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Tenacious D - Tenacious D

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8 Reviews
  • Not a great album cover.
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    8 Reviews
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      23.10.2009 12:37
      Very helpful



      Best album of all time? Yes. Beatles who?

      I cannot believe that I am only doing a review of the greatest album of all time now! I can only apologise for not doing so earlier and failing to bring Tenacious D to the masses, as they are clearly the greatest band in the world!

      Ok so they may not be to everyone's taste but it is important to remember that their entire existence is a wry, vulgar, self-referential joke, a potshot at themselves.

      Tenacious D was released by Tenacious D on 1 July 2001. The track listing is as follows:

      1. Kielbasa
      2. One Note Song
      3. Tribute
      4. Wonderboy
      5. Hard F*cking
      6. F*ck Her Gently
      7. Explosivo
      8. Dio
      9. Inward Singing
      10. Kyle Quit The Band
      1.. The Road
      12.Cock Pushups
      13. Lee
      14. Friendship Test
      15. Friendship
      16. Karate Schnitzel
      17. Karate
      18. Rock Your Socks
      19. Drive-Thru
      20. Double Team
      21. City Hall

      Tenacious D are Jack Black (you will probably know him from lots of films - School of Rock, Shallow Hal, King Kong) and Kyle Gass (you might not know him from films, but he is in The Pick of Destiny), two sloppy dudes strumming and wailing the hysterically funny Seventies faux-metal ballads. But what amazing ballads they are. Yes, the songs are funny, but I really think that they are genuinely good melodically and musically and you can definitely listen to them over and over. Ok, so some of the songs and jokes are juvenille, but they are very listenable.

      The album starts with Keilbasa, the Polish word for sausage. "My keilbasa sausage has just got to perform" leaves the listener in little doubt about what Jack Black is alluding to, but the tune is so catchy!

      One Note Song starts off with Black and Gass talking to each other about how they need to create a masterpiece and then they come up with One Note Song. This is not one of the strongest tracks, but is decent enough nonetheless.

      Tribute comes next. Tribute was the reason why I bought the album in the first place after I saw the amazing video on MTV, where Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters plays the devil. Brilliant. The tune is pure class, the lyrics are funny and the melodies stick in your head all day! Although this is the reason I got the album, when I listened to the rest of it, i was so glad I had bought it.

      Next up is Wonderboy, a song about a super hero and his arch nemesis Young Nasty Man, who turn out to be, well I don't want to ruin it for you, so go and listen!

      Next is an ode to hard f*cking. Quite rude. Quite funny. This turns into F**k her gently, which comes across of more of an acoustic ballad than a rock song, which culminates with the amazing lyric "I'm gonna hump you sweetly/I'm gonna ball you discreetly." This is Jack Black explaining to Kyle what he should do with women - it is so funny, as you do not exactly picture Black as having had that many himself!

      Explosivo comes next. Not one of my favourite songs unfortunately, it does not seem as finished as the others.

      Then there's Dio, which is actually an almost touching song about how Ronnie James Dio - late of Black Sabbath - has to pass the "cape and scepter" of rock to the D.

      A strange track comes next, with Black proclaiming how he has inventedInward Singing. Fair play to him! This leads into the very funny Kyle Quit the Band, but do not worry fans he comes back as they could not split up Kato and Nash! As a song it's good, and stands as a testament to the joke/message of Tenacious D.

      The Road is a great tune, detailing how difficult life is on the road. Black asks us - are we prepared to commit ourselves to a life on the road, to waking up at the crack of noon?

      An interesting discussion comes next concerning cock push ups. Apparently Black can do them. Well he can do one. They are very difficult, so well done.

      Lee is up next - a lyrically great song!!! It contains the great line "lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee lee I'm singing f*cking lee"!

      Friendship Test is the hilarious skit about Black and Gass's relationship that sets up Friendship, the next really good song on the album. It features with possibly the best chorus I've heard in a while: "As long as there's a record deal, we'll always be friends."

      Karate Schnitzel and Karate is the next song/skit tandem, and again, If you have a soul, I defy you not to laugh at this stuff. BRilliantly original writing and off the wall comedy.

      Rock Your Socks follows and is really a great song. It's an honest to god rock song with a catchy chorus and a hilarious and disturbing interlude when Jack Black starts talking about how hard it is to be Tenacious D.

      Drive Thru is ok and probably one the weakest skits on the album, mainly due to the length - it just goes on too long. Double-Team follows and is about Black and Gass having a threesome with some woman in a hot tub. Talk about stuff you do not want to picture.

      City Hall closes out the album with the story of the D leading a revolution from a subterranean bunker and eventually doing the time honoured super-villain thing and betraying each other. It is a great way to close out the album, so funny. I like their decrees. Some good ideas these guys.

      Tenacious D are more than a Weird Al Yankovic, they are not just a novelty factor with some songsd that are funny when you listent o them once - their songs are really good! Tenacious D are more than rock stars, much more: They are the Thor and Zeus of a new rock religion, prophets of blood and honor, overlords from the land of the ice and snow. They ask no quarter. They give no quarter. They are the D.


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        14.01.2009 17:33



        Great music which will have you rocking and laughing out in equal measures!

        Well, I never thought that there would ever be a rock comedy group, but here they are. Consisting of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, Tenacious D have a healthy mixture of comedy tracks and good rock music. A prime example of the kind of comedy to be found on here is the track Cock Push-up, where Jack attempts to teach Kyle how to do one push up... with his cock!

        However, on the other hand you have such tracks as Tribute and Wonderboy, which, when listened to, are actually really good rock tracks which have great beats, excellent music and brilliant vocals (particularly Wonderboy where Black uses a more gentle and soft voice and not his trademark 'rock screech' voice).

        Tenacious D are a refreshing and suprisingly talented group who, with any luck, will continue to produce records which live up to the quality and the memory of this, their first attempt. Great music and funny one-liners, this cd is a must for all rock lovers out there, beneath the comedy there is some really good music which you will love.


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          11.01.2009 20:50
          Very helpful
          1 Comment




          The Tenacious D album by Tenacious D (Jack Black and Kyle Glass) preceded the film Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny. If you saw and liked that film, then you'll definitely like this album - if you haven't seen anything of Tenacious D then a) where have you been b) you've probably not seen School of Rock either! If you have seen School of Rock though and enjoyed Jack Black's rock n roll loving behaviour then there's a chance you'll like this.

