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The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem

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    196 Reviews
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      05.09.2012 10:34



      An ok album

      Every generation has its own taste in music. Granted not as clear cut as the creation of rock and roll, but every few years we see a change in the music world. My generation was grunge/indie but presently we are seeing the focus shifting towards hiphop and rap. I am not saying that this is now the most popular musical genre but perhaps the fastest growing. There will always be the demand for boybands etc as they have their fanbase secured.

      Anyway, I am not a fan of EMINEM as such. But by the same token I am not anti EMINEM. I respect his musical talent even though I probably would never buy any of his albums. Having said this, however, I do like several of his singles.

      If you are not familiar with Eminem's music then you must have been shut away in a sound proof room with no radio or TV for last year or so.

      In my opinion (given that I am not a big fan) Eminem is a white Dr Dre. He produces typical rap records and has collaborated with Dr Dre on a few occasions. Every now and then, however, Eminem manages to "communicate" with a wider audience rather than just hard-core rap fans.

      This particular album contains 18 tracks but 4 of these are "intermission-speaks" known to Dave Matthews fans as "Dave Speak" that you get every now and then! Eminem just has four on one album! Fills up the epmty space I guess.

      The best track, Stan is pure genious. Musically it is nothing extra ordinarily special but it is just genious. Stan is about excessive fans and the trials and tribulations of dealing with them but here the twist its from the fans eye view. You get an undersatnding of how obcessive some fans can get, how caught up they can become with their favourite artist. This kind of experience nromally arises from documentaries not from a song!

      Furthermore, the use of dido's very underated classic is out of this world. This song fits Stan perfectly, especially when you see the video. Whe
      reby the long suffering wife of the obcessed fan suffers to the extreme!

      The rest of the album is also pretty good but for us not so big fans it can get a little repetitive after a while! Other highlights include The way I am and Real Slim Shady. These were both fairly successful in the UK singles charts.

      Stan still stands out as Eminem at his very best!

      If you are against bad language in music then stick well clear of this artist and this album. If you like rap, then don't let the fact that he's white put you off.

      EMINEM may or may not be here to stay but he has a solid fan base, a growing fan base and more importantly a diverse fan base! This album deserves the credit it is getting.

      This album is worth a listen but just be prepared to be offended a little (or may be a lot).


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      14.06.2012 14:45



      The album that defines the early Naughties of Hip-hop

      The Marshall Mathers LP is in my opinion Eminems best work to date forming an impressive follow up to The Slim Shady LP. On his debut (if you forget about the Infinite ep) Eminem rapped about his life and problems he faced before he made his first album resulting superstar levels of fame whereas in this album he talks about life since his first album such as the struggles of fame, aswell as keeping us thoroughly entertained with witty punchlines and wordplay.
      The whole CD is an example of outstanding lyrical ability, twisting syllables and word arrangement that has become a trade mark of Eminem. His voice also seems to have improved, he doesnt sound as 'squeaky' and high pitched as he did on the 'Slim Shady Lp' although does still use shock tactics with certain issues he chooses to rap about, contin. The only real let down appears through the guest appearances as the features sound weak lyrically in comparrison making me the LP would have been even better as a purely solo effort.

      Track by track breakdown:

      1. PSA 2000 - This is the albums opener, never really understood skits, could be left off in my opinion.
      2. Kill You - This is the first real track, touching on life since fame and issues he has dealt with. The theme running throughout this song is basically 'mess with me and I'll kill you' which may sound very aggressive but in the macho bragging world of hip-hop makes for a amazing lyrical ambush to your ears.
      3. Stan - The second single from the album. This is a incredible feat telling a fictional story of a obsessed fan through the art of rhyme, this song is very graphic creating a believable narrative and uses a Dido sample.
      4. Paul (Skit) - The second skit of the album in which Paul tells Eminem how poor he thinks the album is. Just like the first skit I don't think this is needed and should of been left off the album.
      5. Who Knew - Eminem touches on the subject of race in this song, explaining how he makes multi-ethnical music and doesn't aim at one particular audience. He also notes how he believes if he was black himself we would be nowhere near the superstardom level he is at.
      6. Steve Berman (Skit) - Another unnecessary skit.
      7. The Way I Am - One of the best songs of the album, here Eminem gives an insight to his current life and the daily struggles he faces.
      8. The Real Slim Shady - The first single of the album. This is a catch song verging into the pop genre in terms of beat rather than hip-hop. In this song Eminem is basically 'bigging himself up'.
      9. Remember Me (feat. RBX and Sticky Fingaz) - This is one of the only songs I didn't like. Not that Eminem isn't good on it, it's just the featured artists let the track down.
      10. I'm Back - Eminem tells us he's back and he's here to stay. This is a very humorous song, particularly the verse concerning Jennifer Lopez .
      11. Marshall Mathers - This is a very personal taking us through the mind and day to day life of Eminem, similar to 'The Way I Am' however this song draws the listener in more in my opinion as I personally felt I was able to relate with some of the subject matter.
      12. Ken Kaniff (Skit) - Another unnecessary, vulgar skit.
      13. Drug Ballad - This could be compared to 'My Fault' off Eminem's Slim Shady LP due to the subject matter of drugs. I believe this to be one the best songs on the album because I can relate to the themes discussed.
      14. Amityville (feat. Bizarre) - This is in my opinion one of the worse songs on the album with Bizarre letting it down. Bizarre has always been lyrically weak and more of a 'horror-core' rapper and whilst he fits considering the theme of the song he is simple outshone by his superior.
      15. Bitch Please 2 (feat. Dr. Dre, Xzibit, Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg) - with such a high quality line up of MC's I expected a lot more from this track. The late Nate Dogg sings the hook perfectly and Xzibit and Eminem's verses are lyrically strong and project a presence of superiority in the hip-hop world. Dr. Dre and Snoop don't really have anything to offer.
      16. Kim - Wow. This song sums up exactly how I am feeling at the moment, talking about Eminem's on/off girlfriend. Whilst the lyrics seem dark and disturbed they are put across in a way which makes you understand where he is coming from. This is like a release of pent up aggression and emotions
      17. Under the Influence (feat. D-12) - This is a group effort, which should have in my opinion either been put on the first D12 album instead or should have had only Eminem on as Eminem completely surpasses their ability.
      18. Criminal - This is a tongue-in-cheek song, documenting criminal ventures. Very well written and performed.


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      26.04.2012 19:09
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great album and one I think any rap / hip hop fan should listen to

      I would not say that Eminem got me into rap/ hip hop but he was just out when I did start listening and Slim Shady LP (His first album) was the first album I ever bought. Again I'm not a big fan of his (especially his recent work) but this album is a classic. It plays better now I'm older then it did when I first listened (I was 13 when it first came out). So I'll be giving you a run down of my opinion of it now although some of of my past opinions may creep in. Also I have purposely skipped the skits.

      1. Kill You 5/5
      This starts off the album in a dark, humorous tone where slim raps about killing the female figures in his life who have tormented him over the years (yes his mother and kim basically) the chorus is very catchy, delivery is spot on, beat is great, he also explains to critiques, that this album and eminem is still the same even though he gained success from his previous album, he is still going to rap about the same sort of subjects.

