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The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me - Brand New

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10 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Hardcore / Artist: Brand New / Audio CD released 2007-08-29 at Polydor Group

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    10 Reviews
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      28.10.2011 13:22
      Very helpful




      Where to start? Brand New have certainly changed a lot since their first album, "Your Favourite Weapon", which is being re-released for it's 10th anniversary this year. Switching their sound away from the pop-punk based two albums, "Sowing Season (Yeah)" builds up from a nice slow acoustic track into a massive rock song which lead singer Jesse Lacey almost building up to a scream in some parts. That's the thing with Brand New, you can never really tell what's gonna happen next. The transition from the hard "Sowing Season" into the weird "Millstone" which is a mid tempo rock track with Jesse's voice really being at the forefront.

      The wonderful "Jesus" slowly kicks in and then builds up gradually, vocally, that is, with the instrumentation staying pretty much constant throughout the whole track, excluding a lovely 2/3 second silent break. Other bands would use this to make a song explode and really hit you in the face, but that is way too obvious for Brand New, with the music coming back in just as slow and soft as before the break. It's the little things like this that really make the band stand out. "Degausser" is a fun listen, another great build up and some great lyrics, carrying on quite a lot of religious imagery that is obvious throughout the album.

      The next song, "Limousine (MS Rebridge)" is very interesting, and even feels like it could be split into sections. Of course, this was probably on purpose as the song tells the horrific story of a 7 year old girl who was hit by a drunk driver on the way back from being the flower girl at her parents wedding, from a few different points of view. The last verse counts up to 7 ("1, I loved you so much, but do me a favour, baby, don't reply") and is extremely, extremely powerful.

      "You Won't Know" is another powerful song starting slow, building up to a fast middle section and slowing down again to end. It's followed by the first of two instrumentals on the album, "Welcome to Bangkok" which starts acoustically and builds into a full band affair, being the perfect intro to the more typical rock song "Not the Sun", but of course the band can't rest just playing a straight up rock song, so there's a lovely unexpected tempo change during the bridge. "Luca" then starts off acoustically and features perhaps the least expected outro on the album with Jesse screaming "where've you been?" "-" is the second instrumental and is a guitar melody with some strange voice repeating "I can never love you, I can never reach you."

      It feels like the perfect intro to my personal favourite, "The Archers' Bows Have Broken", which starts with a snare roll, which is actually the base of the drumbeat for the whole song. Everything on this track is spectacular, the vocals are stunning, and even though they have been throughout, this song really shows the emotion in Jesse's voice and some lovely melody guitar in the chorus really backs it up. The song has a real live vibe to it and feels like something you'd love to scream along to at a gig. The album ends with the dark acoustic song "Handcuffs" which even features a string section. It's a very fitting end, and definitely fits the theme of darkness shown throughout the album.

      All in all, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is a wonderful rock album, beautifully crafted and lyrically genius.


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      16.07.2010 16:45
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Brand New continue to smash boundaries and evolve

      The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me is the third album from Long Island band Brand New.

      It builds on the successes of their previous albums and takes the band further away from the simple pop-punk of their debut to more experimental, boundary-pushing rock, with an emphasis on meaningful lyrics and atmospheric sounds.

      As a whole, this album features darker lyrics, reflecting on the fragility of life and potential tragedies (most chillingly on 'Limousine' where Jesse's vocals perfectly capture the emotion of letting go of a loved one).

      That being sound, the band also incorporate some singalong choruses, most notably on 'The Archers Bows have Broken' a quasi-political song with a definite message, but stays just the right side of preachy.

      Spirituality and existence is also a major theme in the lyrics, in particular, 'Jesus Christ', 'You Won't Know' and 'Handcuffs' (a song about the difficulties of staying good and moral when everything seems to be otherwise).

      'The Devil and God' once again sees Brand New expand their musical ambitions and demonstrates the considerable talents possessed by the band members.

      Guitar solos feature much more prominently than on previous albums and reinforce the reason solos exist: not to merely demonstrate ability, but to add meaning to the song.

