      I bought Girls Aloud's fourth album Tangled Up, released in 2007, when I saw it on sale for £3. At this price, how could I say no?! I had previously bought and enjoyed the band's greatest hits collection, but I hadn't purchased a studio album before.

      The album as a whole has a disco-pop feel to it. First single Call the Shots is a Kylie-esque disco classic and the reason I bought this album, a fantastic song. Close to Love continues the disco theme with a glitzy, catchy beat.

      Sexy No No No... is a brilliant electronic funk classic, while Girl Overboard has an 80s disco feel. Can't Speak French is a flirty lighthearted track. Black Jacks is another great disco song while Control of the Knife is a funky song with attitude.

      Fling is another cheeky, flirty song, while What You Crying For has a definite drum n'bass feel. I'm Falling is another funky song while Damn has attitude and a disco feel. Crocodile Tears is a dance-pop song with violins and a catchy beat.

      When I bought this album I expected it to contain a couple of good songs and a lot of filler. This wasn't in fact the case: most of the songs on the album are high quality, catchy and different pop songs with disco, funk and drum n' bass influences. This is a very good pop album and recommended by me.

      Track Listing
      1. Call The Shots
      2. Close To Love
      3. Sexy No No No...
      4. Girl Overboard
      5. Can't Speak French
      6. Black Jacks
      7. Control Of The Knife
      8. Fling
      9. What You Crying For
      10. I'm Falling
      11. Damn
      12. Crocodile Tears


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      24.06.2009 16:14
      Very helpful



      Without question, their best album

      Did someone at Girls Aloud HQ forget that they had to create an album cover, so knocked this one out at the last minute? Okay so after you get over the hugely disappointing cover art, you'll realise that this is actually a fantastic album. Having been a casual Girls Aloud follower before, 'Tangles Up' converted me into a hardcore fan.

      We start with 'Call the Shots' - the girl's most outstanding single to date; this is a sophisticated mature slice of pop with a gorgeous uplifting melody. A great opener for the album and a sign of things to come. Next is 'Close to Love' an infectious upbeat number with some (depending on how far your mind is into the gutter) saucy lyrics. 'Sexy! No No No...' is jam-packed with robotic voices and many critics have stated that it's barely even a song, but it's certainly memorable. 'Girl Overboard' is the single that should have been; buoyant, bubbly, brilliant. 'Can't Speak French' marks a change of tempo; it's by no means a ballad but it's lilting and a little slower than what we've heard up until this point. The girls also recorded a version in French which is definately worth a listen. 'Black Jacks' is the highlight of the album for me; no idea what the lyrics mean but the way in which the verse builds up to the chorus is is magnificent. 'Control of the Knife' is a reggae tinged number with some funky trumpeting (I assume it's a trumpet - I'm no expert on wind instruments) in the background. It took me a while to get into the next track 'Fling' but now it's another of my favourites with it's terrifically comical lyrics. The album takes a bit of a downturn here (with the exception of the brilliant 'Damn') and 'What you Crying For', 'I'm Falling' and 'Crocodile Tears' could have easily been replaced with any of Girls Aloud's outstanding B-sides or rarities.

      This is probably one of my most listened to albums, and if you're a little unsure of Girls Aloud, then 'Tangled Up' will leave you in no doubt that they are pop superstars.


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      23.01.2009 21:35



      pretty good

      This was the turning point for the girls in my opinion. They were beginning to move away from all that shouty shouty pop and the melodies were becoming more refined and the music was becoming user friendly. There were some fine vocals beginning to shine through too, most noteably Sarah Harding.

      Tracks: Call The Shots is one of the girls' most successful hits and has a lovely sound to it, a brisk tempo that is just the right speed to get you onto a dancefloor. Can't Speak French is one to have a quiet tango too and then we have the storming and shouty Sexy! No No No, which is similar to some of their earlier efforts when they were just starting out.

