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The Alesha Show - Alesha Dixon

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Genre: R&B & Soul - Soul / Artist: Alesha Dixon / Audio CD released 2008-11-24 at Asylum

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    3 Reviews
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      20.01.2012 12:35



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      I bought this album off Amazon.co.uk for £7.97 after seeing Alesha perform on Strictly Come Dancing.

      Alesha has had many ups and downs in her life and I think recording this album was almost like therapy for her. There are many upbeat songs on this, such as Italians Do It Better and the popular single The Boy Does Nothing. These songs are quite tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously. However, I liked them from the minute I heard them. They're very catchy and they're feel good numbers that will get you up and dancing.

      There are a couple of ballads on the album but the one that stands out to me the most is Breathe Slow. I remember loving the black and white Las Vegas promo to this. The song is about composure and recovering from heartache, what Alesha had suffered from not long before recording this album.

      The album is a mixture of upbeat songs, slow songs and funny songs. It is an enjoyable listen though and it's one of the most "feel good" albums that I have ever heard. It's not for serious music lovers but if you're looking for something with a bit of energy and something that you can enjoy throughout then I would recommend this.

      A good feel good album to get you singing (and dancing) along to!


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      09.08.2009 17:02
      Very helpful
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      Great for anyone, this pop/dance/R'n'B release from Alesha Dixon is worth purchasing

      The minute i saw ex-girlband "Miss-Teeq" member on BBC 1's "Strictly Come Dancing" i knew she was born to perform. A speedy, talanted and fiery performer, she covers dancing, singing and talking with both prescence and ability. I thoroughly enjoyed Alesha Dixon's 2008 third-time-lucky shot at the music biz: "The Alesha Show".

      Very poppy and dancey, the album shows off all her best assets. Including her three hit singles "The Boy Does Nothing", "Breathe Slow" and "Lets Get Excited" she bounds into the British public (and their sales) with eyelashes fluttering and booty shaking. However, not all singles live up to her amazing talent- and when i saw the title "The Alesha Show" i thought: hmm. Show off?

      But 30 year old recovering divorcee Alesha Anjanette Dixon has every right to show off. Not quite the diva i anticipated, she shows a sensitive, soulful and soft side in some songs, which have clearly allowed her to rid of her male-related sorrows, such as number-one "Breathe Slow." The 14-track piece has some real jewels in it like: "Hand It Over", "Don't Ever Let Me Go" and funny stuff like "Italians Do It Better"...the album shows us diversity and personality, which is what Dixon is all about. Plus, there are a handful of cheery, energetic, party numbers- very glittery and very good.

      I do really wish her luck with this superb record- she deserves the fame she has so modestly recieved.

      Avalible from £8.98 on Amazon, its great for anyone.


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        19.07.2009 09:15
        Very helpful



        Very hit n miss but some solid pop gems nevertheless.

        Misteeq were hardly the most exciting or interesting band ever. They did deliver 'Scandalous' but other than that, not many people missed them when they disbanded in early 2004. Alesha Dixon was the prominent voice in the band and ditched her garage roots and that odd gangsta rap voice she used to employ and tried her hand at a solo career. Sadly, things didn't take off for the singer and it was only after a stint on reality show 'Strictly Come Dancing' and the arrival of hit production team Xenomania that she crafted the insatiable 'The Boy Does Nothing' and achieved huge UK success with her album 'The Alesha Show'.

        The album consists of a variety of big band numbers with a retro 60's style coupled with a modern pop twist. It's an obvious homage to her time on the show that made the album possible. There's also a number of very deep and emotional ballads that showcase the talent and diversity in Alesha. The album is a furious, fast paced affair from start to finish that is as every inch as creative and independent than the artist herself.

        'The Boy Does Nothing' is the work of Xenomania as previously mentioned. The production team are responsible for many of Girls Aloud's huge hits and the infectious, catchy sound is evident on this opening track. It sounds almost like that Lou Bega hit 'Mambo No 5' with a very slink, seductive rhythm that captures your attention and makes you want to dance. It's a brilliant song and the vocals do seem a little bit out of tune with the music in places and Alesha sounds very girlish and silly especially on the parts 'he does nothing, the boy does nothing'. Other than that this is pop perfection and it will get into your head no matter how hard you try to dislike it.

