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The Heart Of Everything - Within Temptation

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8 Reviews

Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Goth / Artist: Within Temptation / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2007-03-12 at Roadrunner

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    8 Reviews
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      09.05.2011 17:14
      Very helpful



      Fourth brilliant album from Within Temptation.

      Sharon den Adel - Lead vocals (Founding member)
      Robert Westerholt - Rhythm guitar (Founding member)
      Jeroen van Veen - Bass guitar (Founding member)
      Ruud Adrianus Jolie - Lead guitar (Joined in 2001)
      Martijn Spierenburg - Keyboards (Joined in 2001)
      Stephen van Haestregt - Drums (Joined in 2002 & left in 2010)

      Dutch rockers, Within Temptation have to be one of the most daring groups in music today. With every album, Within Temptation add something new to their music and their fan-base increases. Following the success of Mother Earth and The Silent Force, the group released The Heart Of Everything in 2007. It has a lot similarities to their album before this one, The Silent Force, but the group up their game. The strong use of orchestral vibes are present, but also a lot more acoustic as well as epic sounds that where perfect for the next live albums, Black Symphony and An Acoustic Night At The Theatre.

      Wikipedia says the album falls under the genres Symphonic rock, Symphonic metal and Gothic metal. Other people have also called them pop because of their commercial success. They're anything but a sell out, the group are getting the success they deserve. I think all of those genres are too vague to describe their music as a whole. Especially on this album; it's full of influences from other genres and full of inspiration. Mainly from various sub-genres of rock, metal and classical music. There aren't any gospel vibes on the album, but I can see influences from the genre from the religious concepts.

      The album was a top 40 hit in many areas of Europe including peaking at number 38 in the UK charts and number 1 in it's native country, their second number one album and their third to go platinum.

      The Heart Of Everything was the well anticipated fourth album by the group. It was first released in the Netherlands in March 9th 2007 under the label, Roadrunner. The album is produced by Daniel Gibson and the lyrics are written by founding members Sharon den Adel and her partner on and off stage, Robert Westerholt. The CD is wonderfully presented with a beautiful album cover and a high quality booklet with a medieval and artistic tinge to it. The booklet also includes lyrics.

      The album begins with mood swinging rock track, The Howling offering a smooth introduction followed by heavy vocals. Their old Gothic metal routes make a return but are overshadowed by the grand choirs and orchestras. The next track What Have You Done features the throaty vocals of Keith Caputo and sinister lyrics, which was chosen to be the first single of the album. I think What Have You Done was a solid single choice with beautiful vocals and a little bit of a spooky atmosphere.

      They selected two very good ballads to serve as singles. With rather strange but creative music videos. Frozen and All I Need stand out. I find Our Solemn Hour somewhat addictive and the best track of the album for it's use of choirs, effective drums and dramatic orchestras. I do think the track is a little bit overproduced, but other than that, I really love the track.

      "The child without a name grew up to be the hand, to watch you, to shield you or kill on demand.
      The choice he'd made he could not comprehend. His blood a grim secret they had to command." - Hands Of Sorrow.

      I also like the raspy sound in the title track, The Heart Of Everything, The Cross and Final Destination. But one track I often skip to when playing the album is Truth Beneath A Rose, the longest track of the album, but also one of the best songs from the album. I like the track because of it's fast-paced nature and elements of classical music.

      I think my least favourite track of the album is slow paced, The Cross because I don't think the raspy sound and squeaking particularly work together, but there are some effective baselines and decent lyrics in the song. Still it's a nice song and I like how bipolar Sharon sounds.

      The album's finale is gentle with the precious song, Forgiven. It's a piano driven ballad and it compliments Sharon's Vocals. Cheesy as it is to end a song in a ballad in a style like Forgiven, but I think the fragile nature helps make the track both easy to relate to and enjoyable at the same time.

      I loved the album because of Sharon's vocals, thoughtful lyrics and well crafted variety underneath all the choirs and orchestras. The tracks as a whole work well, flow well and it pretty consistent, but the tracks also work well listening to them separately. This is an album that I would recommend. I think people from all musical backgrounds can enjoy this album to the fullest.