          There is however one major difference, School of Rock was a family film and Tenacious D's albums are most certainly not, although the lyrical content is harmless enough in that it's not racist, fascist or anything like that - it is rather rude, with quite a lot of swearing in it. If that and lots of references to sex, doesn't bother you then go ahead and enjoy the sillyness that is Tenacious D.

          Whether it's the acoustic tracks or the more electric 'Kielbasa', the melodies are there with lots of classic riffs, some nice psychedelic parts sneaked in on some tracks and most of all infectious lyrics that make you smirk non stop! Wonderboy has me laughing every time and the video of him standing in the snow for some reason reminds me of James Blunt - i'm beautiful, I'm sure there is a parody in there somewhere lol.

          These guys are funny and whilst some of Black's vocals come close to your nerves as high he tries the high notes, it's all forgiven the time you hear the next group of funny lyrics!


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            04.09.2008 19:57
            Very helpful



            Only for some, but I love this album

            Most enjoyable review written, as I spent 90% of the time trying to write it and laughing at the lyrics. Hopefully you enjoy it.

            This review will probably be the most serious edited review I have ever done and by that I mean you will be seeing a hell of a lot of ****, as this album is not for the feint hearted, you need to have 4 things to love this album, a great sense of humour, a love of rock, you shouldn't really care about swear words and finally you should be like Jack Black & Kyle Gass who make up Tenacious D, you shouldn't give a crap about much, especially bad language etc. If you are this person, like me then this CD is for you.

            I have no edited the lyrics so there will be some swear words there. Just a warning.

            The Album

            A brilliant album, which isn't for everyone, this is why:

            Track 1- Keilbasa

            Even the first lines of the song show you that they don't care, it's showing them coming up with a song, trying to find the right chord and then Kyle goes into a little riff, and then Jack Black's voice joins in a shows you that he's not just an comedy actor whose attempting to sing, I'm pretty sure that if he wanted he would be a very good rock song. The lyrics are full of innuendo and yes some of the words are not what you would really expect but it is a parent advisory album and never has a parent advisory sticker meant more than it does on this track. A great start to the album, but not one of the best on the album but a great start for what's to come.

            Memorable Lyrics: "I check my dipstick, you need lubrication honey, my kielbasa sausage has just got to perform"

            Rating: 7/10 (Great song, good start)

            Track 2- One Note Song (SKIT)

            This is not really a song, it's a skit. It's Jack Black coming up with a song which only has one note with a bend, and then saying that he comes up with another song. This just is a little addition to the last song and a great start for what is to come.

            Rating: 5/10 (A nice little skit, very funny)

            Track 3- Tribute

            This song tells a story of when Kyle and Jack are hitchhiking and they come across a demon (played by Dave Grohl) who tells them they have to play the best song in the world, or he'll eat their souls. So of course they play the first thing that came into their heads and while they'll telling this story, they can't remember the song, but this is just a tribute. The best song on the album by far, this song got me into Tenacious D, such a brilliant song. Jack starts off just talking, with Kyle playing a great riff, there's some singing but it's mainly a spoken song. This song was their first UK release and this is what got them their success, and rightly so. The lyrics are amazing, and the fact that they managed to get the likes of Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters (and Nivarna), shows their success. This song is just tongue in cheek throughout but you'll be singing it for days, a very memorable song which shows of Kyle's guitar playing skills and Jack's vocal talent. Some good skatting in it as well. Brilliance, just pure comedy.

            Memorable Lyrics: "Be you angels? And we say nay, we are but men! Rock"

            Rating: 10/10 (A comic song, which has no real relevance to anything, but you'll still love it, doesn't have as many swear words as other tracks)

            Track 4- Wonderboy

            Another story song, like Tribute. The lyrics made be weird, however the music is tremendous. One of the most powerful tunes in it, however the lyrics are quite weird. I love the chorus, it really shows off Jack's voice so well. A brilliant performance by Kyle & Jack. The story talks about a battle between Wonderboy and Young Nasty Man, Kyle is supposed to be Young NastyMan I assume and Jack is supposed to be Wonderboy. This track really shows that this band may be a comedy band, who don't really care about themselves however it's so good musically that you forget that it's Jack Black who we all know from films like Shallow Hal, School Of Rock and The Pick Of Destiny singing, but you think, damn this guy is a great singer. Probably one of the cleanest songs on the album.

            Memorable Lyrics: "Now it's time for me to tell you about Young Nastyman, archrival and nemesis of Wonderboy, with powers comparable to Wonderboy, What powers you ask? I dunno how 'bout the power of flight?, That do anything for ya? That's levitation, holmes, How 'bout the power to kill a yak from 200 yards away... with mind bullets! That's telekinesis, Kyle, How 'bout the power to move you?"

            Rating: 9/10 (Weird lyrics, but some great music, the tune is great and Jack's voice is awesome)

            Track 5- Hard F***ng (SKIT)

            This is another skit, which talks about the men talking about hard f***ng, it's a bit of a weak one, not really need it, but it's great for the next track coming up.

            Rating: 3/10 (Not worth listening to, quite offensive, not to me though)

            Track 6- F**k Her Gently

            Forget all of the crooners talking about making love to a woman, this is the 21st century version of them all. The song could have been very offensive, because it is talking about making love to a woman gently. It could be called offensive, or it could be called a love song, I just say it's hilarious. It's typical Jack Black, the tune is amazing, so is his voice, but then you listen to the lyrics, which just make you laugh and be amazed that this was actually allowed. Make sure you don't decide to leave this in the car, and have your little sister press play, on this track. Not funny considering what they are talking about, Jack Black's voice is amazing and this track despite the use of swear words in every sentence.

            Memorable Lyrics: "This is a song for the ladies, But fellas listen closely, You don't always have to f*ck her hard, In fact sometimes that's not right to do, Sometimes you've got to make some love, And f*ckin give her some smoochies too, Sometimes ya got to squeeze, Sometimes you've got to say please, Sometime you've got to say hey"

            Rating: 8/10 (Not to be taken seriously, a good track)

            Track 7- Explosivo

            A great track, but I have no idea what the hell it's about and I don't think the band do either as they say in the lyrics. It's another stupid little skit which doesn't really have any meaning, but it shows what a good band they are. Jack Black's range is amazing and Kyle Gass's ability on guitar is outstanding. A great duo which really don't care about what they are performing. It's got a great bass track and well worth listening to.