      This is evident in 'Jesus Christ' in which the guitar 'weeps' over the drums and bass, truly adding to the song.

      Another theme of the album is stylistic change, similar to those Nirvana took mainstream in the early 90's. 'Limousine' in particular uses, the quiet-loud formula as the instruments build up to the finale, where all the emotion in the lyrics comes crashing down in the form of the band playing as hard as they can.

      Indeed, the album as a whole tends to follow a similar format, as 'Welcome to Bangkok' proves. A watershed moment for the band, it could be argued that the wall of sounds and eery screams mark the moment when the band decide to embrace their vices and give way to the devil inside them (most obviously on Handcuffs, composed by lead guitarist Vin).

      'The Devil and God' is a landmark album, relying on heartfelt musicianship and vocals to involve the listener, but one that too many people seem to have missed.

      It is a body of work that is more than the sum of its parts - each song sounds fantastic on its own, but to be truly appreciated, the album must be listened to in its entirety (in my opinion, the atmosphere is more suited to headphones, but the louder sections work well on speakers).


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        25.07.2009 12:14
        Very helpful
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        One of the most meaningful albums ever created.

        Incredible album.

        I was not really that keen on it when it was first recommended to me by a friend, but after a few weeks of it playing, I have come to realise what a true masterpiece this album is.

        I don't know about you, but albums which I can listen to all the way through from start to finish, and not feel the urge to skip any tracks are the ones I rate highest. 'The Devil And God Raging Inside Me is one such album.

        From the first note the lead singer sings, you are struck by the purity and raw feeling that literally seeps from this CD. The whole album feels like a journey, and when you finish the last song you realise that you have just experienced something very special indeed.

        I love all the tracks on the album, but if I were only allowed to choose a few, they would have to be 'Jesus', 'You Won't Know', and 'Millstone'. I feel these tracks really represent Brand New's talent to convey incredibly strong emotions through their music.

        Astounding album, will always have a special place in my music library.


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          25.06.2009 00:52
          Very helpful



          Excellent album demonstrating Brand New's musical expansion.

          After seeing Brand New again recently, I was inspired to write a review of The Devil and God Are Raging inside me. I hadn't actually listened to the album in a while, and when I did I instantly remembered why I loved it so much in the first place. It is not necessarily that it gets forgotten, but when it is rediscovered it sounds like a completely new album all over again.

          It has been over three years since the release of Deja Entendu, the album that received a positive response from almost every corner of the musical landscape and gave Brand New their high-profile status. The album was full of well-crafted songs complimented with Jesse Lacey's excellent lyric writing and improved vocal melodies. With The Devil and God Are Raging Inside me (TDAGARIM), the band have taken these fundamentals of previous songs and built on them to create a more complex and diverse sound, separating them from the other bands that had sudden rises in popularity around the same time.

          The first track 'Sowing Season (Yeah)' still stands as one of the best tracks that the band have written. After a minute long intro of just Lacey and a cleanly-strummed guitar line, the whole band kicks in with some effect. On the first listen it is surprising the amount of power with which it introduces itself. The accompanying riff is also memorable, before gearing down into a verse similar to the intro in structure but accompanied with more instrumentation. The line 'I am not your friend, I am just a man who know how to feel. I am not your friend, not your lover, not your family...' will make anyone that listens to the song feel the raw emotion involved. It is also the manner in which it is delivered; with Jesse Lacey singing at the top of his voice at a distance from the microphone is unbelievably powerful and overwhelming.

          Second track 'Millstone' displays even more depth to Brand New's improved song-writing skills. With each listen a new layer of the song is discovered, such as the subtle use of acoustically picked guitars before the chorus. Single 'Jesus Christ' was a surprise to many people, as they didn't expect Brand New to write a song such as this. With a simple guitar melody running constantly through the song, the vocals weave over it with their references to death and the afterlife running throughout.

