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The Boy Who Knew Too Much - Mika

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7 Reviews

Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Mika / Audio CD released 2009-09-21 at Universal / Island

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    7 Reviews
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      07.05.2011 17:41
      Very helpful



      Not as good as his first album!

      Ok so back to my CD collection with this review. Today, I will be reviewing a Mika album!

      The Boy Who Knew Too Much is the second album from British star Mika. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2009 and so is fairly recent. The album is currently available for sale for just £2 from Amazon which I think is excellent value for money.

      ~* Tracklist *~

      1) We Are Golden 2) Blame It On The Girls 3) Rain 4) Dr. John 5) I See You 6) Blue Eyes 7) Good Gone Girl 8) Touches You 9) By The Time 10) One Foot Boy 11) Toy Boy 12) Pick Up Off The Floor 13) We Are Golden

      I love Mika; he's so fun and so crazy, that you just cannot help but like him! I loved the single 'Blame It On The Girls' and that is the main reason why I bought this album. So, what did I think of this album?

      Well, the album was ok, but I have to say that it isn't as good as his first album, which was much more 'fresh'. When Mika came out with his first album, he was very 'original'. However, this album doesn't seem to have the energy.

      The songs are ok. Some are good, some are bad. There is a mixture of both 'upbeat' and 'slower' songs which is good. Although for me I prefer the 'upbeat' ones, as they are usually quite crazy sounding. By this I mean; when he sings the more slower songs, he sounds a bit weird.

      The songs which stand out the most for me are 'Blame It On The Girls' and 'Good Girl Gone'.

      Mika's voice. Well I wouldn't really say that he is a good singer. He can hit the notes and stay in tune, although I can't really take him seriously! He is very entertaining though!

      Even though I wasn't that impressed with this album, at least Mika did write the majority songs, and wasn't just given them like a lot of other 'pop stars. At least Mika tried!

      Thanks for reading!
      May 7th 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonxz on ciao)


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      21.03.2010 20:09
      Very helpful



      A great album if you enjoyed the debut album or if you just generally like songs that cheer you up.

      Mika first hit the airwaves in 2007, when he won BBCs Sound of 2007 award. His debut album split listeners, with some enjoying the over the top popness, whilst some argued he was just too strange. Trying to follow up an album as successful as 'Life In Cartoon Motion' would be hard for any artist, but it seems Mika's done very well. 'We Are Golden' was the debut single and sets the tone for the album, which is mostly about Mikas teenage years.

      The video for 'We Are Golden' was typical Mika, with his jumping around his bedroom in nothing but high tops and underwear. 'Rain' is a song which you wouldn't think was Mika at first, but seems to be the single that critics have loved.

      'Blue Eyes', 'Good Gone Girl' and Touches You' are the jump about and dance like you don't care singles from the album. However, 'Doctor John' and 'Toy Boy' seem very plain in comparison, but both seem to get across different messages without being blunt.

      Recently I've seen Mika on his tour and must say that all these singles are performed brilliantly and really can get a room bouncing. My favourite track of the album has to be 'Blue Eyes', I just can't help but sing along!


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      24.02.2010 20:18
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A head nodding, foot tapping, get up and dance CD!

      Now Mika is one of the only pop people that I actually like to listen to and could do time and time again (and I am going to him LIVE in 8 DAYS- and yes before you ask I AM VERY SUPER EXTREMLEY MEGA EXCITED!) And so after falling in love with his first album which I still listen to now, 'Life in Cartoon Motion' I was so happy / excited when I recieved his new album 'The boy who knew too much' for christmas off of a very kind friend!

      The album artwork somes up Mika in just a few words, loud, colourful, bright, etc and is not unlike the 'Life in Cartoon Motion' one, however this one is more dark blue.

      Mikas pop genre is typically pop and has very high vocals, which you'll either love or hate and have noticed that many boys tend not to like this!

      The first song on this album is 'We are Golden' which is probably his biggest hit from this album. It is a loudish song and gives offs feel good vibes and is one of the ones that you just HAVE to get up and dance to. I am not sure whether is shows off his vocals to the best as most of it is either echoed or done with many voices all together however somehow it all comes together to make it a great song!