      2. Stan 5/5
      The third single from the album, was highly acclaimed, being ranked as one of the best rap songs of all time as well as in rolling stones best songs of all time (bit extreme if you ask me). Although it did very poorly in the US, it was #1 practically everywhere else in the world. A song where Eminem raps as a fan named Stan who connects with Eminem's songs strongly and idolizes the man, and ends up getting angry at Eminem for not getting a response to the letters he had been sending him and so ends up killing his pregnant wife and himself because of it. Eminem then responds to Stan but it does not reach him in time. This song practically says that Eminem loves his fans and what he says in his raps isn't literal, he doesn't want people to try or do the things he says in his music. Great song, pure genius. When I first heard it it missed me but the second time I realised what was happening and was amazed.

      3. Who Knew 3/5
      Song reffering back to stan in his chorus but also mainly about how he would have never thought he would gain this much fame and be such a huge topic in America and the world and be so influential to a generation, also how people critizised his lyrics but he never knew that it would be heard and affect so many people, this song although having elements of slim shady in it, is somewhat a self reflection of his rapid rise to fame and the influence he now has with his music to a generation.
      The song is ok, I normally skip it but onlu because of what the next song is.

      4. The Way I Am 5/5
      One of Eminem's best songs, it is very deep and personal, he talks about the struggles he faces with his fame and the stress of being a high profile person, how his family has lost privacy, also discusses the controversy his lyrics brought with the critiques, and basically tells them that this is what he is and he won't change.Overall delivery is perfect, the beat produced by Eminem is great, served as his second single and did well.

      5. The Real Slim Shady 4/5
      The first single off the album, and a celebrity basher like all primary singles off his albums, and probably his most successful and best one, he raps about the issues with celebrities, takes shot's at some who have dissed him in the past (that's you Briney!) and speaks about how people want to be like him cause he is so popular and good at what he does. It's probably the song that everyone finally recognised who he was.

      6. Remember Me? (Feat. RBX & Sticky Fingaz) 3/5
      This song is lyrically good, beat is decent, chorus is just an intro to each rapper, a good song off the album. It was a nice mix with some of the more underground, harsh and raw voice of RBX (especially) and Sticky Fingaz. Its a prety good song but again gets overlooked or skipped coz of whats next.

      7. I'm Back 5/5
      One of Slim Shady's best songs, chorus is good, beat is decent and lyrics are insane, fun and quirky, practically tells people off, he is crazy and he is good at what he does, he affects many people, will always keep to what he is, won't change his image just because he is rich and famous. Overall the song is insane and pure Slim shady, and at his best.

      8. Marshall Mathers 5/5
      This song is another personal song, still has some shades of slim shady in it, it is a song where Marshall reflects on his fame once again and reminisces about his past and how even though a lot has changed, he still is the same person he was when he started off. great song, chorus is real, practically real talk well delivered and smart wordplay shown as well, beat is also good.

      9. Drug Ballad 3/5
      Song pays homage to drugs, and his addiction to the drugs, how it's fun and how they can affect you, fun yes, delivery is good, good song, not great but not as strong as other songs from the album.

      10. Ammityville (Feat. Bizzare) 4/5
      Bizzare and Eminem just spiting messed up lyrics which is fun and crazy, Bizzare's verse is as good as Eminem's (didn't think I'd ever say that) and it works very well, although not as good as other songs from the album and content is very poor, but then again the song isn't meant for content but just a show of skill, chorus is decent and beat is decent also, overall a good but not great song.

      11. Bitch Please II (Feat. Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg & Xzibit) 5/5
      A Mega remix practically from Snoop Dogg's Bitch Please, and is insane! Each verse is fire, Nate Dogg does his thing on the chorus (R.I.P), Wish eminem did more of these on his albums. Absolutely love this song,I would give it a 6/5 of that was possible.

      12. Kim 4/5
      A fictional story of Eminem murdering his ex-wife Kim, very dark song, maybe even his most darkest song, full of rage and raw emotion it is delivered well, it is not lyrically his best, but he hasn't done a song quite like this before, more of a story telling song, reminiscent of his 97' Bonnie and Clyde off the Slim Shady LP. Overall the song would probably be played over and over again if you hate your ex, otherwise it is a song that works to an extent, but hard to play many times over as flow is broken up and almost feels like a scene from a horror movie.

      13. Under The Influence (Feat. D-12) 4/5
      Eminem Introducing D-12 to the world, chorus is catchy and funny, just each member spitting fire, good song, beat is good also each rapper contributes well, each with a strong chorus.

      14. Criminal 5/5
      The final song on the album, where Eminem raps about how the critiques see him as a criminal as he raps about violence in his raps, and that it must mean he does it in real life, which is untrue and shows the ignorance some people have, it has a skit in the middle of the song which is funny and exaggerates his point. very clever song, overall a great ending o the album and answers his critiques discussing his past and the present Eminem and his views on the world and life and how it will stay the same.

      Overall Album Rating 5/5
      He touches The issues he faced during the time in terms of critiques and the fame he attained off the success of his first studio album. This has some of his best songs ever and is still raw in content and talent, it shows the listener that Eminem can change his music and mature and still be relevant and entertaining. There are very little, if any flaws to be seen in this album, whether it be production wise or lyrical ability, it's an album which propelled Eminem into even more fame and stardom and really put a mark on the hip-hop industry as a genuine artist and lyricist among some of the greats. This album is very personal at times and dark but he still shows humor, showing us the many different ways of rapping that he can express. This album is a must have on every one's album, whether you love him or hate him, you know this album and you know songs from it, he definitely put a mark on the world with this album and also expanded and grew from his previous work.


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        05.04.2012 01:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        AWESOME album!

        About Eminem

        Eminem is an artist from the USA and his real name is Marshall Mathers III...


        About the album

        The album was recorded between August 1999 - April 2000 on the Aftermath / Interscope label... I was 12 years old when the album was released. The album was released on the 23rd May 2000. The length of the album is a total of 72:14... The albums executive producer was DR Dre... In 2001, the album won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and was nominated for Album of the Year. By 2005 there was a total of 19 million copies of the album sold worldwide.

        Marshall Mathers LP is the third studio album from Eminem. This was made before Eminem become so commercial and his words on this album relate to the world, his life and the way he sees things. There is not a more honest album even if it is offensive...

        The most swearing and filth I have ever heard on one album... If you are offended easily do not listen. Also dont let your kids listen to it...


        Album Artwork

        Gloomy and depressing just like the music in the album can be seen as... At the end of the day if the album is depressing the artwork needs to match doesnt it??


        Album contents:

        I will give you a breakdown of each track in the album... there is 18 tracks in total.

        1. Public Service Announcement 2000 (00:00:25): An introduction to the album... full of filthy language...

        2. Kill You (00:04:24): First propper track on the album... it starts off by talking about his mothers craziness and the lies she used to tell (it is well documented that his mother suffered from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome when he was a young child. This means a parent causes illness to the child because they crave attention for themself). He then talks about having no money, drugs, shooting people and raping his mother (yes you heard right :-/)... Other things mentioned on this track include chainsaws, Acid, a reference to killer Norman Bates on the film, Psycho, strangulation, machetes... Catchy tune worth a listen.

