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The Colour Of My Love - Celine Dion

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Celine Dion / Audio CD released 2001-12-10 at Epic

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    5 Reviews
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      20.07.2009 07:22
      1 Comment



      good album

      This is a great album,packed with 15 top of the class songs.I personally like celine dion she is a very talented singer with a very great voice ,she also puts so much emotion into all her songs. Her songs sends out a nice message and for me they sometimes bring back memories of the past and i believe anyone who can sing a song that touches peoples heart is very talented because not everyone can do this.My favourate song on this album is think twice ,it reminds me of the past and i love it with all my heart she put so much emotion into this song and it is simply beatiful.For all those that like celine dion but do not have this album i do encourage you to go and buy this one, it is very good.The price set on this album is also very reasonable,cheap and affordable ,anyone can buy it really .


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        17.07.2009 01:33
        Very helpful
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        Wow! Celine is one of my all time favourite female singers. I rank her alongside Whitney as someone to respect vocally. Granted, she might have quite a long face, but shut your eyes and her voice will take you on a journey.

        This album has some of her biggest hits on it, I have handpicked a few to talk about. My first choice is Celine's take on 'The Power Of Love.' She manages to do it justice, living up to the class and sophisication of the Jennifer Rush original. Celine really shows off her talents, striving for the high notes and pulling them off with aplomb. I could really feel her emotion in this song.

        I adore 'Misled' which is a funkier edged number. Celine powers through this song, managing to sound saucy and angry as she badmouths her lover. I love it when she gets passionate!

        I am less keen on 'Only One Road' which is a trifle plodding and Celine seems to find the song laboured. That said, it might bring a tear to the eye with the sad lyrics. I am also not too keen on 'Next Plane Out' which is a bleak affair and fails to stir the emotions.

        The overall best track is 'Think Twice' which is a real powerhouse of a ballad. It starts off gradually, with a slow methodical start, building to a gut wrenching finale, in which Celine is firing on all cylinders. The song is epic and heartbreaking, if not a little predictable with the lyrics.

        There are 15 songs on the album, the singles are the strongest moments, but there are maybe two too many ballads on here. Some dancier numbers would have fleshed it out more. I loved the cover artwork where Celine had her leg up though. Dirty woman.


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          23.06.2009 17:51
          Very helpful



          Overall a fantastic album by one of the worlds most famous singers

          'The Colour Of My Love' was Celine Dions breakthrough album in the UK. Although she had released albums before this one, this was the first album which made it into the UK album chart in 1994. The hit 'think twice' which is taken from this album made it to number one in the UK singles chart also in 1994. 'Think Twice' stayed number one for a number of weeks and this is when Celine Dion became a household name in the UK. This album includes the singles 'the power of love' and 'only one road' both of which reached the top 10. 'The colour of my love' is a mellow album which you can relax and unwind to. There are only a couple of up beat songs on this album which include 'misled' and 'real emotion'. Most of the songs are great love songs which Celine Dion sings with such passion. Celine Dion has an unmistakeable voice which is strong and unique. If you like Celine Dion, love songs and passion then you'll like this album which has a combination of these factors.


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          27.04.2009 19:35
          Very helpful



          14 outstanding tracks out of 15 isn't bad

          === Who is Celine Dion? ===

          Celine Dion is a Canadian singer and occasional songwriter and actress. She rose to the scene in 1980 and released several French albums throughout the 80's. In 1988 she won the Eurovision Song Contest but her main fame came in the 1990's when she achieved worldwide success with both French and English items. In 2004 she was awarded the Choppard Diamond Award for becoming the best selling female artist of all time. Her releases however have all received mixed critical reviews but she is renowned for being a technically skilled and powerful vocalist.

          === Her Albums ===

          Up to date Celine has released ten English language studio albums: Unison (1990), Celine Dion (1992), The Colour of My Love (1993), Falling Into You (1996), Let's Talk About Love (1997), These Are Special Times (1998), A New Day Has Come (2002), One Heart (2003), Miracle (2004) and Taking Chances (2007). Her albums are influenced by numerous musical genres from rock to R&B, gospel and classical.