          Along with the opening track, 'Degausser' is another of the strongest tracks from the album. It is similar to 'Sowing Season' in some aspects, as it uses the formula of quiet to loud very effectively. The chorus arrives again with such power that the music speaks for itself and is only sparsely covered with vocals. The band don't try to overcomplicate the song with too many instrumental ideas, as the vocal lines gives the track all the complexity that it requires. Mid-album tracks 'Limousine' and 'You Won't Know' act as bridge between the first half of the album and the second half of the album to me. The former is a track several sections; the first half a slow, building introduction for what is to come, then moving onto an acoustic bridge section and finally onto a final build up ending with a wall of guitars building a huge sound. As disjointed as it sounds, the band manage to craft all of the parts together into a beautiful and dark seven and a half minute song, which suitably fits the songs subject matter (a 7 year old girl who was killed in a car accident.) 'You Won't Know' is one of the most direct songs on the album as it runs energetically on after a short haunting intro.

          After the instrumental 'Welcome to Bangkok', 'Not the Sun' provides a further musical direction of the band. It is a much poppier sound than heard on the rest of the album with Lacey's vocals taking on a higher pitch in the verses. It would probably have made a decent single if released, but it is clear with TDAGARIM that Brand New were never aiming for singles. Every album is written for the purpose of the album. 'Luca' is a huge sounding song, in particular the second half, which was built on from the original demo to include an overdriven kick in. This again shows the work that has been put in on the instrumental side of the music to allow it to stand on its own. Not that it was poor or lacking previously, but the new, deeper-textured music has so much more about it than anything they have made before.

          'Archers' is a catchy song, which fits in with the character of the second half of the album as 'Not the Sun' does. It is a really well written song, and the chorus flows from the verse with ease to a melodic vocal line providing the focal point of the song. The final track 'Handcuffs' is lyrically the work of guitarist Vin Accardi, and it is worthy of a place on the album. The lyrics seem to act as a battle between irrational thoughts and the reality of what would actually happen in reality. It isn't a conventional end to the album as most people go for the 'epic' seven minute closing track, but 'Handcuffs' is a perfect end to this album.

          Bonus track 'Luca (Reprise)' shows a different version of Luca with altered lyrics and minus an overdriven section. It is a worthy addition, and I feel that the picked acoustic rhythm actually sounds better on this version than the one on 'Luca', but that is the only problem I have with any part of this album.

          TDAGARIM is brilliantly written and performed, and from the hearing a couple of new songs live, the next album is sure to improve again. Brand New continue to raise the bar for themselves, pushing their songwriting capabilities further with each album they create.


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          28.05.2009 15:38



          Powerful stuff man!

          Brand New ROCK!! This latest installment from the band did not disappoint any of their existiong fan base. In fact it gained quite a few in the mean time!! I found this album to be very personal and in depth, some of the lyrics are very pro found and even haunting in a way, Jesse's vocals have seem to come on a long way compared to their very early stuff, bringing a sense of maturity with this album. I saw them live a couple of years ago and they really do pull it off well. Great stage prescence too is inspiring and the lyrics to this album and their last 'Deja Entendu' are very thought provoking. I think this is a masterpiece from Brand new, and I personally, like thousands out there cannot wait to hear what they will be producing for us in the near future! Brilliant album, you won't be dissapointed!


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          30.03.2009 00:10
          Very helpful



          Cracking album overall..

          The follow up to their 2003 album Deja Entendu, New York emo rockers ; Jesse Lacey (lead vocals, guitar), Vincent Accardi (guitar, backing vocals), Garrett Tierney (bass) and Brian Lane (drums). Came together for a third time to make their best album to date.

          Released in 2006 it debuted at number 31 on the U.S Billboard 200 and sold over 60,000 copies in its first week of release.

          Tracklisting ;

          1. "Sowing Season" - Was the first track from the album to be released as a single in November 2006. I was quite surprised by this song, it starts with simple guitar riff quiet deep sung lyrics, before kicking into a loud chorus with Jesse screaming from the bottom of his lungs. An absolute cracking start to the album in my opinion.