        3. Stan (00:06:44): Stan is the longest track on the album. This was the third single released from the album. Eminem is supported by singer Dido who sings the well known chorus. Dido also stars in the music video as Stan's pregnant girlfriend. Stan is a deranged fan of Eminems and most of the song plays out letters that Stan is sending to Eminem. Stan is a depressed individual who in the video bleachs his hair just like Eminem because he wants to be like him so much. At the end of the track, Stan finally gets a reply from Eminem but it is too late... Very sad track...

        4. Paul (00:00:10): This track is a short skit from Paul Rosenberg - a music manager - who calls Eminem - very disguted to say that he has recieved a copy of the album. He cant get his words out and hangs up.

        5. Who Knew (00:03:47): In this track Eminem talks about dangerous driving and stabbing housewifes, hiding in the back of your car with ducktape, burning down houses, a skit towards Bill Clintons affair, promoting taking drugs, raping sl*ts, making fun of gay clubs and men who wear make up. This is within the first minute... listen to hear the rest...

        6: Steve Berman (00:00:53): This is again another skit on the album. Steve Berman is the president of marketing at Eminem's record label. In the skit he tells Eminem he needs to change the album because its too offensive - it won't sell. He then goes on to state Dr Dre is successful because he raps about Big Tv's, Smoking dope and girls.

        7: The Way I Am (00:04:50): This was the second track released from the album. The track is aimed at those who blame Eminem for everything that goes wrong in the world just because he talks about things he wants to do doesnt mean he will do it... and is not to blame for others actions. The track opens up with Eminem talking about a variety of drugs. He then goes on to talk about wanting people to leave him alone when they see him out with his young daughter, Hailie. He then goes on to state he is not Mr N*Sync and he is not nice. In the second verse he notes he feels like his dad - he hates to be bothered (its well documented that Eminem's father was not there for him when he grew up)... later in the same verse he talks about how kids listen to music like his and Marilyn Mansons and they are automatically blamed when one of the kids goes mental and shoots everyone in a massacre. The track is basically stating this is Eminem - this is the way he is - but he cant be held accountable for others actions...

        8. The Real Slim Shady (00:04:44): The Real Slim Shady was the opening single for the album. I would have to say this is the most upbeat "happy" song in the album and its probably the most well known track on the album. The music video is very interesting. The track opens with Eminem telling kids about their parents having sex and american actor Tom Green humping a dead moose (he actually did this by the way)... it then goes on to educate about cannibuls cutting other people up and how men can elope with other men. The second verse he then goes on to describe Christina Algulara doing sexual things to Carsen Daly and Fred Durst. Later in the track he goes on to add about burger king workers spitting in your food. Funny track worth a listen!

        9: Remember Me (00:03:38): The things Eminem talks about in this track include shooting up a club and some kids stealing some guns from him and he gets the blame when it goes wrong... A bit of a boring track if I'm honest not my favourite.

        10: I'm Back (00:05:10): In this track Eminem talks about how he was bullied as a child (which is well documented), cutting a kittens head off and putting it in another kids milkbox... he then makes references to a made up charecter named Ken Kaniff From Connecticut... he is mentioned throughout the album as a gay paedaphile. He then makes a few more references to taking drugs amoungst other things...

        11. Marshall Mathers (00:05:20): Eminem talks in this track about himself and how everyone wants to know him because hes now. He makes references to drive-bys, the murders of Tupac and Notorious BIG and wearing gang colours. He then takes a couple of pops at Ricky Martin and Backstreet Boys (singers) and makes a reference to killing N*Sync (boy band)... He then makes his own feelings about Britney Spears known... Highly offensive but worth a listen.

        12. Ken Kaniff (00:01:01): Yet another short skit on the album dedicated to the made up gay paedophile who has been mentioned earlier in the album. In the skit you hear Ken doing sexual acts with Shaggy (singer) & Violent J (a producer who Eminem doesnt like very much)

        13. Drug Ballad (00:05:00): This track is shockingly a little upbeat compared to most on the album. The track talks about how drugs take hold of a person and how addiction is. It also references being violent towards females and causing car pile ups. In the second verse Eminem mentions how he used to sniff glue when he was in school. The third verse talks about getting drunk, having fights with your friends and smoking dope.

        14. Amityville (00:04:14): In this track Eminem is joined by members of his group D12 which makes it different to much of the album. The track is about a charecter (based on the movie) killing their family. Eminem also compares Amityville to his hometown of Detroit. Bizarre opens up in the second verse with revolting remarks on what he has done to his family - including slitting his mothers throat. Catchy tune.

        15. Bitch Please (00:04:48): This track features Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Nate Dogg & Dr Dre. This track not as offensive as some other material on the album but I cant say I like it...

        16. Kim (00:06:17): This track has to be one of the best on the album - I don't think they could of possibly made it into a single because it would of been censored throughout. Kim is an actual charecter - Kims wife - over the years they have been through bad patchs including divorce and this track must of been a way for Eminem to vent his anger out towards her. They have a daughter, Hailie, together... In the opening of the track Eminem is heard being attentive to Hailie, he then starts turning violent and making threats towards Kim. In the track he seems to have turned completly insane, he kills the man that Kim has been seeing, he then puts Kim into the boot of his car and towards the end of the track he kills her. Too gory to add on here.

        17. Under The Influence (00:05:22): In my opinion this is a catchy tune. Again highly offensive and not for the light hearted. Eminems group D12 features again in this track. The track references slashing tyres, setting people on fire, acid trips, snorting drugs and abortion.

        18. Criminal (00:05:19): This track is dedicated to Eminem telling us he is a criminal. Eminem talks about many things in this track including stabbing homosexuals... He then notes nobody can help him including his mother, his 5th grade teacher and church preacher. A good listen, a nice end to the album.


        BONUS Track

        The Kids (00:05:17) - This track is based on TV show - South Park - just as offensive as the rest of the album but comical... Worth a listen...



        Everyone should have this album in their music collection - if your not easily offended. This album is up there in my top 10 of all time, there really is no other honest album.


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          13.01.2012 00:09
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          I LOVE IT!

          I have been a die hard fan of Eminem since he jumped on the scene in 1999 with his crazy "my name is" and have followed him through to the current days of his most recent album Recovery. I have seen him live and to be quite honest the man is nothing short of sheer genius, and as amazing as ALL his albums are, they fade into the abyss in comparison to his live gigs, but none the less, this album is one of my favourites.

          Sprung into the spotlight after a whirlwhind meeting with Dr Dre and shooting to fame with his witty and controversial lyrics, this LP is actually second mainstream released album after first one named after his alias Slim Shady LP. It describes in fantastic detail this trials and tribulations he has been through, how he feels, often in a comedic manner referring to drugs and women (mother, ex wife etc) but it shows his serious side, his stark shock at the aspects of fame (The Way I am) and the brutal but raw and gritty Kim the prequel to 97 Bonnie & Clyde off the previous album.