      Variety: Some upbeat numbers, but check out Crocodile Tears which will make you sigh with sadness

      Overall: There are a few pop gems on here and it is a return to form for the girls, worth a listen for sure, though not that many hit singles off this album


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      01.11.2008 06:11
      Very helpful



      5th album by the million selling pop group and in my opininon best one yet

      Have they split yet? Is what most people tend to say 5 years on after Girls Aloud where formed on Popstars the rivals but in that time they have notched up 17 top 10 singles, 5 successful albums, 3 tours with another one following, advertising deals, several dvd's, and generally contributed to pop music highly enough to be considered important.
      This fifth album entitled Tangled up with a simple lettered cover gives the impression the brand Girls Aloud can sell on it's own and the reputation is good. Needless to say, it's a good album with consistent tracks, more grown up then before but still pop but more dancey. It has twelve tracks and several highlights and a couple of weak links and similiar tracks but nearly all the tracks deserve to be on there.

      The 2 singles Sexy No No No and Call The Shots are in here. Sexy No No No is very dancey and has a great intro, really catchy too. Call The Shots is mid-tempo ballad - very crediable and a great chorus, and is doing really well.
      Close To Love has a good chorus, Fling would appeal to people who don't like them. Girl Overboard is really catchy and should be a future single. I Can't Speak French, Control Of The Knife and Black Jacks are classic Girls Aloud - very good but abit too similiar trying to recreate Biology, they're good though. The rest of the album has What You Crying For, Damn and I'm Falling - these tracks aren't amazing, they're very good and different and deserve to be on here. The album ends on Crocidile Tears - a great song to end with ''cry cry crocidile crocidile tears'' - it's the only ballad on here.

      I recomment this to anyone. Girls Aloud have proved they can produce good music, and this is another example and for the reason of there past success and reputation you should give this a try - it's a great album and anyone can listen to it!!


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      25.07.2008 23:41
      Very helpful



      A recommended purchase.

      When I first heard what would be the lead single from this album last summer 'Sexy! No, No, No..,', I was seriously underwhelmed. It was fairly decent, but completely typical of what the girls had been doing before except nowhere near as good and minus the edge.
      The second single, 'Call The Shots', I actually can't stand (controversial I know). It's bland, has a chorus that goes nowhere and plays it way too safe, and just isn't them.

      Despite not being overly keen on the first two singles, I decided to go ahead and plump for this album anyway. Being an avid fan and owning all of their previous albums, it wouldn't be right if I didn't.

      What I found was a selection of songs which are true classic Girls Aloud, and was completely mystified why two ultra-bland singles had been released first.
      My personal highlight is 'Control Of The Knife', a funky pop track which isn't too typical of them, but all the same is classic Girls Aloud. The trumpet sounds in this are brilliantly addictive.
      Also there is 'Girl Overboard', a vivacious in your face classic Girls Aloud song which clearly was an obvious single choice that was evaded.
      Another big highlight is 'Fling', a furious electro stomper about a shameless one night stand, and filled to the brim with filth.
      My other big favourite is 'Close To Love', it was an immediate standout for me and is another classic Girls Aloud song with a catchy chorus. It almost sounds like a modern and more sophisticated Bananarama track.

      There is also 'What You Crying For', which sees the girls attempting pop and bass, 'I'm Falling' which has all the ingredients to be a classic Girls Aloud song but falls slightly short, and 'Can't Speak French' which I despised when I first heard it. It grew on me when it became a single, but it really shouldn't have been released.

      The main stinker on this album I feel is the closing track, 'Crocodile Tears'. Really pontless.

      As with all Girls Aloud albums, it's not 100% perfect but there's plenty on here to warrant a worthy purchase. It's a shame all the good songs were left behind while their label clearly tried to turn them into this MOR group with the single choices.


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        07.03.2008 13:20
        Very helpful



        The sound of the underground, the beat goes...