          2. "Millstone" - A slow start, but becomes more upbeat as it progresses, catchy as hell chorus and lovely guitars.

          3. "Jesus" - The second song off the album to be released as a single in April 2007, and one of my favourite tracks on the album, its simple guitar rift at the start, and pure raw emotion throughout, Jesse's voice sounds at his best in this song.

          4. "Degausser" - Quiet guitar intro, leading into drums, with breathy vocals, it suits the song perfectly.

          5. "Limousine" - This song in my opinion is the weakest on the album, which is a shame really. A pure lyrical start with acoustic guitar sounds, its very slow and finally kicks in about 2minutes into the song where it sounds alot like noise, before quieting out again into a bit of a weird ending. This song is the only one I skip past when it comes on.

          6. "You Won't Know" - Lovely guitar riff to start with, takes a minute to get into, but once it does its worth the wait. Jesse's vocals as usual are superb.

          7. "Welcome to Bangkok" - Bit of an instrumental filler for the middle of the album.

          8. "Not the Sun" - Picks the album back up from the instrumental fill of the previous song. An absolute corker of a track. Catchy chorus, beautiful lyrics and springy drums and guitars.

          9. "Luca" - Full on emotional for this song, beautiful right until near the end when it gets a bit noisey which I think spoils it.

          10. "Untitled" - Another instrumental fill, bit quieter than the last one. Beautiful but a bit pointless really.

          11. "The Archers Bows Have Broken" - My favourite of the album, rolling drums at the start and a lovely guitar riff. Vocals and lyrics are great, with a really catchy chorus.

          12. "Handcuffs" - Sounds like the old Brand New I love. Raw emotion perfect lyrics, fantastic finish to the album.

          I'd recommend the album to anyone who likes their music emotional, and raw, its a great album. The only thing that spoils it in my oinion is the instrumental fillers, if it wasn't for them the album would get 10/10.

          Thanks for reading :)


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            25.03.2009 19:53
            Very helpful



            An Awesome Album

            I was first introduced to Brand New in 2006, when my friend was suggesting "emo" songs that I might like, and sent me "Me vs Maradona vs Elvis" which is an awesome song. I downloaded the album it was on, 'Deja Entendu', and listened away, it becoming a staple album in my regular collection.

            But it wasn't until I noticed my best friend, Jam (James), listening to it on his MSN subtitle thingy, and spoke to him about Brand New. It wasn't music I thought he would like, so was surprised, but he told me I needed to get 'The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me', which I did promptly.
            It is strange that I had left this album out, and can't imagine not knowing it now, it immediately became one of my favourite albums, and darted Brand New right up near the top of my favourite bands. So much so, that I have just bought tickets to go see them in June in their UK tour... not once, but twice - Birmingham one night, then London the next...

            The Band
            Brand New formed in 2000, and are an American band mainly from the state of New York. Lead vocals and guitar, as well as the majority of the song writing, is done by Jesse Lacey, then there is Vince Accardi, the lead guitarist, Garrett Tierny on Bass, and Brian Lane on drums.

            In 2001 they released their first album 'Your Favourite Weapon', which was a really punky album, much different from the following 'Deja Entendu' in 2003, and this album, in 2006.
            They are currently working on a new album, due summer this year, and obviously, are touring the UK in June, which should be so awesome.

            Fight off Your Demons
            Before the album was actually released, the demos were leaked onto the internet. This was then named 'Fight off your Demons', it changed the direction of the actual album, and Lacey has described the completed album as "feeling incomplete". There were only a couple of songs from the leak which were reworked into the album, namely Luca, and Sowing Season.

            The Album

            Sowing Season

            This was the first single taken from the album, and acts as a perfect introduction. With a minute of Lacey's soft singing over a basic mute sounding guitar, lulling you into a sense of a soft song, before there comes some gentle guitar strings plucked, and then KAPOW, straight into something much heavier. With shouts of "Yeah" over, and the music then takes off. Drifting back to the softness of the opening for each verse. I really like this song, while not a favourite, it has as feel good factor to it, and is quite lively in parts. It fades out into..

