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Moldy Peaches - Moldy Peaches

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Genre: Indie Rock & Punk - Lo-Fi / Artist: Moldy Peaches / Enhanced / Audio CD released 2001-05-07 at Rough Trade

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    2 Reviews
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      23.03.2009 02:13
      Very helpful



      Vitally important musical genius

      The Moldy Peaches! I can't believe this only has one review so far. This is the only real album by a band that changed the face of anti-folk and showed us modern corrupted youth accepting their ways and searching for love and happiness in a world filled with political correctness and lame society, scared of it's own shadow.

      Adam Green and Kimya Dawson are two highly talented people but I don't think either of them had any idea of that when this was recorded. It's all done in a very lo-fi manner with single track tape decks being prominent as the recording method. They duet the album away, moving from sheer countryside innocence on "nothing came out" to cracked-out modern urban life on "Who's got the Crack?". This is sheer brilliance but it has to be approached with a clear mind and a reminder that there is really NOTHING that compares to them!

      Every track is great, even the screams of alien invasion on What Went Wrong. Kimya and Adam don't always hit the right notes, but that is part of the musical experience and shows you vocals don't necessarily have to follow musical correctness to sound good. She tells us of the teenage despair of "all I want to do is ride bikes with you, and stay up late and maybe spoon" but "besides you're probably holding hands with some skinny pretty girl that likes to talk about bands". Your grandparents will not like "Downloading Porn With Davo", as they shout in communion about paying a "70 year old hooker to make out with me" and "sucking dick for ecstasy". It's bloody raw and gets much worse. The background music is sometimes psychedelic, sometimes punk and always fits perfectly. It's a chaotic riot of a peculiar modern subculture that's disillusioned by the world we have created for ourselves. Many young teens go through this phase but are soon buffed into shape and told that there is nothing they can do about the molly-coddled world they must live in. "these burgers are crazy!", goes one particularly poetic track. "They don't like you, never will, they'll slip you a happy pill, send you to the naughty shrink".

      They had just turned adults when this was recorded and it is just incredible to listen to what they acheived. Many of the tracks are duets with both of them singing at once and it can get very comedic at times. This album has it all. If you need something that is intrinsically fresh, try this out. If you are offended by swearing and by lewd sexual comments, this isn't for you. Or perhaps it is - breaking down offense barriers can old lead to a more diverse life experience.

      "Who's Got The Crack" wants to hit you in the face. "There is no such thing as a harmless joke...There's no such thing as a gentle toke". Then they proceed to scream "WHO'S GOT THE CRACK?". Something about wanting to be a hippy but forgetting how to love. It's not all together, but that is just fine, it's chaos and perfection.

      On "Steak For Chicken" Adam and Kimya really hit it off. "Who mistook the crap for genius? Who is gonna stroke my penis/hurt my feelings?". This music is different for a reason, not different just for the sake of it. "I want to live for today I want to roll in the hay/But I'm floating away I've got nothing to say".

      Many middle-class kids have the common experience that there is something wrong with the world. Perhaps we should encourage those feeling and see what happens when these kid blessed with a sense of change grow up? Our societies were tightened into etiquette balls where everyone is expected to follow the rules of the Royals. Our freedoms are constrained by paranoid fears about "what might happen". Most people are expected to follow the production-centered path of education-until-you-are-22 and tell others that the wild times they had at university be quashed to make way for a relatively dull life of mowing the lawn and buying as many consumer goods as possible. Must we remain in this cycle? What happened to our search for the meaning of life? Did we abandon real life and accept things as just being boring? With the Moldy Peaches there is a real sense that maybe we shouldn't forget. Bring a little raw experience into life and perhaps we can all learn something about really living.


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        19.02.2002 21:16
        Very helpful



        For anyone who hasn't heard of The Moldy Peaches (which is most people in England) they are a duo from the same lo-fi New York scene as The Strokes. The Moldy Peaches are from the New York Anti-folk scene the same as The Strokes but their music is NOTHING like The Strokes, in fact their music is like nothing you have EVER heard before. The Moldy Peaches are made up of 21 year old Adam Green and 28 (I think) year old Kimya Dawson.... and they are, to be honest, REALLY weird.... but also REALLY amazing. MY friend got me in to their music by playing me one song and I fell in love straight away and SEARCHED for their album and eventually found it on the internet, butrecently I've noticed it in HMVs EVERYWHERE which means its getting more readily available.... anyway about the actual music.... Well the music is REALLY basic, they recorded each song in one take in their houses, which is why on one song a phone goes off and they piss themselves while they sing but still carry on, but this adds a certain charm to the album. The reason I love this album so much is not because its amazing (which actually is another reason I love it so much) but the thing I love most about it is the fact that they sound like they're having SO much fun making it, and it really is reflected in the album. There is also a REALLY immature kiddy element to the songs which makes it even better, like track number 4 "Nothing came out" its about a girl who is in love with a boy, but "all I want to do is watch cartoons with you" its SO wicked. Each song is a weird and crazy adventure and are totally different from each other and are very experimental, but I don't think that the Moldy Peaches will just be in the experimental section of dooyoo for long as they are gaining popularity they will be working their way up to the "bands" section. Words cannot describe how much I love this album, I have never heard anything like it b
        efore or since I bought this album, it is DEFINATELY worth buying for ANY music fan just because of the originality of the songs. The songs to watch out for the most are ....well, ALL of them.but especially track 15 "D.2 Boyfriend" its MAD, its about a grl who didn't have a Duran Duran Boyfriend.... track 9 "Greyhound Bus" which sounds like a 9 year old singing how "I ride the greyhound bus, I ride it everywhere" but the energy of it really makes you love it as it is amazingly infectious Track 4 "nothing came out" its just AMAZINGLY sweet and makes you want to be riding bikes again and ESPECIALLY track 10 "Anyone else but you" a love song with a difference....well all these songs are different to anything you've ever heard before which is why you should get this album....or borrow...or download it.... the point is don't deprive yourself any longer, GET THIS ALBUM!!!


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      • Product Details

        Disc #1 Tracklisting
        1 Lucky Number Nine
        2 Jorge Regula
        3 What Went Wrong
        4 Nothing Came Out
        5 Downloading Porn With Davo
        6 These Burgers
        7 Steak For Chicken
        8 On Top
        9 Greyhound Bus
        10 Anyone Else But You
        11 Little Bunny Foo Foo
        12 The Ballad of Helen Keller & R.I.P VanWinkle
        13 Who's Got The Crack
        14 Lucky Charms
        15 D.Z Boyfriend
        16 I Forgot
        17 Lazy Confessions
        18 NYC's Like A Graveyard
        19 Goodbye Song

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