            Memorable Lyrics: "Climb upon my faithful steed, Then we gonna ride, gonna smoke some weed. Climb upon my big-ass steed, And ride, ride, ride."

            Rating: 8/10 (I don't think either Jack or Kyle know what this song is about, but it's a nice track)

            Track 8- Dio

            A track about Ronnie James Dio from Black Sabbath and saying that they'll be taking over from Dio and that he'll pass the torch to them. A good track, another clean one, as there's not much in the way of swear words, however it's a nice track which shows again that Tenacious D doesn't really care about themselves and what they say as long as they are rocking.

            Memorable Lyrics: "Dio has rocked for a long, long time, Now it's time for him to pass the torch. He has songs of wildebeests and angels, He has soared on the wings of a demon."

            Rating: 6/10 (One of the weaker tracks but still brilliant)

            Track 9- Inward Singing (SKIT)

            Jack Black comes up with another great invention and signs about it. It's quite painful to listen to, but it's hilarious that he comes up with these things. He keeps doing it, to show that he's great and that it's great. It's a good track, but skip it. Not that great, its Jack having a go at Kyle as well with lots of swear words. However, it's a great little skit for the next track as at the end of the song Kyle quits the band.

            Rating: 5/10 (A stupid song, but you can really imagine that Jack Black came up with it)

            Track 10- Kyle Quit The Band

            A more of a filler song than anything, nothing amazing, it follows on from the previous skit where Kyle quit the band but now they are back together. Quite a weak track, nothing special. The lyrics are mediocre and it's not their usual style where they make you role on the floor laughing, Muscially quite weak, disappointing track.

            Memorable Lyrics: "Couldn't split up Kato and Nash. (that's true), Couldn't split up Tango and Cash. That's also true!, This is our song of exultant joy because, We only came to kick some ass. Rock the f*ckin' house and kick some ass."

            Rating: 4/10 (Weak song, not really brilliant at all)

            Track 11- The Road

            This song is an ode to the road, and has a country feel to it, some great vocals from Jack Black and musically it's brilliant again. The drums are amazing and really work well with Jack's voice. Amazing. The track is about how hard the road can be for a band, and the fact that they meet girls but they're always on the road, so can't settle. A nice country track, with some amazing vocals.

            Memorable Lyrics: "The road is a be-a-itch my friend, But it's the only f*ckin' road I know, When I'm snackin' on a tasty boosh. Right after the show."

            Rating: 9/10 (One of the best on the album, this track shows why these boys are so good)

            Track 12- C**k Pushups (SKIT)

            Another little skit, where the boys are talking about whether the album will make it more attractive to the ladies. If you've seen the film you'll understand this a bit more, they are talking about doing pushups with their um, well penis. Not needed but still quite funny.

            Rating: 7/10 (More funnier when you have watched The Pick Of Destiny, you understand this better)

            Track 13- Lee

            The boys are just trying to come up with names that rhyme with Lee including KG. It's not a funny song and you're quite glad it's over, however it's a shame because musically it was brilliant, the idea and the lyrics weren't.

            Memorable Lyrics: "I had a friend named Lee, He cast a spell a spell on me. If me and Lee and KG could be three, Flyin' free Tenaciously, Skinny-dippin' in a sea of Lee, I'd propose on bended knee"

            Rating: 3/10 (A disappointing track, with weak lyrics)

            Track 14- Friendship Test (SKIT)

            Another little skit where Jack Black is telling Kyle that he loves him, but Kyle realises it's only a test at the end. A nice little skit, not really needed but it's a great little link to the next song.

            Track 15- Friendship

            A very nice song that says that friendships are rare. Musically this track is very good, and Black's voice is brilliant like usual. The lyrics are a bit weird, but what's new here. It's not as funny as you would expect from Tenacious D which is a shame, but a good addition to the album.

            Memorable Lyrics: "As long as there's a record deal, we'll always be friends"

            Rating: 6/10 (A nice deal where the boys talk about friendship and joke that they're friendship is only based on the record deal)

            Track 16- Karate Schnitzel (SKIT)

            Another little skit. One of the funniest ones. Kyle takes Jack's schnitzel and Jack is angry and then starts practising karate on him. And then he begins singing saying that Kyle betrayed him. Another stupid song but a great link to the next song.

            Track 17- Karate

            A small little song following the previous track where Jack is still angry about his schnitzel, it's just a bit of a filler and not that brilliant. I think the skit is better than this. The harmony is brilliant though when Kyle joins in, a great rocky track but not brilliant.

            Memorable Lyrics: "Kyle betrayed me, And then he lied tried to hide, And I died deep inside . And you know the reason why."

            Rating: 5/10 (An alright track, nothing special)

            Track 18- Rock Your Socks

            Another cameo from Dave Grohl, this is what Tenacious D are all about. Pure musical talent and stupid lyrics. The band is talking about the fact that they can rock your socks, the base in this track is great, and the lyrics are just so funny. They also play some Bach in this track, this track is hilarious and is just proves how talented these guys are. This song is brilliant, really makes up for the weak links before. Brilliant.

            Memorable Lyrics: "It doesn't matter if it is good, It only matters if it rocks. The main thing that we do is to rock your socks off. There's no such thing as a rock prodigy, 'Cause rock 'n roll is bogus, right KG? (right!)Only thing that really matters is a classical sauce. And that's why me and KG are classically trained, To rock your fuckin' socks off! Give 'em a taste KG."

            Rating: 9/10 (One of the best on the album, pure brilliance)

            Track 19- Drive-Thru (SKIT)

            The best skit on the CD, Jack orders a meal at a drive through kiosk. Jack completely abuses the order guy. Jack even asks the guy to put half coke and half diet coke as he's watching his figure. He spends hours being the diva he is, and looking through the menu and then Kyle orders something, which takes 10 seconds and Jack flips at him, and then they release they have no money and Jack cancels Kyle's order. Absolutely hilarious, pointless but hilarious.