          I have captioned the title of this review as 'not for the faint hearted' as I am sure most critics and other music sceptics would (and probably did) have a heart attack at the song Kim. However, people forget what rap is. It is rhythm and poetry, and all Eminem does on this track, is explain (perhaps in a graphic and explicit manner) in a poetic expression the way he feels about his ex wife (at the time anyway). Everyone in some point has some aggressive anger or feeling towards another person they are passionate about, and for Eminem his music is his avenue to spill his feelings to the world in a coherent way, and paint such a vivid picture, through his lyrics, that you actually feel embroiled in the situation, can feel his pain, his heartbreak, and even the love he has for his daughter all at the same time.

          There are of course the released (and unreleased) upbeat, tracks which make fun at everyone such as The real slim shady, kill you (excuse such a threatening song title) and criminal which are simply his songs to write completely random lyrics, but are so catchy you will undoubtedly find yourself rapping along to it anyway.

          There are a few skits jotted in between the tracks, which is common on all of his albums (except Recovery) where Eminem pokes fun at his label predominantly, and they are all clever insights on how he is open, and adverse to other rappers on the market, as usually the skits are condemning the type of material he raps about, yet he goes and releases it anyway.

          All in all, my advice to anyone is that if you take things just too personally, don't see music for it's artistic value then this album definitely isn't for you. It's got it's anthem (The way I am) for inspiring people to be who they want to be, it has it's comedy, it has it's passion and it has Eminem's personality all the way through. If people aren't already a fan, I don't think this album will convert them to be, but it will certainly help a lot of people comprehend the man behind the mask...


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            21.12.2011 09:29
            Very helpful



            Great rap album

            The fact that close to 200 people have reviewed this album on Dooyoo perhaps gives some idea of the impact and attention The Marshall Mathers LP attracted at the time and the fact that the artists still endures after all of the hype and issues in his life suggests that there is certainly some talent on show and for me this is his best album that he has produced.

            It is a provocative album with lyrics that at the time pushed the boundaries of decency and the parental advisory sticker that is now derigoeur with modern music merely acting as an incentive for young kids to buy the album and soak up the abusive and controversial lines however despite the hype what does shine through is the creative use of language that Eminem has and his slightly winy machine gun delivery with a voice soaked in anger one minute and humourous irony the next

            The album is packed full of great songs, the only downside for me are the annoying skits that he always punctuates his albums with, these for me are a total waste of time and come across as someone who thinks he is funnier than he really is and who is trying a bit too hard, the music stands up for itself without these pointless intrusions and diversions.

            Some of the lyrics are razor sharp, Versace, Sonny Bono Christopher Reeve, his mother and his former wife and mother to his children are all subject to his barbs and in the case of the latter outright vitriol in tracks like Kim. Stan is a great song about a fans obsession with him and helped launch the career of Dido but we can forgive him for that because the song is so damn good and her haunting lyrics do make it all the more moving.

            The Real Slim Shady is another hit off the album although not my favourite, I actually like the song Criminal although the talking intro is a bit naff the actual lyrics while being quite graphic are delivered with great panache and the Versace line while not in the best of taste just made me smile the first time I heard it because it is so clever.

            Overall this is a great album, I just wish he never opted for the skits but at least when I uploaded it to my ipod I could ignore these.


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            05.08.2011 01:04
            Very helpful



            A hip hop masterpiece.

            This is when Eminem truly became the Mike Tyson of rap: fierce, menacing, unpredictable; dangerous, damaging, explosive but above all else - undeniably dominant.

            Personally, I think Em's next album ('The Eminem Show') is easily his most consistent and best album, musically and lyrically. It's just... near perfection, top to bottom. But this album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP', is still without a doubt, his greatest achievement artistically. It's a masterpiece.

            That's a pretty strong statement to make, about anything. Well, it is if your words hold any true weight and you don't sling them around as easily as a western gunslinger would his weapon. Which, I do not. I think this is Eminem's only true masterpiece (though I think he has three 'classic albums').

            So why is it a masterpiece. I'll attempt to justify that now...

            Basically this album's entire basis and concept can be summed up with a line from the chorus of one of the album's singles, "The Way I Am". The line I'm talking about is "I am, whatever you say I am". That line ingeniously captures the entire premise of this album and the game he plays throughout it.

            After being misunderstood by morons who cannot appreciate art or irony with 'The Slim Shady LP', Em took all the criticism and misunderstanding, all the accusations and scapegoating thrown at him and his music, balled it all up into a blazing hot fireball of aggression, tongue-in-cheek, wit and innovation and a year later, hurled the result ('The Marshall Mathers LP') right back at his detractors, at warp speed.

            This album split the world in two and I don't think in the history of music have we witnessed something so insanely controversial, divisive and rooted in provocation. What's unique about this album is that, whilst past albums or works of art may of caused controversy and some even intended to, to some degree... the entire POINT of this album was the controversy. It's rooted in provocation and the very fact it did what it did is Eminem's greatest achievement as an artist. As it means, he works. It means his voice means something and that he had the effect he desired, which is not as easy at it seems, and something every great artist is constantly striving for, but which almost none succeed at.

            When others try to be daring or ballsy, seldom do they do it with enough originality or intrigue for it to be worth anything. So it simply goes by the waste side or gets the odd do-gooder bitching, or writing a letter here or there. This album however, span heads until they exploded.

            As I previously mentioned, the line "I am whatever you say I am" sums up the entire premise of this album. That line is self-explanatory as is the album.

            Eminem was being called a homophobe for a very light-hearted, jokey jab involving the mere mention of the idea of being gay on his last album, and he was also being called a mysoginist and a mean, hateful person, in regards to the dark sarcastic lyrics of his debut. The very fact Eminem wrote and delivered those lyrics to be taken humoursly shows they're written for effect, and are not written to be the true expression of the man himself. That's the only clue you need. So to protest them as truth, is idiotic.

            So, after this truly childish misconstrue of his work, rather than waste his time arguing back or trying to empathize with simpletons, he 'became' all of the things they 'said he was'.

            That's why the majority of this album is spent with him acting out the role of the ultimate asshole. That's why he's so supposedly homophobic and hateful throughout. As that's what people who did not get him in the first place thought he was. So, I'm sure you can appreciate how profoundly dumb it would then be to take what he's saying on 'The Marshall Mathers LP' as truth, or how incredibly stupid it'd be to call him homophobic when he's PURPOSELY embodying homophobic thoughts simply due to the fact you MISUNDERSTOOD him as one in the first place.

            That would be almost inconceivably stupid wouldn't it? well, that's just what his detractors did. In particular GLAAD, who I'd bet good money on none of whom personally listened to the material. I bet most just 'heard' the album was anti-gay from other gay people who heard the same, and so it became common fact. Which is hilariously ironic given who GLAAD are and the fact their entire aim and point of existing is to stop PREJUDGMENT aka making up your mind before individual consideration and logical analysis. How absolutely ironic indeed, it's almost like it's not real isn't it.

            It's not as if Eminem didn't include many 'winks to the camera' within the lyrics either. Take the line "homophobic? na, you're just heterophobic" for example. I mean, anybody who fails to the see the intended provocation and humour in that, I can't reason with. As I simply do not know what planet they are from or what language they're processing in their brain, as it surely can't be the same English I'm familiar with and of which Eminem wrote that line in, can it?

