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The House We Built - Alisha's Attic

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Britpop / Artist: Alisha's Attic / Audio CD released 2001-07-16 at Mercury Records Ltd (London)

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    1 Review
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      28.07.2001 04:39
      Very helpful



      Karen and Shellie Poole, the sister act of Alisha’s Attic, are proof positive that working with siblings won’t lead to one of them getting killed. With the talent of their father, Brian, behind them, they entered the pop scene with an altogether nicer mix of ‘pop’. Alisha’s Attic entered the pop scene in 1996 with the now widely know hit I Am I Feel. Their album Alisha Rules The World was a mix of very smart and very different tunes than what was out at the time. It made people sit up and take notice. After I Am I Feel followed a string of hits including Alisha Rules The World, Indestructible and The Air We Breathe. The album was a critical success and a loyal fanbase was created. The two sisters returned in September 1998 with the new single, Incidentals. It was an altogether more mellow and laid back tune than Alisha’s Attic of old, but still a good tune. The second album, Illumina, was released, and was greeted with a luke warm reception. It was a different style, which still pleased fans but didn’t get the recognition it deserved. The other two singles, Wish I Were You and Barberella made little impact on the charts. It was not surprising, then, that Karen and Shellie felt a bit dispirited. They broke away from the pop scene amid rumours that they had enough and would split. While they were close to doing so they persevered, took a long well deserved break and came back with this new album. Working with Bill Bottrell who has worked with the likes of Sheryl Crow and Michael Jackson the sisters have returned with yet another new style of sound which makes up their third album, The House We Built. Consisting of 12 songs, including the recent singles Push It All Aside and Pretender Got My Heart, it’s a mix of a lot of catchy songs and beautiful sounding lyrics… 1. Sex Is On Everyone’s Tongue (3.16) ‘Cos we’ll never fall i
      n love, that’s a word we don’t get enough of’ One of the best opening tracks to an album I have heard in a long, long time. A slow gentle song with a lush sweeping chorus. It has a great background beat to it, which doesn’t suffocate the words. As ever the voices of the two sisters are excellent at working well together. It is an instantly catchy song, which grabs your attention from the start. 2. Can’t Say Sorry (3.45) ‘After it all, I can manage to smile, I pretend for a while’ The beat picks up with this song. It starts off sounding like that D.I.Y SOS show for some reason but that is quick to pass and once again we have another catchy sorry. It is a lot sharper than Sex Is On Everyone’s Tongue, which suits the lyrics down to the ground. This song harks back to the Alisha’s Attic of old of Alisha Rules The World pedigree, sharp and sassy feminism song. 3. Push It All Aside (3:30) ‘We have got to understand exploding isn’t ever going to close the gap between us it’s too wide’ The first single from the album and a strong song on the album. The song is, seemingly, about the many arguments siblings have with each other but its better just to ‘push it all aside’. The song has a kind of country feel to it hidden away in the background but the sound is pure Alisha once more. 4. Pilot (3.46) ‘Would you like to be Pilot?’ Anyone played Rayman? Well the first few seconds sounds exactly like one of the boss levels. Anyway moving on from that Pilot is another stand out tune from the album. About breaking away to find individuality this song has another great chorus and a nice tempo to it. 5. The House That We Built (3:18) ‘Its got no heart, no soul, its falling down and down’ One of my most favourite songs on the album this is a quiet,
      laid back and smooth sounding track with a quiet and beautiful sounding beat and the lyrics are some of the best sung on the album making the best use of the sisters voices. The ‘falling down and down’ part is absolutely fantastic. Despite the song being about the loss of love the sound of it is not harsh but gentle and works perfectly as a midway track for the album. Once again the chorus is brilliant, short lines backed up with a mesmerizing beat. 6. Pretender Got My Heart (4.06) ‘Love got a hold, got a gun and shot me’ The second single has a very Spanish type feel to it. Again it is one of the more laid back tracks to the album with some clever lyrics and use of instruments. The chorus, while not containing many words, Karen whispers nicely in the background, the actual sound of it is excellent. 