        'Let's Get Excited' is perhaps the nearest we get to hearing Alesha's Misteeq days in her new musical direction. It has a very slick and polished beat that would sound great in a club. I find the verses very cringeworthy as they talk about Madonna and seem rather forced and cheesy but the chorus and sexy harmonies make it another killer upbeat track.

        I liked the very sophisticated and dancey vibe of 'Cinderella Shoe'. The track has a very infectious chorus even if it does sound far too repetitive to be up there with the album's stronger numbers. Alesha's vocals are on fine form as usual though I found my attention drifting more to the melody and production than the rest of the song.

        Ballad wise the album delivers the hit single 'Breathe Slow'. It has a very retro pastiche sound to it and sort of drifts between pop and RnB. Alesha's vocals are outstanding as she delivers the strongest performance on the CD. The emotion in the vocals and lyrics are apparent and the song really succeeds at tugging at your heartstrings. If you enjoy a nice radio friendly slow number with an extra kick then this is most certainly for you. On the other hand, 'Chasing Ghosts' has the big band back in action thudding along beside Alesha's heartfelt vocals.

        She admits confusion in the lyrics of the song and this is reflected in the scattered structure of the track. There's points during the verses where she almost sounds like Duffy and indeed even the beat sounds like it's the twin sister of the Welsh wonder's massive smash 'Mercy'. The big ballad 'Do You Know The Way It Feels?' sounds like a much slower version of 'Breathe Slow' vocally but the melody is slow and echoing, almost haunting and takes a while to build before exploding during the song's climax.

        The aptly titled 'Italians Do It Better' is more nonsensical pop. However, I was unimpressed. Already put off by the awful title, the waltz inspired, blues fueled melody and atmosphere of the track did little to change my mind as the lyrics didn't seem to fit with the actual song title and the song was just bland. Some of the tracks here do sound pretty pointless and are obviously only included for filler purposes. 'Oooh Baby, I Like It That' is another example. It sounds like something from the 1990s but not something well good.

        The latter half of the album does consist of a lot of half hearted efforts though I love 'Hand It Over'. It has a furious, bitter tone to it in the verses and then changes into a completely different song when the chorus kicks in. Alesha is clearly at her best when she's throwing out the storming, big numbers or singing her heart out on the ballads. When she tries to find some middle ground the whole foundation of 'The Alesha Show' just collapses as demonstrated in a number of the album's later efforts.

        Alesha Dixon is doing her own thing. Her style and input into this album are evident from start to finish. She's managed to create a record that is different to anything else out there at the moment. The big band numbers will no doubt appeal to a lot of SCD's audience whilst the irresistable pop tracks will go down a treat with the average pop fan. It's hardly the best record you're likely to hear but there's more than enough strong tracks to make it a reasonable purchase and one of the stronger pop records to surface in recent months. Each track manages to forge it's own identity [the pointless 24 intro aside] and 'The Alesha Show' is hopefully the start of a very long and successful career for the lady herself.

        For fans of: Girls Aloud, Sugababes, Beyonce, Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga


        01 - Welcome To The Alesha Show
        02 - Let's Get Excited
        03 - Breathe Slow
        04 - Cinderella Show
        05 - The Boy Does Nothing
        06 - Chasing Ghosts
        07 - Play Me
        08 - Hand It Over
        09 - Do You Know The Way It Feels?
        10 - Can I Begin
        11 - Italians Do It Better
        12 - Ooh Baby, I Like It Like That
        13 - Don't Ever Let Me Go
        14 - I'm Thru


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Welcome to the Alesha Show
        2 Let's Get Excited
        3 Breathe Slow
        4 Cinderella Shoe
        5 The Boy does Nothing
        6 Chasing Ghosts
        7 Play Me
        8 Hand it Over
        9 Do You Know the Way it Feels
        10 Can I Begin
        11 Italians Do it Better12. Ooh baby I Like it Like That
        12 Don't Ever let Me go
        13 I'm thru
        14 Mystery (hidden track)

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