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The Parody Album - Chris Moyles

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6 Reviews

Genre: Comedy / Artist: Chris Moyles / Audio CD released 2009-11-23 at Sony Music

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    6 Reviews
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      20.05.2010 15:58
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      I first heard of this album when Chris Moyles appeared on the 'one show' last year. I wasn't overly enthusiastic about it, as I didn't really care about an album the Chris Moyles has done. But after hearing one of the tracks on trhe album I realised that it might worth listening to a few more, just to see if I liked any more of them.

      Turns out that I did. and becasue of this I decided to buy the whole album. In all there are 20 tracks, and on the whole album I think I only have to skip one of them, which I think is pretty good value for money.

      Here is a track listing:

      1. my parody album - (bank holiday monday - stereophonics)
      2. lorry driver - (womanizer - Britnet Spears)
      3. meat again - (Beat again - JLS)
      4. liar - (fire - kasabian)
      5. funeral song - (original)
      6. the boy does plenty - (the boy does nothing - Alesha Dixon)
      7. barack obama - (L.S.F - Kasabian)
      8. waterproofs - (bulletproof - la roux)
      9. album track feat comedy dave - (original)
      10. dance wiv me feat calvin harris and camilla ice - (dance wiv me - Dizzee Rascall)
      11. nana window - (original)
      12. I predict a diet feat Ricky Wilson - (I predict a riot - kaiserchiefs)
      13. davina mccall - (i love it when you call - the feeling)
      14. jose feat dominic byrne - (rose - the feeling)
      15. dicky tum - (dumb - the 411)
      16. dogs dont kill people - (guns dont kill people rappers do - goldie lookin chain)
      17. addicted to plaice - (addicted to bass - puretone)
      18. big bum - (sex bomb - Tom Jones)
      19. Never gonna snow - (original)
      20. last track on te album - (original)

      Also the front cover is taken from the take that album cover 'the circus'.

      Out of all of these tracks my favourite has to be the boy does plaenty. This was the first track I heard, and it has on numerour occasions got stuck in my head and I end up singing it all the time. The use of timing with the lyrics he uses is really good, and he used all of the instruments well, so it sounds just like alesha dixon's song.

      The worst track is definitely barack obama. When it first starts you think that it is quite catchy, but after a while after the only words are barack obama, it gets kind of annoying.

      The surprise track for me was liar, as I'm not a big fan of kasabian, but this song I really liked, as it uses the ;yrics really well.

      Overall, I payed about £6 for this on amazon. It is delfinitely worth the money, and one to play with the family


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        03.03.2010 18:07



        Definetly worth a listen

        This is a laugh out loud album. When we first heard it then we laughed untill we cried. The lyrics are extremely clever, although we should not be surprised, it is Chris Moyles after all! Chris Moyles has taken some well known songs and cleverly changed the lyrics with hilarious results. There are also some jingles from his Radio 1 show which he has turned into full length songs, an extremely humourous example of this is "Nana Window" or "Barack Obama", just try and sing along, its impossible! We bought this as a Christmas present for a friends mum but loved it so much that we "forgot" to give it away. There really is a song for everyone in this album so i'd recommend it to absolutely everyone. It is also at an amazing price, alot cheaper now than the price we paid for it, we counted down the days until its release and went to Tesco straight away to buy it because we love listening to Chris Moyles on Radio 1.


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        31.01.2010 16:42
        Very helpful



        Buy it , it will be fun to have at playing at a party!

        It may come as a shock to hear that Chris Moyles has produced a record , after all you just expect him to be a radio Disc jockey, but no he has decided now to join the same league Simon Cowell and is aiming for success in the music industry. But the Chris Moyles' Parody Album, is simply...surprisingly good

        But unlike most albums out there Chris has decided to go against the grain and produce a funny and outrageous , it is a album that will have you in fits of laughter. it is not just a album that you will listen to once it is an album you will get out
        for everyone to listen to there is so much fun in this album and it will give enjoyment to everyone who listens to it ,and is a great to put in the CD player at any party.

        And if this does not reach number one in the album charts there must be something wrong
        after all most recordings made at Abbey road seem to gain success, so fingers crossed this gains the notability it deserves, Although Chris Moyles is no Elton John or John Lennon, he still carries a good tune , maybe not the best singer in the world but he really does do this CD in style that will amaze you. After all it is not his singing style you are taking notice of but his hilarious lyrics

        Chris Moyles has managed to adapt songs we have come to adore from singers such as
        The Kaiser Chiefs, JLS, Alisha dixon , La Roux , The Puretones and the lovable Tom Jones.

        I think " Waterproof" , a parody of " Bulletproof", by La roux will be a massive hit with the worshipers of the glastonbury festival as it just goes on about Wellies.... some may say it is a word long over due to appear in a song!!