7. That Other Girl (4.17) ‘But your just another stud in her thin belt’ Another powerful track with a catchy beat and strong use of instruments. It has a fairly soft start but it is soon followed by a very sharp and loud chorus. Again it sounds like another Alisha Rules The World track but sits well with the tracks in this album. 8. Perfectly Happy (2:52) ‘Everything’s crowding in my face, even when I sit here alone’ Another favourite of mine. It defiantly has a very retro feel to it from the beat; it brings up a lot of images of bright colours and lots of flowers for some reason. The chorus juxtaposes the main body of the song because it has an altogether more upbeat style to it with some loud words while the other parts are softly sung. There is some very nice use of strings on this song and some great lyrics. A fairly short track but lasts as long as it needs to. 9. She Ain’t Missing You (3.33) ‘She lied, she ain’t missing you’ A bit more different sounding to ‘I Won
      t Miss You’ in Alisha Rules the World it still hangs on to the slightly retro sound in the last song. Its another slight dig at men describing that women will get up and enjoy of themselves without us. Another great and unique vibe to it. 10. If You Want Me Back (3.01) ‘Since you left me alone do you want me back?’ A lovely sounding song, which has a kind of irony being positioned next to ‘She Ain’t Missing You’. I have grown to this song since hearing it because, once again, it is sung so damn well and the chorus is once again incredibly unforgettable. 11. Devil You Call Love (3.38) ‘Now my hearts broke I dedicated to you’ The only disappointment of the album. Not a bad song in its own right because it is still quite catchy but its not on par with the other songs on the album. It is the last ‘loud’ song from the album but lacks the power of the others to make it stand out as much. 12. Dreaming (3.20) ‘I’m a goddess of the moon, got no time for earthly things’ A beautiful closing track to the album. Slow, softly sung and quite basic in the sound of the lyrics, with Shellie’s voice very relaxed and natural, and the words (Everybody laughs, everybody cries) but also imaginative ‘I’m a sultan of the sun looking down on everyone’. It seems fitting that they end the album with this song because it does sound final ‘Close your eyes to change the end’ yet it sounds open ended and very uplifting. So there we have it, The House We Built. As you can see, personally, I loved it with only one track, which doesn’t really sound as good as the others. It does indeed have a new sound, its like a mix of the two previous albums but has something different, it does sound more relaxed and more basic which is the style they were going for. It seems as if the break af
      ter Illumina did them good. Alisha’s Attic do hold a place in my heart, ‘I am I Feel’ was the first ever single I bought right back when cassettes were even popular. I loved their style of music and yes, okay, maybe their music is more focused on the female population but music is accessible for both sexes and I accessed with these, if you see what I mean. They make brilliant music, and girl power feminism or not, I enjoy listening to their music. However despite a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim the future of Alisha’s Attic is troubled. Once again their brilliant songs have been lost in the deluge of sub standard pop songs, with the likes of Hear’Say and other manufactured bands hogging the charts. Push It All Aside reached number 24 but because of lack of publicity and messing around with release dates Pretender Got My Heart only scraped in at 43. This really annoys me. These two sisters produce some of the best sounding music around and deserve all the success they so rightly deserve, which is more than they have got of late. If you want to listen to something unique and easy going then buy this album. It is a must for any Attic fan and is a nice welcome to anyone who is curious. THE HOUSE WE BUILT IS Full of incredibly catchy songs Full of songs only Shellie and Karen can think of An album which deserves to sell like hot cakes THE HOUSE WE BUILT IS NOT Like the two previous albums A middle of the road album Going to sell like hot cakes (but really should)


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Sex Is On Everyone's Tongue
      2 Can't Say Sorry
      3 Push It All Aside
      4 Pilot
      5 The House That We Built
      6 Pretender Got My Heart
      7 That Other Girl
      8 Perfectly Happy
      9 She Ain't Missin' You
      10 If You Want Me Back
      11 Devil You Call Love
      12 Dreaming

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