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The Female Boss - Tulisa

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Genre: Dance & Electronic / Artist: Tulisa / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2012-11-26 at Island

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    1 Review
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      01.04.2013 15:58
      Very helpful




      The Female Boss is the debut solo album from X Factor Judge and N-Dubz member Tulisa. The album was released in the United Kingdom in 2012 and so is fairly recent. The album is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £9.00.

      ~ * Track Listing * ~

      1) Intro 2) Young 3) Live It Up - Tulisa & Tyga 4) Damn 5) British Swag - Tulisa & Nines 6) Live Your Life 7) Visa - Tulisa & Wiley 8) Foreigner 9) Skeletons 10) I'm Ready 11) Steal My Breath Away 12) Kill Me Tonight 13) Counterfeit 14) Habit 15) Sight of You 16) Outro

      Intro - Thought that this was going to be a really nice song - reminds me of Emeli Sande. So far it's good - until Tulisa starts talking and it's just really cringe worth. Don't really know why this was necessary.

      Young - When I first heard this song I didn't like it at all and thought that it was only a big hit because she was on a judge on X Factor. Although after a few listens it grew on me. It's not the kind of song which I would say 'ooh put that on again', but it is a likeable song and I like it's summery and 'young' feel.

      Live It Up - Something tells me that she is trying to be like Rihanna with this song. I don't really like this song; it's like a load of different songs put into one. Tulisa doesn't sound that good on here either. It's a pretty useless song with too much auto-tune.

      Damn - This song has a very modern sound. This has swearing including the f word which I just don't like - especially as it doesn't sound very lady-like and is just unnecessary. She swears and then tries to be girly talking about 'this is my new dress' etc. The swearing puts me off this song.

      British Swag - Again she's trying to be like Rihanna. It's actually really cringey listening to her singing lines such as 'I know you like my accent darling'; the song is very 'British' yet I find it so embarrassing.

      Live Your Life - This song reminded a bit like Young. It has that same kind of 'club feel'. I have to say that this is probably my favourite song so far. The chorus is ok although I did think that it would have been stronger, especially as there was a big build up, I was excepting great things. This song certainly makes you want to get up and dance.

      Visa - Tulisa shows off her rapping skills in this song. Again she's trying to be like Rihanna. I like the chorus us of this song. This song is like N Dubs' style. I really like it. The N Dubz boys could have joined her on this one.

      Foreigner - This song is quite weird yet strangely there is something quite likeable and really catchy about this song; I love the heavy beat. Again this sounds like something Rihanna would sing.

      Skeletons - I thought that this song would go somewhere although it just ends up going nowhere and is just so repetitive. The chorus isn't very strong; yes it's ok, but very repetitive.

      I'm Ready - Tulisa tries to sound really sexy on this one. This song has a very 80's sound which I like. This song is ok - it's definitely a grower though. The vocals aren't very clear though - too much auto-tune I think.

      Steal My Breath Away - Again there is a great use of auto-tune in this song. This song is quite heartfelt and Tulisa puts all of her emotions into this song. It's quite a powerful upbeat ballad.

      Kill Me Tonight - This song has a very modern sound and clubby feel. It's bursting with attitude too. This song reminds me of 'Young' a little bit. I love the heavy beat in this song - it makes you wanna dance.

      Counterfeit - I liked this song as soon as I heard it. This song is quite nice; it has a nice melody and then a beat kicks in.

      Habit - This is a nice laid-back, 'easy listening' kind of song. Tulisa sounds really different on this song; very British sounding. The chorus is good although I can't help but feel it could be stronger. I like how this song has interesting lyrics which tell a story.362

      Sight Of You - At first I thought that this song wasn't go to anywhere although after a while it starts to get going a little bit. There are some nice harmonies on here although I do think that Tulisa sounds a little bit whiny on it.

      Outro - Ooh a cringey end with more speaking!! Embaressing!!

      ~ * So What Did I Think? * ~

      There is a good variety of songs on here and I like the fact that Tulisa has covered a few different genres (pop, urban, r n b and dance) as it means that the album is not too samey and that there is something on here to suit all tastes hopefully. There aren't any songs on here which I would call 'wow' or amazing; there just isn't anything that stands out that much. I wouldn't say that it is a brilliant album, although though I am slightly impressed as I had expected it to be a lot worse that it actually was.

      I kind of like the sound of the album; it's very young and carefree which I like. I found that the album is quite positive and is the kind of album which makes you want to go out and do something positive or life changing after hearing it. Tulisa does seem to maintain the whole 'female boss' thing throughout with her attitude - sometimes it works other times it doesn't. I do think that she does come across as being a bit of a gangster on this album and there is a bit of swearing on this album which I don't like - definitely not a good example to her young fans who look up to her.

      When Tulisa was in N Dubz, I always used to say how I loved Tulisa's voice. I don't know what it was about it but I used to think it was great. However, I'm not too keen on her voice on this album; the songs don't seem to show off her voice as much as the N Dubz songs did and for some reason she sounds really whiny; I don't know if it's because she sings quite high, whereas in N Dubz she used to sing quite 'low' and it suited her voice better. There is also a lot of use of auto-tune on this album which I find really annoying. I also think that she is trying to be like Rihanna, as a lot of her songs sound like hers and even the way Tulisa sings them seems like she is trying to copy Rihanna.

      I think that there are some interesting lyrics in the songs on this album. Each song tells a different story which makes it interesting to listen too. I think that Tulisa comes across as being quite vunerable and emotional in her songs; a side we never seem to see to her personality and yet this side of her really shines through in her music.

      I don't think that Tulisa sings very clearly though and so at times I couldn't understand what she was singing about. For example in the song damn, a phrase keeps getting repeated and I thought she was saying 'down, down, down' when she's actually saying 'damn, damn, damn'. Another example is in the song Visa, it sounds like she is saying 'Bee-sa'.

      So would I recommend it? Yes if you like Tulisa, no if you don't. I wouldn't say this is a fantastic album, but it's ok; it's not one of the best albums I have heard though, although it is better than I had originally expected it to be. However, give it a go, it is a bit of 'grower' kind of album. It's not that kind of album I would play over and over again though.

      Thanks for reading!
      April 2013
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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  • Product Details

    Disc #1 Tracklisting
    1 Intro
    2 Young
    3 Live It Up - Tulisa, Tyga
    4 Damn
    5 British Swag - Tulisa, Nines
    6 Live Your Life
    7 Visa - Tulisa, Wiley
    8 Foreigner
    9 Skeletons
    10 I'm Ready
    11 Steal My Breath Away
    12 Kill Me Tonight
    13 Counterfeit
    14 Habit
    15 Sight Of You
    16 Outro

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