            Feeding on the title of the album, the song is about, starting off saying he used to follow Christianity, and later

            Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
            saying things in life went all down hill, and he doesn't know if to believe anymore.
            The song is well paced, with brilliant layering. Creating a wall of sound flying from your speakers, good bass, and the lyrics with an underlying "ohhhhhhh" are truly awesome.

            The second single from the album. It starts of with a quaint series of guitar notes, making a soft feel, relaxing. But with good tempo, it then layers in with more guitar, and continues into the song as the drums begin. It is one of the softer songs on the album. Another song with a religious context (obvious from the title?), it isn't a favourite of mine, one that I skip more than anything, listen to it about a quarter as much as the rest (according to iTunes!).

            Now this is my favourite track. It wasn't to begin with, but over listening to it, it has intensified, and I am so taken with it. It begins soft, like the best of all songs, with a strange eerie sound, bent guitar strings fading in on the left, while a gradual strumming on the right, before the drums and bass kick in, the guitars still hitting from each side.

            Lacey's voice sounds like a strong whimper, before asserting himself, and letting his voice do what it does best, a softness that has a roughness behind it... tis hard to describe.
            It seems to be a song about the end of a relationship, and is probably one of the best written songs of this sort, it just packs an amazing passion and push behind it, the guitar work is excellent, and it cuts through you.

            You're brought back but you're running
            I fell asleep at the incline
            I can't shake this little feeling
            I'll never get anything right

            One of the first songs I heard from the album. It is soft to start with, the gentle frets on the guitar can be heard, and Jesse' overdubbed voice has an eerie feel to it, which fits in perfectly with the lyrics. It picks up gradually, gaining tempo and pitch, before a boom, and the music bursts heavy and Lacey sings much stronger for the chorus, before it gradually drifts of again back into soft murmurings and later erupting again, into a melodic jam of sound and word.
            Lyrically, it speaks of the death of Katie Flynn, a 7 year old who was killed coming back from a wedding, by a drunk driver. I think it was in Jesse Lacey's hometown, so he felt towards it, saying in an interview, that the mother was seen clutching her daughters head.

            It is a great song, with some good sound use, such as feedback etc, which creates a well layered track.
            You Won't Know

            This was originally my favourite, only recently displaced by Degausser, starting with flowing guitar notes, echoing, with Lacey then coming in with his majestic voice over it, softly. This has the most ghostly start to the other songs, especially with the echoes in the voice and music, which creates a great effect. It starts of dead sounding, the drums are slow, the sort of thing that gives connotations of a cemetery or something, then there is hushed counting before

            The song begins in earnest. The passion spills out, the music shoots up and explodes in to an epic track. The music shooting around, the cries of "You Won't Knowww", its so powerful. It is for that exact reason that it is one of my favourites. The lyrics of the song are massively open to interpretation, some saying it's about a relationship, about his ex-girlfriends daughter, or even a continuation from Limousine, I don't really know what I think.
            Welcome to Bangkok

            One of the most immense instrumentals I have heard, it starts out with a fluster of acoustic guitar, with some alarm sound in the background, its an odd sound and builds, as an electric guitar comes in, dominating the song, and the sounds of cymbals and feedback, building the song more and more until it explodes into the epic track it is. Washing waves of sound over you, giving the feeling of someone lost in a crowd, especially with the screaming later in the track. It is a brilliantly constructed track, and at only 3 minutes long, I think would be better longer - I could certainly listen to it continuously for a good twenty minutes if it was longer, it has such a magic to it.
            Not the Sun

            Starting faster than the other tracks, it kicks fast into the heaviness, without a soft spot at all. It is a slightly more commercial song than the rest of the songs, but keeps a powerful energy to it. The music isn't quite as brilliant as some of the other songs but the lyrics are simpler to interpret - being about unrequited love, and ending in the realisation that maybe there are more fish in the sea... A song that I really related to when I first got the album, since I was way interesting in someone, who suddenly went all weird and stopped talking to me...

