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The Crusade - Trivium

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Genre: Hard Rock & Metal - Heavy Metal / Artist: Trivium / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2006-10-09 at Roadrunner

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    3 Reviews
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      30.05.2010 20:23
      Very helpful
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      Take it For What It Is and Don't Worry Too Much

      It took me a while to warm to this album. The Crusade is Trivium's follow up to their acclaimed major record debut 'Ascendancy'. I think I speak for most fans when I say that this album is certainly a lot different to their previous works in that it does away with Matt Heafy's fierce screaming and replaces much of their metalcore elements with classic thrash. I would not call The Crusade a masterpiece but it's certainly a stepping stone leading up to the development of their own unique sound.

      As I've already mentioned, this album is first and foremost a thrash album and is probably an homage to the bands key influences. This can be seen clearly on the title track which is an 8 minute instrumental reminiscent of Metallica's 'Orion'. If you're familiar with any of the bands other releases then be aware of how different it is.

      The album has a weak opener in 'Ignition' which doesn't really stand out to me as a worthy track. The second track 'Detonation' would have been a much better opener as a faster thrashier song. From this point on the album does well with soaring melodies and infectious modern thrash riffs. The two popular singles 'Entrance of the Conflagration' and 'Anthem' are among my favourites on the album. My first thought on the album is that it was a really weak one but then when I remember these songs it immediately becomes more favourable.

      My main gripe with this album and the reason that it doesn't get as high a rating as it should is that the lyrics are dreadful. I have no clue what went through Matt's head when he wrote the lyrics for these songs. The first two albums and the follow up to this one feature lyrics which relate to the human psyche (probably based on his personal experiences) and often heavily feature mythology. THIS album focuses on current affairs and the world in general. Trivium for me is not a political band, we have plenty of those and they do it better than Trivum does.

      Another problem I have with this album is the guitar work. The riffs are excellent and I would fully recommend the album to anyone that likes a good bit of thrash. The issue is the leads and solos. They are technical rather than melodic and I feel far too showy. We know that they're good guitar players without them needing to play scales and tap as fast as humanly possible. Ascendancy was excellent for solos as was Ember to Inferno but there is a definite decline here. I'm pretty sure it's due to the rest of the band having more involvement in the writing process. Corey Beaulieu needs to sit back and play what he's told to play when it comes to the leads. I will say though that the solo on 'Unrepentant' is damn tasty :P

      I would describe 'The Crusade' as a necessary but not failed experiment. It's because of this album that their later release Shogun was so good. I'd recommend a listen to this album for those who didn't like the metalcore screams of the bands earlier works and to old school thrash fans. I liked the album but I can definitely understand why most fans felt betrayed by this release. Give it a listen and don't worry too much about it because their more follow up 'Shogun' is amazing.

      Thanks for reading!


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        11.12.2009 22:54
        Very helpful



        A great album for those in to Trash and Power metal.

        Trivium-The Crusade

        The Crusade is the third album of American heavy metallers Trivium. It features a wide range of attitudes within the songs. After the catchy and melodic opening that is Ignition, it dives into the apocalyptic future of nuclear warfare with Detonation. Part two of Ignition, Detonation features three solos, the first of which is a hellish shredfest (in my opinion the best solo out there), followed by two still fast, but much more melodic solos which are seperated by a short verse. Detonation is followed by Entrance of the Conflagration. Next comes Anthem (We Are The Fire). Anthem is a very catchy and energetic song, packed full of fast solos and memorable choruses. The next two songs are Unpretendant and And Sadness Will Sear. Both of these songs are very sad ballads, Unpretendant telling the tale of a father killing his daughters to protect his honour, the meaning of And Sadness Will Sear is not clear to me but I think it's about a murder. The following song, Becoming The Dragon, sounds more like a power metal song to me. The title says a lot about the lyrics but i think the meaning is metaphoric. The next song, To The Rats, is a fast thrash song about a person being hated by others and hiding from them, followed by This World Can't Tear Us Apart, which stands out from the rest of the album as a love song. Thread The Floods is another fast thrash song (although in my opinion a lot better than To The Rats), but the lyrics are quite hard to understand. Contempt Breeds Contamination, the next song on the album, is about the tragic tale of a man being wrongly suspected of having a gun and shot dead. The penultimate song on the album is called The Rising. I think this was written especially to play live, with it's chorus of "So raise your voices with me, and sing this song of unity, So raise your hands up with me, and hold this moment eternally". Finally, we get to the title track. The Crusade. It is an eight minute long instrumental, containing a lot of different sounds, which means it doesn't really get repetitive. Every song on the album has a guitar solo, which means that if you are into shred then Trivium is the band for you (I am yet to find a song on any of their albums without a solo). This album is really a turning point for them since they have significantly changed from their previous, heavier sound into a calmer, more melodic feel.