          === The Colour of My Love ===

          The Colour of My Love was Celine's third English speaking album (her eighteenth overall) and was released in 1993. It is this album that in many respects represents the internationalisation of Celine Dion as it is The Colour of My Love that saw her reach worldwide fame. The album topped both the Canadian and UK charts and gave Celine her first number one single in the UK.

          This album comes complete with a small fold out booklet that reproduces all of the lyrics to the songs. The booklet also includes a couple of photographs and the usual thank you speech and producers list.

          === Track Listing ===

          1. The Power of Love
          2. Misled
          3. Think Twice
          4. Only One Road
          5. Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down
          6. Next Plane Out
          7. Real Emotion
          8. When I Fall In Love (featuring Clive Griffin)
          9. Love Doesn't Ask Why
          10. Refuse To Dance
          11. I Remember L.A.
          12. No Living Without Loving You
          13. Lovin' Proof
          14. Just Walk Away
          15. The Colour of My Love

          === Track Breakdown ===

          The Power of Love is a cover of a Jennifer Rush song and the second of the artists covered by Celine and peaked at number 4 in the UK charts. This track has a very atmospheric backing track that is delicate yet wonderfully placed and utilised. The lyrics themselves are powerful and the vocal performance is one of beauty and astonishing power.
          'The sound of your beating
          Made it clear suddenly
          The feeling that I can't go on
          Is light years away'

          TWO - MISLED
          This track was also released as a single but unfortunately didn't fair as well as the previous one peaking at number 15 in the UK Singles Chart. This track is more upbeat in feel but once again the backing track is perfectly utilised and the vocals strong powerful and technically strong throughout the song.
          'Just a page in my history
          Just another one of those mysterious
          One more lover that used to be'

          Think Twice is one of only a few of Celine Dion's songs to be rock-influenced and have a guitar solo. The track was a smash-hit topping the UK charts and coming second in the European charts. I can definitely see why this track did so well in the charts because like the album's opening track the backing track is delicate yet at the same time unique. The lyrics themselves are also rather beautiful to listen to and in my opinion you simply cannot fault Celine's technical brilliance and utter vocal power in this track, which increases impressively as the track progresses.
          'Don't say what you're about to say
          Look back before you leave me life
          Be sure before you close that door
          Before you roll those dice'

          FOUR - ONLY ONE ROAD
          Only One Road peaked in the UK charts at number 8 but is one of my favourite tracks. The track also has a rather delicate backing track and in many respects a soft and subtle premise aided by the poignant lyrics. Again though Celine puts in an outstanding vocal performance that I simply can't fault and manages to hit some amazing notes without coming across as screechy.
          'I can still the song of your laughter
          I can still taste the sorrow of your tears
          We said goodbye but hearts did not hear
          Now my love there's nothing left to fear'

          This track is definitely more upbeat than the previous offerings on the album and has a distinct pop feel. This change in feel though luckily does not change the quality of the album and Celine again puts in another tremendous technical performance.
          'Nobody wants to see it
          They don't even wanna try
          Judge a book by its cover
          And you'll never know the story'

          SIX - NEXT PLANE OUT
          This track last for nearly five minutes on the album but maintains an excellent standard throughout and is a favourite of mine. This is another of my favourite tracks on the album simply because I like the slow and soft opening that then transforms into another powerfully explosive ballad full of technical skill and emotion.
          'I listen to the sound of the rain fallin' down my window
          Prayin' for a gentle wind
          To bring my baby back again'

          This track has a different feel to the others on the album. It is definitely more up-beat but there is something else about it to. This something else however is a positive something else because the track really works and this power behind the lyrics although still there in part is transferred into a subtlety and delicacy that suits the track.
          'You don't have to give me rings on my fingers
          Promise the moon and stars in the sky
          Or bring me roses just to show me you love me'

          When I Fall in Love, which is a duet with Clive Griffin, featured in the romantic comedy Sleepless in Seattle is one of the most memorable tracks on the album. The track is definitely my favourite on the album and I think that the two voices really compliment one another well. The track is soft, delicate and subtle and then powerful and emotional, which makes it a really pleasurable piece to listen to.
          'When I give my heart
          It will be completely
          Or I'll never give me heart'