        Splitting soon, will their comeback really be worth multi-millions?
        Now that reality television is in our veins you may find yourself watching it without even realising, and just as with my Jordin Sparks review, I am once again turning my sights to review another musical talent that we have found through the art of singing every week and see how many people will pick up the phone to vote. I must also admit that there is a darker tone to the motive for this review, as I'm sure with the recent public break-up between Cheryl Tweddy and her footballer husband - Chelsea's left back, Ashley Cole - some may use their search enginges for the latest gossip on the affair and end up Googling their way to donating to my wallet. There is no 'i' in team though, and that is exactly what Girls Aloud have had behind them in the form of a great production team that have sent them from being a manufactured girl band to the UK's greatest group. Where others before them have failed; Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and the already mentioned, Cheryl Cole, have managed to add longevity to the mix releasing their fourth studio album, 'Tangled Up', since winning the competition in 2002.

        Hear'Say were the original music love affair of the country, that would eventually turn on them and the lives of such members as Mylenne Klass and Suzanne Shaw have only recently began to improve from the happy-slap attacks and hate mail. Obviously with peoples lives in tatters, the immediate reaction would be to put on another one of these talent shows, only this time creating a girl group and a boy group then putting them up against one another. Girls Aloud stormed the charts with their winners record, 'Sound of the Underground' that still stands up as a pop record these years later, whilst the male victors - One True Voice - fell into obscurity shortly after their second single bombed, 'Shakespeares (Way With) Words'. Many could claim that there is very little competition for the group in the UK, with even three-piece Sugababes not exactly being in direct competition, however many of the band members are eager for their reality television label to be shaken off and if the high-profile lifestyles they are generating for themselves are anything to go by they should be able to do that. If being frontpage news isn't enough for Cheryl Cole, she can read up on Nadine's relationship with a hunky Desperate Housewives gardener and Hollywood actor, Jesse Metcalfe. Or perhaps Walsh's canabis scandal in 2006, Harding's battle with her public image and Harding's party-hard friendship with Danielle Lloyd.

        "Yet another unrelenting pop masterpiece" - BBC Entertainment
        1. Call the Shots (3.45)
        2. Close to Love (3.53)
        3. Sexy! No No No... (3.18)
        4. Girl Overboard (4.11)
        5. Can't Speak French (4.04)
        6. Black Jacks (4.20)
        7. Control of the Knife (3.51)
        8. Fling (4.13)
        9. What You Crying For (3.44)
        10. I'm Falling (4.01)
        11. Damn (3.46)
        12. Crocodile Tears (4.18)

        'Tangled Up' charted at #4 in the UK album charts, making it their third most successful release, only behind their debut album and greatest hits compilation and is already a platinum seller. 'Sexy! No No No' was selected as the first single release off the production, making it their sixtenth single, and not that I am someone that follows the career of the band step for step I still am not exactly familiar with the track. Considering that, a #5 peak in the charts is pretty good, and #3 peak in the Poland charts. This is projective of Girls Aloud appeal across Europe, however due to the fact that they can't shift quite enough numbers they still lack the power to crack the American market, and that is something that shall always stop them from being as successful as the Spice Girls. 'Sexy' is a very fast moving track, although it is still more pop than dance, and I struggle to understand the purpose of it - having an incredibly quick track also the shorted track on the album. Not something I would have picked for a first release, with the main characteristic of the song being 'no, no, no.'
        'Call the Shots', the lead single off the album, would be more successful as a second release charting at #3 in the UK chart and this is a song I DO remember. The track also topped the charts in Croatia and Estonia. A bubbly pop song similar to that of what you will have heard from Girls Aloud before, I'm not sure how people putting this album in their CD player would get an immediate reaction of, "This is something new," from this track. Cheryl Cole did reveal that this was her favourite of all the tracks on the new album.