        Some might get a bit annoyed with the parody of "Sex Bomb" now as "Big Bum" by Chris Moyals... Women especially if a DJ decides to play it as you waddle across a dance floor...
        I personally find it funny, and i have a big bum, so no offence caused to me !!

        The song Chris has done on the album called "The Funeral song" is i think the one i hate the most ,he really has scrapped the bottom of the barrel trying to get the wording for this parody.
        Seeing a coffin burn as he says in the song is something i find a little warped!!!

        The snow song i found hilarious bit of a faux pax if you ask me , "its never going to snow at Christmas" ... i guess he did not think of the UK being hit with the "Big Freeze" But then i guess nobody really expected the UK to be so badly put out by the snow!! And if you are constantly being reminded of CO2 emissions , your carbon foot print and everyone damaging the ozone layer and then being told it wont snow then i guess you have to follow what these so not so specialists say!!

        What's positively seducing about this album is the very excellent creation as well as the task to develop it more than a parody album. It's seriously a excellent pop album that cages more than a few comical lines performed by a debilitated comic (sorry Moyles but your jokes are a little lame). You may either detest or idolize Moyles (there's not much in between), however you can't disapprove that he's achieved every right to be smug of this CD.

        I do detest Moyles the sense that his shows have become repetitive, same jokes same insults same questions just different people!! But that has not stopped me from praising this CD album and buying it.

        I bought mien from off Amazon (see link at top) for £6.00 free delivery , so you cant grumble it is well worth it admittedly you may not like all the songs , i don't but some of the parodies on this CD will seriously have you laughing and when you do venture to the local Club and it is playing i can guarantee you will be singing the Chris Moyals version, I will not list all the songs on the album it is time consuming.

        However if you do wish to buy it but are unsure then i recommend you go to the amazon site via the link at the top and preview the songs , this will help you decide, but i can guarantee you too will be wanting a copy.


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        25.01.2010 20:51
        Very helpful



        The Barack Obama song is STILL in my head..........

        I have just borrowed this album from a friend and, after listening to it twice through this very morning, I am extremely tempted to buy my own copy, especially at the bargain price of £6.98 from Amazon!

        The tracklisting is as follows:
        1. My Parody Album (parody of Bank Holiday Monday - Stereophonics)
        2. Lorrydriver (parody of Womanizer - Britney Spears)
        3. Meat Again (parody of Beat Again - JLS)
        4. Liar (parody of Fire - Kasabian)
        5. Funeral Song
        6. The Boy does Plenty (parody of The Boy Does Nothing - Alesha Dixon)
        7. Barack Obama (parody of LSF - Kasabian)
        8. Waterproofs (parody of Bulletproof - La Roux)
        9. Album Track (feat. Comedy Dave)
        10. Dance Wiv Me (feat. Calvin Harris & Camilla Ice)
        11. Nana Window
        12. I Predict A Diet (parody of I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Chiefs)
        13. Davina McCall (parody of Love It When You Call - The Feeling)
        14. Jose (feat. Dominic Byrne) (parody of Rosé - The Feeling)
        15. Dicky Tum (parody of Dumb - 411)
        16. Dogs Don't Kill People (parody of Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do - Goldie Lookin Chain)
        17. Addicted to Plaice (parody of Addicted to Bass - Puretone)
        18. Big Bum (parody of Sex Bomb - Tom Jones)
        19. Never Gonna Snow
        20. Last Track on the Album

        Wow, 20 songs for seven quid; not bad, eh? Well, no, it's not bad at all, in fact I would say this is great value for money. However, I would say that before you consider buying this, it is essential that you are a fan of the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1 in order to understand a lot of the jokes. For example, 'Nana Window' was created on-air as a spur-of-the-moment joke about a member of the team's 90-year-old grandmother who had displayed England flag in her window. I think it would be difficult to find this funny if you hadn't heard the song, or at least heard about it, beforehand.

        The range of parodies is fairly good. There are parodies which date back from 5 years ago or more, such as 'Addicted to Plaice' and 'Dogs Don't Kill People'. I was not a listener then, and so was not familiar with these songs, but I found them just a funny as the more recent parodies, such as 'Lorrydriver' and 'The Boy Does Plenty'. However, I was disappointed to find that 'Somerset Boy' (parody of American Boy by Estelle) was not included, but other than that I was absolutely satisfied with the track listing.

        The parody album is not just a collection of parodies of specific songs. It satirises albums in general. For example, 'Album Track' is exactly what it seems to be - a bland, forgettable track with a bland, forgettable melody. This sounds terrible, but it is supposed to be ironic, because most albums contain at least one weak track which will clearly never be released. However, the lyrics are very witty, as Comedy Dave sings, 'If you only heard this song, you'd want your money back'.