      1) The Howling - "I wanna be awakened right now!" 4/5
      2)What Have You Done - "Would you mind if I killed you?" 4/5
      3) Frozen - "All colours seem to fade away..." 5/5
      4) Our Solemn Hour - "Sanctus Espiritus! insanity is all around us." 5/5
      5) The Heart of Everything - "Open up your eyes, save yourself from fading away now." 5/5
      6) Hand of Sorrow - "Will all our sins be justified?" 4.5/5
      7) The Cross - "Why have you waited to embrace me, my dear?" 4/5
      8) Final Destination - "I feel the hand of fate, they're suffocating." 5/5
      9) All I Need - "You've opened the door now, don't let it close." 5/5
      10) Truth Beneath the Rose - "Blinded to see the cruelty of the beast." 5/5
      11) Forgiven - "Love you so much it hurts my soul." 5/5


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        24.10.2010 13:33
        Very helpful



        Beautifully crafted album, not one bad song, all are amazing!

        I have recently discovered within temptation after hearing one of their songs on a tv show. I had to look it up as i liked the song (all i need) so much and found out it was by this band. After listening to a few more of their songs on youtube i had to buy one of their albums as their songs are amazing. After listening to three of their albums they have now become one of my favourite bands.

        They are classed as a symphonic metal group which i think is an accurate description of their sound. The heart of everything is the most recent album by within temptation and contains more heavy metal than their previous albums which are also excellent. Every song on this album is great and i can listen to this album over and over again without getting bored. If you like bands like evanescence then you will love within temptation!

        The lead singer Sharon Den Adel has an incredible voice and vocal range and some songs even have some opera style singing in them. All the songs are very powerful and also some have a choir and orchestra in the background making the songs even more outstanding. I would describe the songs as kind of enchanting as they have such a mixture of instruments and vocal ranges in them. You can tell the songs have been well developed as there is so much more to them than pop songs like girls aloud, lily allen etc.

        I think this is my favourite album of the three i have listened to because their sound has developed really well and there is a mixture of ballads and powerful metal songs in this album. However if you like this album i would also listen to their other previous albums: the silent force and mother earth as they are also excellent. My favourite songs on this album would have to be 'All i Need' as it is such a beautiful and powerful ballad and is lovely to listen to and 'What Have You Done' which is a more symphonic metal song. I also like 'The Cross' and well.....all of them! Its quite hard to pick favourites as they are all so brilliant.

        I highly recommend listening to this album as it is incredible and the songs are just epic in my opinion, so powerful and enchanting. Give it a go!


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        25.06.2009 01:54
        Very helpful



        Stories told through goth rock in passionate and awe-inspring ways. An absolute must have!

        Within Temptation are one of those bands that sneak up on you unexpectedly - for me they went from being a band I quite liked and occasionally listened to, to one of my top 5 current bands in just one album - The Heart of Everything.

        Within Temptation are a Dutch band formed in 1996 by partners Sharon den Adel (vocals) and Robert Westerholt (rhythm guitar) with the other members consisting of Ruud Adrianus Jolie (lead guitar), Jeroen van Veen (bass), Martijn Spierenburg (keyboards) and Stephen van Haestregt (drums). They have had 7 other members throughout the course of their history which goes to show what an evolving group they are.

        I didn't really know their earlier albums, but the albums I was most familiar with before The Heat of Everything were Mother Earth (2000) and The Silent Force (2004). I really liked Mother Earth as it had a chilled Celtic (e.g. songs with fairies in mystical forests - awesome!) feel to it mixed with beautiful vocals and a lovely symphonic feel but for me there were only a couple of standout songs (notably Ice Queen) but it showed their potential.

        I began to get more into them with the next instalment of The Silent Force - this maybe suggested a turn towards slightly more gothic rock, but still with the heavy (if not heavier) symphonic style and a lot more coherent and catchier songs. Within Temptation had left their mark on me and I thought this was their best work by far.

        I was so so wrong!

        The Heart of Everything is just an absolutely stunning album with not a single filler song, an amazing range of hauntingly beautiful vocals and yet another shift in style, still with underlying orchestral tones, but now with a much better balance of drums and guitars compared to the aforementioned albums - the perfect goth rock album in my opinion.

        There is just so much energy and variety to every song on this album, and for me Sharon den Adel is the star with an amazing range of vocals from angry, to haunting and chilling, to melancholy - she may well have overtaken Amy Lee in my favourite goth rock chick singers list.

        As a side note, I went to see Within Temptation play live and den Adel's voice (as well as The Heart of Everything) sounds even better live - they put on an amazing show.

        Anyway, less idol worshipping and back to the album review. Since every song tells a story of its own I would either have to review each one in turn or none at all - so I've decided to do them all - I hope I don't bore anyone!