            Rating: 10/10 (One of the best skits on the album)

            Track 20- Double Team

            It starts off quite slow, but it's another song about sex and Jack is trying to go out with a woman and is having a conversation with Kyle about it. It's a very funky song, and Jack's voice is amazing in this. Musically this track is brilliant, one of the best. Make sure your not offended easily as this is quite a offensive track, but still hilariously funny. A very good penultimate track.

            Memorable Lyrics: "That's the first thin' I say to you. How's it goin'? Are you flowin'? Listen honey, Thinkin' 'bout a couple things to say to you, Showin', growin', Man I'd like to place my hand, upon your f*ckin' sexy ass and squeeze. And squeeze!"

            Rating: 7/10 (A great little track despite the offensive lyrics)

            Track 21- City Hall

            The longest track on the album and considering there's 21 songs I was amazed this was over 6 minutes long, however on your media player it'll say nine as there is one more track which is not on the list. This track is genius, the boys are rioting in the city, and they decide they must rebuild the city and they will become kings. I think it's just a filler track and considering it's the last one technically, it's not that good. The boys want to overthrow City Hall, not my favourite track as it's not funny and it's not musically brilliant like other tracks.

            Memorable Lyrics: "We did it Rage-Kage, we beat the bastards of City Hall! [laughs] But now what will we do? We must rebuild. But who will lead us in the rebuilding process? Man, it's got to be someone with the know-how, and the elbow grease to lead us to a new land. No, not me and KG, we don't have the cognitive capacity to lead... Alright, we'll do it!"

            Rating: 6/10 (A good track, but not brilliant)

            Track 22- Malibu Nights

            A little extra, not much really, and very pointless but it's another extra to a fantastic album.

            Rating: 4/10 (Pointless)

            My Opinion

            I remember when I first heard Tenacious D, during middle school I used to sit in the mornings watching MTV before I went to school and Tribute was playing and I fell in love. I only recently brought their two albums and I love them both.

            They can be very offensive if you take them that way, I wouldn't play them in front of your 4 year olds or 89 year old grandmothers, however if your looking for a good rock track to listen to which isn't serious and makes you laugh, then this album is for you.

            The album is full of some of the best guitar riffs and tunes ever, which is are filled with some very clever and hilarious lyrics sung amazingly by the wonderful Jack Black. It's not a predictable album, you have no idea what the hell are they going to come up with next, the only thing that you know for sure from the first two tracks is that you're going to be laughing from start to finish.

            Black is seriously a talented man. He can act and now he proves he can rock, this album was released before School Of Rock, and is one of the best albums in my collection. I'm not one that's against swear words, I think if they are used for a reason, then go ahead and use them, no problem there. Jack Black and Kyle Gass seem to follow the same philosophy, this album is filled with swear words, but they just add to the humour.

            For some the comedy will be very vulgar and tactless however for the rest of us, who don't really care, this album should be saluted as it's just one of a kind. Tenacious D seriously rock, they have everything, as soon as you hear Tribute, you will understand. It's not my favourite anymore, as I love Wonderboy, but still a brilliant track. The album I have been told by a male friend is very educational as well, he can now inwardly sing, karate and do pushups with his thingy.

            Jack Black and Kyle Gass are seriously talented, they have a lot of cameo's from the wonderful GOD that is Dave Grohl on guitar and drums and even vocals. The addition of Grohl back in 2002 when this album came back just shows how talented this band are as he's pretty famous. They are not your average rock and roll band, they are crass, they say what they want but still have some brilliant lyrics that make you listen or just make you laugh out loud.

            Hidden behind all of the humour is their amazing musical talents, Kyle is amazing on the guitar, but Jack Black, wow this guy is amazing. Who knew that the chubby guy from Shallow Hal had such an amazing voice, he could sign anything, he'd probably try and make a joke out of it, but just his voice is just so powerful, a lot more powerful than a lot of rock bands out there.

            The skits may seem pointless to some, but they had me in stitches, some of the best moments in the song.

            A shockingly amazing good album which not everyone will enjoy but most will.

            The Voice = Jack Black

            Jack Black's voice is brilliant and really makes this album what it is. He's got an amazing range, which a lot of rock stars dream of. Such an amazing singer, listen to Wonderboy and you'll hear what I hear.

            The Guitar = Kyle Gass

            A great addition, he manages to make Jack's voice shine even more.

            The Addition = Dave Grohl

            I love this guy, as you can tell. He's such a good singer himself as well as a guitarist and drummer. He started off as a drummer for Nivarna and adds his skills to this album. A great artist.

            Should You Buy The Album?

            The Pick of Destiny their second album is probably more famous however this one is better in my opinion. It's so crass, so lewd but so brilliant. A great album and yes well worth buying.

            Hope this helps.

            This review was all my own work, the lyrics are Tenacious D's please do not complain about the swearing as it's the lyrics.

            © Kirsty. x


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              24.08.2007 13:12



              kickass rock sensations ROCK ON!!!!!!!

              The D!!!!!!
              Tenacious D are by far an amazing rock band Kyle Gass and Jack Black really give it everything they've got to please their fans and make them one of the best bands around (thats a personal view).
              If your a fan like myself you will have rocked out to this album and their current album Tenatious D - the pick of destiny a follow on album from their Pick of destiny film a collection of there songs from the movie!
              if you havent listened to this you are missing out these rock gods are not worth missing if your a rock fan like myself!
              And if you think rock is just for the youg generation your wrong even my gran loves the D her fav being "The government totally sucks!"
              And i just love it have a listen and if you love it as much as me its well worth the buy!


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                09.12.2005 01:53
                Very helpful



                A genuinely good, comedy rock cd.

                It's funny how you remember significant points in your life... your first kiss... your first day of work... when you saw your soul mate for the first time... and so on. One such point, although somewhat less meaningful, in my life was the first time I saw and heard of Tenacious D.
                I remember that I was relaxing in front of the television, watching Kerrang! when a music video came on. I recognised the two actors on the video, Jack Black and Kyle Gass, from films such as "The Cable Guy" and "Enemy Of The State", and from a couple of Foo Fighters music videos. It was an amusing video that portrayed two brothers who were challenged by a Shiny Demon to play the best song in the world, or else their souls would be eaten. The music, however, was quite unique and unexpected, and I guessed that the two actors were miming and acting for another band's video... I was wrong ! That music video was "Tribute", and it was the beginning of Tenacious D's success in the U.K.