            Starting off with an acoustic guitar flow, as with the other songs, starting very soft, and building in intensity. It is a soft flowing track, and only has one really heavy section right near the end. It isn't a favourite of mine, kinda a weak track on the album in my opinion.

            Another instrumental, but very soft. It sounds fidgety in places, where there is the sound of plugging things in, and the guitar sounds are distinct and clean, there is the odd voice of "I could never miss it". It runs to about 2 minutes, and kinds appears a bit random in the album.
            The Archers Bows have Broken

            A song about religion, or so it would seem. Lyrically it explores the ideas of Christianity, or more specifically those whom use religion just to condemn others, or take the bible too literally "beating with a book everyone the book tells you to love".

            Song wise, it starts with a good rolling drum beat, and then some smooth guitar comes in, sounding a little like something from 'Your Favourite Weapon', it is an OK song, the music isn't massively powerful unlike some of the other tracks, however does have it's moments.

            Written by Vin Arccardi. It was another of the first songs from the album I heard, and is a soft song. It has gentle guitar and keyboard in the back, and no drums at all. Nearly acoustic sounding. The lyrics really fit into the albums title,
            I'd drown all these crying babies
            if I knew that their mothers wouldn't cry
            I'd lower them down and squeeze real hard
            and let a piece of myself die.

            It seems to be the key track on the album, in clearly defining the title. There is a mix of good and bad (devil and god) in everyone, and there are things they'd do if they didn't have a conscience, and it is certainly something I can relate to (no, not killing babies before anyone says anything)
            Luca (Reprise)

            Much more acoustic than the original Luca, it is a cleaned up version of Untitled 6 from Fight off your Demons. The lyrics are sang much neater, with more dominance than in Luca, and the song is the softest on the album. Use of echoes and multi-tracking gives a surreal sound in places. It is better than Luca, but the music is more or less identical in basic notes.

            I love this album, simple as that. The soundscape of it all is amazing, the songs pack intensity like no others. Turn it up, full volume, and find yourself in a trance created by the music, and the vocals which compliment them perfectly. They pack more of a punch than any band I have heard of recent, and the band are quite clearly very talented.

            Most bands these days tend to struggle after a good first album, and they loose pace over time, creating the odd good track, that is not true with Brand New, third album in and they are sounding the best they ever have. The band seem to evolve, their music changes in feeling from one album to the next, which gives fans something refreshing, and leaves them open to experimenting with ideas they would otherwise have to leave should they be stuck in creating the same music over again.
            I would sincerely recommend this album to pretty much everyone, although it would most likely not suit the musical tastes of quite a few people, it is perhaps good for fans of heavier music, although it is hard to name a band similar to them - they sound so unique.

            You can get the album for the bargain price of £5.00 from www.play.com!
            If you aren't sure, try these YouTube links to some of the best songs from Brand New:

            The Quiet Tings That No-one Ever Knows (Deja Entendu)
            Seventy Times Seven (Your Favourite Weapon)

            Degausser (The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me)
            Album Artwork and Bits

            For those who are interested, the album artwork and bits is a little girl stood near two people in Halloween costumes, which I think is an awesome photo which goes well with the theme of the album. You can see it in the picture.
            The track listing is in the inlay which comprises of a few photos of the band and oddments, including the dedications and thanks and the information about the recording and bits.