      Number 2 - Blame it on the girls
      One of my personal favourites and is yet again one of the ones that get your feet tapping and head nodding! It has lovely up-beat rhythm to it and a good melody - I also love the video, though some parts are slightly odd!

      Number 3- Rain is also worth listening to, this shows off some of Mikas best vocals ie the *HIGH* ones and is another light, fun kind of one!

      However there are also slightly more slow / maybe more serious songs on the album which include number 4, which is Dr John. The main chorus is quite slow and the lyrics are slightly odd, but is still a great song!

      Overall it really is a great album and if you loved the first one then this one is just as good and definitley worth looking at!

      1. We are golden.

      2. Blame it on the girls.

      3. Rain.

      4. Dr John.

      5. I see you.

      6. Blue eyes.

      7. Good gone girl.

      8. Touches you.

      9. By the time.

      10. One foot boy.

      11. Toy boy.

      12. Pick up of the floor.

      This review is also on CIAO :)


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        10.02.2010 19:15



        great album, with fantastic, catchy music!

        Mika is back after his last album 'Life in Cartoon Motion' and i must say i am very impressed with the come back! Most know this fun-loving pop sensation for his hit single 'Grace Kelly' and is now back for more and i personally think is better that ever!

        His first single released from the new album 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' is teh very catchy and lively 'We are Golden' which the CD opens to. He has also released 'Rain' which is a more dance track compared to the others and on the 15th of February 2010 will be releasing 'Blame it on the Girls' which also features in this album. There are not any tracks that i can say disappointed me as i have found all of them a great joy to listen to and can listen to over and over without getting bored! My personal favourites from the wonderous Mika has to be 'Touches You' and 'Good Gone Girl'.

        All of Mika's songs never disappoint and i really would recommend this album, it's great!


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        23.01.2010 14:36
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        When I first heard we are golden (the first track on the new album), I decided that I quite liked it. As I quite like music that has a good range of musical instruments, like piano's and 'proper' instruments.

        When I listened to the full album on spotify, I was pleasently surpeised. With a gopod range of songs from, slow and sentimental, to lively and fun.

        The track list goes like this:
        1. we are golden
        2. blame it on the firls
        3. rain
        4. dr john
        5. I see you
        6. blue eyes
        7. good gone girl
        8. touches you
        9. by the time
        10. one foot boy
        11. toy boy
        12. pick up off the floor

        My favourite song on the album is dr John, as it starts with a simple little chord pattern on the guitar which then gradually the piano blends in with it. By the time it gets into the chorus, the drums have entered, and the volume goes up. In the second verse more what I would call orchestral instruments enter, to give it a more fuller sound. The particular thing which makes me like this song so much is the fact that unlike most other modern songs of last year, not alot of them, used plain pianos, bdrums and guitars (most of them were quite electronic) which did get a little boring as there was no variation.

        I couldn't say what my least favourite song as I like them all too much! I would say that something I picked up on, on spotify it actually added another song onto the album that wasn't actually on the album when I recieved as a present over christmas. This song was called lover boy, which I thought was again a very good song, so I was a liottle annoyed that it wasn't on there!

        The song that surprised me, and was actually quite good was toy boy. I wasn't sure when I first listened to it on spotify. As it had taken off the very good introduction. The introduction consisted of flutes and violins, playing a nice little melody, that I thought made the song very good and nice which you could play when you didn't really want to concentrate on the music.

        As I said I got this as a present, so I'm not entirely sure how much this would cost you if you bought it in a shop, however if you bought it online or on amazon it would cost around about £5.

        I absoultely love listening to this album, it might not be to everyones tast but it definately one of mine. It was a very good present, and I can't wait for the next album!


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          02.12.2009 01:39
          Very helpful



          A follow-up that tries to match its predecessor but fails, yet still has its own spark

          Earlier this year I stumbled across Mika's debut, Life in Cartoon Motion, and fell in love with almost every track. His uniquely wacky sense of style and personality is reflected in the music, and by the end of the record I was left with a smile on my face.

