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The Best Air Guitar Album In The World... Vol II

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Genre: Rock - Classic Rock / Artist: Various Artists / Audio CD released 2002-11-18 at Virgin TV

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    3 Reviews
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      07.08.2009 16:59




      The Best Air Guitar Album in the World is a series of three compilation albums with songs chosen by the legendary Queen guitarist Brian May. This review is for the second album in the series which was released in 2002.

      The album of course features some of the best guitar tracks in rock history and is a proper rock comilation album. Almost every track on it is a famous rock hit (unlike some other compilation albums which end of only having about 6 songs youve actually heard of). In fact, of the 42 tracks on the 2 disc album, there is only one band I have not heard of before.

      If you are a fan of rock atall, then this would be a perfect album. It contains both older, classic rock tracks as well as more modern hits. Some of my favourite tracks on the album are "Pinball Wizard" by The Who and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" by The Clash. Both are true classic rock songs. All eras of rock from The Shadows, Buddy Holly and Bert Weedon of the 50s, to The Clash, and Deep Purple of the 70s to modern rock such as Sum 41 and Alien Ant Farm.

      Overall this is a brilliant album, one of the best compilation albums I have ever owned, definetly recommended, worth aying the amazon price of £7.37.


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      23.06.2009 13:39
      Very helpful
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      Some Great Tracks, But U Will Be Reaching For The FF Button In Places!!

      A Guide To The Best Air Guitar Album In The World Vol II
      (From A guitarist's perspective).

      This is the second in a series of rock flavoured compilation CD's by various artists, based squarely around the electric guitar; light heartedly titled Air Guitar 2. Being a guitarist myself, I bought this on CD as soon as it came out...

      Artists include;
      Queen, The Kinks, The Who, ZZ Top and Deep Purple, along with artists I'm not so impressed by like Def Leppard and (shudder) The Beastie Boys (what are they doing here?).

      So as you can see along with the rock artist, 'axe' (guitar) heavy classics, you'd expect are some not so welcome artists, who don't always fit in with the albums title promise of Air Guitar.

      This is a shame and (in my opinion) very sloppy conceptually -as it isn't like the album's creators didn't have enough great guitar songs to chose from -so why add songs artists that don't really work? Hmm...

      Having said this -there are enough crackingly good tracks on this album to still make it worth while and guitar-loving-friendly;

      Featuring tracks like Pinball Wizard -with Townsend's thoughtful acoustic chord play mixed with Entwhistle's mighty distorted bass power chords,

      ZZ Top's stomach churning, southern boogie, turn your valve amp up to 1o for that sweet, fat saturated overdrive; Sharp Dressed Man,

      And even a welcome addition which pays homage to the early days or rock guitar; with the Ventures (they were like a USA version of the Shadows, but with a bit more oomph than Hank and and the boys) snappy little Walk Don't Run instrumental based on a catch little pentatonic melody over a minor chord progression.... SWEET!!! I love it!!

      Overall; not a bad album for your collection if you're into guitars; but it could still have been compiled with more thought given to the included tracks. Still the good outweighs the not so good -lol!!

      Hope you found my review of some help, and good luck with your bargain hunting!!

      Best wishes,


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        20.02.2009 17:49
        Very helpful



        great album

        Ok Welcome to this review on " the best air guitar album in the world " Vol.2.

        Well I got this album for my Christmas in 2002 I think, after my dad got the first 1. I kept hinting every time we went shopping and on Christmas day I woke up to find it in my stocking.
        This is a double disk CD by various artists comprised for air guitar rockers around the world. There are lots or artists old and new from Queen to alien ant farm. Brian Adams to Alice cooper, and so on.
        I will go through the songs individually on each disk. But first, what's included.
        Well there are 2 disks, one yellow and one pink. 44 songs in total so that's 44 air guitar moments to savour and enjoy over and over again. A leaflet with each song and the people behind the song. And A free Night of passion with.... The Air Britney !!! Note. Passion not included.
        Ok so lets start on the songs shall we.

        Disk 1
        Track1: Queen One vision.
        A classic Queen song featuring Brian may on guitar and Freddie Mercury on vocals. With the guitar cutting in almost immediately you can see why this is on the CD. Amazing to try to imitate. Brain May has to be recognised as one of the best rock guitarists of the time.

        Track 2: Bryan Adams Run To You
        Starts off with a guitar riff and is using great rhythm (by Bryan himself) Through out. Not one of the best air guitar songs in my mind but a good song never the less.

        Track 3: Robert Palmer Addicted to Love
        Starts off with drums and then phases in a guitar riff. A trumpet is also present every so often. There is a guitar solo near the end with crunchy tones meeting the high pitch squealing.

        Track 4: Def leppard Pour some Sugar on Me
        Classic Rock song with a great beat and guitar intro. The guitar cuts in after 30 seconds with a crunchy beat before turning in to a pure rock guitar with bends and fancy work. This song also has a guitar solo but it last longer than the previous song. Great song.

        Track 5: Billy Idol Rebel Yell
        If you haven't heard this song you need to. NOW. It is great, starts with a guitar that continues a great rhythm trough out. It certainly got me crying more!! (line in the song). With the best solo yet you have to wonder wither they will keep getting better. A truly amazing song. I want to be able to play like that.