        The Howling

        What a stunning opening! For me this song feels like it could be a movie in a similar vein to Underworld - the energy and passion just rolls of it in waves with a cool mysterious story of being stalked by "The Howling" beasts. Powerful vocals, equally strong guitar riffs and chillingly gothic undertones make this an exciting and awe-inspiring beginning.

        There is such great variety to this song with slow, building verses leading to an epic chorus which ties in with the great storytelling ability this band has demonstrated. Already there is a sense that this might just be special....


        What Have You Done

        The first single released off the album What Have You Done features Keith Caputo to bring contrastingly harsh and low male vocals against den Adel's soprano extravaganza which harmonise together perfectly to create another breathtakingly passionate, energetic and angry song.

        This was the perfect song to release to gain interest for the album - it is amazingly catchy and the rawness leaves you totally engaged. This is the second story off the album and is one of a failed relationship where love has turned to hate and the intense vocals and angry guitar riffs tell the story sublimely. A great follow up to the opening track.



        This song takes a turn away from the heavier guitar riffs and is much more melodic and symphonic with a higher use of the keyboards/piano and orchestral instruments. Once again beautifully melancholic vocals tell the next story of self sacrifice with real passion and emotion which make this song a sound to behold. den Adel's range of vocals and tempo fit in with the music perfectly and wonderful lyrics really bring the story of the song to life.


        Our Solemn Hour

        This song heralds a return to the heavier guitar riffs coinciding with a strong symphonic sound and a much more obvious gothic edge than in any of the previous songs. The story is slightly more obscure and perhaps less personable in this song, but to me it seems to be one of a slightly more despairing view of human nature. Again extremely energetic and powerful vocals bring this song to life and the richly gothic music make this yet again another exciting song.


        The Heart of Everything

        The title track of the album - again a heavily guitar based song with terrific riffs and a captivating melody with dark gothic undertones this is a superb advert for the entire album. den Adel uses a different register for parts of this song which shows off her range and adds great variety to the song. From bitterly angry to pleadingly sorrowful this song creates an array of feelings which again leads to a remarkably produced song that will bowl you over.


        Hand of Sorrow

        This song has a nice balance between the heavy guitar riffs and a beautiful symphonic sound switching between the heavy tones of the guitar and the softer tones of the piano/violin. den Adel uses a much higher register for this one to tell another story - one of a tortured soul looking to break free from a form of slavery. Once again her vocals match the haunting melodies and the intense pace of the song with a seemingly symbiotic quality to make yet again another truly outstanding song.


        The Cross

        This song has a much slower tempo, but still fairly heavy guitar riffs, but it is the range of emotions that den Adel displays from that truly makes this song for me. With slow building verses leading to a strong chorus this song demonstrates the great variety that so far has made this album a masterpiece. Once again den Adel's range of vocals absolutely amazes me cementing the fact that her voice is now one of my favourites from any goth rock band. A perfect continuation of the album.


        Final Destination

        This song has a very slow and tempting intro before leading into yet another beautifully melodic guitar based tune with symphonic undertones. There is a produced quality to den Adel's vocals in parts of this song which creates great atmosphere to yet another story - one of someone on an arduous and dangerous journey with mixed emotions along the way. The music accentuates this story perfectly with the diverse range of tempos and melodies used throughout. Still not a bad song on the album.


        All I Need

        This song breaks up the intensity of the album at just the right time - a slow and melancholy song, with den Adel's vocals displaying an incredible amount of emotion which creates yet again another overwhelmingly beautiful song. With violins taking the lead on this song, and beautifully hopeful yet pleasing lyrics this is by far the most moving song on the album. Further changes in tempo create changes in emotion and this is just another incredible song.


        The Truth Beneath the Rose

        Another teasing intro with slow building gothic and symphonic tones and another stunning melody before gearing up to the bigger guitar riffs, this song remains restrained at a much slower tempo than some of the more epic songs on this album which gives den Adel yet another chance to truly show off her amazing vocals by unleashing a mind-blowing range to depict the changing emotions of the song. Her high notes are so pure that I am just blown away every time I hear her sing and this song is no exception!



        The final song on the album and it is the perfect way to finish off a perfect album in my opinion. This is another ballad with the emphasis on the piano and much softer and truly haunting vocals from den Adel. The lyrics are once again very stirring and emotive and den Adel's expression of emotions through perfectly controlled vocals simply make this a beautiful and unforgettable song. For the chorus the piano and violin combine to create a melancholy atmosphere which builds to a crescendo as the song progresses - just amazing!