            Only downside, is the case, which is one of those strange ones, not the normal ones. It has the rounded corners if you know what I mean.. which means if (when) I break the case, I won't be able to just transfer the inlays to another case, I'd need to get one of these... which is annoying.. plus the title is on a sticker on the front, so would mean if I broke the case id not be able to transfer it all - for some that probably doesn't matter, but I myself like my CD collection looking good XD


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              09.02.2009 00:37



              Worth the time and effort to enjoy

              This latest collection of songs from Brand New is a completely different beast from their previous two. Almost all of the pop-punk elements from their first album 'Your Favourite Weapon' have vanished, leaving behind a dense, complex group of emotional tunes - Sometimes difficult to understand the meanings behind them. The highlights of the record are the epic, 'Limousine' and the understated, muted 'Jesus Christ'. The bombast of earlier tracks like 'Sic Transit Gloria' have almost completely evaporated, the closest relative of their earlier sound rears it head on album opener ;Sowing Season (Yeah)

              If it was the intention of Brand New to distance themselves from the much-maligned 'emo' genre then this is probably only a partial success - The chin stroking, inward looking elements are present in the lyrics (which are not printed within the notes) and some of the instrumentation, which is occasionally looser and not as cleanly produced as before

              All in all, this is a valid, enjoyable progression for a band that clearly knows how it wants itself to be marketed. There arent as many clear standout cuts as on 'Deja Entendu' - But returning fans should find enough melodic meat on the bone to keep them coming back


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              27.01.2009 15:03
              Very helpful
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              songs are nice and varied from fast & furious to dark & eerie and with perfectly timed instrumentals

              The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me.

              This is Brand News 3rd album release and was started way back in 2005. The hype behind this album grew vastly when, in January 2006, nine demos leaked on to the internet from an unknown source. The album was finally finished in June 2006 and released in November 2006 via Interscope. The album debuted at number 31 on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling about 60,000 copies in its first week and was rated best album of 2006 by Punknews.org - source Wikipedia

              The track listing is as follows and i will conduct a short track by track review to give my feelings towards each song before a final overall review is conducted.

              1. "Sowing Season (Yeah)"

              - "loosing all my friends, loosing them to drink and then to driving" - The first song to be released as an accompaniment to those pre-ordering the album this powerful song is a fantastic cocktail of tempos and styles ranging from the soft vocals to introduce the song, to the emotion driven near-screams of the chorus. The song seems to be about loosing friends and family and i think is meant to represent the emotions you go through, from tears to anger.

              2. "Millstone"

              - "take me out tonight, this ship of fools i'm on will sink" - simple upbeat tempo, classic Brand New, clever lyrics and a good solid mix of guitar and drums.

              3. "Jesus"

              - "jesus christ that's a pretty face" - an epic 6 minute song, very emotional, the soft vocals of Jesse Lacey being accompanied by guitars that seem to sing in the background that builds up to another powerful section of vocals.

              4. "Degausser"

              - "take apart your head" - an unusual and infectious beat to this with near whispering vocals at times that once again builds to a powerful chorus and set of vocals. This song is set apart by the use of an extra group of people to sing along to the chorus with Lacey.

              5. "Limousine (MS Rebridge)"

              - "i love you so much, do me a favour baby don't reply" - This is another big song, measuring in at 7 minutes, moving from a fast and energetic part to a soft lullaby like tone seamlessly and wonderfully with enough variation to keep you enthralled throughout.

              6. "You Won't Know"

              - "you wont know!" - an enchanting soft intro that misleads you into thinking this will be a low song like the last, instead it becomes an over the top adrenaline fuelled song with the band on top form working in perfect sync to provide a perfect song to bounce to when trapped like sardines at their gigs.

              7. "Welcome to Bangkok"

              - Brand New proving vocals aren't all that is needed for an epic and intense song. This dramatic cocktail of an instrumental is 3 minutes of musical bliss, building to a loud and proud beat that could easily fit perfectly for a soldier going into battle in a film.

              8. "Not the Sun"

              - "just pretend, that you love me and be my babe" - another full blooded fast paced gem here that from the beginning screams emotional rock at its best. This song is all about passion and there's plenty of it, start to finish this song is alive and kicking.

              9. "Luca"

              - "so touch me or don't" - beautifully haunting backing sounds accompany this great song. Jesse's strong vocals are accompanied beautifully by a backing vocalist in this and the use of silence and then dramatic return towards the end of the song is fantastic.