        Personally, my favourite non-parody song on the album is 'Funeral Song'; it made me laugh out loud! It satirises the genre of sad songs which are often requested at funerals such as 'Candle in the Wind' or 'Tears in Heaven'. It jokes that 'I never meant to profit/ From sadness or from death/ But it's bought me a new plasma TV'. On a deeper note, it does highlight the irony of musicians making money out of sad events over which they have no control.

        All of the tracks were produced by Chris Moyles and Sandy Beech (at first I though this was a joke name but I googled him and it turns out he's real... oops!). In some places I think the tracks perhaps sound over-produced, especially on 'Meat Again'. However, I think this does add to the caricature-style nature of the album - the bad side of music and the music industry is emphasised. The cover art is also a parody - it copies Take That's 'The Circus' album art which features the band on a tightrope. On this CD cover, however, Chris has very obviously been photoshopped onto a tightrope, which I found quite funny.

        Overall, I absolutely love this album, and I could listen to it over and over again, while still finding it funny! It is definitely one for the fans, though.


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          19.12.2009 19:26
          Very helpful



          For all you Moylesey fans out there, a decent Crimbo gift!

          Leeds born and bred, Moyles began his broadcasting career at a young age and was focused on his vocation. He has been on the airwaves since I was at school, which was many, many moons ago. With his recent dip in popularity and his job hanging on the line, he needs all the cash me can, hence a possible reason for the release of this album. He has definitely pushed the boundaries with antics such as offering to take the virginity of Charlotte Church in 2002 when she turned 16.

          Having heard most of these songs on his Radio show, I decided to splash out and actually purchase this cd. He certainly has a way with words and it was only a matter of time before his releases received proper acknowledgment. His parodies began to be aired in 2004 when he did his version of Goldie Lookin Chain's 'Gun's Don't Kill People, Rappers Do'. Moyles version of 'Dogs Don't Kill People Wabbitz Do' managed to knock U2's 'Vertigo' off the top of the charts in 2004. The force behind getting the single to number 1 position was obviously based on the fact that it was released as a charity song to raise money for Comic Relief.

          I will go through the tracks, and give a brief outline of some and my personal rating out of 5.

          **My Parody Album**

          'Bank Holiday Monday' by Stereophonics.
          In a sense this is Moyles' introduction to his mindset when creating this album. It has a catchy beat, which initially went on for so long, that I got the impression that there wouldn't be any vocal on it. I felt that this track could have been replaced with something, anything, that didn't feel as though it was just there to fill space on a cd.

          **Lorry Driver**

          Britney Spears' 'Womaniser'
          I first heard this on the radio and must admit that Brintey's lyrics have evaporated from my conscious and have been replaced by 'Lorry Driver'! In typical Moyles style, food is mentioned within the track, with references made to Jaffa cakes.
          'Eating sausage rolls and cornish pasties
          crisps and jaffa cakes
          Drinking coffee and some red bull
          on your scheduled taco breaks'

          Celebrities who were in the limelight when the track was aired are referred to, such as Jordan who is compared to Pauline Quirke. Hilarious visual image!

          **Meat Again**

          A take on JLS's 'Beat Again'.
          The track revolves around Moyles' girlfriend making the decision to give up meat - something that makes him question their relationship. One of the belly laughter lines for me was 'I really need the toilet, i hope this song hurries up'!


          'I invented the wheel when I was only seven' emphasises Moyles' self perception as the 'Saviour of Radio 1' and him feeling omnipotent.
          'Fire' by Kasabian

          **Funeral Song**

          This is where i think Moyles crosses the line, as he states ''lots of money I will earn as you attend a funeral and watch that coffin burn'. To be honest, I found that this track really lowered the tone of the album and was not humorous in the slightest.

          **The Boy Does Plenty**

          Alesha Dixons 'The Boy Does Nothing'
          This one reminded me of the 2004 response record by Eamon, 'F*** It, I Don't Want You Back' to which Frankee fired off 'F*** You Right Back'.
          'Does she shut up, she never shuts up', another track focused on a 'dysfunctional' relationship, for which the chorus is class!

          **Barrack Obama**

          Literally consisting of the name of the American President, the tune is one I have, on occasion, waken up with and not been able to shake - clearly a sign that Moyles has infiltrated my subconscious! HELP! Will Smith was in as a guest and I recall hearing this one live and, if i remember correctly, he added his beatboxing vocals to it on air. It took Smith a while to get the words out 'that's really good, it's basic but complex'.