        "I can't speak French, so I'll let the funky music do the talking" - Girls Aloud

        Yet to still be physically released, 'Can't Speak French' is the third single release from the album. The track is without a doubt my favourite so far, and with it originally being delayed due to Cheryl's marriage issues this is no doubt set to get her further sympathy sales and I would expect this to be the groups fourth #1 hit (currently their top spot singles have only been their debut, their Children in Need single and their Comic Relief release featuring Sugababes). The concept of the song doesn't really make any sense, and I suppose that would be typical with a good pop song, and it all comes across very camp - although if you tune into the accompanying video your feelings are likely to be anything but camp as Girls Aloud use their sex appeal in French maid outfits. Mmmmm...
        'Black Jacks' and 'Control of the Knife' were reported as the tracks to be getting the most positive feedback, and that is why when listening to the album I paid special interest to them. 'Black Jacks' is the longest track on the album, and is a rocky loud-chorus release that is similar to that of the most popular male group music in the UK industry at the moment, and also has the similar electro sound that many other tracks on the album do have. Personally, that isn't my thing and 'Black Jacks' isn't all it has been made out to be. 'Control of the Knife' was song I was interested in hearing based off the crazy name alone, and the opening beat matches that of the craze killers you are imagining the band members being with those knives, overall it is just a good pop record. In fact, everything about the album is pop, so if you like what Girls Aloud have done previously you should have no problem with anything this album.

        'What Are You Crying' for starts sounding like a rave, meaning it caught my attention straight away, I didn't know Girls Aloud were trying their hand at drum and bass? 'Fling' on the other hand is all about spitting out one syllable words over and over again, by the time you're finished with this album something like that won't be unfamiliar to you. 'Damn' has familiar sounds to that of something that Christina Aguilera was trying on her last project, taking things back to basics. There is a distinct lack of ballads or lyrics with a lot of thought, meaning this is more something you could play in the background of a kids birthday, rather than an adults party. A lot of the lyrics are to do with girl power, something that we all know Girls Aloud aren't the true instigators of - that honour falls to some 1994 girl band. You know them? In closing, it's great at what it is, but for someone that's not a fan already it is poor. Also, the CD cover lacks complete inspiration and is barely respectable.


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          20.11.2007 11:16
          Very helpful



          Superb album worth a listen

          Believe it or not, this is the girls 4th studio album, and their 5th album overall. Despite being a huge Girls Aloud fan, I have never actually bought an album by the girls before, I only purchased their Greatest Hits last winter as I love the singles which were obviously on it. But after reading such positive reviews about this across the internet, and having a spare Amazon voucher, I thought this would be worth a try. And what a corker the girls have come out with here!

          Tangled Up is a different turn for the girls, with an album full of dancefloor filler tracks that are so catchy you will quickly find yourself singing along! The album is 12 tracks long and each one is just superb. On this album you get the 2 singles the girls have released so far, and another 10 great tracks of which 80% deserve to be released as singles themselves! I found Nadine took most of the lead vocals on most of the songs, as it is widely known she has the best singing voice out of all the girls. However, I could hear Cheryl a lot, as well as Sarah. But as usual, I have found that Kimberley has been thoroughly underused on this album. There was no track I could particularly hear her on which is a great shame. Nicola surprised me on this album. I normally cannot stand her voice but she takes the middle riffs on a few songs, and it really works. Her voice is definitely maturing and becoming well used by Nicola.

          Track 1: Call the Shots: This is the girls current single due to be released next week (26/11/07). It is incredibly different to not just their first single from the album Sexy, No No No, but different from the whole album as a whole. It is just mesmerising with soothing and easy to listen to track and lovely vocals from all the girls, especially Nicola right in the middle. Superb, and a great choice for a single.

          Track 2: Close To Love: I fully expected this one to be a ballad but nope! It is very much a dance track, with a thumping beat and a repetitive chorus which is fantastically catchy and makes you want to sing along! An early favourite of mine on the album.

          Track 3: Sexy? No No No: The girls first track released from this album so chances are you have already heard this one across the radio and the television. It is the track which really gives us a clue as to what the album is going to be like, as it unlike any songs the girls have brought out before. The song starts with Cheryl's haunting vocals and bursts back with an enormous rocky electro backing track with a super chorus, so catchy and I am surprised this one didn't get to number one!

          Track 4: Girl Overboard: Quite a poppy track, but still has a mature sound about it which works well with the great vocals the girls provide over the track. This one has a nice catchy chorus and is a great girly anthem.I do like how it quietens down in the middle of the song and then bursts into life again - fab and incredibly disco-ey!!