                The video was shortly followed by the album release, the self-titled "Tenacious D".

                It is difficult to summarise in a few words the genre of music that Tenacious D play - but at a push it would be something along the lines of Classical Melodic Comedy Rock Funk. Each track on this debut album varies so much, it really is impossible to classify. To add to the difficulty, tracks are separated by spoken, comedy tracks...

                1. Kielbasa - 3:02

                "I check my dipstick, you need lubrication honey, my kielbasa sausage has just got to perform."

                This first song is a very tongue in cheek opening track that introduces you to Tenacious D. The lyrics are full of innuendo, as you can probably guess from the snippet above, but I guess you could see it as a love song (?). The music is in a very funky jive style, with some great guitar rips.


                2. One Note Song - 1:24

                "Just play this note, and then we both keep playing... just keep both playing that note... every once in a while bend it... an' that's it !"

                A comedy track that parodies trying to come up with a new song that just consists of just one note. Quite funny to listen to, but not one of the best tracks.


                3. Tribute - 4:08

                "A long time ago me and my brother Kyle here,
                We was hitchhikin' down a long and lonesome road.
                All of a sudden, there shined a shiny demon... in the middle... of the road."

                As mentioned at the start of this review, this was Tenacious D's first U.K. release, and gained a lot of interest in the band.
                The song is told in the form of a story about two brothers who encounter a demon, and are forced to play the best song in the world. The style is similar in vain to the old Johnny Cash song "The Devil Went Down To Georgia", and is a great Soft / Classic Rock track. The music itself sounds a bit like "Stairway To Heaven", which incidentally is believed to be the "greatest song in the world" mentioned in the lyrics.
                This track also gives the duo the chance to show off their guitar playing talents, and also for Jack Black to demonstrate his amazing vocals.

                Definitely the best track on this album...


                4. Wonderboy - 4:07

                "Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power?
                Wonderboy, won't you take me far away from the mucky-muck man?"

                "Wonderboy" was the second track to be released as a single here in the UK, and tells the story of the battle between good and evil in the form of Wonderboy and Young Nastyman.
                Again, this track definitely falls into the rock genre with some great guitar and drums.


                5. Hard F**king - 0:36

                "You just say get on top honey"

                Hmmm - can't really say too much about this track without getting the review and a warning from Ciao for offensive language !!
                Let's just say that it is a short discussion into the pros and cons of a certain type and style of... showing one's affection !!
                It is a spoken track, which when I listen to reminds me of the old "Alas Smith and Jones" sketches with the two comedians sitting face to face over a table.

                Funny, but limited enjoyment...


                6. F**k Her Gently - 2:03

                "What's your favourite posish?
                That's cool with me,
                It's not my favourite
                But I'll do it for you"

                Another track review that I need to handle very carefully ! Following on from the preceding audio track, this is actually a beautiful ballard style song - it's almost a lullaby... but don't play this to the kids whatever you do !!
                Again, it describes different methods of... parking the purple car in the garage !!
                With just an acoustic guitar, and a quiet orchestral backing track, this is a much quieter song than the previous offerings. Jack Black really stretches his vocal cords to hit some amazing notes that a choirboy would have trouble reaching.
                Absolutely hilarious, original and a great song !!


                7. Explosivo - 1:55

                "We were the inventors
                Of the cosmic astral code.
                We've come to blow you away,
                We've come to blow your nose."

                I'm not even going to try and figure out what this song is about - even the lyrics state that they "don't know what it's about" ! But with a rocking bass track and some fast paced lyrics it sounds pretty good for the first half of the track, but then descends into a mish mash of samples and demonic voices that, in my opinion, spoil it.


                8. Dio - 1:41

                "It's time to pass the torch,
                You're too old to rock, no more rockin' for you.
                We're takin' you to a home,
                But we will sing a song about you."

                This short song is about rock metal legend Ronnie James Dio, of Black Sabbath, and is a form of tribute to him. It's as if Jack and Kyle are telling him that they want to pack him off to a home for the elderly, but respect his past works.
                This is more of a soft rock piece that would not sound out of place at a Black Sabbath gig.


                9. Inward Singing - 2:13

                "Rock singers are only rocking you half of the time!
                The other time they're...they're...they're...they're breathing! In!"

                A spoken comedy skit in which Jack Black realises that all other singers and vocalists are ripping off their audiences by... breathing ! This means that they are only singing for half the time. Jack's solution to this ? Inward Singing... complete with an example.
                Like many of the other spoken tracks on this CD, very funny to listen to, but it has limited appeal. The track proceeds into quite a heated argument between the two, complete with some explicit name-calling, which leads to...


                10. Kyle Quit The Band - 1:30

                "Couldn't split up Kato and Nash. (that's true)
                Couldn't split up Tango and Cash.
                That's also true!"

                Yep... the argument caused Kyle to quit Tenacious D - but don't worry, because he's back again now, and this song is all about this very short break up.
                "Kyle Quit The Band" has a country music feel to it which turns into more rock.


                11. The Road - 2:20

                "The road is f****n' hard,
                The road is f****n' tough-ah,
                There's no question that-eh
                It is rough, rough stuff."

                "The Road" describes that life can be hard for the band whilst they are touring, and sometimes they wish that they could just settle down in one place. It does, also, have it's advantages with all the female fans that they meet whilst touring.
                I would describe this song as "Country Rock", and sounds like many country bands from the 80's who experimented with the sounds of the electric guitar.


                12. C**k Pushups - 0:47

                "Kyle Gass: Hmm...how many pushups can you do?
                Jack Black: ...c**k pushups?
                Kyle Gass: Yeah...I guess, you could only do one really.
                Jack Black: Yeah, well one is all ya need"

                Jack Black has come up with a new exercise regime to make him more appealing to the ladies he might meet whilst touring. Basically it involves lying flay on the ground, and lifting his weight with a part of his anatomy.
                This is another very short spoken track that has limited appeal...


                13. Lee - 1:02

                "I had a friend named Lee,
                He cast a spell a spell on me."

                "Lee" is a song about a friend of Jack Black's called... (not surprisingly), Lee. Another well written rock track that cleverly uses the Lee word in a pyschoesque way.


                14. Friendship Test - 1:31

                "I Love You..."