          In my opinion this track is another contender for the top spot on the album. I simply love the music for this track although it is very simple but in many ways it is the lyrics that steal the show, as they are ultimately sublime. Celine again projects them with power, emotion and enthusiasm that simply isn't beaten.
          'Love doesn't ask why
          It speaks from the heart
          And never explains'

          This is another track with a rather up-beat feel but I must admit it is my least favourite on the album. There is nothing strikingly wrong about it just doesn't figure as highly as the others. The lyrics are probably the weakest part of the track as again the vocals are technically strong.
          'Got your invitation to the dance
          Wear the party dress
          Maybe I was just an innocent
          But I confess'

          ELEVEN - I REMEMBER L.A.
          This is another sublime track in my opening and the opening is exceptionally atmospheric and really beautiful. The lyrics are also very pretty to listen to and as I have come to expect from Celine Dion sung with an unrivalled emotion and passion not forgetting of course that outstanding power that is hers and hers alone. 'Everyday 'There were days in the sun
          That have stayed forever young
          Nights when passion was invincible
          We though love would never die'

          This song has a really catchy backing track, which sounds quite country and western like. The lyrics too and the way they are sung has this sort of feel but of course Celine adds her own touch by keeping them up-beat as well as emotional and powerful. The track is another top contender in my opinion hence the rating.
          'Oh, the clock wouldn't stop, no
          Each day would go on just the same
          There would still be air to breathe
          It wouldn't stop the sun and rain'

          This track isn't as strong as the previous one but is still a solid listen. Celine once again puts power and emotion behind every word she sings and this is what makes this song. The lyrics aren't perfect but the vocal performance is.
          'If you want me to believe
          I'm the only one you need
          I need lovin' proof'

          Just Walk Away is another of my favourite tracks from the album yet for some reason it was never included on the American version of the album and not released in the States in any way. This track has a soft and delicate backing track that is then imposed upon by some outstanding lyrics sung to perfection with a great degree of passion that makes this song a real pleasure to listen to.
          'Just walk away
          Just say goodbye
          Don't turn around now
          You may see me cry'

          Being the album's title track I would have expected this to have been released as a single but strangely it wasn't. That doesn't matter now though because it has been eternalised on the album, which is definitely a positive thing as the track is another superb one. The music is brilliant and the lyrics sung wonderfully once again. I personally would have ended the album however with the previous track because I prefer it, but that's my opinion.
          'I'll paint my mood in shades of blue
          Paint my soul to be with you
          I'll sketch your lips in shaded tones
          Draw your mouth to my own'

          Until I came to review this album I didn't realise just how much I liked it or how much power, passion and emotion Celine manages to impose onto her tracks. The one weak track is compensated for by fourteen tremendous tracks. This album is in my opinion a true masterpiece and definitely deserves a place in everyone's music collection.


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            21.04.2009 00:02
            Very helpful



            Read review.


            Canadian born Celine Dion is one of the most talked about artists of the past twenty years. Since 1981 she has released an incredible total of 23 albums in both French and English. Her debut english language album "Unison" came nine years after her debut french release "La voix du bon Dieu". Her third english language album was of course The Colour of my love. And here is my review of that album.

            **The Colour of my Love**

            Released on 9th November 1993, The Colour Of My Love went onto become the most successful Celine Dion album selling more than 16m copies worldwide which is even more than her previous two albums and all of her french releases up to 1993. The album features songwriting from the likes of David Foster, Walter Afanasieff and Diane Warren who all wrote for her previous two albums. The album was also co produced by Walter Afanasieff and David Foster with other producers Steve Lindsey, Christopher Neil, Aldo Nova, Guy Roche and finally Ric Wake.

            1.) Power of Love

            This is a cover of the Jennifer Rush original, I much prefer Celine's version as her voice is much stronger and more emotive. This ballad is a great start to the album and was a huge single when it was released as the second single from the album eight days before the album was released.