          Track 5: Can't Speak French: An electro-pop type song which is really catchy. I like the lyrics to the chorus, "I can't speak French so I let the funky music do the talking". I enjoyed listening to this one and found myself humming the tune a little while after the track had finished. The background tune is very catchy and suits the song very well,on second listen I enjoyed this much more, it is actually quite good!

          Track 6: Black Jacks: Again, a very dancey track but very different to the other dance songs on this album. This one is quite rocky, with heavy drums throughout which themselves make the track stand out from the others. It goes from shouting and a catchy chorus to a softly sung middle part, back to the thumping rhythm and drums. I wasn't keen on this one at first but by the end, I was hooked and wanted to listen to it again. Nadine's voice sounds great on this one.

          Track 7: Control of the Knife: The first thing I noticed about this one was the slightly slower pace than the other songs before hand (except Call the Shots). It has almost a reggae sound to it in the background with the soothing vocals over the top. Again, this song is more of a filler track than a stand-out one, not particularly memorable but it is worth an initial listen just for the change of pace! Rumour is that this maybe the third single from the album, but I hope not as there are much stronger songs which would be far better.

          Track 8: Fling: A cheeky song with the girls telling their fellas "It's just a fling baby fling baby". The girls actually more shout their way through this one rather than sing it but it actually works really well! The disco-ey background makes you want to get up and dance and sing/shout along with the girls! The lyrics are quite naughty but this is a fun song so it works so well! A really great song, I loved this one. Definitely the album's stand out track.

          Track 09: What You Crying For: Hmmm very different to your usual Girls Aloud music. This one sounds like it has a garage track behind it, normally something I would hate but somehow the girls make it work on this song. I can hear Cheryl's voice coming through on this one,and I think her voice suits this one. I found the more I listened to this one, the more I liked it. The fast beat and quick-paced lyrics are fun and make for a good track. Definitely one that grows on you.

          Track 10: I'm Falling: The girls go rocky on this track. There is an electro-guitar sound at the start and the song builds up to a good beat with vocals from all the girls. Not an especially catchy song but works well with the other songs on the album. The instrumentals on the song are quite long, making this different listening to the other songs which are almost completely vocal.

          Track 11: Damn: Again, not one of the strongest songs on the album but a cheerful and fast paced little number with vocals by all of the girls. Very dancey with a catchy little chorus, a nice filler song for this album.

          Track 12: Crocodile Tears: This is about as close to a ballad as the girls get on this album. It isn't particularly slow but compared to the other fast paced songs on here it is. It is a real pop song for the girls, but doesn't particularly stand out at all. It is fine for the end of the album, but I can't help but think they could have rounded off this superb dance album with a stonking song, instead it is sort of left flailing around a bit with this song.

          The album runs for a total of 47 minutes which is great as 95% of the songs are superb and incredibly listenable. I didn't really find myself wanting to skip any of them as they are all catchy and have an appeal to people who loves good old pop music with a bit of a sassy edge. It is different for those of us who expected an album full of Girls' Aloud style pop but it really works for them, and you can hear how the girls style is maturing and they are just producing songs which get better and better with time. It seems for me that the girls have gone all out for this album to create a great mix of tracks which showcase their great voices, are catchy and that will be fun for them to perform on their tour as well! For a reality TV band, the girls have really proved the critics wrong and have stayed put, and with albums like this, I should think they will be around for a long time to come!

          Amazon are selling this CD for £8.98. However, the Girls Aloud website www.girlsaloud.co.uk are selling a special Fans Edition for £11.99 which also includes signed postcards of all 5 girls, a different album cover featuring the girls and a lyric booklet. A great christmas for any Girls Aloud fan, simply their best music to date, I love it!


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 Call The Shots
          2 Close To Love
          3 Sexy! No No No...
          4 Girl Overboard
          5 Can't Speak French
          6 Black Jacks
          7 Control Of The Knife
          8 Fling
          9 What You Crying For
          10 I'm Falling
          11 Damn
          12 Crocodile Tears

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