            Eminem bounces back and forth between public sympathizer and public menace throughout, daring you to figure out where the imaginary line of bullshit is and where he truly stands. It's really not very hard to tell either, if you actually listen and process what he's saying. It's snap judgments and lazy thinking that results in you coming away with the conclusion he's a truly offensive human being.

            The real Eminem is not hard to find beneath the rubble. The real Eminem is a caring father, free-speech and free-thinking adovocate and visionary, highly intelligent lyricist and artist, genuinely moral and normal person and everyday guy. And you can find evidence of that in any one of his albums and in almost every other lyric. The mistake people who don't get him make is taking his provocation too seriously and failing to recognize his real beliefs weaved throughout. Which again, are not hard to spot.

            He does make an incredibly entertaining game out of it mind you. But this album, like much of his material, is made as a sort of 'inside joke' for those of us who get him and one big provocation for those who don't. And whilst they flare up and picket signs, the rest of us sit back laughing at how easily riled, intellectually limited and ironically misguided they all are.

            I could write an entire book on Eminem's technique (his rhyming and flows) and why that alone makes nearly of all his albums groundbreaking. But it's the content and execution of this album, and the album's basic premise, which I've been speaking of up until now, that truly make this album what it is.

            Aside from provoking the blind and poking fun at everybody and everything (including himself) for the sake of art, Eminem is also capable of making deftly written political songs. Tracks such as "Who Knew" and "I'm Back" blast irresponsible parenting, political hypocrisy and phony pop star posturing and industry nonsense with absolute ease and unlike others, Eminem is never obvious. He always attacks targets or political concepts from a side-angle, from left-field. Others, even brilliant political rappers such as Nas, still remain obvious. They write head-on and whilst still sometimes effective... fail to blend creativity and innovation into the mix and sacrifice art for a point. Eminem never does this.

            He'll always favour a concept over a message but still convey any message that he does intend with potent, poetic, artistic balls and use the concept to advance the point.

            Tracks such as "The Way I Am" and "Marshall Mathers" give you a peek into the man's real mind and life and stamp this album with a stench of reality. They make the more abstract or 'insane' content seem more resonant and rich due to the fact they sound so alike in tone and yet are grounded in real life.

            No review of this album could ever claim credibility without mentioning the two most groundbreaking tracks of the album, "Stan" and "Kim". They are the sister tracks to "97 Bonnie and Clyde" and together, the three make up Eminem's storytelling trio masterpiece. "Kim" is in fact a prequel to "97 Bonnie and Clyde". On "97 Bonnie and Clyde", he tells the story of driving to a bay to drop his dead wife into water, on "Kim", he tells the tale that took place prior to this event. The murder and motive itself.

            "Stan" is related in the sense that, it's about an obsessed fan who takes his lyricism too seriously and puts his girlfriend in a trunk and drives off a bridge, essentially imitating "97 Bonnie and Clyde". "Stan" is a mesmerizing display of lyricism and voice acting (a very unappreciated aspect of Eminem's artistry) which is wholly realistic and which is an ingenious answer to silence his critics. Which, it ironically did not due to the fact they simply took the literal fact Stan puts his girlfriend in the trunk, out of context, as an offensive element... totally ignoring Eminem's response to Stan at the end. Will they ever learn?

            Despite "Stan" being the track that helped mold Eminem's legacy though, "Kim" is arguably the true conceptual star of the album. It's certainly not the best track musically and you'll hear Em sacrifice some tighter lyricism for the sake of the realism of the scenes, but it truly is like a movie. It's like a real-time movie.

            He's written "Kim" so that whenever you play it, it's like you're hearing the actual event happen for the very first time, every time. This is because the lyrics are real-time dialogue rather than what most would do, which would be descriptions in third person. Which is a much easier, but inferior method of storytelling.

            Eminem's writing on "Kim" is rich. It's his attention to detail that sets him apart, the way he'll mention an arbitrary object or action within a moment (such as telling Kim to change the radio station) that focus the mind and create a more vivid setting. It's things like this which make him more than a rapper and earn him stripes as an actual writer, and why, despite what some ignorant fools may say, he is in no way overrated. Find me another rapper that can do what Eminem does, or does what Eminem does, or did it before he did it and I'll concede he's overrated. Not to mention, his voice acting in this is... scarily realistic and chilling.

            Never before had rap been so effectively real. It's like you're actually hearing the event he's trying to create, actually happen. You even feel a little naughty for hearing it, it's that real.

            Overall, this is Eminem's second classic hip hop album and one of the greatest, most daring, innovative and impressive hip hop albums ever made. If you have a sense of humour and / or like art with some bite, art that pushes boundaries and has a reason to exist, this album is for you.

            Eminem will shock you with his audacity, induce laughter with his sarcasm, provoke thought with his political satire and urge you to rap along, with his infectious grasp of melody.


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              05.01.2011 00:35
              Very helpful



              Great Music To Play While: Killing your wife, masturbating to Britney Spears and being Whack out on

              The Marshall Mathers LP (2000)

              What a frickin Album. Do you want to be a fan or is this mother thumper too psycho even to go to the store and be afraid that around the corner he's either going to reach out for you to kill you or fack you. I mean starting off with Kill You, you get the sense he does need that straight jacket when the Real Slim Shady comes on. I remember when a artist made an album they made it to be proud of themselves and letting the world know of their artistic background. Marshall Mathers LP lets the listener know that values are worthless if they never had a foundation to begin with. "At the third grade I was sniffing glue until I found out where my moms pills were under her bed, millions of them." Then proactively laughing about doing the cheap drugs from home to the newer better Extacy drugs in California. Where money doesn't mean crap and where you can expose your childhood and life with no problem if you have the right producers.

              Steve Berman told it to him straight, these albums bite. Just for the hype songs that he tones down to go on the radio and for us to hear were supposed to think that the album is full of good jams. When we buy it and bring it home Bam !! I spent my good money on this kill threatening crap or bragging rights to the street, from a punk that knows some existence of the street and lived a good part of it. But now that he has a house on the block and a car in the garage and he can dismiss where he came from is wrong. Spells sellout.

              B***h Please II is the best track on this album because of the collaboration of Snoop, Dre, Nate. They blend this mixture good. Stan and Marshall Mathers are the next best songs on here and fourth choice is The Real Slim Shady.

              1. Public Service Announcement 2000 starts off with this message. After selling a triple platinum album letting you know that buying this album your lips are firmly planted in his butt. I know I'm bouncing around here on my reviews instead of going in order. I just picked this one and threw it in. You can sense coming off the Slim Shady Series from 1998/99 his gonads are getting to big for him too walk.Yeah I listened to them, totally different as soon as he hooked up with Doctor Dre.

              2. Kill You ( 3 1/2 stars ) is a sarcastically way to think your inhuman. Even with the clear subliminal lyrics how he thinks his ego can take on anyone. Cussing and harassing his mom threatening to kill her. The lyrics come off all brag and no show like a cracker running his lips so fast that his bony @ss can't keep up with him. Sure you were brought up in gangland's of Detroit, but your words were real when your stomach growled. The beats behind the song from a woman screaming to a chainsaw. At the end you hear him say he was just teasing, but where does exaggeration end and reality start with this new alter ego?

