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Blackberry Jams - Jason Becker

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Jason Becker / Audio CD released 2003-05-05 at Mascot

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2008 22:32
      Very helpful



      Second compilation of rare material (2002).

      The second collection of rare and alternative versions of Jason Becker material is less strong than the first, but in a way this only makes it more endearing as something for the fans - and no one else. The songs tend to be of worse quality in a production sense, implying that these are either leftovers from the earlier collection or new material that has surfaced in the interim, but fortunately the scope is as diverse as usual, featuring classical variations, heavy metal instrumentals, acoustic plucking ditties and even a keyboard and flute finale in 'If it Weren't So Purdy I'd Call it a Skin Flute,' that's reminiscent of his album 'Perspective.'

      There's a great opportunity to hear Becker's scattered ideas applied to full songs at many points in this album, with 'Go Off! Intro,' 'Groin Grabbingly Transcendent,' 'X-Ray Eyes,' 'Black Cat' and 'El Beckero' all sounding like great templates for prog metal songs featuring unusual time signatures. Others such as 'Optitudes' are the expected lengthy noodling solos that most people will approach these sort of albums for, while a slightly more laid-back approach is taken with 'Mabels Air Could it BE Any Faster' and the always popular neoclassical jams 'Jewel,' 'Jewel # 2' and 'Kind of Like a Spring.' The acoustic, finger-plucking side of things is maintained by 'Airage,' 'Images Intro,' 'Air' and 'Little Dweller.'

      Although the overlap of songs from the earlier studio albums may be a little disappointing to some fans, the whole point of these collections seems to be to examine what might have been, and to explore Jason Becker's tragically short career from all available angles. Only a minority of people will have any interest in it, but for those people, this is just the sort of thing they've been waiting for.

      1. Go Off! Intro
      2. Groin Grabbingly Transcendent
      3. Opitudes
      4. Church of the Weird
      5. Mabels Air Could it BE Any Faster
      6. Short X-Ray Eyes
      7. Airage
      8. Perpetual Burn
      9. Ashram of You Lee
      10. Images Intro
      11. Mabel... Simple Little Nibbling
      12. Jewel
      13. Kind of Like a Spring
      14. Air
      15. Ten Yellow Pointy Kitties
      16. Absurd Temple Jig
      17. Part of Stranger
      18. There's That
      19. Black Cat
      20. Little Rippage
      21. Perpetual Tudes
      22. Floor Pie
      23. El Beckero
      24. Pocus I Say
      25. Conglomeration... Boy Meets Guitar
      26. Little Dweller
      27. Jewel # 2
      28. Long X-Ray Eyes
      29. Altitudes Jam
      30. Bemesderfers Wooping Stick
      31. If it Weren't So Purdy I'd Call it a Skin Flute


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Go Off! Intro
    2 Groin-Grabbingly Transcendent
    3 Opitudes
    4 Church of the Weird
    5 Mabel's Air...Could It Be Any Faster?
    6 Short X-Ray Eyes
    7 Airage
    8 Perpetual Burn
    9 Ashram of You, Lee
    10 Images Intro
    11 Mabel...Simple Little Nibbling
    12 Jewel
    13 Kind of Like a Spring
    14 Air
    15 Ten Yellow Pointy Kitties
    16 Absurd Temple Jig
    17 Part of Stranger
    18 There's That
    19 Black Cat
    20 Little Rippage
    21 Perpetual Ties
    22 Floor Pie
    23 Beckero
    24 Pocus I Say
    25 Conglomeration...Boy Meets Guitar
    26 Little Dweller
    27 Jewel #2
    28 Long X-Ray Eyes
    29 Altitudes Jam
    30 Bemesderfer's Wooping Stick
    31 If It Weren't So Purdy I'd Call It Skin Flute

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