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1992 - The Love Album - Carter USM

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Genre: Rock - Pop Rock / Artist: Carter USM / Audio CD released 2005-01-03 at Chrysalis

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2002 20:36
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      Well, I've finally braved it, another music opinion months after my disasters with Metallica - Ride The Lightning and my Radiohead ops. Carter USM: I think we all know by now that USM stands for "Unstoppable Sex Machine" so I won't labour the point... They're one of those bands that it's hard to pin down - just what type of music is this that is hitting us here? Is it rock? Well, it'd seem so but then you get all sorts of weird jingly stuff thrown in too.... Is it pop - well of course it isn't, look at the fans - they're more like punks than anything else! So is it punk? Not at all - call it "Pop cum Ska cum Punk cum Gospel with a bit of a Rock beat from time to time" and you are somewhere close. A genius band with a simply magnificent discography - we all remember Sherrif Fatman for its huge popularity (mind you, this was back in 1991 so you'd be forgiven if you didn't remember) and Surfing USM for the fabulous "You fat Basta*d" chanting, Red Dwarf quotes and heavy guitars but The Love Album tends to be somewhat overlooked. I mean to set the record (get it? - people still made records back then....oh, never mind) straight and bring this great piece of work into the public consciousness. Welcome to USM's triumph: 1993: ----- The introduction to the album, a styalised piece, mellow and melodic and with no more than "Nineteen-Ninety-Three" repeated under the music to constitute lyrics - you'd think you had put on an easy listening album with gentle songs - more suited to a lift than anything else. But then you're hit with the real stuff: Is Wrestling Fixed? ------------------- Well is it? A song which questions stuff - was Humpty Dumpty fat? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? And so on and so forth. Again this is a light melodic tune, what hist you are the words to it - brilliant imagery throughout get
      s you imagining all sorts of horrific events and loving every minute of it. It has a slow build up but has a guitar, well, you could only call it an attack quite honestly, over the outro section of the song. Wonderfull little story to it and a great start to the album proper! Gives you the proper taste of things to come and it does it brilliantly. The Only Living Boy In New Cross: --------------------------------- Aah, now we're relaxed and into the album we can feel more at ease with what is to come, this song is a shocker! We're all in there, the gypsies, travellers and the thieves, the good the bad, the ugly and unique - and of course, the only living boy in New Cross. It's a strange song this, seemingly without any point or reason to it. Great guitar and great shouting, a tendance towards the punkier side of Carter and another load of great imagery thrown in to boot. Suppose You Gave A Funeral And Nobody Came: ------------------------------------------- A song about fame this, somebody who is popular and beautiful but when it comes to the end, nobody cares. This is my favourite of all Carter songs, it is even punkier than New Cross and has a great story to it, loud and brash, exciting and BRILLIANT to dance (leap about like a maniac) to, the opening: "Go ahead you fu**ing sadist, pucker up and kiss some babies, kiss them 'till they die of rabies. Get your tits out for the ladies!" You can't possibly be a rocker or a punk and not love an intro like that. Pure class leading to more heavy guitars and a loud song to blow you away. Love it. England: -------- Bit of a non-event, you'll finish Funeral and not be at all impressed with this one, I always think of it as the intermission. Do Re Me, So Far So Good: ------------------------- We're back on track - follow the pattern yet? Strong and h
      eavy then slightly stronger reach an apex and then come back down for breath before launching into something huge again. What can we say? Slightly meaningless lyrics, an exciting beat and a very heavy outro. Look Mum, No Hands: ------------------- And relax again... While You Were Out: ------------------- The fall of western civilisation is here! Another mellow one here, at least to begin with. We have a nice underlying drum beat with melodic singing. It's somewhat gloomy - following the removal of the local bus stop and the threat to their home. This song is about fear of change and absenteeism from the home, a meaningful and enjoyable listen with, you guessed it, some heavy guitars toweards the end and a heavy outro. Tempted to buy it yet? Skywest And Crooked: -------------------- We're nearing the end of the album now, time to get abit serious and bring it down to a respectable level. This song is the softest on the album and a great and sad one at that. The stopry of someone lost and alone, an old man, not much left to live for and a lot of unhappy memories which come out in this song. The music is dreary (yet good for it) and atmospheric, we get the sense of gloom which is obviously intentional with the subject matter of the lyrics. A brilliant piece which only has a slight break into heavy guitars and not a very noticable one as it ties in beautifully with the mellow bits and keeps the atmosphere going. Finish with a sob. The Impossible Dream: --------------------- One we all know and the only cover on the album. "To love, pure and chaste from afar" etc. I reckon that this is one that they'd wanted to do for ever, now they're famous they get the chance to do so and they make a good job of it. Ends with the same melodic nonsense that the album begins with so you
      would get a seemless link on a repeat cycle on your CD player. Overall: -------- I've got some great memories of Caerter back in the 90's, they saw me through a lot of good times and have a special place in my heart - this is the one and only tape (except for Jimmy Buffett's greatest hits of course) that still gets played out of my collection. I love this album, they have a great mix of styles and influences, a great storytelling maner to their songs and are brilliant to mosh (remember moshing - basically leap about like a nutter and nod your head rapidly up and down) along to. Get a copy if you can, this is a nostalgic walk down into your past - don't be tempted to revive the mullett though, some things went out of style for a reason :) See: http://www.fruity.dircon.co.uk/index2.html for more info. Thanks for reading. Boonoiy :¬)


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 1993
      2 Is Wrestling Fixed
      3 Only Living Boy In New Cross
      4 Suppose You Gave A Funeral And Nobody Came
      5 England
      6 Do Re Me So Far So Good
      7 Look Mum No Hands
      8 While You Were Out
      9 Skywest And Crooked
      10 To Dream The Impossible Dream

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