              3. Stan ( 6 stars ) Just with the start of this background vocals here make this song. I play this song over and over just trying to feel the vibe from Stan the mild manner fan/stalker that just wants recognition from the biggest new 15 minutes of fame. Face glue to the Rolling Stone and every magazine that has anything to do with Rap. But Shady you had time to write this guy back. There were brief periods where you head wasn't stuck up Doctor Dre's @ss when you could of sent Stan and his brother a care package. Course you're not laying in the clubs all night trying for this hoe or that one there. So three times My Man Stan tried to get a hold of you and the last one was deadly. Do you feel it, do you dream about it Slim ? You must have thought you was the tallest man in the world but when all said and done Gary Coleman was a bigger man than you. Excellent back beats and bass. Hit me back, this is your biggest fan Stan !!

              4. Paul (Skit) Lame

              5. Who Knew( 4 stars ) Funny start and lyrics but the last verse was wrote by a loser. Realizing he's in the limelight now. Never knew I was going to get this kid to slit his wrists. Slamming this and bragging that he has change how kids think and how they are following him. Making fun of Chris Reeves and Sonny Bono brings the song to it's low point. Better watch out Slim karma is a kick in the butt. Good backgrounds that stay level and upbeat. Choice of lyrics of making fun and poking digs okay to a certain extent.

              6. Steve Berman ( 2 stars ) He deserved it !!!!!

              7. The Way I Am ( 3 Stars ) How he has to shut himself and family off from this world. How it's a tragedy the media won't let him just live. The way how he lives and dresses calling him a homey wanna-be. Not being able to get any peace. How even your fellow musicians put you down cause of your history in the game of life. Crying shame when you can't even go out your front door and be choked by the world outside it.

              8. The Real Slim Shady ( 5 1/2 Stars ).Not sugar coated at all. This ego was is out of control in this song. From Infinite to this song there is such a turn around. Yes, I do remember when this song came out and all the little crackers in the world were dyeing their hair and getting the Slim Shady haircut. But the lyrics are very close to the truth if not right on it. This Slim Shady albums from 1998/99 brought him out but this is the one that put him on the map. The back ground is so get up and dance and not just repetitive stuff that just kills a song.

              9. Remember Me( 5 Stars ) Excellent low tones almost like from old Parliament days. There is so much soul in this song that it makes a James Brown song sound like a John Denver album. Lyrics jumping out that give you a cerebral melt down of things that happen. I did the killing just so you would remember me. My own feelings are these words are going back to the Colorado School killings. Busting in, taking my machine guns and my trench coats. Leery thoughts.

              10. I'm Back ( 5 Stars ) I like this song. This is one getting back song. People that didn't like him. He is one sick Fack making fun of Christopher legs again. How he thinks he was going to get Jennifer Lopez and poking digs at Puff Daddy. He complains about the media and how everyone wants up his butt. Total ego maniacal crybaby. My ears were starting to ring because of the ruthless repetitive digs. The back drop sound behind the lyrics was smooth on the down side with the bump de bump raz you mostly hear on this album. But gangsta he's not. Mouth he is. You can start to hear where he's losing his street sense and where mouth punk begins.

              11. Marshall Mathers ( 6 Stars ) The biography from broke to millionaire. Go boy, with your digs. When your broke no one knows you or even try to help you. Epic lyrics, now you have family coming out of no-where when you get money. How he expresses that he is not fabricating anything about his childhood or family.He's not hiding, he's just telling the truth. Been there, done that. This track has fantastic back music feeds like at the end of the song you see Slim walking off into the sunset with a guitar solo helping him exit. Hey !!! Dynamite song !!!

              12. Ken Kaniff (Skit) Made my girl blush on that one Slim. Sick and perverted homosexual mocking.

              13. Drug Ballad( 5 Stars ) Great chorus, heard it a long time before he even sang it. It was my life. Party hearty, don't worry about tomorrow. That dig about Markey Mark sure kicked him back with him doing movies now( Karma). The female backgrounds sound very sexy. At least he admitted more drugs have messed his mind up on how he thinks and writes songs about.

              14. Amityville( 3 Stars ) Street song from the big Detroit. Awesome song and lyrics with guitar bleeds in the back. That gangsta mouth rolling again wanting bragging rights for all the mainstream violence that goes down in Detroit, like he put Detroit on the map or something. Rolling up and down the blocks with their mouths rapping and their pistols cocked. Where trash talking and proving you can back up what you blow into that mic either makes you a emcee or a ugly dyke.

              15. B***h Please II( 6 Stars ) Go Dre !!! Go Snoop !!! Go Nate !! Best song on the album. Toast to the boogie. Smooth chorus. Dre controls this song with bragging rights on Slim saying he created a monster. Nate and Snoop make this song live with the fill ins. Eminem said it perfect, he's killing them all the way to bank on the world's misery.

              (A verse)
              Hahaha! Gimme the mic, let me recite, 'til Timothy White
              pickets outside the Interscope offices every night
              What if he's right? I'm just a criminal, makin a living
              off of the world's misery - what in the world gives me the right
              to say what I like, and walk around flippin the bird
              Livin the urban life, like a white kid from the 'burbs
              Dreamin at night of screamin at mom, schemin to leave
              Run away from home and grow to be as evil as me
              I just want you all to notice me and people to see
              that somewhere deep down, there's a decent human being in me
              It just can't be found, so the reason you've been seeing this me
              is cause this is me now, the recent dude who's being this mean
              So when you see me, dressin up like a nerd on TV
              or heard the CD usin the gay word so freely
              it's just me being me, here want me to tone it down?
              [LOWER pitch] Suck my fackin click, you maggot
              You happy now? Look here

              16. Kim ( 0 Stars ) So Slim you think the slate was swipe clean because it was alright for you to cheat and not her. The warmest word in your vocabulary is karma. Making your dreams into songs, feels like your reality comes from a very disturbed mind. This murder relief song is so densely despicable how a recording artist could even put this on the album. Slim you are sick and you need help, Love Stan.

              17. Under the Influence ( 2 Stars ) grotesque lyrics. Chorus is actually sick and D-Age throws lyrics that speak nothing but street but at 5 foot never saw a gangsta midget. Giving himself pats on the back to being the next Dirt Harry is mindless. They say music comes from your heart and soul but with lyrics like these they can't bleed blood. You can hear the gangster motivation music in the background.

              18. Criminal( 4 Stars ) My brand new cd for these retards. He is so happy within himself that he makes up half this stuff. Good song even with cheap threats of how he's going to kill you or anyone. That his face is just a blank stare cause he has lost all control of his emotions. He talks so freaky about being gay or getting reamed by a homo that it would surprise me if he isn't bisexual.

              Overall opinion I think Marshall's head is swollen and that ego is going to give him a brain aneurysm and from what I've listen to here makes my opinions about his Recovery album bring more truth that he lost his identity with the dollar bill and being rich and cocky only end you up in 2 places, next to Biggie or lying next to 2Pac. Would recommend to a friend like Dave Chappelle, $0.50(half dollar), Doctor Dre.


              Great Music to Play While: Listening

              All of my reviews appear on different sites, please read my profile...thank you


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                29.10.2010 15:22
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                See Review.