            2.) Misled

            This was released as the third single from the album and is a funky uptempo track which has a catchy feel, Celine showcases the power of her vocals alongside the good performances from the backing vocalists. This was a another big hit for Celine Dion and the album.

            3.) Think Twice

            This is a beautifully done slow rock ballad which is sung superbly by Celine, Think Twice is without a shadow of a doubt one of the greatest love songs of the 1990's and possibly of all time. It was the fourth single to be released from the album and is an outstanding song.

            4.) Only One Road

            This is another fine track which has the same emotive spark as Think Twice. I like the way that this song builds towards the chorus and the soft music adds an intimate touch to this ballad. Not quite as great as Think Twice but this is up there with the best tracks on the album there's no doubt about that.

            5.) Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down

            I am not so keen on this uptempo track, although it has a nice catchy feel which is good to dance to it does not have the spark of her best. A decent uptempo track with some good backing but it's one of the weaker tracks on the album.

            6.) Next Plane Out

            This Diane Warren penned Ballad is one of the best tracks on the album, it opens with a thunderstorm and then Celine's voice comes in gently, the piano then comes in and is soon joined by the rest of the instruments. This track is about flying to where your partner is because you are missing them too much. A great laid back ballad.

            7.) Real Emotion

            Here we have another Diane Warren penned track but this is more of an uptempo track, this is quite catchy but is one of the weaker links as it does not reach the heights of the best tracks on the album, A decent enough track though.

            8.) When I Fall in Love

            This is probably one of the most covered songs of all time, It was originally recorded by Doris Day and was written by Victor Young (music) and Edward Heyman (lyrics. Celine is joined on this version by Clive Griffin who you probably would not know much about other than this track. This is probably the best version of this old song I have heard.

            9.) Love doesnt ask why

            This is a fantastic ballad which starts softly then develops into a female Meatloaf like track. The premise of the track is about sticking with your partner through thick and thin. This has one of the best messages of the album and is also one of the best tracks on the album.

            10.) Refuse to Dance

            This opens like an Annie Lennox track and then develops into a Madonna like dance pop track. This is one of the better uptempo tracks on the album and works rather well. This track moves along well and is a lot more interesting than the other uptempo tracks on the album.

            11.) I remember L.A

            This is very relaxed ballad about remembering good times gone by. This is a great indication of the talent Celine Dion has for moving through the song. I love everything about this beautifully emotive track. One of the top tracks on the album and a strong dose of her powerful vocals.

            12.) No living without loving you

            This is a pop track which has a country twang. This is one of the more catchy ballads she has done, It tells the story of having an empty feeling if someone left. This is a great track that is another fine track from this album.

            13.) Lovin Proof

            This is yet another Dianne Warren penned track and it's an uptempo track on offer here, This reminds me a little of a Tina Turner style track. A very catchy track which has a great melody and strong vocals again from Celine, a very decent track.

            14.) Just walk away

            This opens slightly like "When I fall in Love" but stays at a slower pace throught. This is a fabulous ballad which shows the emotive clarity of her voice. Her vocals on this track are amongst the best on the album and that is saying something.

            15.) The Colour of My Love

            Now we finish on the title track, This has a movie soundtrack feel about it and this ballad is a great closer which gives this album yet another great ballad. Celine's voice is so clear and sounds almost effortless even at the top range. A superb ending to the album.


            There are many artists who have that one album that is considered legendary when they never quite reach those heights again album wise and this is one such album. Celine Dion's finest album by quite a margin is The Colour of My Love, Don't get me wrong there have been songs on other albums as good as the ones on here like The Fabulous duet with R Kelly "I'm Your Angel" but not in such quantity. There are about seven or eight tracks that will be played for decades to come and will appear on countless favourites lists. This is a truly brilliant album that only loses a mark on a couple of lesser tracks.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 Power Of Love
            2 Misled
            3 Think Twice
            4 Only One Road
            5 Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down
            6 Next Plane Out
            7 Real Emotion
            8 When I Fall In Love
            9 Love Doesn't Ask Why
            10 Refuse To Dance
            11 I Remember LA
            12 No Living Without Loving You
            13 Lovin' Proof
            14 Just Walk Away
            15 Colour Of My Love

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