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The Return Of The Magnificent - DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap - East Coast / Artist: DJ Jazzy Jeff / Explicit Lyrics / Audio CD released 2007-05-14 at Rapster

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    2 Reviews
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      27.01.2009 01:26
      Very helpful




      The second solo album from the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff, featuring 17 incredible tracks, the cd will bring back memories of when hip-hop was at its finest

      Track listings reviewed :

      1. Hip-Hop. The title says it all, a great intro track featuring Twone Gabz who clearly explains what is wrong with hip-hop today and how it can be changed to the original sound, extract "at the end of the day guns dont make beats" "just talking with sense dont mean that im soft"

      2. Let Me Hear U Clap. A nice slow piano beat great to relax to featuring Pos, ive never heard of this rapper before but reminds me of C.L Smooth with his rhythm style.

      3. Run That Back. Another slow philly beat featuring Eshon Burgundy and Black Ice both from philidelphia, more of the recent rappers coming in but these guys do bring talent look out for them.

      4. The Definition. This reminds me of pete rock sampling tracks with the paino in the background, featuring Kel Spencer who makes his mark with his lyrics.

      5. Touch Me Wit Ur Handz. Not one of my favourite tracks on the album it features Chinah Blac, reminds me of Mariah Carey with the slow and soft voice.

      6. Jeff n Fess. The greatest track on the album and should have been released as a single featuring Rhymefest its the best hip-hop track of 2007 you have to hear it to be amazed words cant describe it!

      7. Practice. A sampled track from Allen Iverson on his definition of "Practice" at a 76ers talk. Featuring J Live a brilliant rapper in my eyes who tells how he doesnt care on what people think of him and will keep doing what hes doing.

      8. Supa Jean. The snare stands out in this beat, makes you wanna nod your head featuring Jean Grae who sounds a little like Eve, no story to the lyrics just a random rap.

      9. The Garden. What made this track stand out...it features Big Daddy Kane but i would of liked something a bit more old skool this had a more relaxed beat then something to bounce to, but Big Daddy makes the song amazing with constant flow and tells how to survive in the hip-hop world.

      10. She Was So Flyy. A more modern hip-hop beat with the added effect of a synthesizer featuring Kardinal Offishall who ive never heard of although making 4 albums to me he also sounded british but turns out to be Jamaican-Canadian!, as you can guess from the title its about a girl who he wants to get with.

      11. Hold It Down. Another stand out track and not just cause of the amazing beat with scratches from Jazzy Jeff but it also features Method Man who rips the hell outta this track...incredible

      12. All I Know. Featuring one of my favourite rappers C.L Smooth its what i would say is the most melow track on the album with a turned up Hi-Hat and a low Kick/Snare, Jeff really makes the most of C.L's lyrical ability.

      13. Go See The Doctor. Brings back memories of when DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince were around, featuring Twone Gabz again the song is about hooking up with a girl he meets and then finds out there is a slight burning sensation :D, the chorus is hilarious look up the lyrics.

      14. My Soul Aint For Sale. Original hip-hop music featuring Raheem DeVaughn, this track is definetly for the couples with his soulful voice breaking out would of been better if he made this into a more of a romantic track because of it.

      15. Come On. The more classical hip-hop with a nice beat and background loop featuring Dave Ghetto who ive never heard of before and sounds like a typical rapper in my opinion

      16. Brand New Funk 2K7. My second favourite brings back memories of the good old days this is the original Brand New Funk featuring Peedi Peedi. modernised to todays standards and Jeff delivers impressively productively and scratch wise, head over to a video hosting website for the official video.

      17. $ Cant Buy Me Love [Bonus Track]. The final track for some who have the track in their country featuring the one and only Biz Markie, the beat reminds me of hawaii with the guitar backing and a nice saxaphone for the chorus, a great outro with Biz rapping about how todays standards have changed from what they were.

      My final thoughts.

      Jazzy Jeff makes this album better than what i thought it was going to be, from hearing todays club hip-hop rubbish this was really refreshing especially with all the big names backing each track its worthy of being putting on anyones CD collection.


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      14.01.2009 16:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      DJ Jazzy Jeff's second solo album

      "The Return Of The Magnificent" is the second ful-length, solo release by the DJ and producer DJ Jazzy Jeff. After the break-up of himself and Will Smith (as The Fresh Prince) he continued in persuit of a Hip Hop career whilst getting the aid of other MCs to do that side of the work.

      1. "Hip Hop" (feat. Twone Gabz and Arif)

      You get track which eases you into the album by tlaking about the love these artists have for Hip Hop, and surely this is the type of person who will buy this album too, as DJ Jazzy Jeff is one of few who has advanced, but kept Hip Hop pure throughout the years. Twone Gabz incorporates elements of "Rapper's Delight" to show just this as the album begins.

      **Three Stars**

      2. "Let Me Hear U Clap" (feat. Posdnous)

      Pos' from De La Soul gets a track to himself for this one, and he kept me engaged from the start of the thing as he works off the beat from "Holding You Loving You" by Don Blackman. He raps with reference to the DJ and his journey in the game too. Its all great things from the two, and builds up the quality as we get tino things.

      **Four Stars**

      3. "Run That Back" (feat. Eshon Burgundy, and Black Ice)

      I wasn't familiar wth either of the MCs who came to work with the producer on this album and to be honest, I didn't really like what was done as they just go for the 'raw', 'underground' music, which isn't really in tune with the care-free material which DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince came with back in the day.

      **Two Stars**

      4. "The Definition" (feat. Kel Spencer)

      I've heard Kel Spencer's name everywhere, but I can never place him. Rgardless of this, I really liked what he came with more this track, and he showed that he's rather under-rated as he comes with some hot Brooklyn flavour, and lays it down with refernce to topical things in 2006 (when the album was recorded.