                Another skit that portrays totally misreading a situation, making a fool of yourself and then trying to squirm your way out of it. A good build up to the next song...


                15. Friendship - 2:00

                "Friends will be friends
                They're running naked in the sand,
                Friends holding hands
                Will someday surely form a band"

                A very nice song all about friendship, and in particular between Jack and Kyle. Some very amusing lyrics in this song too.
                This has quite a catchy tune that'll be running around in your head for sometime after listening.


                16. Karate Schnitzel - 0:37

                "You ate my f****n schnitzel."

                A short vocal intro to the next song, in which yet another argument brews, as Kyle has eaten Jack's schnitzel.


                17. Karate - 1:05

                "Kyle betrayed me
                And then he lied tried to hide
                And I died deep inside
                And you know the reason why."

                Following the argument in the previous track, Jack goes on to inform Kyle - in no uncertain terms - exactly what he's going to do for revenge.
                This track is more of a folk song, which sounds good with just an acoustic guitar backing the rather rude lyrics !!


                18. Rock Your Socks Off - 3:33

                "It doesn't matter if it is good,
                It only matters if it rocks.
                The main thing that we do is to rock your socks off."

                This song basically sums up Tenacious D's experiences to date, along with their philosophy to produce rocking songs no matter how good or bad the songs are. It also tells all that they have been through to get to where they are today, such as "waking up at the crack of noon".
                "Rock Your Socks Off" combines a funky rock bass track with some great lyrics - and just as you get into the swing of the track, they decide to show off their versatility by going into a classical "Bach" type interlude.
                This is a brilliant track which, when I first listened to, knew that it would be an ideal piece to finish a live gig with - hey presto, a couple of years later when they played at the Brixton Academy in London, was exactly what they did !


                19. Drive Thru - 3:01

                "Can I have a junior western bacon chee? A JUNIOR western bacon chee. I'm trying to watch my figure."

                This is the best comedy vocal sketch on the album, in which Kyle and Jack are placing an order at a drive through kiosk. I can't give too much away without spoiling the punch line, but it is really funny, and I'm sure that many of us can relate to some of the things raised within this little piece.


                20. Double Team - 3:11

                "That's the first thin' I say to you.
                How's it goin'? Are you flowin'?"

                "Double Team" is sort of a groovy funky jive love song that is reminiscent of music you might hear in Starsky and Hutch or Shaft. This is most definitely a track for those who are not easily offended, as it doesn't hold back any punches !


                21. City Hall - 6:47

                "All you people up there in City Hall,
                You're f****n' it up for the people that's in the streets.
                This is a song for the people in the streets,
                Not the people City Hall."

                This lengthy track is a bit of a satirical political statement about buocracy and people tucked away in little offices controlling the normal people's lives. It considers what might happen if Jack and Kyle were to overthrow City Hall, and use the powers that they would obtain.
                Not a bad track, but not one of my personal favourites...


                Hidden Track. Malibu Nights

                "It's time for some cheese.
                It's time for the stink,"

                A strange, yet catchy little ditty that can be found a minute or so after the last track. Fairly pointless, but hey - it's an extra !!


                There are actually two different CD cover designs - the original release has Jack Black and Kyle Gass on the front (complete with a demon in the background), but on the reverse is has a naked baby in a pentagram. This cover was promptly banned, and replaced with a more aesthetically pleasing design.

                This album could have been a disaster - mixing comedy and music can, and usually does, go horribly wrong. Yet this CD succeeds where so many others have failed !
                Both the music tracks and spoken comedy tracks on the CD work well together. The CD actually moulds together and tells a complete story in the same way as a Rogers and Hammerstein musical - albeit with much more swearing - starting from writing the first track, through several arguments to the band gaining popularity, going on tour and then getting into office !
                Overall, the album is still very enjoyable after the three years since I first bought and listened to it, but obviously it will not appeal to everyone. The CD has a "Parental Advisory" sticker on it, which needs to be taken notice of. The majority of the tracks contain swearing and some references to drugs, so children and people who are easily offended should probably steer well clear of this album.

                With the upcoming film, "Tenacious D in The Pick Of Destiny" due for release in 2006, along with a new album to coincide with the movie, interest in this debut album is sure to be resurrected.

                The Tenacious D self-titled album is available from all good CD outlets and online, priced at around £8.99. The original release date was June 2002

                Disclaimer - I originally wrote and published this review on Ciao.co.uk under the same username, but have decided to transfer my reviews to this site.


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                  29.07.2005 23:31
                  Very helpful



                  Really good, highly recomended, could listen to it 100 times!

                  0ooo - Tenacious D - Tenacious D - ooo0

                  Q: Well hello there Kenneth.. another music review!! Now, tell me, who the hell are "Tenacious D"

                  A: Tenacious D are a band, consisting of two members - Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The two first met in 1985, when Jack was 16 and Kyle was 24, both members of a drama group called "The Actors Gang". Although Jack apparently didnt like Kyle much at first, they settled there differences and Kyle taught Jack how to play the guitar. During their time in the Actors Gang, the two starred in several shows including Tim Robbins' Carnage. Soon afterwards, the partners in crime began playing together in Kyle's apartment in Los Angeles.

                  "At first they went by the name of 'The Axe Lords',
                  but in the end, they decided to go with 'Tenacious D', which was actually a basketball phrase of Marve Alberts'" - Extract from the history page of www.tenaciousjoes.com

                  Jack Black is famous for being in many films, including voiceovers in famous animated films, these are his most famous films:

                  King Kong (2005) (not yet released)
                  Shark Tale (2004) (voice) .... Lenny
                  The School of Rock (2003) .... Dewey Finn
                  Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks (2003) (V) .... JB
                  Ice Age (2002) (voice) .... Zeke
                  Orange County (2002) .... Lance Brumder
                  Shallow Hal (2001) .... Hal Larson
                  High Fidelity (2000) .... Barry
                  Cradle Will Rock (1999) .... Sid
                  "Tenacious D" (1999) TV Series .... JB
                  Enemy of the State (1998) .... Fiedler
                  The Jackal (1997) .... Ian Lamont
                  Mars Attacks! (1996) .... Billy Glenn Norris
                  The Cable Guy (1996) .... Rick

                  - Source: www.imdb.com

                  Jacks Partner in crime, Kyle Gass, has also featured in a few films:

                  Cake Boy (2005) (V) .... Nathan
                  Elf (2003) .... Eugene
                  Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks (2003) (V) .... KG
                  The New Guy (2002) .... Mr. Luberoff
                  Shallow Hal (2001) .... Artie
                  Almost Famous (2000) (uncredited) .... Quince Allen (only in director's cut)
                  Cradle Will Rock (1999) .... Larry
                  "Tenacious D" (1999) TV Series .... KG
                  The Cable Guy (1996) .... Couch potato
                  Bio-Dome (1996) .... Tenacious D
                  Brain Dead (1990) .... Anaesthetist

                  - souce: www.imbd.com

                  The style of music Tenacious D play can only really be classed as "comedy rock". A totally unique band, with a unique style of music that is generally liked by all.

