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Remedy - Boyz II Men

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Genre: Pop - Dance Pop / Artist: Boyz II Men / Import / Audio CD released at Bbmc

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2007 14:55
      Very helpful



      An awesome album.


      Back in 1992 an R&B foursome from Philadelphia in the United States of America would suddenly become world famous with "End of the road" their single from their debut album Cooleyhighharmony. The track went to number one and stayed there for an incredible record sixteen weeks making the group an instant success. Since then Michael McCary unfortunately had to leave the group due to back pain resulting from Scoliosis. Nathan Morris, Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris decided to go on without him and released Throwback which was an album of covers of some of souls greatest songs.

      This album is the threesomes first album of their own material and it was a real possibility that they would release this album as a double album with a cd of some of their greatest hits reworked. Instead they are releasing another album in November of Some of Motowns greatest songs. The second installment of an expected series of those albums.

      ....The Remedy....

      This is as I mentioned earlier their first proper album as a threesome. I saw them at Hammersmith Apollo in April and they performed most of these songs and I was extremely impressed from my first listen and couldnt wait to get the album. As I didnt have enough money for the album at the concert as we had drank quite a bit during the concert I was left to buy it online as It wasnt available in any of the music shops in my area.

      A few weeks ago I managed to buy a copy on ebay for only around £6 and after Royal Mail actually bothered to deliver it I listened to it religously for nearly a whole day and here in my review is what I think about this album.

      ....The Boyz....

      Nathan Morris is normally the one who opens the track and has such a great natural falsetto that just sounds so effortless. He also is the most talented musician of the group and play Keyboards on some of their songs.

      Wanya Morris is no relation to Nathan and he has the best voice of the group in my opinion and one of the best I have ever heard. He is able to go from singing so gently to errupting with such passion.

      Shawn Stockman has probably got one of the best falsettos I have ever heard and he can hold a note for ages and I'm sure he could break Morten Harket's record for longest note if he tried to.

      The voices together blend so well and it is amazing to hear them as they make it seems so easy when it really isnt as there's so much you need to think about when you are singing in harmony. All three have truly amazing vocal range and tone and really know how important vocal timing is to the structure of a song.

      ....Album Review.....

      Muzak starts the album off with a very funky bassline which underpins this song about Music. This track is very interesting as it refers to music as being like a sexy woman. Strange I know but this is a great stomper of a track which will get most people up dancing if it came on in a club.

      Gonna Have is next up and Nathan Morris opens up this track with his amazing falsetto that sounds effortless, Shawn Stockman then comes in and shows off his falsetto too. This is a cautionary warning to men who think they can use a woman. A superb track that finds them on fine form vocally.

      Here I Come is the third track, When I first heard this track I was truly blown away. It has such a romantic feel and if you are looking for one song that will light the passion fire then this is it. Just awesome. Just sit back relax and listen to their truly brilliant voices. " Never want this to end baby But it's hard to keep it all in, baby Keep this key inside your box Till it's time to open up for me Let me set you free

      Perfect Love Song, in my opinion there has never been a better song title that desribes the song in question. A truly perfect love song that is on a par with Here I come in terms of romantic suitability.

      Misunderstanding changes the album a little bit as this track is about seeing your partner out with someone else. And the thoughts that go through your mind when this happens. Of course there's the let me at him thought but there's also hey this may be a misunderstanding and it normally ends up being the former.

      Booed Up continues the higher tempo of the middle of the album and this is a really great party track with a barnstormingly catchy melody that comes complete with thumping bassline. This will no doubt be a great track in clubs in America.

      You Don't Love Me is a track which I'm sure everyone can relate to. This is a funky uptempo track which talks about when a relationship is working because your partner doesnt love you as much as you love them.

      Last Time is another track like Here I come that gives me tingles down my back. This track is about a relationship that is breaking up and you don't want to let the person leave. This even has a great chipmunk effect. "Can't believe that i'm never gonna see you again after tonight Gonna lose my lover and my best friend, this can't be right But it's the way that it has to be I guess you're not supposed to be with me
      Tonight is the end, forever starts tomorrow i just hope i get passes the sorrow"

      Just Like Me starts of like a ballad and then soon turns with a thudding drumbeat but still keeps a strumming guitar and smooth vocals. This is a very good track which gives the listener something different from the normal R&B. "Why In The Hell Does This Keep Happenin To Me Every Time I Find Someone And Think I Can Be Happy It's Like Just In A Matter Of Weeks We Go From A To Z And I Go From Knowin To Wonderin Then She Goes Along And Writes Another SongThat Changes The One I Used To Sing The Songs So Beautiful It Can't Be Wrong
      But If I Take This Step, It'll Change Everything
      And I'm About To Lose It"

      Crush is a great track to dance to with it's funky melody And brilliant drum beats. This really shows off Wanya Morris' conversational style which he moves through the lyrics with such ease.

      Ego is something that I am sure every man can relate to, when they act too big for their own boots and end up regretting the situation. Starts off slowly and then builds with a flowing beat.

      Morning Love is a great ballad about when you wake up together with your partner and yes that morning sex that can be so romantic. This is a fantastic ballad that shows off their amazing vocals yet again.

      Muzak Ft Atsushie (Exile) This track features a Japanese singer who I'm sure none of you have heard of before and no he's not a real exile. This is a remix of Muzak that has the same flavour but features Atsushie on guest vocals.


      I have been a fan of Boyz II Men for around 15 years. Yes I remember End of the Road when I was 7. This album is their first album of their own material without Michael McCary and on this showing I reckon they have many albums in them as a threesome and lets hope Michael can come back into the group sometime in the future.

      A truly fantastic album that has the right balance of ballads and higher tempo tracks. For me even though their high tempo tracks are great I can't get enough of their ballads as they are just so incredible. To figure out how good this is just try and sing along with them they way they sing. You will fall flat on your face.


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    • Product Details

      Track Listings: 1. Muzak / 2. Gonna Have / 3. Here I Come / 4. Perfect Love Song / 5. Misunderstanding / 6. Booed Up / 7. You Don't Love Me / 8. Last Time / 9. Just Like Me / 10. Crush / 11. Ego / 12. Morning Loe / 13. Muzak Ft. Atsushie (Exile)

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