        The Heart of Everything is one of the most amazing albums I have heard in a very long time. I might seem lame having marked every song as 10/10 but I simply couldn't mark any of them down as they are just so beautifully produced in every aspect. This album is just full of fantastic melodies ranging from angry to gothic, moving and emotive lyrics and the most awe-inspiring vocals that will leave you literally tingling in some songs.

        An absolute must have for any goth rock fan out there.


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          13.03.2009 15:54
          Very helpful



          This is an album i thouroughly recommend!!

          The Heart Of Everything
          Within Temptation
          I was at my cousins when I first heard this band and I absoloutley loved them, I borrowed the CD from my cousin and listened to it a million and one times.

          Howling ****
          This is 5 mins of pure awesomeness. The lyrics are amazing and the vocalist really gives it her all, Sharon Van Adel has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, I even think she has the potential to be better than Amy Lee (Evanescence).

          What Have You Done ***** R
          Again great vocals and a nice effect on the drums. I love the violins in the background. The band got Keith Caputo to feature in this track he also has a brilliant voice and they made a good choice by getting him to sing in this track.

          Frozen *****
          The guitarring at the start gives a havy feel to it but when the vocals start you get a smoothness to it because they bring in the piano, I like the rhythm they bring in a few minuets later. The beat is not fast but is not slow
          I think it is a great track.

          Our Solemn Hour *****
          I love the backing vocals I think it is a choir, I haven't looked into it yet.
          I have learnt the drumming to this and it wasn't easy! I actually learnt it by ear. Van Adel really shows off her talent in this track and I didn't think her voice could get any better until I heard All I Need.
          I have to say around 3:08 that riff could have melted my brain away.

          The Heart Of Everything ****
          This is the album title and alone it is a great track, The band say that they aren't gothic metal but it sort of appears in this track, I love it anyway though. The tempo is brilliant and I think the lyrics they wrote are amazing.

          Hand Of Sorrow ***** R
          This is a brilliant track and the vilins are slotted in nicely. Sharon Van Adel has an eerie edge to her voice in this track but I guess that is good because it catches your attention from the very beginning.

          The Cross ****
          This is another track with an eerie feel to it but it catches your attention which is what the band obviously wants. I can sort of hear a bit of an echo on the drums which makes it weirder. The tempo is slow until you get to the chorus it then picks up a bit but not alot and the Guitars lay it on a little thicker to.

          Final Destinatin *****
          I love the bass line in this track not only is it simple to learn but when you play it or listen to it being played with out all the other instruments you see what impact it has on the track, It gives it a slight deep feel to it.

          All I Need ***** R
          This one I recommend al the way, It is a great song and the vocals are beautiful this is the best that Sharon Van Adel has ever done in my oppinion and in this track I think her voice is better than Amy Lee's. The beat and rhythm arenot heavy and you can hear a nice quiet but effective bunch of Violins in the back (I don't know what you call a group of violins)

          The Truth Beneath The Rose *****
          This track I found is best to listen to through earphones because you can hear all the Instruments and you don't just focus on one thing. The vocals are brilliant. The beat stays in your head for a while too.

          Forgiven ***** R
          This has a beautiful start on the piano and Van Adel's voice is remarkable all through out the track, It is deffinatley one i recommend to you.

          This is a brilliant album and is well worth getting, I am waiting for my mum to get me it so I can give my cousin's hers back.
          If you like a band that does Rock music but includes some classical into their material I suggest you give these a try.


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            24.11.2008 14:59




            The build up to the release of this record was huge, and even reached several outlets within the UK which was exciting to see because up to now, WT were mainly noted for popularity on the continent but the heightened sophistication and challenge of The Heart of Everything has captured a more global audience, and deservedly so.

            The album is excellent and covers every base, from the more traditional (and essential) ballads, to hard gothic metal tracks, to epic numbers (such as The Cross) and vocally Sharon is capable of producing an excellent all round performance.

            I can't wait to hear this performed in the live setting soon, and without a doubt WT are becoming a major force in the symphonic / gothic rock setting and The Heart of Everything is not only very good, it's very refreshing too, and has something to offer for everyone.

            My version is the US (digipak) version with a bonus track: What Have You Done Now (Rock Mix).