                  Q: Wow.. So when did you notice the album and buy it? and what is the artwork like?

                  A: Well i liked Tenacious D from the moment i heard their hit single "Tribute" on Kerrang! (the video featuring Dave Ghrol of Foo Fighters and Nirvana fame). I borrowed a copy of the album (i mean a COPY, it was fake) from my friend, but i later purchased my own from HMV at a price of £10. The artwork consists of a strange demon like character stood over a grinning KG and JB, both of them with there guitars and appear to be naked. The cover is in black and white, and bears the totally necessary "Parental Advisory" icon at the bottom right.

                  Q: Sounds good.. Now, tell me all about the tracks and what you think of them!!

                  A: Okay, well after putting the disc in my walkman, my finger pressing the round button bearing the word "play" and hearing a beep as my anxiety to hear the album reached a climax.. the first song began to play:

                  1. Kielbasa

                  A spoken introduction from KG, saying "dude we gotta write something.." A great song, a great start to the album, with a rising amount of instruments - strummed acoustic to begin with, before drums and a synthesised electric come in, bringing a funk edge. All i can extract from this weird song is it is a song about a girl he is trying to impress. A bizarre introduction to an extremley bizarre album!

                  Marks: 8/10
                  Star Lyrics: "My kielbasa sausage has just got to perform"

                  2. One note song

                  This starts with a conversation between the duo about robots - comedy skits are a large part of the album. Then JB tells KG to keep playing one note for a new song, bending the note once in a while, hense the title of the song. Kyle has some disagreements with this, but he is immediatley overruled by Jack.

                  Marks: 7.5/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Next song! NEXT SONG!! NEXT!!!!"

                  3. Tribute (to the greatest song in the world)

                  The song that enticed me to acquire their album. It has a storyline, being: Jack and Kyle are hiking together, where there "shined a shiny demon" and he said "play the best song in the world" or hell eat their souls. So they played a song and it was the best song in the world, and basically this is a Tribute to it (hense the title) Being a guitar player myself, i can tell you that it is some great playing on this track, with a great 2 part scat [scat - to come out with a load of crap that sounds good! See scat man john, a pro scatter in the 80's who died a few years ago]. This song has been massivley played over all the mainstream music channels, along with the next track:

                  Marks: 9/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Be you angels? and we said "NAY! WE ARE BUT MEN!"

                  4. Wonderboy

                  Another shiner of the album, this has a fantasy ring in it, with Wonderboy (JB) and Young Nasty Man (KG) rising to defeat mucky muck man, and to slay a hydra. Great lyrics and the beat is just amazing and i really enjoy the slight synth string noise in the background.

                  Its a great tune, played on the D chord, (A lot of Tenacious D songs are, i am assuming this is to fit with their name?) One of my favourite songs on the album because i am a huge fantasy fan!!

                  Marks: 10/10
                  Star Lyrics: "High above the mucky muck, castle made of clouds, there sits Wonderboy, sitting oh so proudly!"

                  5. Hard F*ck!ng

                  The next comedy skit on the album, this is a conversation about how females dont like hard f*ck!ng, which serves as an introduction to the next track on the album:

                  Marks: 6.5/10
                  Star Lyrics: "The hard f*ck!ing is really a common complaint"

                  6. F*ck Her Gently

                  This is somewhat an anthem between me and a few people - me and my wonderful girlfriend love this song and find it highly amusing, and me and my best mate Daniel first heard it during one boys night in on Kerrang! and the highly amusing cartoon video. Its a solution to the problem mentioned in the previous track, about f*cking her gently! Very funny.

                  Marks: 9/10
                  Star Lyrics "Whats your favourite dish? Im not gonna cook it but ill order it from ZANZIBAR!!"

                  7. Explosivo

                  A great acoustic intro, with some weird lyrics from JB, easily takes the award of most rock track on the album with a very fast beat and fast lyrics from Jack Black, however bizarre and twisted.

                  Marks: 8/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Weve come to you away! Weve come to blow your nose, weve come to f*ckin blow, you know it! YOU KNOW IT!"

                  8. Dio

                  I love this track i think its great, even though i dont know of the Ronnie James Dio that this song is based on (although i hear he is a rock metal ledgend), i still just love the song, the lyrics and the guitar playing on it.

                  Marks: 9/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Your too old to rock! No more rockin for you!" - just the tone of contempt that Jack sings this with always makes me laugh.

                  9. Inward Singing

                  Another comedy skit, the first time i heard this i was rolling on the floor laughing, no exaggerations. Jack has an invention - the greatest invention since yodelling, in fact. It makes non stop rocking possible, and involves singing inwards, so time is not wasted breathing in!!! This results in an argument between the two and Jack fires Kyle but Kyle says "That wont be necessary, im quitting" Which takes us to the next track in this somewhat of a story-album..

                  Marks: 9/10
                  Star Lyrics: "You f*ckin dick! always nay saying! everything i.. CREATE!! You create something, like inward singing, you f*cking c*ck-ass, go sit in your tower.. f*ckin nap"

                  10. Kyle Quit the Band

                  They cant stay apart for long, and this song, as the half way mark in the album nears, tells the story at first of how they have got back together, but then goes on to tell how they are going to have a big bash!! The guitaring is quite good, although not the best on the album.

                  Marks: 7/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Everyone is invited to the bash!!"

                  11. The Road

                  This is a skip-song for me, not really one of my favourites, i like it when its more solitary accoustic strumming and attention is paid to the lyrics, so i cant reaally comment on this track, its just too "busy" for me.

