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The Best Of Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5ive - Michael Jackson

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, The Jackson Five / Audio CD released 2001-09-28 at Universal / Island

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    2 Reviews
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      17.09.2009 21:34
      Very helpful




      Now that the hype is slowly dying down surrounding his death, we can perhaps reflect on his music away from all the mass exposure. A lot of people will want to remember Michael for his early stuff, when he was in the Jackson 5. At that stage he was innocent, youthful and ready to take on the world.

      There are twenty songs on this album and the album pretty much covers his days with the Jacksons. Don't expect any newer solo material from this album, it is all older stuff.

      'I Want You Back' seems a fitting start to the album, a chirpy melody and such keen vocals in which he really takes bold strides to pull of all the high notes. You can hear the teenage longing in his voice and it sounds genuinely real. Can I be honest and say I don't like 'ABC'. I really don't like songs where people count from one to three or have to spell things out, I find it over simplifies the meaning of the track. Good tune yes, annoying though.

      'I'll Be There' is a record to play when you need to huddle up to a loved one. It has been done to death on X Factor, but it remains a defiantly strong ballad. At the opposite end of the spectrum, 'Never Can Say Goodbye' is a delightful and sweltering piece of pop music, with enough clout to give it some dancefloor appeal too.

      I do enjoy 'Aint No Sunshine' which manages to be soulful, mellow and moving and really captures the emptiness of losing someone special. While we are in depressing territory, 'Ben' serves as a timely reminder of his heartbreaking voice, an intense vocal which goes from being so delicate to so pained in a matter of moments.

      My final tip is 'Skywriter,' a none too widely discussed song from the Jacksons. A slinky disco vibe surrounds this one and the vocals are breezy and lift at unexpected moments, giving it a futuristic edge.

      This is a solid hits package and worth inspecting.


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      12.08.2009 09:18
      Very helpful



      A mix of the best tracks from the Jackson Five and Michael

      Well I was not a fan of the Jackson Five when they first made an appearance on the music scene as I was not actually born in the 70's! I have to say that thanks to my Dad bringing me up on the music of this decade I do actually enjoy groups like this and especially the music which they play.


      The Jackson Five were from Gary in Indiana, they were all from the same family and the group consisted of


      Randy - he joined the family group later on in their career when Jermaine decided to leave the group as he wanted to stay with the Mowtown record label which the group had just left.

      The groups career spread over several decades and stared in 1964, they were popular right up until 1989. They were mainly successful and at their highest point in the 70's when they took the music world by storm and saw the majority of their records making the top 10 of the music charts.

      THE CD

      This CD is a compilation of the best of the Jackson Five's songs. There are a total of 20 songs on the CD which include:-

      I want you back
      The Love You Save
      I'll Be There
      Mama's Pearl
      Never Can Say Goodbye
      Got To Be There
      Rockin' Robin
      Ain't No Sunshine
      Lookin' Through the Windows
      Doctor My Eyes
      Hallelujah Day
      One Day In Your Life
      We're Almost There
      Farewell my Summer Love
      Girl You're So Together
      I Want You Back (remix)

      The cover of the CD is dark blue and has a faint picture of 4 of the Jackson's sitting down with Michael standing up behind them. The title of the album is across the middle in white writing. The back cover of the album id again dark blue and has the track list in white writing so it does stand out and is very easy to read. The inside of the cover does open up to again have the track list and details about the songs, like their running time and writer and producer. I think I would have liked this to have been a bit more detailed and have some photos of the group and some words about their career like some CD's do.


      Considering that this CD is supposed to be the best of the Jackson Five then I have to say that there are quite a few tracks on here which I have never heard before and was not aware of until I listened to this CD. Out of the 20 tracks I have to say that I really only knew 11 of them! Also this CD does not contain tracks which were all sung by the group, 9 of the songs are only sung by Michael which I think is slightly unfair to the rest of the group.

      The songs featured are all a great mix and we have the really lively ones which include, Rockin' Robin and ABC and then we also move to the other end of the scale and have the soft ballad of Ben. I like the variety available as it means I can just choose the tracks I want to listen to depending on the mood I am in. Personally a favourite in my house is Rockin' Robin and me and my youngest do have a good dance around the kitchen to this one! (only when we are in on our own though!)

      I managed to find this CD in Tesco for just £5 which was a fluke as I was not in fact looking for this but just had to get it when I saw it, much to hubby's disapproval and then I made him suffer me singing at the tip of my voice to the songs when driving in the car! The CD was produced by Universal in 2001 and I think it has just been re-released as it now has a sticker on the cover advertising 50 years of Motown and 50 years of Island Records.

      I do definitely recommend this CD to all fans of the Jackson Five's music and especially if like me you are not familiar with the tracks as it has opened up a whole new side of the group to me and I have to say I am impressed with each and everyone of the songs featured.

      More information on this CD can be found at www.umtv.co.uk


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 I Want You Back - Jackson 5, The Corporation TM
      2 ABC - Jackson 5, The Corporation TM
      3 The Love You Save - Jackson 5, The Corporation TM
      4 I'll Be There - Hal Davis, Jackson 5, Bob West
      5 Mama S Pearl - Jackson 5, The Corporation TM
      6 Never Can Say Goodbye - Hal Davis, Jackson 5, Gene Page
      7 Got To Be There - Hal Davis, Michael Jackson, Dave Blumberg, Willie Hutch
      8 Rockin' Robin - Mel Larson, Michael Jackson, Jerry Marcellino, James Anthony Carmichael
      9 Ain't No Sunshine - Alphonso Mizell, Berry Gordy Jr., Deke Richards, Eddy Manson, Freddie Perren, Michael Jackson
      10 Lookin Through The Windows - Berry Gordy Jr., Hal Davis, Jackson 5, James Anthony Carmichael, John Bahler
      11 Ben - Michael Jackson, The Corporation TM
      12 Doctor My Eyes - Berry Gordy Jr., Hal Davis, Jackson 5, James Anthony Carmichael, John Bahler
      13 Hallelujah Day - Alphonso Mizell, Berry Gordy Jr., Freddie Perren, Gene Page, Jackson 5
      14 Skywriter - Jackson 5, James Anthony Carmichael, Jerry Marcellino, Mel Larson
      15 Happy - Hal Davis, Michael Jackson, Gene Page
      16 One Day In Your Life - Michael Jackson, Sam Brown III
      17 We're Almost There - Brian Holland, James Anthony Carmichael, Michael Jackson
      18 Farewell My Summer Love - Fonce Mizell, Freddie Perren, Michael Jackson, Michael Lovesmith, Steve Barri, Tony Peluso
      19 Girl You're So Together - Alphonso Mizell, Freddie Perren, Michael Jackson
      20 I Want You Back - Alphonso Mizell, Berry Gordy Jr., Deke Richards, Freddie Perren, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson

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