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            30.09.2008 22:12



            good solid album from dutch goth metallers

            i have only just recently found out about within temptation. this was the first album that i bought and i am absolutly blown away by it. i like nearly every track on this cd. there are a few filler songs but most are great. sharon's voice is amazing on this cd. after hearing this album i went straight out and bought there previous albums. the silent force is another amazing record. mother earth was not quite as good although it did have some stand out tracks. this dutch band is very underated in my opinion. they are not all that well known in the uk at present, but i hope to hear alot more from them in the near future. so if your into goth rock/metal or just great music in gerneral then i would suggest you check out this band. they are a little bit like nightwish, lacuna coil although not quite as heavy. they have a live dvd out called black symphony which i've heard is really good to, will review that when i have bought it and watched it. so if your a goth/metal fan or even if your not check these guys out.


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            07.08.2008 09:24
            1 Comment



            A total shift of style, its lost them their edge

            This album, quite frankly, upset me.
            In their earlier stuff, Within Temptation were something new, different... Sharons voice was, quite frankly, the showpiece of the band, and deserving of it - they were not afraid to be different, and enjoyed success because of it.
            Then came silent force - the album prior to this one. It was much more mainstream than expected and irritated a lot of the fans - though there was enough different material in it to stop a mass egress.
            The final straw was when this album was released - The heart of everything - and so, I will cut to the heart of the matter. Sharons wonderful voice is mostly drowned out by the mainstream music that the band have become obsessed with - it sounds like evanescence with a faint singer in teh background who can actually sing.

            As much as I love their older material, this album was always going to dissapoint the original group of fans.
            Sure, it's a decent album, but WT have forgotten where they came from, and in doing so have forgotten what the fans want from them!


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              12.08.2007 16:01
              Very helpful



              Another great album with more variety of songs

              When I finally turned 18 in June, my dad had no idea what to get me so gave me money so I could spend it on anything I wanted. The first thing I bought was the long awaited Within Temptation new album The Heart of Everything.

              The members

              Sharon Den Adel = Vocals
              Robert Westerholt = Guitar
              Ruud Jolie = Guitar
              Jeroen Van Veen = Bass Guitar
              Stephen Van Haestregt = Drums
              Martijn Spierenburg = Keyboard

              A little history of the band…..

              Within Temptation are a Dutch gothic rock band which formed in 1996 in which they released there first album Enter. There style of music is a bit different from the main music on the radio. The band use a lot of orchestral instruments in there music and using Sharon’s opera style vocal approach but using a lot of guitars and drums. They opened up rock music to gothic style music which has allowed other bands to form such as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil

              The band writes all there own songs, with every song being original and different. The lyrics are all written by Sharon and Robert.

              The band went on to release Motherearth in 2000, The Dance and The Silent Force in 2004. Overall releasing some highly credited singles throughout there music career from Angels, Motherearth and Ice Queen. They have won a number of awards including winning the Dutch Export Award for the Best International Selling Artist for the fourth successive time in a row and a Golden God Award from the UK’s Metal Hammer magazine for Best Video.

              They have played in a number of different live rock festivals all over the globe. Also selling out gigs on tours over the years. They even gave a large donation to Child Helpline when they used there song Frozen to make a video to highlight abuse in families.

              Songs on the album

              1. The Howling = 4/5

              The song has a mixture of soft rock parts as well as hard rock parts which balance the song really well. Sharon’s harshness to her voice gives the song a real edge. I think the song is based on the awful things that are happening in the world today. This is mirrored on to the video they produced which balances the goodness that could be in the world with all the bad things that take over. I think the lyrics are great which have been sung brilliantly in Sharon’s remarkable voice.

              2. What have you done – featuring Keith Caputo = 4/5

              This is the first song released by the band. I think this is a bit different from the types of songs that Within Temptation usually sings. However I think this is still an excellent song which most rock fans would enjoy listening to. Keith’s voice works really well along side Sharon’s. His voice is more hard-hitting were as Sharon has a more saintly voice. This song is perfect to sing along to with the lyrics being well written

              3. Frozen = 5/5

              I think this song is one of the best songs by Within Temptation. The song is generally quite soft, really showing what a good voice Sharon has when she pushes herself. The lyrics to the song are mainly about the end of the relationship and the effect it can have on someone. The sadness is really shown in the song and is beautifully sung by Sharon.