                  Marks: 3/10
                  Star lyrics: "The road is f*ckin hard, the road is f*ckin tough"

                  12. Cock Pushups

                  Yet another short comedy skit by the duo. Basically, this is a conversation where Kyle asks if the release of the album will make the duo more popular to the ladies, and Jack says yes, and details how hes been preparing in advance by doing cock pushups - where you lay on your front and let your.. genitalia.. lift you off of the ground. Funny, but only for the first few listens.

                  Marks: 6/10
                  Star Lyrics: "How many do you need to do? Well i guess one is all you can do

                  13. Lee

                  I love this song! Its fast and has beat, and i love the rhyming lyrics sung by Jack, one of my favourites on the album, unfortunatley it is over a little too quickly (They mustve ran out of words that rhymed with Lee!)

                  Marks: 9/10
                  Star Lyrics: "I had a friend named Lee, Its Me, Lee and KG we're the 3, flying free, Tenacious Lee!"

                  14. Friendship Test

                  Jack rings Kyle at the "2 kings" hotel to tell Kyle he loves him.. turns out it was a test, that Kyle only just passed with an F+. Another skit, funny, but again only for the first few listens, this one slightly confuses me.

                  Marks: 6/10
                  Star Lyrics: "But you only just passed!! F+!! Click!"

                  15. Friendship

                  A song about friendship, easy to play on guitar its mostly basic power chords. Lyrics are ace, odd, but totally awesome. One of my faves on the album, i listen to this at least 3-4 times before moving on..

                  Marks: 9.5/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Oh shit theres a bear, can you hand me that shotgun buddy, also that chair"

                  16. Karate Schnitzel

                  A hilarrious skit about how Jack is hungry, and someones eaten his schnitzel.. he wakes up kyle and kyle claims that if its in the fridge its fair game to be eaten! This is preparation for the next track..

                  Marks: 8.5/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Fair game?? Well maybe this is fair game... Oww!!...Yeah thats right its a karate chop!"

                  17. Karate

                  This is sooooo funny, its about how Jack can and will kick your ass with the powers of Karate!. This is another fine specimen of Tenacious D's strangeness and bizarre-factor. A good one, but not fantastic.

                  Marks: 7/10
                  Star Lyrics: "You broke the rules, now i pull out all your pubic haair"

                  18. Rock Your Socks

                  Another one of the greatest tracks on the album that really showcases Tenacious D's talent to.. Rock your socks!! A great guitar solo and the best bit in the track has got to be where they talk about how they are "classically trained to rock your socks off" and they play a song by Bach. Awesome.

                  Marks: 9.5/10
                  Star Lyrics: "That is bach and it rocks its a rock by bach that he learned in a school called the school of hard knocks"

                  19. Drive-Thru

                  The final of the skits as the album begins to draw to an end, i laughed so hard at this when i first heard it and i still do. Its about how they drive to a drive thru for a meal and the drive thru attendant gets totally abused by Jack, as he orders about 20 things off of the menu!!!

                  Marks: 9.5/10

                  20. Double Team

                  This is the BEST song on the album, it just rocks!! Its about sex (as a lot of the songs on this album are) But its just so hillarious, again it has great acoustic playing by Kyle Gass, i love this song, especially the part where the acoustic ends and the electric starts, and the lyrics go along with it, its reasonable until the electric starts then it just gets really.. innapropriate.

                  Marks: 10/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Take off your blouse, and your underpants, *electric guitar starts* THEN TAKE A LOOK, CAUSE HERE IS WHERE ME AND KG COME NAKED OUT OF THE SIDE HATCH"

                  21. City Hall

                  This is such a funny song, its quite long, its about "the bastards of city hall" and basically takes the michael out of would-be political songs. ! When they decide that the whole of the city must be rebuilt and new laws instituted, JB says "No, not me and KG, we don't have the cognitive capacity to lead...alright, we'll do it!"

                  Marks: 10/10
                  Star Lyrics: "Then after the smoke is clear and the rubble has been swept away, me and KG will peep out our heads.. weve been watching the riots on a monitor 20 floors below sea level.. in a bunker"

                  Q: Well that took a while!!! So i guess thats it eh?

                  A: Yeah i suppose.. its a great album, i am a huge fan of comedy and music anyone else who is the same should really buy this album its good value for money and i could listen to it over and over again and im sure you will be able to.

                  Q: Awesome.. Any other interesting facts youd like to tell us?

                  A: Yeah here are a few little did you knows:

                  1. Tenacious D and Dave Ghrol are good friends. Dave Ghrol features in Tenacious D's Tribute video, and the duo feature in Foo Fighters (dave ghrols band) "Learn to Fly" band.
                  2. The Lee in the song Lee is the D's official number one fan - also a member of the actors gang. He toured with the D on their last tour.
                  3. The D either stands for "Duo" or the fact that most of their songs begin with the D chord on guitar.
                  4. They are currently filming their own film, directed by Liam Lynch, called "Tenacious D - A Pick of Destiny"
                  5. The film will have loads of new D Tracks, which will likeley be formed into a soundtrack, doubling up as a second album.

                  Thank you for reading this review by helpa4eva on:
                  Tenacious D - Tenacious D (Music)


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                    09.08.2002 21:19
                    Not Helpful



                    • "Not a great album cover."

                    The LA rock duo, Tenacious D have shocked the world of rock through their new, increadibly funny and silly new single "TRIBUTE". This is definatly one to buy and look out for the video because it is just hilarious. Kyal and his brother set out one night and walked down a long loansome road when suddennly a devil like demon stands before them. He asks them to play the best song in the world. So they do. This song isn't only amusing it is very musical.


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                  • Product Details

                    Disc #1 Tracklisting
                    1 Keilbasa
                    2 One Note Song
                    3 Tribute
                    4 Wonderboy
                    5 Hard F**king
                    6 F**k Her Gently
                    7 Explosivo
                    8 Dio
                    9 Inward Singing
                    10 Kyle Quit The Band
                    11 The Road
                    12 Cock Pushups
                    13 Lee
                    14 Friendship Test
                    15 Friendship
                    16 Karate Schnitzel
                    17 Karate
                    18 Rock Your Socks
                    19 Drive-Thru
                    20 Double Team
                    21 City Hall

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