              10. "Untitled"

              - song title copout in my opinion. Call it filler, call it abstract, whatever you want to call it it's certainly unusual and really makes you stop and think when listening to the album. The song is fully instrumental aside from some distorted vocals and in my opinion doesn't seem to really go anywhere but is a nice break between tracks when listening to the album in full.

              11. "The Archers Bows Have Broken"

              - "the God i believe in, he worked on a campaign trail" - another fun and energetic song with a strong guitar drive throughout and another one to get you moving in the mosh pits.

              12. "Handcuffs"

              - "i'd drown all these crying babies, if i knew that their mothers wouldn't cry" - a disturbingly dark song in my at times opinion that bears very strong similarities to the song that begins the old sitcom M.A.S.H. The song is very haunting and with the guitar seemingly crying the riff under vocals that sound near-tears at times this song is truly powerful and a very striking end to the album

              Overall Summary:

              The album is a fantastic follow up to Deja Entendu and shows the bands progression both musically and lyrically with clever songs that hold true emotion and deep meanings. Songs are nice and varied from fast and furious to dark and eerie and with the perfectly timed instrumental tracks this album has really been thought out well and has something for everyone.


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                19.01.2009 16:04
                Very helpful



                All fans of emotional rock must listen to this record (even if it makes you cry!)

                Brand New returned from a three year recording hiatus with this devastatingly moving release from 2007. This sees a move away from the pop-punk stylings of debut album 'Your Favourite Weapon' and the catchy commercial sound of sophomore release 'Deja Entendu' and it sounds all the better for it. The group let their emotions out on 'The Devil and God are Raging Inside me' and at times it can be almost physically painful to listen to the rawness displayed on the album's twelve tracks.

                This is very much a record that people will attribute their own personal meanings to, but the themes of heartbreak, struggles with addiction, loss and personal crises are universal and bleak. While the lyrics are very clear and the tracks well structured, the release has a decidely grungy feel to it - like an album (or a person) who has had the colour washed out of them, leaving behind only emotions in black and white. You can't help but be dragged along in the flow of feeling played out here.

                'Sowing Season' - Spine-tingling introduction to the charged alt-rock sound of this album.
                'Millstone' - Huge choruses and beautiful, introspective guitars.
                'Jesus' - 5 Minutes of heartbreak, the poignant lyrics on this track put into stark relief the very real internal struggle between good and 'evil' that everyone with a conscience goes through.
                'Degausser' - Furious choruses and stratospheric guitars remind me very much of At The Drive In at their best.
                'You Won't Know' - Another track where lead singer Jesse Lacey sounds furious. This one listens like an angry ghost bemoaning the fact that he's cut off from all that he's ever loved!
                'Welcome to Bangkok' - Welcome instrumental break from the last few {harrowing} tracks, would sound great in a film soundtrack.
                'Not the Sun' - This track has a tempo split between very slow at the start, before building in speed and energy before an epic chorus towards the end.
                'Luca' - Hypnotically beautiful track, the band twist small surreal vocal snippets with barely concealed backing vocals and haunting instrumental backing. Explodes at the end with a barrage of distorted feedback and angsty lyrics.

                I won't describe every track on the album (although it looks like I've come close!) for the simple reason that you should go out and buy your own copy. Song meanings for this diamond are fought over in great depth on a range of Internet discussion forums - I recommend getting a few listens in and then joining in for yourself. The lyrics aren't in the sleeve - track them down at: http://www.fightoffyourdemons.com/lyrics_nnn3.html


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              • Product Details

                Disc #1 Tracklisting
                1 Voicemails/Sowing Season (Yeah)/Brand New/The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
                2 Millstone
                3 Jesus Christ
                4 Degausser
                5 Ambience/Limousine
                6 You Won't Know
                7 Welcome To Bangkok
                8 Not The Sun
                9 Luca
                10 Untitled
                11 Archers
                12 Handcuffs
                13 Luca

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