              4. Our Solemn Hour = 4/5

              This song is the general feel you get from all of Within Temptation work with its full on rock style of music. The song is quite unusual with dark mystical voices and clips from what I can guess are from World War 2, which is a bit different from what you hear normally on the radio. I like the darkness of the song with its great lyrics including Latin phrases.

              5. The Heart of Everything = 3/5

              This song is one of my least favourite but is still a good song. I think it’s due to Sharon’s voice not being pushed as much as it is in other songs on the album. The song is great due to it being full of anger and raw emotion. The weird voices in the background spoil the song. However I do think the lyrics:

              “Open your eyes
              Save yourself from fading away now, don’t let it go”

              6. Hand of Sorrow = 4/5

              This is one of my favourite songs which I loved the moment I heard it. The song has a more familiarity to it from other songs they have written through there music career. Sharon’s voice is excellent throughout the song, showing what a wonderful vocal range she has. In this song I have no idea what it’s about but I know one thing which is that it’s a great song to listen to. I like the lyrics in this song which are full of symbolism to things such as religion. I like the lyrics:

              “He’s torn between his honour and the true love of his life
              He prays for both but was denied”

              7. The Cross = 5/5

              This song is one of the best songs from this album. This is due to Sharon’s voice being at its best throughout the song, especially during her solo opera styles moments in the song. The song is basically about the process of getting over someone you had fallen in love with or really cared for. The lyrics are full of emotion which is expressed in Sharon’s brilliant voice.

              8. Final Destination = 3/5

              I think this song is one of my least favourite songs from the whole album but is still a good song. I think this is due to being one of the less powerful songs but I think the guitar and drums are really good in this song.

              9. All I Need = 5/5

              I love this song as it’s much softer than other pieces of music created by Within Temptation but still works really well. The lyrics are nicely written and you get a much happier feel to the song than from the other songs from the album. The song is basically about the feeling of falling in love with someone and the effect it has on you when you had no hope in love before. The style of the song can be enjoyed by a wider range of people.

              10. The Truth beneath the Rose = 5/5

              Even though the song is very long it is still worth listening to all 7 minutes of it! I’m not sure what the whole thing is about but it’s full of symbolism and references to religion which Within Temptation do a lot! The biblical feel to the song works really well with the instruments which contrast well with the guitar and drums. The song again allows Sharon to show off her voice to its full potential. I love the lyrics in this song, especially:

              “I won’t get lost between two worlds
              For all I have seen the truth lies between”

              11. Forgiven = 4.5/5

              This song finishes off the album fantastically. The song is the softest song out of all 11 songs on the album. The song allows Sharon to show that she can sing just as brilliantly without loads instruments. The song has Sharon singing heavenly with a piano including a violin later on in the song. The song is centred about forgiveness and the reasons and emotions behind it. I think this is the best song Sharon has sung that has really shown off the skill she has. This song can be for a wide range of people who may feel they can relate to it.
              I like the lyric:

              “I know it was destined to go wrong
              You were looking for the great escape
              To chase your daemons away”


              The picture on the front has Sharon in a beautiful white corset dress with doves on one side and symbols of religions in her other hand. The booklet contains the lyrics to all 11 songs and some pictures of the members of the band.


              It’s hard to say what is wrong with the album as I really love listening to it. It’s hard to find a whole album like this in which you can say you would listen to it all without skipping some songs or ignoring the ones you don’t like. Even though the songs are a bit long which is not unusual to Within Temptation albums this does not bother me as they are all worth listening to.

              The lyrics in this album are excellent. They are full of biblical and symbolism giving us the real feel to this gothic rock band as well as making them stand out from other rock bands in the music business. Having all there albums I can see they have really developed over the years and have develop there skills to a high standard resulting in an outstanding album.

              Sharon and Robert have really written a whole range of different types of songs with different issues, styles and sounds which work well together as an album. This means they can target a wider audience as well as please there fans that enjoy different aspects of the bands style.

              Try the album as you maybe surprised by how much you like them. They are not well publicised in the UK and America so many people reading this will have no idea who they are.


              HMV - £7.99
              Amazon - £8.98
              Play.com - £8.95

              Thanks for reading :-)


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            • Product Details

              Disc #1 Tracklisting
              1 Howling
              2 What Have You Done - Within Temptation & Keith Caputo
              3 Frozen
              4 Our Solemn Hour
              5 Heart Of Everything
              6 Hand Of Sorrow
              7 Cross
              8 Final Destination
              9 All I Need
              10 Truth Beneath The Rose
              11 Forgiven

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