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The Running Time - SolidTube

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2 Reviews

Artist: SolidTube / Audio CD released 2008-05-27 at Sellaband

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    2 Reviews
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      23.09.2010 22:31



      This was an awesome album! I have never heard of this band before, but I am so pleased to have given their album a try. Their styling meets somewhere between country rock and early work by Charlene Spiteri/Texas.The music is very catchy and the lyrics are meaningful. I could listen to this album over and over again and never get bored.


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      29.09.2008 00:04
      Very helpful



      Not one I'd recommend.

      I shall begin by giving a brief insight into what I think of each individual track.

      Know me - Vocals are strong but nothing special or out of the ordinary. Funky guitar running through the track, which is its only redeeming feature. The vocals end up being too forced, as if the singer is trying to impress and being rock n roll. The lyrics were also unimaginative, and although I enjoyed the harmonica in the middle 8, it was still very generic and predictable. I don't like the overall tune.

      2. Crusade - The vocals are too nasal and again, sound forced and try-hard. The lyrics do not really speak to me; they're hard to make sense of, but not in a witty, original way. This just sounds very amateurish, with the voice too hard and loud.

      3. Shadows Of The Night - Much like the last two songs, I did not really make sense of the lyrics. The harmonica addition was, at this point, almost laughable, just shows they are trying too hard, and makes the whole album less credible as they seem to resort to the same thing over and over; the instrumentals, lyrics themselves and vocal style do not change through the tracks.

      4. Welcome To Africa - This track is not at all commercially viable and its lyrics are something you'd expect from an 8 year old winner of a Blue Peter competition to write a song for its annual appeal, but not a band such as this. The voice is yet again, forced, too loud and actually flat and tuneless in places. It sounds patronising from them, in terms of lyrical content.

      5. Home - This track is the redeeming feature of the album so far; the lyrics are quite good, although I dislike the backing vocals and the chorus. The backing vocals sound like some sort of vocal duplication was used so it sounds warped and fake.

      6. What I Say - This track is back to the trying too hard method of making music that this band seem to favour. The "hey hey hey", the backing vocals, all sound far too unoriginal and try hard. The track is ok but nothing more than this. The lyrics are not interesting or imaginative either.

      7. Farewell - The track is dull and almost sent me off to sleep, not in a good way though. The lyrics, again, are boring and lack imagination, and some are irritating, "You can be stupid, I won't mind"...I don't like some of the whining in this track either. Trying to do a ballad, but falling far short of the mark.

      8. Naked - An overdone sentiment in this track which seems contrived and try-hard, again, in this track. Although all good artists have an instantly recognisable voice, this one never changes; unlike good artists, she does not seem to have any variety. She also does not seem to know how to temper her vocal delivery.

      9. Sunny Day - This track is again, nothing new or different and lacks any originality and sounds too try hard, like the band were concentrating so hard on trying to create a marketable product that they make it unmarketable.

      10. Some Things Never Change - Yet again, falls short of the mark of making any impact on me as a listener.

      Overall, I would not listen to this album again. There are no tracks which stand out, so no obvious single choices there. I think it's a very boring album and although the singer has a strong voice, it is not particularly good and she does not make the most of it. I am trying to think of who I can compare their sound to, but I cannot. They sound like one influence might be The Corrs, but this sound is too miserable for The Corrs.


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    • Product Details

      Disc #1 Tracklisting
      1 Know Me
      2 Crusade
      3 Shadows Of The Night
      4 Welcome To Africa
      5 Home
      6 What I Say
      7 Farewell
      8 Naked
      9 Sunny Day
      10 Some Things Never Change

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