                The Marshall Mathers LP is the third album by rapper Eminem. It is regarded as one of the best rap albums off all time. It has sold 19 million copies worldwide and was released in 2000.

                After his breakthrough album The Slim Shady LP, Eminem had a tough job trying to top its success. He managed it though with flying colours, with one of the best albums I have ever heard - The Marshall Mathers LP. Mixing entertaining but often horrifically explicit lyrics with some nice beats make this a rap masterpiece.

                Songs like "Stan" and "The Real Slim Shady" show Eminem's ability to write monster singles. While "The Real Slim Shady" is a lightweight song poking fun at various celebrities with a catchy chorus, "Stan" is regarded as Eminem' finest, a Dido-sampling song about an obsessed fan who meets a horrific end. It's hard to imagine any other rapper in the noughties have the imagination to make this excellent song, but Eminem obviously has a flair for the English language.

                Unlike a lot of rap albums, Eminem manages to keep the high level of quality in his singles consistent through his whole album. Personal songs like "Marshall Mathers" shows a man in conflict with the world, a fascinating portrait of a man propelled to stardom. "Criminal" and "Drug Ballad" show his more humorous side, as seen on the Slim Shady LP, creating images of black comedy that features a lot of his songs.

                However one song that is certainly not funny is the disturbing "Kim", in which we hear apparently hear Eminem killing his wife. Alongside the heavy beat of Led Zeppelin's "When The Levee Breaks", this is the most disturbing song you will ever hear. Never has a Parental Advisory Sticker been warranted more.

                Rap legends Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre also feature on "Bitch Please II" a nice little rap song. The only low points are the appearance of the awful D12 on "Under The Influence" and the funny the first time you hear it skits.

                Overall The Marshall Mathers LP is a brilliant, if twisted rap album that will go down as one of the best in the genre.


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                  09.10.2010 13:20
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                  A man at the edge of greatness and madness

                  This album broke Eminem hugely in the US, selling over 1.7 million albums in its first week, as a rap album it had few peers at the time, intelligent, angry, somewhat misplaced at times but always entertaining, thoughtful, melodic and creative.

                  This is Eminem playing up as his alter ego, there are a number of angry skits about his record company and a number of Dr Dre produced tracks, this is the album where he made his original novelty into something much more substantive and opened himself up to the world.

                  There is no denying there is a fair amount of filler on the album, with four skit sketches which meant little to me not knowing the record company or who his beef was with.

                  There are 5 or 6 decent enough songs including the D12 combo on Under the Influence, the song 'Kim' is a wickedly deluded song about what Eminem would like to happen to his ex-wife, its clearly not totally set in reality but nonetheless is chilling.

                  For me a lot of the album is about payback and settling scores, but the best parts of the album are the creative stuff, my particular favourites include:

                  Stan (Featuring Dido) - Using Dido as the chorus with her song 'Thank you' this is an ingenious song about fan worship, possibly his finest song, its mawkish, bright, disturbing and truly genius, it doesn't provoke or encourage, it allows you to make your own opinion and is simply awesome.

                  The Real Slim Shady- Jokey but with rap skills to burn, if you listen to it four times it will still blow your mind and make you laugh, this is just great freestyling over a silly, catchy beat.

                  I'm Back - Another good tune, Eminem raps brilliantly and makes you appreciate a man totally on top of his game at the time.

                  Overall I feel this is one of his best works, I don't think its his best, but it has a good mix of intelligence, anger, subtle ribbing and outright rudeness (Which i'm not condoning, but does bring the best out of Em).

                  It is angry and dark, possibly too dark for many and shows a man on top of his game, but the signs that he could struggle are there and proved correct as his subsequent drug addiction proved.

                  Overall a good 4 out of 5 album, not his classic but possibly includes his best song. Available for £3.59 on Amazon, you can easily get it for cheaper on Marketplace or Ebay (Just watch the postage costs!!!)


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                    27.05.2010 11:20
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                    Eminem's best album to date "The Marshall Mathers LP" was an explosion onto the music scene when it was released and has gone on to become one of the best selling rap albums of all time.

                    The album took the successful 'Slim Shady' persona from Eminem's previous album and explored it further, taking shots at even more celebrities in even more brutal and hilarious ways. You can see in tracks like "Criminal" where out of nowhere he takes aim at Versace (no pun intended, although Eminem's "I was just checking the mail, get it, checking the male?" was definitely intended), or in the tack "Who Knew" when out of nowhere you find yourself laughing at Sonny Bono's skiing accident. I never used to find it funny but if I'm honest, I now find myself laughing every time I hear the track, Eminem has that quality.

                    The lyrics also show signs of development in that rather than being the neighbourhood loser with no money, he's now a rich multi-platinum rapper. From that it sounds like the typical second album from a rapper going "from nothing to something". Not with Eminem. His humour mixes such themes with realistic and hilarious outcomes such as when he shockingly proclaims "I'm finally allowed to step foot in my girlfriends house!". The humour evident in his social commentary (such as jokes about parents allowing their kids to wear makeup, but not allowed to attract guys) make you think how fun and hilarious the world is and why has it taken you so long to realise? "Want me to watch my mouth, how? Take my eyeballs out and turn 'em around?".

                    There's also the incredible inter-rhyming that Eminem has since become renowned for, such as in the track "Kill You" where he raps "I don't even believe in breathin/I'm leavin air in your lungs just to hear you keep screamin for me to seep it". This is just one example taken from an album filled with it; Eminem on this sort of form is unstoppable.

                    It is almost impossible to pick highlights from this album because the album is just so brilliant from beginning to end. The singles would be the obvious choices with "The Real Slim Shady" describing that despite all these new imitators he's found since his fame, he's still the real one; or the more serious tracks "The Way I Am" and "Stan", the former an aggressive attempt at asking fans to leave him alone, media to accept who he is and society to accept he won't change for anyone, and the latter an almost heartbreaking story of a fan turned stalker who become besotted with Eminem - a must hear if you've somehow never heard this song.

                    If I am forced to pick a flaw for this album it would be the (few) interludes that are included. Although extremely humorous the first few times round, they can get quite annoying when you have listened to this album for a number of years like I have, but then the interludes probably served a purpose in setting the theme for each part of the album when I first heard it; it's difficult to tell.

                    Overall this is a 5/5 album and highly recommended to any rap fans and anyone who can appreciate humorous music (and can tolerate excessive expletives!).


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                      29.03.2010 22:06



                      No superlative does this album justice

                      Where do i start with this album? My favourite album of all time, everyone song is a classic in my eyes and there is no need to skip any tracks, unless you are sitting near your parents then you might want to skip the Ken Kaniff skit! The album follows an almost exact same pattern as The Slim Shady LP where it opens with a public service announcement summing the album up, in this case it's 'sue me' because i will say whatever i feel about you and not hold back even if it destroys your reputation. This is Eminem's biggest selling album and probably his last true rap album before turning mainstream. I could sum up all of the tracks but even 10000 words would not do it justice. So this is an overview of an album that spawned hits such as 'Stan', 'The Real Slim Shady' and 'The Way I am', oh and 'Criminal' for you American viewers. Every track, barring The Way I Am which Eminem produced himself, was produced by Dr Dre who needs no introduction. This album delves deeper into the mind of a drug fuelled Eminem who touches on many personal issues in his life aswell as hitting out at those pop artists who do not write or produce their own music, mainly N'Sync, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. This album also introduces D12, as well as featuring collaborations with Dido, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Dr Dre, RBX, Sticky Fingerz. My advice would be to add this album to your collection as it is truely one of the great rap albums of all time!