          When I heard that his follow-up was coming this year, I was VERY excited. The opportunity arose and I listened to it from start to the middle, before turning it off.

          My initial feelings: I was VERY disappointed. The record sounds so similar to his debut, but a lackluster version. It was as if he had been lazy and simply copied his original formula, leaving behind his debut's spark. This time no song stood out to me. I left the album to simmer for a while and returned two months later...

          Now I actually like it. I think of this album like the debut's older brother. Not as bubbly, but still up for fun. Like the first album, I very rarely skip a track. Like I said, the formula follows the first: bubbly feel good music with catchy lyrics, while ballads and Mika's biographical songs are dotted throughout.

          Mika's vocals are the same as on his debut. He is not the best singer in the world, but far from being the worst. His voice is pleasant, and he is great at adapting it to suit each song. He knows how far to push his range without ruining the song.

          The best thing about the record is that there is a song to match every occasion, every emotion. Blue Eyes is a tropical song that creates the perfect image of an people dancing on the beach. We Are Golden, the first single, is the perfect tune for spending time being silly with friends. It reminds me of my youth, and should empower society to love themselves just as they are. I See You is a lovely ballad for a quiet night in, alone or with good company. Then we discover more about Mika on personal tracks like Blame It On The Girls, which detail his personal troubles with family and sexuality, but in a fun way that does not feel heavy or intrusive. Whatever you want to hear is here, so go through the record to see what category each song falls into.

          After initial reservations, I finally enjoy this record for what it is. The tone is more sombre than Mika's debut, but it still puts a smile on your face. If you want a duplicate of his debut, this record comes pretty close but falls short. If you listen to the album as a stand-alone, it will please you far more.

          Standout tracks: We Are Golden, Blue Eyes and Rain.


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          12.10.2009 20:03
          Very helpful



          Proof that there's more to Mika than high notes and colourful shirts.

          Mika is the curly haired singer songwriter who burst onto the scene a few years back with the love-it-or-hate-it 'Grace Kelly.' Not afraid to be bouncy, bubbly and colourful and sing about happy subjects rather than the boy meets girl boy looses girl rubbish that usually fills the charts, for me he was a breath of fresh air to pop music. 'Pop' unfortunately now has a sigma to it. Pop, basically= rubbish and that's really the fault of nineties boy and girl bands I think. It's a shame, after all The Beatles were considered pop music and can you really lump them in the same category as S Club 7? I tend to listen more to indie and rock music now as a rule. Just occasionally, however a simply superb album comes along that is isn't manufactured rubbish and is sung from the heart from the same talented individual who wrote the lot and isn't afraid to say 'I'm pop music and proud'.

          One of those albums was 'Life in Cartoon Motion', Mika's debut album, and I have to admit even a great admirer of the guy like me thought this album might be a one off. Luckily, I was wrong and his follow up, 2009's 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' is even better.

          The opening track is recent single release 'We are Golden.' Yes, it does have some resemblance to Belinda Carlisle's 'Heaven is a Place on Earth' but don't hold that against it. This a brilliant upbeat pop song, with fun lyrics - "Teenage dreams in a teenage circus, running a round like a clown on purpose" (a line the Undertones would have been proud of??!) Try to get this one out of your head once it's in there, it's a pleasurable experience though. Plus the video features Mika bouncing off the walls in nothing but pants and amazing sparkly green trainers. Never a bad thing.

          'We are Golden' is followed by a speaking part to introduce the next track about a guy complaining about how his stinks even though he's good looking and loaded. 'Blame it on the Girls' is a story about someone who has more than most but he doesn't help himself in being happy. "You could have children and a wife, a perfect little life, but you blew it on a bottle of wine." It's another upbeat song with a catchy chorus, this is Mika after all, but the tempo isn't so in keeping with the subject matter. I certainly don't feel much for the character being talked about here but lyrics such as 'Blame it on your mother for the things she said, blame it on your father but you know he's dead." stop you in your tracks a little. A good track, but not what it immediately seems.