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        07.11.2009 17:08
        Very helpful



        brilliant album--x

        Trivium:The Crusade
        Trivium are a Heavy Metal band from Florida they formed back in 1999. They recently released an album called Shogun(Which I'm yet to review) and are signed to Roadrunner Records.

        Members Past and Present

        Current members
        Matt Heafy - lead vocals, backing vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
        Corey Beaulieu - backing vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
        Paolo Gregoletto - bass, backing vocals
        Travis Smith - drums, percussion
        Former members
        Brad Lewter - lead vocals
        Jarred Bonaparte - bass, backing vocals
        Brent Young - guitar, bass, backing vocals

        Released October 10th 2006 many people found this album a big change for Trivium, Including me. But I liked the change, they pulled it off Leaving this album to gain 7th on the UK charts and 25th in the US.

        Track Listing

        1. '"Ignition"' 3:54 5/5
        2. '"Detonation''' 4:28 4/5
        3. '"Entrance of the Conflagration'" 4:35 5/5
        4. "'Anthem (We Are the Fire)"' 4:03 5/5
        5. "'Unrepentant"' 4:51 5/5
        6. "'And Sadness Will Sear'" 3:34 5/5
        7. "'Becoming the Dragon''' 4:43 4/5
        8. "'To the Rats"' 3:42 4/5
        9. "'This World Can't Tear Us Apart'" 3:30 5/5
        10. "'Tread the Floods''' 3:33 5/5
        11. "'Contempt Breeds Contamination'" 4:28 4/5
        12. '"The Rising"' 3:45 5/5
        13.' "The Crusade'" 8:19 5/5

        Known Bonus Tracks

        '"Broken One"' - 5:50
        "'Vengeance"' - 3:36
        "'The End"' - 3:35
        I found this album very interesting. It is a big change from the previous albums Ember To Inferno and Acsendancy. The best track on the album for me has to be '''The Rising''' It has a very big Metallica feel to it, and I love metallica. The whole idea of this album was infact to have a metallica feel to it. I find it a bit old now, for Bands trying to be Metallica, no-one will ever do it. But you do get the bands that are close, like Trivium.

        '''The Rising''' has one mega riff in there that I would love to be able to play, it starts at 4:39 got the album listen to it, it is Immense. I Think the beat too is very sturdy and is one that will get you jumping. I have listened to this Live on youtube, I think it is played really well, Matt Heafy has a good strong voice.
        Going onto another track with excellent vocals is '''This World Can't Tear Us Apart''' I love this track, it has a brilliant rhythm but the vocals really stand out to me, the chorus is the best part. I can sort of hear a bit of Bullet For My Valentine in this track, but Bullet For My Valentine would have gotten some of their sound from Trivium. Bass line of this track is amazing, one I would deffinatley spend the time learning if I had the patience.

        They are just two of the 13 tracks (16 if you have the bonus) off this album and they are brilliant now I'm going onto Track 13 the intstumental track '''The Crusade'''
        '''The Crusade''' Is obviously the album title, it is a good 8 minuets long, but it is Brilliant, its not the type of instrumental most bands have which is all classical it is Thrash, metal and is totally amazing. It has a consistent beat to it, good strong pulse with amazing guitarring, which just fills me with jealousy each time I listen to this track because I long to play like that. Bass line is Incredible I personally think it is the making of the track, I love bass lines a lot, just listening to them alone makes me happy, but the bass line in this track really gets me going, if I were to go listen to this band live (Which I might be in march hopefully, fingers crossed) and they played this song, I would dive into a mosh pit like there was no tomorrow. This track truly is amazing for an 8 minuet long instrumental, I'm not one for long tracks but this one I could listen to repeatedly..

        I deffinatley recommend this to anyone who loves Metallica and Bullet For My Valentine, well worth the time and Money, can be bought from Amazon for £4.98 If you haven't got it, I'd get it because your missing out on what I like to call Pure Immense Incredible Awesomness...So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

        So that's my view on Trivium's 3 album ==The Crusade== Whats yours?

        Written by dooshbag08©
        also on ciao.uk under


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Ignition
        2 Detonation
        3 Entrance Of The Conflagration
        4 Anthem (We Are The Fire)
        5 Unrepentant
        6 And Sadness Will Sear
        7 Becoming The Dragon
        8 To The Rats
        9 This World Can't Tear Us Apart
        10 Tread The Floods
        11 Contempt Breeds Contamination
        12 Rising
        13 Crusade

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