        Track 6: Alien ant farm Smooth Criminal
        A cover version of Michael Jackson's song, but with more crunchy rock beats and rhythm. It starts with the lead guitar doing an amazing rhythm witch keeps you listening. The guitar sustains the distorted sound but delivers different tones approaching the solo. One of my Favourite songs on this disk.

        Track 7: The Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right
        Another great song starting with the guitar leading the way and then following the vocals all the way. The solo in this song is a lot more high pitch than the rest of the song, as the music is mostly deep. Very punk style vocals.

        Track 8: The Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go
        The lead guitar starts and then uses palm mutes to enthisies it. The vocals are very old fashioned (70's or 80's) A very catchy tone over all with a great guitar rhythm.

        Track 9: The ventures Walk Don't Run
        The drums start of then followed by the guitar. This is a purely instrumental track but the guitar is class and makes it sound like a kind of Hawaiian scene (to me anyway). Not much else to comment on about this track.

        Track 10: The Kinks all day and all night
        A great guitar riff opens up the song amediatly followed by the lyrics. Also a very 70's style of vocals.
        Great guitar solo including the riff from the start to bring the vocals back in.

        Track 11: Thin Lizzy jailbreak
        Guitars start and lead the drums before bending and entering the vocals. Great lead and rhythm guitar and great air guitar techniques are needed. The guitar solo again is better than before and is purely inspirational.

        Track 12: Sweet Action
        Guitar Guitar Guitar. I keep saying it and I keep meaning it there is loads of guitar!! This band almost sound like Queen abit but the guitar is more toned. The vocals are great and in tone with the rest of the song.

        Track 13: Iron Maiden Run to the Hills
        Ok I'm sure everyone has heard this song from the metal gods. Probably the best song on this disk. The guitar is so toned and bent to perfection. The bass follows the guitar. The song quickly changes to a fast paced song then the chorus erupts and the band all sing. The guitar solo is like nothing else, a completely original tone and lasts for a while.

        Track 14: Sum 41 Fat lip
        A more modern band with a great song. The lead guitar starts it all off until the drums erupt and it turns into a punk song put then the vocals turn in and sounds completely different. The punk sounds returns with the guitar doing a lot of different riffs.

        Track 15:Love Sculpture Sabre dance
        Very fast paced guitar like a race. Sounds like a comedy show as well, deeper tones repeat the first bit and it all sounds great. This is another instrumental song.

        Track 16: Focus Hocus Pocus
        The guitar intro is great and keeps repeating it in different scales. Random words and vocals apear at different times but mainly the same guitar part is used.

        Track 17:Status Quo Paper Plane
        Not much to say about status quo. It all sounds the same to me. The guitar is good don't get me wrong but all their songs sound the same.

        Track 18: The Cult She sells sanctuary
        Phasers are at the start and then the guitar riff slowly comes into tone. I think everyone should have heard this song. The guitar is class and the vocals go so well with it.

        Track 19: The Undertones Teenage Kicks
        OK I love this song. The guitar and vocals are so good. The solo is amazing and isn't too over stated. Great song to include on the disk.

        Track 20: The hives Hate to say I told you so
        The start has the best guitar riff and it is used through out. Riff is known to most guitarists and has been used in adverts on TV. Great song over all and a great finish song for the 1st Disk.

        Ok well that is the first disk. There are 22 songs on the next disk. I havent included them as I think it would be too boring to read every single song but if you think it should be included leave a comment.
        Over all I love this CD and it has no disadvantages. Great artists and great air guitar action throughout.


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 One Vision - Queen
        2 Run To You - Bryan Adams
        3 Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer
        4 Pour Some Sugar On - Def Leppard
        5 Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
        6 Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm
        7 (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) - The Beastie Boys
        8 Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash
        9 The Ventures Walk Don't Run
        10 All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks
        11 Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy
        12 Sweet ­ Action
        13 Run To The Hills - Iron Maiden
        14 Fat Lip - Sum 41
        15 Sabre Dance - Love Sculpture
        16 Hocus Pocus - Focus
        17 Paper Plane - Status Quo
        18 She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult
        19 Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
        20 Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives

        Disc #2 Tracklisting
        1 Pinball Wizard - The Who
        2 Sunshine Of Your Love - Cream
        3 Black Night - Deep Purple
        4 Born To Be Wild - Steppenwolf
        5 School's Out - Alice Cooper
        6 Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
        7 Roll Over Lay Down - Status Quo
        8 All Night Long - Rainbow
        9 The Jean Genie - David Bowie
        10 How You Remind Me - Nickelback
        11 Stiltskin ­ Inside
        12 My Sharona - The Knack
        13 Hold The Line - Toto
        14 Saturday Nite At The Duck-Pond - The Cougars
        15 C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran
        16 The Shadows ­ F.B.I.
        17 Guitar Boogie Shuffle - Bert Weedon
        18 Buddy Holly ­ That'll Be The Day
        19 Wishing Well - Free
        20 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) - Pink Floyd
        21 Parisienne Walkways (Live) - Gary Moore
        22 God Save The Queen (Live) - Brian May

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