          La Roux's 'Bulletproof'
          'If you're going camping, you'll need waterproofs' a public service in a surreal sense ;-)

          **Album Track** ft Comedy Dave

          David Lloyd Vitty has been part and parcel of Moyles' 'act' since the late 1990's and, rightly, has his chance to put his stamp on the album. This track, however is disappointing as it is, quite literally just a song to fill in the space on the album. The lyrics pretty much sum t up, 'If you only heard this song, you'd want your money back'.

          **Dance Wiv Me** ft Calvin Harris & Camilla Ice

          Camilla's (Carrie from Moyles' show) performance at Newquay was brilliant and can be caught at http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/summer/2008/boardmasters/video/video3.shtml. An excellent parody of Dizzie Rascal's tune.

          **Nana Window**

          A song for all the Nana's out there. Can't say he doesn't write inclusive songs! This one has a Caribbean vibe to it and is repetitive to the point that i actually developed a headache whilst listening to it!

          **I Predict a Diet**

          Kaiser Chiefs 'I Predict A Diet'
          A track that is mainly aimed at himself, as he relays his battle against his bulge via his Radio 1 show on a regular basis. 'My clothes that look longer do fit me, because I'm becoming a fatty.

          **Davina McCall**

          The number of times McCall has made appearances on his show, are countless and there are no surprises that there's a track devoted to her. It starts off with an answering phone message from McCall, which progresses into Moyles trying to woe her, in his unique style.
          'You and me could have a ball
          I may be a bit chunky
          But I'll be your spunky monkey'

          **Jose** ft Dominic Byrne

          Focusing on Jose Mourinho , the Portugese Football Manager.

          **Dicky Tum**

          The title says it all - 'Need to get me home, and up the stairs to my porcelain throne'!

          **Dogs Don't Kill People**

          Released as a charity single, this was a very catchy tune and made it to the prime position in the charts.

          **Addicted to Plaice**

          Puretone's, Totally Addicted to Bass

          **Big Bum**

          Tom Jones' 'Sex Bomb'

          **Never Gonna Snow (At Christmas)**

          Bah humbug!

          **Last Track on the Album**

          Literally just that, as is evident from the lack of effort I felt was put in to make this a worthwhile addition. Once the music has died down, there is a little surprise from a member of a very popular boy/man band.

          The majority of this album is witty and humorous takes on popular songs, but Funeral Song let it down. Tracks that didn't make it are the likes of Estelle's 'American Boy' which Moyles gave a UK spin on by relating the lyrics to Somerset and No Hair which was a take on Chris Brown ft Jordan Sparks' 'No Air'. The tracks were initially played on air to coincide with the release of the original, thus counting for the humorous content. I did feel that other tracks could have taken the space of the 2 that were simply put in to make up the cd. On the whole, I enjoyed the album, and would recommend it to those who enjoy the Moyles' sense of humour.

          The album was released on 23rd November and is available at Play.com for £8.95 including p&p.

          * Number of Discs: 1
          * Label: Sony Music
          * ASIN: B002PJ64PY

          Thank you for reading!


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            01.12.2009 08:26
            1 Comment



            Highly recommended

            Chris Moyles has been the host of the Radio 1 Breakfast show for many years now but he's not known for his singing abilities, so how come he's got an album out I hear you ask? Regular listeners to his show will know that he loves to do parody's of popular hits adding his own bit of comedy into the song. Well now you can buy a collection of these in his first album.

            Obviously don't except a serious music album here but if you want a bit of a laugh, this will definetly do the trick. Some of my favourites tracks are Chris doing his own version version of JLS's "Beat Again", his parody is called "Meat Again". Also check out Lorrydriver and his song dedicated to Davina McCall.

            The lyrics are quite funny and it's actually not easy to do a parody where the song still has to make sense whilst maintaining an element of comedy, so as a result I think Chris does well here.

            I would recommend this as a perfect Christmas present for anyone who regularly listens to Chris's radio show, I'm sure they won't be disappointed by this collection of parodies, 20 in all are featured.


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          • Product Details

            Disc #1 Tracklisting
            1 My Parody Album
            2 Lorrydriver
            3 Meat Again
            4 Liar
            5 Funeral Song
            6 The Boy Does Plenty
            7 Barack Obama
            8 Waterproofs
            9 Album Track (Featuring Comedy Dave)
            10 Dance Wiv Me (Featuring Calvin Harris & Camilla Ice)
            11 Nana Window
            12 I Predict a Diet
            13 Davina McCall
            14 Jose (Featuring Dominic Byrne)
            15 Dicky Tum
            16 Dogs Don\x{2019}t Kill People
            17 Addicted to Plaice
            18 Big Bum
            19 Never Gonna Snow
            20 Last Track On The Album

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