          'Blame it on the Girls' is followed by the dance inspired 'Rain'. This track seems to be the critics favourite, perhaps because it's the one track which isn't true Mika style. While you may not get the dance community embracing Mika, you could see how a remix of this track could really fit into the genre. He did prove he could do this however, recording a brilliant dance version of the Police's 'Can't Stand Losing You' with Armand Van Helden for Radio 1's 40th Birthday. If you've not come across this track, I suggest you hunt it down, you may not like it, but it won't be what you're expecting!

          'Dr John' is a sing along almost, nursery rhyme which wouldn't sound out of place in The Beatles era. We learn from Mika's self doodled artwork in the cover that Dr. John is a female doctor, who was freed from her jealous partner. Another song with more to it than it's jolly appearance.

          Next up is another change of pace, with a slightly sickly Jackson style slowy, 'I See You'. Not a favourite of mine, there's not a lot to it compared to some of the other tracks on the album, Though he uses the choir featured throughout the album to good effect.

          'Blue Eyes', the halfway point of the album is a real highlight. Reminiscent of something else that I can't quite put my finger on, but that doesn't matter because it's a great track in it's own right. A short song, but a winner.

          'Good Gone Girl' is perhaps this albums 'Big Girl You Are Beautiful', maybe not with the shout it out chorus but it's a girls song about being on the town. We like this.

          'Touches You' is not really sure what it wants to be, it's not big and in your face theatrical like 'We Are Golden' but it's not he understated 'By The Time' either (see below), it's not bad once it's on, but it's not one you'll remember afterwards, as it's a bit samey throughout. Plus the 'touching me, touching you' lyrics just reminds me of The Darkness, and even Mika can't sing that high!

          'By The Time' is my favourite. It's slow and sweet but beautiful. The backing singers are as much the stars in this as Mika, who shows us can be soft and he's not all about falsetto. For those of you who know 'Life in Cartoon Motion', this is it's follow up's 'Happy Ending.' Proof, also that a song doesn't have to be big and annoying to be catchy!

          Back to the falsetto, 'One Foot Boy' is a sing a long type, typical Mika, but not his strongest, I can imagine this being good live though.

          Into nursery rhyme mode 'Toy Boy' on first listening I thought 'what is this?!' Without listening to the lyrics it is like something from Playdays. Yes it is what you think, a story about a toy, presumably a doll but when you really listen to it, some of the lyrics are hilarious and not really kids stuff. "She's the meanest hag that has ever been, pulled out my insides with a safety pin." Also wonder if this doll might be part Mika himself, no doubt lyrics such as "But your mama thought there was somethin' wrong/ Didn't want you sleeping with a boy too long/ It's a serious thing in a grown-up world/ Maybe you'd be better with a Barbie girl" will fuel rumours about his sexuality.

          'Pick up off the Floor', the closing track of 'The Boy Who Knew Too Much' feels like it's come straight from the stage. Theatrical and heartfelt, makes me wonder if Mika would do a 'We Will Rock You' and put his music on a stage, no one could deny it's theatre.

          I've seen him live when he was touring 'Life in Cartoon Motion' and his live performances are a force to be reckoned with complete with people in giant rabbit suits and drumming battles. Mika is an intriguing character and for all the flamboyance in his music and on stage, he's a very private person and have I've read that he's actually incredibly shy. I just thinks this makes him more likeable, a breath of fresh air that some one is in the pop industry for the music and not the fame.

          Overall a brilliant album, maybe not liked much by some critics, to be honest I think they must have been listening to the wrong CD. Not quite as bouncy happy happy stuff as his debut, Mika here tackles some new issues in this new offering, but that doesn't take away from it being a real feel good album, and there's nothing wrong with that.


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        • Product Details

          Disc #1 Tracklisting
          1 We Are Golden
          2 Blame It On The Girls
          3 Rain
          4 Dr. John
          5 I See You
          6 Blue Eyes
          7 Good Gone Girl
          8 Touches You
          9 By The Time
          10 One Foot Boy
          11 Toy Boy
          12 Pick Up Off The Floor
          13 We Are Golden

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