      **Four Stars**

      5. "Touch Me wit Ur Handz" (feat. ChinahBlac)

      I can't say I felt much about this as it as a change to things, and I can't say that I really wanted it to happen. You have ChinahBlac singing a little R&B for us, however it wasn't the best that could have come about. It samples some Floetry.

      **Two Stars**

      6. "Jeff n Fess" (feat. Rhymefest)

      I knew that I was going to really like this one, as Rhymefest is the main attraction in it, and he dind't disapooint as he came out with amazing rhymes. As part of the rhymes, he incorporates the sitaution with the rise of the Dirty South, and quickly distances himself (pulling OutKast and T.I. out too) when talking of hhow it is the wrong direction for the genre to go in.

      **Five Stars**

      7. "Practice" (feat. J-Live)

      Here you have J-Live working with Jazzy Jeff on some well-composed stuff where he uses words from Allen Iverson. I wouldn't have associated J-Live with Jeff, since he is more of an underground guy, and it wasn't as strong as I would have liked it to have been. However i don't really listen to that kind of East Coast material.

      **Three Stars**

      8. "Supa Jean" (feat. Jean Grae)

      I wouldn't have expected this to be one of my favourite tracks off the album, but it ended up being just this as you get Jean Grae riding the beat so easily, and managing to hold it all together, depsite the irratic structure of it all. I think that the unexpected nature of it is what made me enjoy it so much, and it is likely to do the same to any other listeners.

      **Five Stars**

      9. "The Garden" (feat. Big Daddy Kane)

      Here you get a sombre one, in which the Juice Crew star, Big Daddy Kane does a dedication to all the Hip Hop names who have passed in recent years. It is highly emotive, and suits what you would expect froma straigh Hip Hop cut by Jazzy Jeff.

      **Three Stars**

      10. "She Was So Flyy" (feat. Kardinal Offishall)

      The man behind "Dangerous" (which featured Akon) gets on this one, and brings his Caribbean/Canadian thing to this Hip Hop cut withput it sounding too far out of the way which this album is. I can't say that I enjoyed the artist that much, but he did well to make it work, despite it not quite fitting in with what he's about.

      **Three Stars**

      11. "Hold It Down" (feat. Method Man)

      After a minues worth of time where Jeff shows off his amazing tlaent for stratching, you get Method Man jump on the beat and come for a hot rap to support the whole of the East Coast of the USA, which he represents when he gets on the mic(rophone). You can tell that he's excited by the beata, as his rhymes are a lot more free than most tracks which he does.

      **Three Stars**

      12. "All I Know" (feat. CL Smooth)

      The legend that is CL Smooth joins Jeff on this one, and the veteran contrasts siginifcantly from the rest of what is foudn on the labum, but not in a bad way as he is able to come up with the most sophisticated rhymes, which have influence from the change of atmophere from what he usually finds himself in.

      **Five Stars**

      13. "Go See The Doctor 2K7" (feat. Twone Gabz)

      I'm not sure what the original track is, however I have to say that I was well into this tune, where you get an unknown, Twone Gab, doing some humerous rhymes about the terrible situation which he got himself after sleepign with a girl.

      **Four Stars**

      14. "My Soul Ain't For Sale" (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)

      Here you get some Neo-Soul as Raheem DeVaughn takes over for this song, and unlike the earlier R&B offering, this one is a lot higher in quality as he comes with a nice, grooving composition to get you two-stepping to. You have to like it, as it is just a banger.

      **Four Stars**

      15. "Come On" (feat. Dave Ghetto)

      Taking on a sample of "You're All I Need To Get By", you have another unknown name in Dave Ghetto coming out with even more suprisingly strong work wth great raps, which have been throughout the whole of this album. It iadds to the variation in the piece, and opens your eyes to the depth of the uderground East Coast scene.

      **Four Stars**

      16. "Brand New Funk 2K7" (feat. Peddi Crakk)

      Here is one of the singles from the album, and you have Peedi Crakk take up the role of the Fresh Prince (in place of Will Smith) for a remake of a take which obviously became outdated, and so you need to come up with an even newer "Brand New Funk" for the listeners. It is a banger, and one which I prefer to the original.

      **Five Stars**

      This album does suffer from quite a few weak links, however I have to say that the better tracks in it override all of this. The collaborations in this are amongst the best you will get as he gets the biggest names on the underground, and often independent circuit, and they manage to come out with not only tracks of this sort, but also up-tempo, lively East Coast Hip Hop joints.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Hip Hop - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Twone Gabz,
      2 Let Me Hear U Clap - DJ Jazzy Jeff, , Posdnuos
      3 Run That Back - Black Ice, Eshon Burgundy, DJ Jazzy Jeff,
      4 Definition - DJ Jazzy Jeff, , Kelly Spencer
      5 Touch Me Wit Ur Handz - Chinah Blac, , , DJ Jazzy Jeff
      6 Jeff N Fess - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rhymefest
      7 Practice - DJ Jazzy Jeff, J-Live
      8 Supa Jean - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Jean Grae,
      9 Garden - Big Daddy Kane, DJ Jazzy Jeff
      10 She Was So Flyy - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kardinal Offishall,
      11 Hold It Down - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Method Man
      12 All I Know - DJ Jazzy Jeff, C.L. Smooth
      13 Go See the Doctor 2K7 - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Twone Gabz,
      14 My Soul Ain't for Sale - DJ Jazzy Jeff, Raheem DeVaughn, Raheem DeVaughn,
      15 Come On - DJ Jazzy Jeff, , Dave Ghetto
      16 Brand New Funk 2K7 - DJ Jazzy Jeff, , Peedi Peedi

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