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                      21.03.2010 16:42
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                      classic album

                      The Marshall Mathers LP was the third studio album from Eminem and was released in 2000. It featured some really great catchy songs and therefore sold extremely well earning him huge success and really putting him into the public eye.

                      Probably the most popular and most successful song off this album is stan, featuring dido it's a really great lyrical song about a man who is writing letters to Eminem. The singing from dido is really great and goes well as a chorus over the great rapping versus that this song has, it was at the time and still remains now one of my favourites from Enimem.

                      However another song that was very popular was the real Slim Shady. Along with Stan, this also received the top spot in the album charts in the UK. This is an upbeat song, and comical in places which is a bit different from what Stan was. I think this was the first song to really hit the UK and introduce people to Eminem so it probably was the first song I heard from him.

                      Apart from that though, theres also the way I am and Marshall Mathers which are both really good songs as well, that's no the say the others arnt good, because to be honest all the songs on this album area really good in their own way.

                      This was a great album from Eminem and a great way to put himself firmly in the public eye of one of the best rappers at the time, just a classic album.

                      1. Public Service Announcement 2000
                      2. Kill You
                      3. Stan - (featuring Dido)
                      4. Paul (Skit) - (skit)
                      5. Who Knew
                      6. Steve Berman
                      7. Way I Am, The
                      8. Real Slim Shady
                      9. Remember Me? - (featuring RBX/Sticky Fingaz)
                      10. I'm Back
                      11. Marshall Mathers
                      12. Ken Kaniff (Skit) )
                      13. Drug Ballad
                      14. Amityville - (featuring Bizarre)
                      15. B**** Please II - (featuring Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg/Xzibit/Nate Dogg)
                      16. Kim
                      17. Under the Influence - (featuring D12)
                      18. Criminal


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                        13.09.2009 12:08
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                        Eminem's finest hour

                        Rap is by no means my favourite genre, but there's something about Eminem that I really like (no, it's not that he's white!). He doesn't take himself too seriously like a lot of other rappers, and raps firmly with his tongue lodged in his cheek. The Marshall Mathers LP is a seminal rap album and arguably his best work. It is Eminem's third album, following the Slim Shady LP, and came out in 2000.

                        Like a lot of rap, the actual backing music is quite simple rhythmically - there aren't complex melodies or anything, for the focus is largely on Eminem's lyrics, and oh my, what lyrics! Eminem has been described as "the poet of our generation", and he really proves it here. He proves that "white boys" can rap as good as anyone, and his lyrics are not only insanely clever but relevant and socially insightful. He also has his finger on the pulse of pop culture, making numerous references to popular celebrities at the time.

                        It's also an inverse sort of rap in as much as Eminem considers his own life, and how people just come up to him all the time, particularly in the song The Way I Am, where he can't even use a public bathroom or feed his daughter without someone asking him for an autograph. He also responds to his critics who claim he is a homophobe and a racist among other things - sadly these misguided folk fail to realise that he is a satirist.

                        The most famous track on the album is probably Stan, which samples Dido's song Thank You and was a big hit when it came out. It's a geniously written song about a fan that's obsessed with Eminem, and how he misunderstands Eminem's lack of a reply as a snubbing, and takes matters into his own drastic hands. It's insanely clever and one of Eminem's best songs ever, without a doubt. This entire album is very cleverly written and a pop cultural milestone.


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                        07.09.2009 15:41
                        Very helpful



                        A good hip hop album but definitely not for everyone

                        I have said in some previous reviews that I have what could be considered a strange taste in music. I listen to so many different genres and this is one of the artists that I (secretly) love. I'm not a huge fan of rap and hip hop and only really listen to mainstream artists such as Tupac, Eminem, The Game etc. Eminem is a whole world away from a lot of the music that I listen to, which is why it's a nice change for me to review a different kind of music! If you are offended by foul language then this review will most probably be of no use to you at all, I would just advise you not to listen to this album! For me, it doesn't really bother me because I think that it's all just part of the whole hip hop genre, but that's a whole different review! Anyway!


                        1. Public Service Announcment 2000
                        2. Kill You
                        3. Stan (ft. Dido)
                        4. Paul (skit)
                        5. Who Knew
                        6. Steve Berman (skit)
                        7. The Way I Am
                        8. The Real Slim Shady
                        9. Remember Me?
                        10. I'm Back
                        11. Marshall Mathers
                        12. Ken Kaniff
                        13. Drug Ballad
                        14. Amityville
                        15. B*tch Please II
                        16. Kim
                        17. Under The Influence

                        There are way too many songs for me to review track by track so I'm just going to go through the best ones. There are also a few skits in there too which I don't really listen to, I find them a bit boring if I'm honest!

                        This is probably one of the most well known tracks by Eminem, it's not the best but it's pretty well written and quite popular with other people too. I think that the lyrics and the story behind this song can make Eminem come across a bit conceited- he tells a story about an obsessive fan called Stan who trys in vain to contact Eminem. When he doesn't get a reply he kills himself and his girlfriend by driving off a bridge (lovely I know). When Eminem finally gets around to replying he realises that he's too late to save Stan. I don't really like the story, I think it's pretty harsh and it's a strange thing to put yourself in, but the music to the song is good and most of the lyrics are good.

                        [The Way I Am]
                        I like this track. It's the first Eminem song that I really got into. Again, it's full of swearing, agression, violence, you name it. It's well written and perfromed though so that's what makes it sucessful. I think that this is the best track on the album but it all depends on what you like and how much swearing you can tolerate without wanting to switch off!

                        [The Real Slim Shady]
                        This is probably the least serious song on the entire album, again he comes across as really quite cocky but I think that's all part of the Slim Shady persona. Some of the lyrics in this track are actually pretty funny, its a pretty daring song in some parts.

                        There are a few other good tracks on here, but then again there are some that I just cant listen too. I find some too violent, some too agressive and some just gross. But again, it all depends what you like really. I would recommend this album because it's one of the best from Eminem but I definitely wouldn't recommend it for younger listeners. There's way too much swearing and other things. It's a good hip hop album though.


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                      • Product Details

                        Disc #1 Tracklisting
                        1 Public Service Announcement 2000
                        2 Kill You
                        3 Stan - Eminem, Dido
                        4 Paul - Paul "Bunyan" Rosenburg
                        5 Who Knew
                        6 Steve Berman - Eminem, Steve Berman
                        7 The Way I Am
                        8 The Real Slim Shady
                        9 Remember Me? - Eminem, RBX, Sticky Fingaz
                        10 I'm Back
                        11 Marshall Mathers
                        12 Ken Kaniff
                        13 Drug Ballad
                        14 Amityville - Eminem, Bizarre
                        15 *****Please 2 - Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Alvin "Xzibit" Joiner, Nate Dogg
                        16 Kim
                        17 Under The Influence - Eminem, D-12
                        18 Criminal
                        19 Kids

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